Copper IUD and recurring pain

Copper IUD and recurring pain

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Reading, UK

#1 Sep 15, 2012
Hi there,

I'm hoping you ladies can offer me some help.

I had a copper IUD inserted in June 2011. The first 6 months were great, I loved not being on the pill and felt the period pains and longer periods were well worth it. Things changed in March of this year...sorry for TMI...but after sex with my boyfriend I developed an ache on the right side of my tummy (an inch down from my belly button and an inch to the right). At the time I thought I had pulled a muscle as the sex had been pretty active. The only way I can describe the pain was like a stitch or trapped wind however it didn't move. It stayed for a 4/5 days and then went away. A month later it returned in exactly the same place, it NEVER moves. I started to keep a diary of when it happened, and it was without fail 6 days before my period started each month.

I've been to my GP, been for an ultrasound, had bloods taken and have basically been told there is nothing wrong with me. 7 months later and it is still making an ugly appearance however over the past 3 months the pain has also started in my lower left side down where I imagine my ovary would be.

I'm at my wits end with it. It is not a minor pain and having it recur every 4 weeks is doing my nut in. I'm getting my IUD taken out on the 24/09. My GP is adamant that it isn't my IUD, I don't know what else it could be.

Has anyone experienced this with a copper IUD? Appreciate any advice you guys have to give. I don't know what I'm going to do now...the pill turns me into a dragon, the patch and injection make me pile on weight...the IUD was kind of my last hope.

Help ladies please ;-(

Cheltenham, UK

#2 Oct 26, 2012
That is exactly what is happening to me right now. I am on the sofa waiting for painkillers to kick in. It's generally after sex (I am a lazy lover and really not that active even!) and I get a pain in my right side. Like a stitch. Also a lot like the uterus contracts after childbirth/labour. For me that was worse than the birthing itself. It's driving me crazy.

I really don't want to go back on the pill either.

Has this problem resolved for you? Please post and let me know.

N x
Abi w

Bristol, UK

#3 Oct 26, 2012
Hello. I know this isn't exactly the same but I have been having cramping like pains sort of like a stitch or stabbing pains in my left hand side.

I had my copper iud fitted 5 weeks ago. I had the normal pain during and after insertion. But about 3 weeks later these sharp stabbing pains started. They happen not only after sex but after I've eaten and throughout the day, I'd say around 10 times a day. They are the type of pains that stop me in my tracks.

I seen a duty doctor in the first week I got the pains but she was useless and didn't even give me any kind of examination so I seen the nurse and she said everything looked fine and my swab came back normal. But another few days passed with no improvement. I seen a doctor 2 1/2 weeks ago and she said it seems like I had spasms in my bowels. I found this rather strange either a weird coincidence or in the back of my mind something to do with my coil as I was fine before. She has given me anti-spasm tablets which worked well for the first week with barely any pains but now they feel like they don't work as well as I am beginning to get those pains again. I don't want to be relying on those tablets. I have a ultrasonic scan and an internal camera appointment next week to check that my coil is ok.

Fingers crossed for everyone in pain :(

Saint Louis, MO

#4 Nov 12, 2012
Same thing here.
Ive had it for about 5 months & the pain comes every month. Went to the er where they took tests and even gave me an ultrasound everything came back normal.
Well I still have the pain but this morning its only on my right side & it hasn't gone away.
I dont know what else to do & I would really like to find out what's causing this sharp pain on my side.
Aaaaahhh am just so frustraded

Brooklyn, NY

#5 Dec 28, 2012
Many women complained of heavy bleeding and pain that led to the early removal of their IUD. These contraceptives have also been associated with pelvic inflammatory diseases. It may be best for women to explore other options or weigh the benefits and risks associated with a certain contraceptive for a well-informed choice.

London, UK

#6 Jan 1, 2013
I am so pleased to have found this thread! I had a copper coil fitted 15 months ago now....can't believe it was so long ago! Haven't had particularly heavy or painful periods, a bit of aching every month with the usual sore breasts that I fet preperiod.

The last couple of months or so though....something feels different down there. I started to experience a bit of pain during sex which was my first alarm bell. Then more recently just walking around, my groin has been a lot more achey, and today I have had my old style stabbing period pains (but no period due or in sight for a couple of weeks yet!). I am now booked in to see the coil doctor to get it checked out and check that is is correctly positioned etc fingers crossed!

Miami, FL

#7 Jan 18, 2013
For a small percentage of women, copper IUD may lead to serious complications. Studies have proven that it has the potential to cause sharp abdominal pains. In very rare cases, the IUD may embed themselves in the surrounding tissues of the uterus and this may cause abdominal pains. For more information, you may refer at

Atlanta, GA

#8 Jan 18, 2013
The best thing to do is visit your doctor. What you're experiencing now is definitely not normal. Those pains may be caused by the migration of the device. So have it checked immediately.

Valencia, CA

#9 Jan 21, 2013
I ve had my iud copper for about a year and iam just gettin this pain on my right lower stomach and I haven't been to the doctor for but aim going this week to find out what's going on I just been so many things on tv about the iud Iam kinda scared what could this pain bee from when I push down on my stomach it hurts more if any knows any thing bout this plez post

Rockford, MI

#10 Feb 8, 2013
I also have the same pain problems it's not after sex tho its usually when I do something strenuous like shoveling heavy lifting etc and the pain is in my crochet it brings me to my knees it's so painful what do I do?

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#11 Feb 19, 2013
I have the same problem. A week before my period start I get sharp unbearable pain and spotting. The pain last until my period is over. I'm thinking of looking for another birth control and taking this out.

United States

#12 Feb 27, 2013
I have had the copper Iud for fours years now and this year all the paINS have started in my right side and alsoit feels like some one is putting a knife up me a very sharp Pain that about brings me to my knees now after reading everyone else on here I know where my pain is coming From

London, UK

#13 Mar 2, 2013
I had an iud fitted on the 20th February and just had it removed yesterday on 1st March. The pain was unbearable from day 1 and felt worse than labour contractions. It was mainly located around the area of my left ovary and as others stated would literally stop me in my tracks as I could barely walk or sleep. Yesterday I had to leave work and went straight to the clinic that fitted it to get it removed. I had to literally plead with two nurses who initially refused to help me and advised I take a cocktail of pain killers until the pain subsides as supposedly I should have been aware that the pain could continue for up to 6 months. I point blank refused and demanded the doctor. Once they knew I was serious one of the nurse practitioners removed it for me and the now the stabbing pain has subsided. I feel like I'm normal again and my bleeding is finally subsiding.

Caledonia, Canada

#14 Mar 19, 2013
I have had the same pains in my abdominal area mainly on the left side. My family physician put me on antibiotics and did some tests. Pain increased over the weekend so i headed to the emergency room. They did an ultrasound and said everything looked normal and that my IUD was in the right position. Pain persisted all my tests came back negative ....there were no STI'S, no bladder infection no cysts on my overies. I didn't know what to do. Went back to my family doctor and he removed my IUD. I've felt instant relief. There is a slight pain still but has only been 3 hrs since the removal and am figuring in due time it will heal and isn't any where close to the pain i was feeling. How is it that there is no information on what this pain actually is when you have ruled out all of the above and if this pain is so common amongst woman with IUD'S why hasn't it been figured out?
Sheila K

Houston, TX

#15 Mar 25, 2013
All medical treatments, while they bear benefits, also carry their own distinct risks of side effects. It's always best to consult a doctor to isolate other related problems, and to get prompt treatment before your current medical state gets even worse.

Fairfield, CA

#16 Mar 26, 2013
i had my iud (paragard) put in about 7 months and i have had really bad stinging pain on my left side. my periods are about 10 days long and for the first few days i bleed heavy (filling a large pad every hour in a half). i went to my OB because i was heavy and i was in tears from the pain. i was told that the iud isnt for everyone. he did a pelvic exam and then he ask me to do a pregnancy test, well when i sat on the toilet i passed a clot about the size a littler smaller then a bar of soap and blood just poured out of me (sorry to be graphic) and then i only spotted for 2 days after that. i went a week with out pain and now its coming back in the same spot with slight spotting again. just touchingit makes me aches and bloated and bring on pain . im at the point i think im gonna havebit takin out.
PrayingForGoodOu tcome

Colorado Springs, CO

#17 Mar 28, 2013
I had my IUD (Paragard) inserted in Oct 2010 8 weeks after the birth of my son. It was a very painful insertion that required the doctor to use ultrasound guidance. Immediately afterwards (leaving the doctor's office), I started to feel a painful poking sensation in my lower right abdomen when I would do certain things like bend down, twist, turn over in bed, breastfeed my son, and drive. I also had an unusual awareness of my cervix as if a tampon was constantly inside me. I went back to my GYN twice with complaints of pain/poking and was told that it was normal and could take up to a year for my body to accept. By July of 2011, I began to feel a pain/tenderness to the right of my belly button that would really become sore before my monthly period. Again, I was told by my GYN that there was nothing wrong with me and that the IUD was "in place" and could not possibly be related to this. In Dec 2012, I began having severe tenderness/soreness in my lower abdomen, frequent urge to urinate with burning sensations afterwards, and occasional stabbing pains in my lower left hand side. I went back to the GYN and was told that the soreness was my bladder and that I most likely had IC. She informed me again that I was crazy and refused to even entertain my discussion about the IUD being related. She further refused to remove the IUD during the appointment and told me to go home and really think about this because the two are different organs and unrelated. Fast forward to today. I had my copper IUD removed two days. The removal was painless/easy and actually felt good coming out. I had one brief spot of blood. Within seconds of removal, I finally had relief of the terrible right-sided poking/stabbing pain as well as the uncomfortable sensation that a tampon was inside me. I have been able to sit on the floor, load the dishwasher, let my son bounce in my lap, rough house, etc with no right-sided lower abdomen stabbing. Within two hours of removal I noticed that my bladder urgency was nearly 80% better and my frequency was back to what it was before hand (need to urinate every 2.5-3 hours). I have also noticed a drastic improvement in my lower abdomen bloating and soreness. I still have tender spots in certain areas behind my pubic bone, but nowhere near what it was beforehand. I am able to wear jeans and tight waistbands without feeling bruised and/or urgent need to urinate. I am hopeful that over the next few weeks the inflammation in my uterus will finally subside and that maybe, just maybe, my bladder will fully hear. While this is a very safe birth control for a lot of women, it was not right for me. I should have listened to my body immediately after insertion and not waited for nearly 3 years to have it removed. I write this only to inform other women of my personal experience in case they too are not being heard by their medical professionals and are questioning if this is truly possible.

Phoenix, AZ

#18 Apr 6, 2013
Copper IUDs are some of the oldest existing IUDs on the market right now. They have been replaced with other more modern models like the Mirena and Yaz system, but those too have their own drawbacks. If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain that you suspect to be from your IUD, you should consult your doctor and consider having it removed as a safety option. You may try to check for related information.

United States

#19 Apr 12, 2013
I also get a stinging pain on my right lower side of my stomach... Ugh

United States

#20 Apr 14, 2013
I've had my copper iud in for about 8 months. The last 2 months have nothing but pain for me. The pain comes and goes on a daily basis. When I put pressure on the middle of my pelvis it causes severe pain. Also there is low back pain with the pelvis pain. I love the fact that the iud gives you a worry and thought free control on pregnancy but this pain is just not worth it. I'm scheduling to have mines removed.

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