El Paso, TX

#627 Apr 27, 2010
I've been on birth control for five years, going on six. I started out on Ortho Tricyclen Lo and after I started bleeding in between periods was switched to regular Ortho Tricyclen. Like a few of the other women, I was given Trinessa as a generic substitute and decided to try it after getting the OK from my gyno.
I started using it in December then stopped because my insurance ran out. Immediately after that first month my period went AWOL for TWO months. Then back in March I started Trinessa again. I wasn't sure what to attribute some of these changes too but realize that a lot of what is going on with my body might just be the result of this pill.
Since March I've had relatively new depression and overwhelming fatigure. I was working out religiously 3-4 times a week on this pill, burning over 400 calories a day and yet I still have not been able to lose ANY weight. I maintain a healthy diet of mostly organic and vegetarian meals so I have always wondered why I simply cannot slim down. On the last two brands I had much clearer skin and now with Trinessa I break out CONSTANTLY. I can't seem to get rid of this acne and I use good cleansers and again, maintain a healthy diet. To top it off I've noticed a huge dive in my relatively high sex drive. I'm only 23 so this is a pretty noticeable thing.
If anything reading all of these comments is just even more convincing that I need to go back and exchange this pill because it's done a lot more harm than good to my body currently. I have not gotten pregnant on it and it is effective that way but the side effects are just nearly unbearable and unnecessary.

Melrose Park, IL

#628 Apr 30, 2010
Wow, i didnt know any of this before starting trinessa and i wish i did. I have had a complete 180 in my attitude i've never been this moody & depressed. I have at least 4 panic attacks a day and it drives me nuts i have no sex drive untill im on the last week of pills (when i have my period) I have had a complete loss of appitite but im gaining weight? It didnt make sense till now. I hate this pill!!

Puyallup, WA

#629 May 4, 2010
I have been on TriNessa for the past 3 years, and it has been just fine. I have not expierienced any UNBEARABLE side effects...just regular aches and pains around my period. Nothing compared to the cramps I had BEFORE going on birth control. I have very light periods now, maybe 3-4 days. And a little bit of breast tenderness, but not too bad. It cleared up my skin within 2 months of starting it. Initially a little weight gain, but dropped it within a few months after my body adjusted to the pill. So, overall I have liked TriNessa. Again, all of our bodies and make-ups are different. So ever woman needs to find a pill that is compatable to her own body. One drug will not work for everyone.

Atherton, CA

#630 May 4, 2010
When I got switched to Trinessa from Ortho-TriCyclen( Lo ). The doctor said they were different. Trinessa has a higher hormone and is more like Ortho-TriCyclen, and yes there is a difference, so thatÂ’s most likely why most women are having side affects.

Amarillo, TX

#632 May 10, 2010
Keri Williams wrote:
I am starting to take birth control for the first time and my pharmacy issued me a prescription for Tri-Nessa. From what I have read, no matter what birth control you take, there are undesirable side effects but some things I have read regarding Tri-Nessa are not reassuring and I was wondering if anyone has used this birth control and if so how did it effect you?
I have been on this medication for 3 years and have been fine. I think that it just depends on the person?? Hope this helps

Amarillo, TX

#633 May 10, 2010
I have been on this medication for three years and have been great. I think that it just depends on the person taking it! HOpe thishelps
Anxious and wary

Pinellas Park, FL

#634 May 11, 2010
Hello, I've been on Trinessa for five days now, during those five days I have been a moody wreck-- and to top it off, I've had unexplained bruises, heartburn, congestion, and my leg is swelling and having sharp pain. I'm scared it could be serious, will it stop once I quit taking trinessa or is it more serious? Something I should tell my doctor about? A reply would be most helpful, thank you!!

Fairborn, OH

#635 May 12, 2010
Shaniqua wrote:
These comments sound so fake, and as if they were nearly all written by the same person.(That, or there are just a ton of idiots taking this pill who can't deny themselves another donut and then complain about how fat they became!)
I completely agree with you. The only reason why there is a weight gain side effect is because it can make you crave things, and eat more than you normally would. Now if your not an idiot you will deny those cravings and make sure you eat healthy and exercise. If your unhealthy to begin with you have a greater chance of experiencing side effects. So maybe the real problem is your health??? think about it.

Roscoe, IL

#636 May 14, 2010
I have been on Tri-nessa for two years now, and I absolutely love it. No breakouts ever, slight cramping, no breakthrough bleeding, pretty short period, barely moody, and my boobs got bigger! I love it!

Kissimmee, FL

#637 May 21, 2010
OMG! I thought I was going crazy! Last year, my pharmacy changed my prescription to this due to insurance... well, it happened right around the time I got married. I have gained 30 pounds and I have done everything I know and I just kept gaining and gaining weight. It wasn't until I went to a specialist thinking I had a metabolic problem that I found out it was this pill. If you are having rapid weight gain and are on this pill... watch out!!

Jacksonville, FL

#638 May 23, 2010
Frances, I have been experiencing the SAME side effects of Trinessa, and but I have only been taking it for about a month. When did all of these side effects disappear for you?

Lexington, TX

#639 May 23, 2010
I have been on different BC over the past year and a half - was having breakthrough bleeding, so had my doc switch me. Trinessa SUCKS! I couldn't figure out why in the 2nd week of my first month - I started crying for not good reasons..irrational crying - and new breakouts every day. I thought it was work stress, but finally figured out it is this pill. Seriously - I have never had ANY side effects w/ any other kind of pill (exc. the bleeding), and I'm definitely not the emotional type - would gladly go back to breakthrough spotting instead of this..I will be getting off it immediately - I'm just starting the 2nd week of the 2nd month - not going to give it more time - the breakouts and crying for NO REASON - seriously bad stuff...not planning on kids, so time to just get the tubes tied.

Shawano, WI

#640 May 24, 2010
I started taking Trinessa last month to help control my PMS and it has been effective in doing that...BUT last month I had my period for two weeks, now this month I am on day 15. Constant light to medium flow and bright red. Has anyone experienced this and how long does it last. I do take the pill continuously per MD recommendations, so I do not take the sugar pills.

Oxnard, CA

#641 May 25, 2010
Ive been on Tri-Nessa for awhile now started taking it after i got my IUD out... And i didnt have break through bleeding or acne but did make me gain a few pounds... Two months ago i ran out of tri-nessa and had to switch brands since i cound not refill mine in time so i was then switched to Sprintec 28 Day.. didnt like that pill at all had the break through bleed it made me break out and i felt bloated and no sex-drive and then the following month i switch back to tri-nessa and now im having the breakthrough bleeding and breaking out really bad now and even on my back? which it didnt before, I dont know maybe my body has to get use to being back on the normal pill again, i guess we will see... kinda sucks though im getting married in a month and dont want to have zits on my face and back and bleed??? ahhhhhh drives me crazy!

Chicago, IL

#642 May 29, 2010
am 16 going on 17 and am on this to help with my mouthty anyways.i have a 2 SIDE.E since i been on this the emotional changes that was the frist.Hives came just this week.the emotional,i really can agree i do feel that sometimes i may feel a lil sad idk but this DO COME WITH ALMOST ALL KIND OF SIDE.E.

Austin, TX

#643 May 31, 2010
Seems like every birth control has its ups and downs. I can't find a single birth control method that exist on the internet that the majority hate.

Salem, NH

#644 Jun 5, 2010
I take Trinessa for PCOS. The first month I took it, I was fine...A bit moody but everything was okay. Then, 2 months into it I've been having AWFUL panic attacks. This morning I had to go to the E.R. because at 1 AM I was woken up in such a panic that I was throwing up all night with a massive headache. I couldn't stop crying and I kept becoming upset and anxious over nothing. I had lost all touch with reality! I haven't had a panic attack like this in my life. I've always been a nervous person but this was AWFUL. Reading these reviews I know it HAS to be the BC. I'm switching back to Ortho, I had no issues on that.

Los Gatos, CA

#645 Jun 13, 2010
I started this pill the beiging of this month and feel like I'm pregnant or sick. I feel like one day I'm really hungry then look at the food and get so nauseasous! I'm very tired and sleep a lot more.some days I feel like I can throw up, but I never do.
jessi damnitttttt

Lottsburg, VA

#646 Jun 17, 2010
im so pissed... my doc told me that my birth control could not be the cause of my reoccuring yeast infections, which i had nnneeeeevvvvverrrrr eeevvverrrr had any problems down there before taking this brand of bc. i just recently got another ..... yeast infection... i hate even saying that..... and i went on this site and i am so glad i did. i am not taking trinessa EVER AGAIN starting today. i am so mad that my doc was unaware of these side effects. ommmggg thank you TOPIX!

Dallas, TX

#647 Jun 26, 2010
My experience with trinessa has been very similar to everyone elses. I thought it was me experiencing this on my own but now I know its not my fault and now I know why I've been feeling depressed, moody, a lot of anxiety, no sex drive. And recenltly has an anxiety attack. If I take the pill and not eat too much that day, I get really nauseous and throw up. Weight gain has not been a problem with me. I have a high metabolism which may be why I lose weight quicker. But I def. will be changing pills soon! Um..only positives would be regualr periods, I like that I know when to expect my period every month. And they are shorter and hardly no cramps. And no acne. But I know there are better pills out there but I would not recommend trinessa to anyone.

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