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Boulder, CO

#1 Jan 31, 2007
Hi everyone,
I have been reading these posts for several months, and now it's my time to post. Just to give you an idea of my history.. I am a 25 year old graduate student in chemistry, no children and I have been on the pill for almost 10 years. I have struggled with different types from Ortho Cyclen, Nordette, and finally Alesse. They all make me really bloated. So much so I can't fit into my clothes. I exercise and eat healthy. I am 5'6' and 120lbs. I am even training for a marathon, so it's not as if I'm bloated from not eating properly. On my last pill, Alesse, I have fully lost my sex drive. I am a VERY horny person and think about sex all of the time, but it is very obvious that Alesse has changed all of that. I never think about it, and when I have my period and am not on hormones from the pill I want sex all of the time.
Anyway, I asked my gyno about another form of BC back in October and she mentioned the IUD because it's non hormonal. I decided to research it and did so for several months. I found many conflicts of opinion, but as my boyfriend says, most people only post online and look up reviews when they have a problem. If things are going well, people are less likely to post.
I will be getting my Paraguard IUD inserted 2/2/07 and I will be posting on here to let everyone know how my experience went. I am currently on my period, and I was told and found online that it will make the insertion more comfortable and easier. I would consider my periods to be medium to heavy. I know for sure that I am not blessed with the 2 day period. They are heavy for the first two days and then change to lighter, but they usually last almost 5-6days.. even while I was on the pill. Hopefully this will not become much worse. I have seen mixed reviews on this topic also.
All in all, I believe that it really depends on each individual person and how their body reacts to having something foreign inside of them. I hope that this journal/post helps people make their decision. I will try to be as fair and unbiased as possible toward my experience.
I'll post again after my insertion Friday morning!
WIsh me luck!!

Boulder, CO

#2 Feb 2, 2007
Just got my IUD inserted two hours ago. Felt sharp pain when she was measuring my uterus to see if it would fit, and then another, more dull, sharp pain when it was put in. To be honest, it hurt more than I was expecting, but only for 3-4 seconds. When she finished, I felt a little dazed but nothing serious. Now I just feel a bit crampy, like period cramps. I am using a heating pad and taking advil every 4 hours. It's really not that bad though and as the hours pass, I feel the cramps becoming less noticeable. I am bleeding a little bit, but I'm still on my period.
If you get one, don't try to drive yourself home. i had my boyfriend pick me up and I am glad that I did.

Phoenix, AZ

#3 Feb 3, 2007
Nicole thank you for deciding to keep this journal. I'm really interested in hearing how it goes, seeing as I am considering getting the copper IUD as well. This is great research info, so thanks.

Boulder, CO

#4 Feb 4, 2007
Thanks Rachel. It's been over two days now and I still have cramps. My back gets sore also, but nothing that advil cannot handle. They are not as bad as the first day and seem to be getting less frequent. I have yet to check my strings as I was told to wait two days, but read online that I should wait 5-7 before I put anything up there. I am still bleeding off and on, but nothing that requires more than a thin pad.
I was looking at the clock, thinking about how I need to take my pill in an hour..It's a great feeling to not have to remember anymore :)

Boulder, CO

#5 Feb 6, 2007
So it's four days later and I feel great!! No more taking advil and no more cramps. My back doesn't ache anymore either. My bleeding has stopped and I'm just spotting a little bit. A panty liner is good enough. I am also supposed to be finished with my period, so it seems things are going well for me. I have felt for my strings once and they were in place, so that made me happy. Have yet to have sex. We'll see if my bf gets poked. I'm so happy everything turned out well so far. And I'm NOT bloated, finally!!

Phoenix, AZ

#6 Feb 7, 2007
i DO want kids in the future but with the 1-6/1000 chance of getting a ruptured uterus from the insertion process means that it is (according to my friend who got preggers on the IUD) hard to find a doc who'll do it for you. i'm guessing you haven't had kids? do you want them in the future?

p.s. glad you are feeling so well!

Boulder, CO

#7 Feb 8, 2007
I do not have any kids and I might want them in the future. The gyno who inserted mine does about 10/week. So I felt pretty confident that she knew what she was doing. The chance of perforation is 1 in 1000. The chance of getting pregnant the first year is less than 1% and goes down every year after, which is better odds than the pill. The pill and other hormonal bc have risks associated with them also. Look at the patch, where ppl are having strokes and massive blood clots. I guess it's just a matter of choosing your risks.
So far I really like mine and I never have to think about it. I will admit that the first couple of days are scary thinking about all of the things that could go wrong. But I just thought about how many my gyno was inserting per week and also she told me that shes only taken a couple out. Only due to the person changing their mind.

Herndon, VA

#8 May 30, 2007
Hey Nicole or anyone else do you guys know if the IUD makes you gain weight??????????

Mission, TX

#9 May 30, 2007
-I have the Mirena not a copper IUD but it's an IUD none the less. I have 2 children and I am done with the baby making process.
-I am still wishy washy about it. I have had it for over 2 yrs now and I have NO sex drive....ZERO! and when my hubby and I would have sex I would get all crampy [sometimes severe] afterwards and I would bleed for about 2 days after the "fun". So that is enough to put me off right there.
-A good thing was that my periods are light to non-existent but then some months I would get a VERY heavy flow and huge clots [sorry if TMI]
-My husband would get poked by the string on occasion but nothing too bad. I actually have a check-up today and I am going to talk about getting it taken out. It's nice not to have to worry about birth control, but when you never want to have sex...
-And about gaining weight, I haven't had any issues. I got mine inserted 6wks after my last baby, so I have lost weight since then. But every person is different.

Victoria, Canada

#10 Jul 3, 2007
Hi Nicole, thanks for the posts, any updates?
I'm also going to get a copper IUD.


Florence, MA

#11 Aug 7, 2007
i'm scheduled for a preliminary screening before getting the copper iud after 10 tiresome years of hormonal bc & i'm hoping that you can still call your experience positive. I'm 32 & have never been pregnant, so I'm at the least concerned about the outcome. It does seem more negative than positive stories are out there...
tea ali

Woodbridge, NJ

#12 Aug 7, 2007
kiera wrote:
i'm scheduled for a preliminary screening before getting the copper iud after 10 tiresome years of hormonal bc & i'm hoping that you can still call your experience positive. I'm 32 & have never been pregnant, so I'm at the least concerned about the outcome. It does seem more negative than positive stories are out there...
Well, when everything is going alright there's nothing to complain about. It's the people with problems that come to these forums looking for help and that's why there's such a concentration of negative stories here. That's why I was sure to come back here after I had mine inserted to report that I've had a good experience with it so far. I hope that your experience will be a good one too.

Plant City, FL

#13 Aug 19, 2007
I just want to add my two cent. I have two kids one 10 that I had at 17yrs old and one 5yrs old at 21yrs old and was on the pill with both. I got the Copper T IUD 10yr. one put in when I sat down with my doc and told him to take all my girly parts out I don't want to get pregnant again.b/c I didn't want to get pregnant without ME saying when it was going to happen. I was on the pill all most from the start. AND GOT PREGNANT! And was over it! I've had mine now for 3.5yrs and would NOT change a thing I've had my ups and downs with it and have talked to my OBGYN any time something comes to mind but their has been NO problems with it. I have cramps but who doesn't every now and again. I have the every day crap that everyone does with or without the IUD. But I plan on keeping it in tell I want another kids with my new husband or tell the 10yrs mark. I will in the next month be going in for my yearly; and my IUD with be check then too. Good luck to all and just look at all the pros and cons I feel this has the least cons! And my strings are always there when I check but my doc said to check once a week or every two weeks just to be safe. Kris
Rachel B

Clarksburg, WV

#14 Sep 17, 2007
I have had the copper IUD for 1 1/2 yrs. It did not hurt at all when it was put in. Though I have 3 kids and the youngest was a painful birth, so compared to that the insertion was a piece of cake. I have also had a couple colposcopies and those hurt 10 times worse then this. Just take some Advil right before. My periods went from being fairly heavy averaging 5 days, to being very light and only a couple days. I definitely recomend the copper IUD and to date have had absolutely no problems with it whatsoever!

Reeds Spring, MO

#15 Nov 18, 2007
I wish I could read an update from Nicole.
I have had my copper IUD in for over a year now and I'm getting tired of the extremely heavy periods. Extremely heavy.

I am 40 years old, done having children, and am sick and tired of the bleeding after sex. It has not lessened my sex drive but the bleeding during/afterwards has sure put a dimmer on the love light. UGH!
Michele Meadows

Boston, MA

#16 Dec 24, 2007
I had a copper Iud inserted about a month ago, it hurt when it was put in , i had a little bleeding , it's been weeks and all of a sudden i am bleeding like an stuffed pig non stop..there is an awful lot of bleeding with IUDs ..I hope your all aware of this ...has anyone had experience with this ????

Smyrna, GA

#17 Feb 18, 2008
I've had my copper IUD for almost 3 years now. I do have cramps almost every day, and a really heavy period (go through super-plus tampon every hour for the 1st day) But typically it's shorter than my b.c. days. Also, I don't have IBS symptoms anymore since I'm off b.c.
The great plus is NO PILL TO REMEMBER!!

Englewood, CO

#18 Feb 25, 2008
Hello everyone. I had a different IUD. It was called the Mirena. I had it in for over 2 years and just had it removed on Friday (wanting another baby). I had decided to have one after I had my daughter. I loved it! I have the same sex drive as before and my periods are 2 to 3 days, and very light. The only question I have is, now that its out I am bleeding very heavly. Its time for my period and I am wondering if its just my period now that its out? Before I was pregnant (and had the IUD) I had very heavy (8day) periods.
I have a call into the doctor, but I thought I'd throw out the question as well.
Anyone have trouble with bleeding>?
reader from canada

Regina, Canada

#19 Mar 6, 2008
I Recently had a Copper IUD put in for the second time. I have two Children under seven and i recently got my period, which seems VERY HEAVY. I dont remember it being this heavy ever. The doctor had trouble finding the string (i checked and found it a month earlier) and he had to clamp my cervix and move it around which REALLY HURT, i was happy he found it though, cause if he couldnt find it, i would have had to go in for surgery to get it taken out. When i had the IUD the first time it was good, no infection, no pain, and i loved that i didnt have to remember to take a pill. The IUD is a great choice, i am still heavly bleeding and hope it will calm down and go back to normal soon, or back to the doctor i go. :(

Farmington, MN

#20 May 17, 2008
Hi there!
I have had my IUD for 7 months and bleed EVERY day. My doctor tells me evrey visit "lets give it one more month...are you up for it?" I say yes hoping it will get better and nothing. In fact the past month I have felt horrible, fever, and SEVERE cramps. I am getting it removed Monday. Every time I call they say not to worry but my pamplet says these are signs of PID. Anyone else experience this?

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