calling all women with the MIRENA IUD

Kew, Australia

#1308 May 25, 2012
Tried to get the mirena inserted today, but the doctor could not put it in. My cervix was too tight. This is something that NO ONE warned me about, now I'm going to hospital to be knocked out and have the damn this inserted. So good luck girls if you are thinking of getting this done. I hope its easier for you. I'll post again when its finally done next month.
Rx girl

Gainesville, FL

#1309 May 31, 2012
I just had mine inserted and it took almost 45 minutes of manipulation in a very uncomfotable position due to my small uterus and tight cervix. I have not had a baby before. It hurt like crazy and my doctor said I was her toughest patient ever because I did not complain (not that I had a choice). I just got home and am still having horrible cramping, but I really hope it works. I had a blood clot from birth control pills (talk about severe pain), so this is my only option!

Sudbury, Canada

#1310 Jun 2, 2012
I've had my Merina for about a month and a half and I have to say so far so good. I had extreme cramping for the first wk and head aches off and on but that's about it. My sex drive has increased drastically possibly due to longer being in fear of getting husband and I couldn't be happier with these results. Oh yes, there is one not so good side effect that I'm not too thrilled about, breakouts! I avoided breakouts all through my teenage years and was a hit and miss with my menstral cycle. So I guess with a lil good there has to be something bad.

Hilliard, OH

#1311 Jun 2, 2012
I've had the IUD for 3 years.... I didn't think the pain was too bad when it was inserted (I have 2 kids). I loved the idea of not EVER having to think about taking a pill, inserting something, getting a shot, ect.
It was ok for the first year... then yeast infections starting coming. SEVERE yeast infections.... they were so bad that I even accused my husband of cheating and went and got tested for an STD.
I'm on year 3, headaches, backaches and now 10-14 day periods and blood clots... and a bacteria infection! uhhh.. I guess its time to get this thing removed!

Houston, TX

#1312 Jun 4, 2012
I've had the Mirena for a year and a half. Some of the complications I have had are.... white/silver hair that's about 2 inches long growing in my hair, peach fuzz has started growing on my forehead, gray spiral curly hair growing on the tops of my ear lobes, and Horrible cramps to where it feels like my uterus is falling out. But despite all these side effects the reason I keep it is NO period!!

Everyone is different and it effects everyone in different ways..... So try it and you be the Judge!

Fayetteville, NC

#1313 Jun 5, 2012
I have had my iud for 5 days and major cramps, no spotting unless i have sex, tiredness, headaches, and bloating. Like many of others have said, it is up to the persons body on the response it has. All women are different others don't feel it going in but i did,so try it out and see how you feel.

Denver, NC

#1314 Jun 5, 2012
I have had the mirena for 2 and a half years! I have the worst mood swings I am so tired all the time and I sanp at the craziest things i am only 22 years old !!! and i hate feeling like this. I want to get the mirena removed but by the sound of it, the bleeding is horrible when they take it out! and I am freaking out about that. Also i have had alot of weight gain. Is anyone else having these same symptoms?

Los Angeles, CA

#1315 Jun 10, 2012
I just took mine out myself after experiencing hair loss, acne, mood swings, & learning progesterone causes tumors! Google it! No periods was amazing, but chin hair is not. I also believe it was keeping me underweight bc my testosterone levels were up, but we'll see what happens. I pulled mine out 3 days ago & still haven't bled or experienced the emotional crash a lot of people talk about. Bottom line is - IUDs given to mice made the mice get tumors. I want to live a long, acne free, tumor free life. Oh- and if sperm meets egg it just aborts the baby. I don't believe in abortion. Good luck with yOur decisions!
julie c

Toukley, Australia

#1316 Jun 12, 2012
I am a 42 year old with two adult children, i have had the Marina inserted 5 days ago and apart from a slight pressure on insertion and a slight queezy feeling, (recomended to take motion sickness pills before hand)I was at the shopping centre within the hour and have not spotted nor experenced any pain or discomfort what so ever.. finding the string to check it today was however a different story... feels like fishing line and is so high up its almost impossible to find with short fingers.. good luck everyone as we all obviously have different experiences and i would recomend it to anyone.

Albuquerque, NM

#1317 Jun 13, 2012
Kelly wrote:
I recently noticed that not my breast, but just my nipples have been hard and this a side effect anyone else has had...if so, does it go away very soon?
I just got my mirena placed a little over a month ago and i am noticing my nipples are sore too!! Not my breast at all JUST my nipple. I think it has to be a side effect. I hope it goes away. Has anyone else experienced this or know how long before it goes away?

West Palm Beach, FL

#1318 Jun 15, 2012
Ugh........4 years with this thing in....
Lighter period (less blood)
Thoughtless birth control
Mood swings
Cramping (like never before)
No sex drive (or I'll be in the mood for like 5 minutes while hubby is at work)
Weight gain
Breast tenderness
Random spotting
Blood after sex
Pain after sex
..........having mine just isn't working for me any more......the first 2 years, I toughed it out. These symptoms are getting old....and making me feel old!

Manhattan Beach, CA

#1319 Jun 15, 2012
ally-k wrote:
I just got the Mirena 7 days ago. I thought after my period stopped the bleeding and cramping would be over! Im still so crampy and Im having light bleeding. It just weirds me out that I have a plastic strange object in my uterus. My back aches and I feel different. Just want birth control I can rely on and very light periods. Im going to give it a more time and see if these symtoms subside. It makes me feel better knowing this is all part of having the Mirena.
Ally-k - just wondering if you are still experiencing cramping and backaches. I had Mirena inserted 3 days ago and am having mild cramping (often more on my right side) and a slight backaches (but I often get backaches).

Berwick, PA

#1320 Jun 15, 2012
I just had mirena inserted 5 and 1/2 weeks ago. So far love it. I had tried to find a pill that would work for me since I was 14. I had the bleeding of two periods in one. Now that I was recommended mirena by my sister it was worth every penny.
My side affects are:
- brown/red bleeding at least 2x. A day but only after I go to the bathroom, never leak on my underwear.
- I had cramping 3x since I got it and with a Motrin took care of it.
- I have no tenderness anywhere on my body
- sex drive is crazy.. Need it almost everyday.... Oops!
- moodiness has gotten Better which is really strange because I am a person with severe anxiety / moderate depressn. And I haven't had a break down for over a month now!!
- not having a period excites me so much, I was used to having a period for 3 weeks then nothing for 2 weeks and then back to 3 weeks of hell.. Heavy bleeding.
- and weight gain they said it could happen but I think it's all a mind game. I have lost almost 15 pounds since I started but it is summer so I am crazy for fruits and garden veggies and am outside either running, walking, biking, or just simple yard work. I am currently living in a camper so of course my exercise has cut but even a simple yoga and a brisk walk can make the difference and may help with the cramping!
So overall as you can see I LOVE MY MIRENA! So good luck for the beginners and stick with it and push thru!

Old Fort, NC

#1321 Jun 25, 2012
Well mine hurt like hell its been 4 days. Still cramping and bleeding. I DID FAINT. out for a few.minutes. hope i made the right decision

Bossier City, LA

#1322 Jun 27, 2012
this product didn't work for me! Make sure that u r not a person prone to yest infections befor u get this!!!!!!!!!

Norfolk, VA

#1323 Jun 28, 2012
Im on my 2nd mirena. I had my first inserted 4 yrs ago. IInsertion was extrememly painful. They should be doing this under twilight anesthesia (seriously). Spotting for a few days, then I felt fine. Eventually I stopped having periods ( the best part of having mirena) this isnt the result all women have however. I had increased mood swings and terrible lower abdominal cramps. Twice I went to the dr demanding an ultrasound to make sure it hadnt perforated. It was still in place. 2 yrs later I gave up, no longer wanting to deal with the pains and cramps. I got it removed ( painless) and went back on the pill. My cycle returned back to normal in 2 months. I had a baby and decided to have another mirena placed 14 months ago. I didnt realize implanon was actually norplant. Once again the cramps and pains have returned. My period stopped mostly, minus random spotting. I've recently read terrible reviews about implanon. severe heavy periods that last for weeks...starting to think i should just suffer on with this wretched mirena

Escondido, CA

#1324 Jun 29, 2012
I'm now 22, had MIRENA put in on my 21st b-day, January of last year (2011). After six month I had it removed because of horrible side effects. Before having the MIRENA, I had regular period that last from 3-7days and no cramps. HOWEVER, immediately after having the MIRENA put in I had horrible cramps---heavier period and cramping on my lower abdomen each month. Not to mention spotting all throughout six month. Then a few month after I found out I had a ovarian cyst. So i decided to finally take out the MIRENA. I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL. Afterward, i felt like myself again. Normal period, no mood swing, no cramping. I haven't had any luck with BC pills either. So my current form of BC is condom. Bottom line, MIRENA was not easy and painfree as i originally thought. Wouldn't recommend it.

Perth, Australia

#1325 Jul 2, 2012
Hi Ladies, I've had bad PMDD all my life only understood it in the last 3 years. Mirena is far the best contraceptive I found to help me with PMDD.

Yes it hurt to put in, it bled for ages and it took a good 6 months to stabilise everything. At the moment I still get sore breasts before my periods. My periods are light though, but they can go for 10 days- spotting only. I do get my periods regularly. I used to bleed a lot, no more! Moods still get them but not as serius as I used to. I used to quit or give up on husband, work, myself and friends and just about life for 7 days before my period. I used to believe the lies and just go into this evil zone! When I got my period I just got better gradually but still very foggy for another 3 days. Until I realized I had to make ammends as quickly as possible! I've had the Mirena in twice, first time for 2 years, now for almost a year.

Clacton-on-sea, UK

#1326 Jul 4, 2012
Hi all,
So reassured to discover that others felt the same as I did. I got the mirena inserted yesterday; I'm 24 and not had any children.
The doctor assured me that insertion would be "mildly uncomfortable" and only local anaesthetic was needed. It was agony!! I had shooting pains in my stomach, and I thought I was going to faint; coudn't stop myself crying out in pain. Afterwards, I bled slightly, but the cramps were horrendous- I ended up throwing up in a Starbucks toilet, which fun. Pain decreased to bad period level, and taking lots of ibuprofen. Today (the next day), pain is a dull ache and feel nauseous, basically like being on my period.
Fingers crossed it gets better!
If you are planning on getting it inserted, don't be fooled by the assurances of "slight discomfort"- take pain killers beforehand and insist on anaesthetic.

Newbury Park, CA

#1327 Jul 4, 2012
I have had mine 9 months at first I thought insertion was painful then I got the worst cramping that followed now I bleed randomly and after sex not only bleeding but blood clots then there's. The moodyness and tierdness & werigh gain! I want it out and every time I go to the ob they refused to remove it also I didn't know I would lose woo much hair this is the worst ever! If you decide to do this just be ready for anything!!!

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