calling all women with the MIRENA IUD

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#283 Aug 3, 2008
Yes, I have had my IUD in for approx. 5 months now. My breasts did get swollen and hurt about 3 weeks ago. I'm not sure if this is going to continue. I have also lost hair in the beginning, I wake up with very oily skin, which I usually have dry skin. Now I have breakouts on my face, and one on the outside of my nipple every day. I have lost sex drive, not completely but trouble having orgasims, has anyone had these issues? Also I'm very sore even when I don't have sex. And I seem to feel inside almost like skin tags on the inside of my walls, has anyone experienced this? Thanks.
Annie Atlanta GA

Atlanta, GA

#284 Aug 4, 2008
I got my IUD 2 weeks ago, I had bleeding for the first day, then getting light and started bleeding on the third day until now. I had a self check, I touch something like the plastic attached the tag price on your new clothes, is it correct?

Marietta, GA

#285 Aug 6, 2008
hello.. I had the mirena iud put in 6 mos. ago. I am having it removed!
the insertion was horrible. pains and period like cramps still continue.
Have had painful breasts and have bled for 6 mos.. not to mention the WEIGHT GAIN!
My doc says that the weight gain is from the specific "types" of pts who are getting the IUD.. older, had kids, etc. and that is what is causing the weight gain! BALONEY!
I have gone to the dr. 3 times to have it removed and have been talked out of it every time. I saw his PA last time and she couldn't get the string to remove it.. so there I sit with it still in me screwing up my body!
It's coming out on tuesday!

Tacoma, WA

#286 Aug 7, 2008
I just had Mirena inserted a week ago. I did it on my first day of my period as that was recommended by the OB to be the optimal time to do it since the cervix dialtes during the period. I had very little discomfort during the proceedure and hardly any cramping afterwards. My period was a lot lighter and not as heavy as I am prone to having. Mind you, I have had endomitriosis and ovarian cycsts for the past 13 years. I had bad moodswings, depressions, cramps, lower backpain, irregular periods, weight gain, dry skin, dry hair, countless BC brands that didn't work out, hair loss, migraines, only a week or two of no bleeding, spotting during intercourse...all that without the Mirena. Now it seems to be all gone. My period was short and light but I still have that spotting which I am hoping it will stop soon.

I thin the issue here is the way your bodies respond to the hormone. I was sensitive to estrogen and Mirena only has progesterone which is why I am not having any negative effects from it. I seriouly would bring this up next time you talk to your OB and would recommened new Mirena users to check their hormone lvls. As you can see from all the comments that those who did well on the pill had sideffects from Mirena, and those who had sideffects from the BC had no issues with Mirena. This is just my opinion, I may be wrong but it doesn't hurt to ask the Dr.

Tacoma, WA

#287 Aug 7, 2008
To Annie_GA

Yes, that is normal. I am not sure if your Doctor let you feel the strings they leave behind, but mine left me feel it and told me:"I want you to be familiar with these cords in case you feel them so you don't panic."

Suffolk, VA

#288 Aug 7, 2008
I just got the Mirena inserted on August 1st. I've always had horrible periods and loved being on BCPs, but after my sister had multiple PEs, we found out we have a clotting disorder in our family, me included. So no more estrogen for me.

My doctors have checked me for endometriosis to explain the period problem and didn't see any evidence of it, but I do have cysts on my ovary because of the hormone fluctuation. So I needed an option that regulated my hormones, lightened my period cramping and provided good birth control - sans hormones. The mirena sounds ideal for that.

The insertion was pretty bad. We did it on my period and with medicine to dilate my cervix, but I was still surprised at the amount of pain. I had a normal crappy period after it, and now I'm at the part in my cycle where my cramps should go away, but I guess I'm still adjusting to the IUD?

I haven't really had any spotting after my period, but the cramps come mid-afternoon and its very uncomfortable. I read so many horror stories and I wonder when I should be concerned - 1 month after insertion? 3 months? And all the talk about imbedding or perforating - how do you know?

I really want this to work, as I don't really have any other options with the clotting disorder. I have a follow up visit in one more week. I'm hoping I feel better by then.

Clackamas, OR

#289 Aug 9, 2008
I got the mirena about two months after my son was born and Ive had constant bleeding for the last six months. Sometimes it's heavier, which I assume is my period, and sometimes lighter, but it is never ending. Has anyone experiencing this kind of bleeding ever had it stop while the Mirena was still in? No forum on this has given me any hope.

Easthampton, MA

#290 Aug 10, 2008
You need to understand that there are two types if IUDs one that is good for about 5 yrs that stops you period totally and one good for 10 yrs which still alows you to have your cycle regularly. I had the 10 yr one for about 6 yr then one day during my cycle it decided it was time to come out. I had gone to the bathroom and saw it coming out. This is a rare occurence my doctor said. Hasppens to about 10% of women. Now I have a new one in. I had forgoten sysmptoms doctor had orignally said I would experience so I was looking online to find em out.

Saint Paul, MN

#291 Aug 10, 2008
I had mine put in 4 days ago. I agree with "april 3", the insertion was very painful, and was made worst by the fact that I have an inverted uterus. My doc explained every step as he went through the procedure and the most painful part was when he used a clamp looking thing to "straighten" out my tilted uterus so he could put the Mirena in.

It cramped severely for about 1 hour (reminded me of early labor pains). But I could have prevented this if I had taken ibuprofen earlier. Once the ibuprofen kicked in, it was like menstrual cramps for the rest of the day and a half. 4 days later, I have had only occasional lower back aches and cramps.

It varies for everyone. One of my close friends had no pain or cramps at all when she had hers inserted, but bled continuously for 7 months until she got it taken out. My period ended the next day after mine was put in, and I have had no spotting.

Before getting it, I had a discussion with my midwife/RNP about side effects and she reminded me that when we go off the pill, even if we went with no other contraceptive, we do not know how our natural hormones will behave. She told me that the Mirena is a very low localized dose and I may see some of my own natural hormone's effects on my body. I think that explains why some people have horrible experiences when they go on IUDs of any form.

I suggest that you try it and if it doesn't work for you, you can always have it taken out. I plan to wait about 6 months to see how my body likes it and then decide what I'll do. Good luck :)

Albion, PA

#292 Aug 10, 2008
Hi all, I had my mirena put in in march o8, it is now august 08. and From the point I got inserted(which I barely even felt the doctor do, for all those who said it hurt for them getting it inserted. maybe the doctor wasnt doing something right or it could be just different bodies havent different reactions)..anyways from the day i got the mirena inserted, I had a period about atleast 3 weeks out of every month up until now. Right now i havent been on my period for about a week in a half-two weeks...And the periods started out heavy and a couple months later, it was jsut very light, almost to where I didnt need a tampon, just a panty liner, but when I would have sex it would make my period start, and tampons would too.. I would have a tampon in for like 5 hours ,take it out to change it and there wouldnt be any blood on it,so I would think my period was done. and then about 10 mins later, I would start my period, heavily then it went light again.then i'd put a tampon on, and take it out later, and barely anything would be on it Again... It was like my tampons were literally a cork.and not obsorbing any blood, just blocking it, was so weird.. but now im not bleeding at all, the only thing i have noticed is lots of abdominal cramping, and my Fiance can feel the string when we have sex...My sex drive is jsut fine though! well that pretty much sums it up.
hope i helped, if anyone needs to ask me a ? my email is put MIRENA QUESTION, in the subject line so I know its not spam.. thanks
squirrely4 wrote:
I have been thinking about getting this. I have done alot of reading and think this will work for me.
I hate having to take the pill every day and forget some times, and when i do take it i have NO sex drive. I mean I was a "wild women" before the pills, but now NOTHING.
I wanted to know how people that have it alread like or dislike it. I know there will be some pain, cramping and bleeding when it gets "installed" but dont know what to expect after that point.
Any info would be good, but positive info would be great. Thanks so much ladies.

Alphington, Australia

#293 Aug 11, 2008
my experience with the mirena is definately weight gain and cramping and sore breasts, not fun. these side affects were told to me but i didn't realise how extensive they would be. its been 8 weeks and the bleeding is definately gone. but the weight!!! not happy. waiting till october and if no improvement its going! Gone.


#294 Aug 13, 2008
Had the mirena for 7 months now and have had some spotting nearly every month except may, nothing at all and this month i bled lightly for a few hours. I still get cramping and sore breasts but no weight gain, but then i do have a very active job and i also do a lot of walking and dont eat as much rubbish food as i used to just before a period was due. I definately want to continue with this thing, before i had it inserted i was bleeding very very heavily for 5 months due to fibroids but now things are great, i can even put up with the horrible painful cramps by taking painkillers, at the moment i am very happy!!!!! Good luck to every body else who decides to try mirena.

Norwell, MA

#295 Aug 13, 2008
I am so with you I have had the mirena for about 8 months and cant wait to get this evil thing out of me on sept. 9th!!! Since I have had this I have had severe abdominal cramps and lower back pain. I have also been severly depressed to the point that it is affecting mine and my childrens lives. I have no desire for anything anymore. I honestly have been so depressed that I hate getting up in the morning. I have also been experiencing severe anxiety attacks. I really thought I was going crazy until I started reading other posts from people with the mirena
Mely wrote:
Ha!I thought the same thing until i had it 4 a couple of months!Then it gave me every terrible symptom everyone had been talking about.I have viscious mood swings, loss of sex drive,heart pap,chest pains,weight gain(25,lbs),cramps,headache,p anic attacks,swelling in my hands and feet,tenderness of breast,tiredness,severe back pains,and am depressed at times!I have never every had any of these side effects til i had this inserted.I am only 19 and this has turned me into an old women who is always cranky and it is not worth it.The docs will tell u this is not the cause of the side effects but don't be stupid and let them tear up ur body til its 2 late.Get it removed or don't get it put in.It is extremely damaging 2 urself and if u ever want kids in the future this can screw up ur chances and thats not worth this risk.Good luck=D

Idaho Falls, ID

#296 Aug 13, 2008
I had my iud inserted 5 weeks after my baby was born, about 3 weeks ago. I have had more mood swings pregnant, then i do now. I havent had it very long. First couple days with bad cramping. Not so much now. Most the time don't even know its there. From what iv'e read on here, everyone reacts different to it. my sex drive is greater now then when i was pregnant, wich in my husbands eyes, is great. Everybody i know that has one, loves theirs. This is the first i have seen so many complaints.

Camp Hill, PA

#297 Aug 14, 2008
I had the Mirena...It cost me 38,000 dollars to have it removed out of my abdomen. I only had it for 14 days. I had a different doctor do the emergency surgery than the one who put it in. He told me that heavy bleeding should have been a sign to the other doctor that it perferated my uterus. Thanks to the Mirena I can't ever have another kid. I am 25! Watch out Bayer!! Lawsuit filed October 2007!~! While it was in my abdomen it did ovary, and bowel damage!! I was septic from infection. Doctors say i would have died if it wasn't removed when it was!

Yukon, OK

#298 Aug 15, 2008
I had my IUD inserted about two weeks ago and i have had light bleeding for about a week in a half is that normanl? I dont have any cramping or anything its just real annoying.

Toronto, Canada

#299 Aug 15, 2008
iud screw my life with all kind of side gettin it out advice is to all ladies never get it in ur life becusi gained 30 pounds as well headches,back pain nooo sex .alot of other shit .

Grand Junction, CO

#300 Aug 17, 2008
I've had the mirena IUD for almost two years now. I have noticed a decrease in sex drive, after I read everyone elses comments. I thought it was just because my husband works nights, LOL. Everything was great, recently I've had some heavier bleeding- still only need a panty liner though. Also, a little bit more cramping ( back cramping). I haven't had any mood swings or other things that people have said. I think that the Mirena IUD is designed to keep all hormones within the uterus so that you have less of these problems. Unlike the pill which releases hormones into your whole body. Other than the recent bleeding, I really love it.

United States

#301 Aug 19, 2008
I have had every side effect that you can imagine. I had it removed today after only having it in for four months. How long does it take to feel normal again and lose the weight?


#302 Aug 20, 2008
I had a Mirena fitted 4 weeks ago. No problem with fitting, I'd had a copper IUD before. The reason for my Mirena is to balance out the progesterone in my body. I am very overweight and apparently producing a lot of estrogen in my fat cells. This was causing thickening of the womb lining and polyps. After having the last polyp removed, my consultant suggested the Mirena.
I'm still bleeding, but I can cope with that, apart from feeling a bit drained. I had a check this week and it's still in place, so physically ok.
My biggest problem is mood swings. I am in tears at least 4 times a day and anything/nothing can start it. I'd like to have it removed because I have been going through the menopause for 2 years, had no periods and felt good.

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