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#1 Jul 9, 2007
Is there anyone who has tried this pill i started it sunday and have had such a bad experience with it so far with bad cramping and bleeding since I started this pill, i dont know if i should just stop taking it since its not serving its purpose??

New York, NY

#2 Aug 2, 2007
I have been on seasonique for 2 months now. I am very happy with it and have not seen major changed in my body. Before taking it I did research on the web and found that many women experience breakthrough bleeding in the first three months, so it is very natural. I did not experience this until the end of my second month and although I do not like it I decided to just deal with it because overall I am happy with the pill.
I think you should stick it out for the three months and then determine if you want to continue taking the pill but if the cramping continues for more than one week call your doctor. The pill might not be right for you.

Spartanburg, SC

#3 Oct 1, 2007
I am in my 7th week of Seasonique. The first 4 weeks were great as I did not get a period, however, at the biginning of week five I started bleeding and have not stopped since. It has never been terribly heavy, but I have to were tampons and have been experiencing light cramping. My breasts appear to have doubled in size and I feel heavier, but, have not gotten on a scale. I actually have noticed an increase in sex drive which I only bring up because I have read a lot of women talk about a serious decrease. I am sticking it out for one more pack when this one is complete unless, of course, I die of blood loss.

Chattanooga, TN

#4 Nov 4, 2007
I hated Seasonique. It made me absolutely crazy. I cried every day- my boyfriend made me go off it. When I stopped it, I had a period that lasted a week and a half. I had a horrible experience with it.

Peoria, AZ

#5 Mar 27, 2008
I am on week 10 and have had some break thru bleeding for like 2 weeks now. Nothing major I don't even have to wear a light tampon. It's as if I don't have period but there is slight bleeding. Does this make sense?(I'm really bad at explaing things) Has anyone else had this problem?

Fresno, CA

#6 May 27, 2008
I have been on Seasonique for 7 months now. The first month was anything but pleasant. I had breakthrough bleeding for over 30 days. However, I stuckit out and must say that I love it. I only have to go through PMS once every three months instead of every 28 days! This has been a sanity saver for me........and hormone balance. I am 41 years old, and finished having children. I take this pill to level hormones and avoid periods. Periods are MUCH lighter now, with less cramping and mood swings. Hope your experience becomes a good one as well.

Kalamazoo, MI

#7 Jul 20, 2008
my girlfriend has seemed to lost her sexual drive about a month after she went on seasonique and she gets upset at EVERYTHING i do now saying things are bad cuz of me and it may be ruining our relationship. before she was on yaz and everything was good, she was very willing to get in bed. honestly i really hope it is the pill that is causing all of these problems and it really isnt me.

Chicago, IL

#8 Jul 24, 2008
This is the worse bc pill ever! Since I started it three months ago, had bleeding the entire time, now at the end of the 3mnths I've got the worst period I've ever had in my life! I've been bleeding heavy for a week, expelling clots the size of my fist. I am going off this pill and would never recommend it to anyone! It's just horrible!!!

Troy, NY

#9 Aug 16, 2008
I've just completed my first 3 month pack of seasonique. I gained 5lbs. My period started early, just spotting (Friday) before the yellow pills and then the week of yellow pills my period was pretty bad. I had very painful cramps to the point where all I did was lay in bed with the heating pad and midol(I never really had cramping while on other BC). It was for the most part a light period except for one day which was heavy. My period has lasted 6 days. All in all I would recommend this BC, really can't complain with 1 period every 3 months!

Chicago, IL

#10 Aug 25, 2008
I got the same thing as Nicole, the day before, i was supposed to get my period i got it, it was 14 days,(9 which were all light days) and i thought, well geez i didnt have it for 3 months so 14 days is fine with me, since i get a lot of pain during my heavy periods. Well this month, i accidently forgot my pill for the weekend, and couldnt get it, and i thought, well if its anything like my old (every month pill) ill probably spot, or get a stomach ache from double dosing, but i got my period and its lasted for 15 days now, very light, but it wont go away, even though i have been taking the pill this whole time, and i am supposed to get it again in 2 weeks. so there goes another 2 weeks. that i'll have it. im just getting worried, and im going to call my doctor tomorrow, because that doesnt seem very normal, even though the lady in the above post said she had hers for 30 days....ugh. im not sure if i should stay on it, or just go back to my old pill, its not for birth control, its for endometriosis.

Strongsville, OH

#11 Sep 3, 2008
hey guys, i am on seasonique also and I think that i really like it. For 2 years i was on the depo shot and really liked but now i am about a week away from my inactive pills and i have been sooo bloated. I never had any breakthrough bleeding but the shot stopped my period completely. I keep freaking out that I am pregnant but I took a test about 5 days ago and it was negative. Anyone else have a ton of bloating, also i have lost 3 pounds and my appetite has decreased and i get that funny cramping feeling in my lower abdomen... any ideas??

West Lafayette, IN

#12 Oct 22, 2008
Okay, I have had a history of irregular vaginal bleeding so I was advised to try Seasonique to better my anemia and my blood loss. When I first start it taking it, it was great. After five weeks I started abnormal spotting and it has continued for the last two weeks. I know that it's normal to go through this when switching bc pills but how long does it usually last. I have also been experiencing tenderness in my breast; I gained 7lbs; and I am gassy more than usual.


#13 Oct 31, 2008
I have been taking Seasonique for a month and a half. Twelve days ago I started my period and I am still on it and some days are realy heavy and bad cramping everyday. I took seasonal in 2006 for a year and a half and loved it...I had noooo problems at all. When I asked my doctor to prescribe it to me again he suggested Seasonique. I think I will try ad get the seasonale. I am cranky, a little depressed, I have gaines weight, my boobs hurt and are swollen not to mention I have been bleeding for 12 days and have gone through 2 boxes of tampons. while off BC I usually will have horrible cramps the first day aor 2 then its normal and it last 5 days so this is not a very good option for me. I need to see some light at the end of this tunnel! not sure if I can stick it out.

Redondo Beach, CA

#14 Nov 10, 2008
I just finished my 1st month of Seasonique. I got my period right around the time it regularly starts, and I'm on my 5th day and it seems to be going strong (it usually would be nearing its end around now). I will be very annoyed if this pill gives me longer periods than before I started.

I understand this side effect is supposed to go away, but there's no way I can wait a year for things to even out. I'd rather just go with the monthly plan already set in motion! I figure I'll give it a couple more months to see if things improve (I'll also work on ensuring I take it at the same time each day which apparently might help??)

San Diego, CA

#15 Nov 11, 2008
I am at the end of my 3-month supply of Seasonique. My doctor prescribed it to me to control blood loss due to anemia, but I am really worried because I've had breakthrough bleeding for the past 2 months! I don't even know what it feels like to not have my period anymore.

I've always had irregular periods, and I was on Yaz before switching. Yaz worked for me. Now, I feel like my cycle is all screwed up again. I've gained over 5 lbs, can't stop bleeding, and desperately need insight on what to do.

This experience has not been good so far, and I might just stick it out for another 3 months in hopes that this clears. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Amherst, MA

#16 Nov 19, 2008
heather wrote:
hey guys, i am on seasonique also and I think that i really like it. For 2 years i was on the depo shot and really liked but now i am about a week away from my inactive pills and i have been sooo bloated. I never had any breakthrough bleeding but the shot stopped my period completely. I keep freaking out that I am pregnant but I took a test about 5 days ago and it was negative. Anyone else have a ton of bloating, also i have lost 3 pounds and my appetite has decreased and i get that funny cramping feeling in my lower abdomen... any ideas??
I have the EXACT same symptoms.. at first i was worried i was pregnant, but ive never skipped a pill.. i think it is just side effects but it sucks

Milpitas, CA

#17 Jan 19, 2009
I started taking seasonique about a year ago. During the first three-month cycle I experienced almost 5 weeks of spotting. After consulting with my doctor, I decided to stay with seasonique and give my body another 3 months to try to get used to it. Apparently that was all I needed because i did not experience any more spotting after the first 3 months. I have found that i really like this pill. I have absolutely no cramping, bloating, or mood-swings, and have yet to gain weight (except a little in my boobs!). At the very most i might spot a day or two before my period is going to come but that is it. All in all this pill has been very convenient for me. My one concern with this pill is that it can be very hard to tell if you got pregnant seeing as you only get your period once a week, which has resulted in a little bit of paranoia. But as long as you pay close attention to your body and are willing to endure a bit of spotting(or other symptoms) during the first cycle while your body gets used to it, then i definitely reccomend this pill.

Houston, TX

#18 Jan 21, 2009
I started seasonique because i get ovarian cyts that rupture. I have been taking seasonique for about 7 weeks now, and approximately on the 5th week i got my period, and it's been heavy for the past two weeks, and i've had severe stomach cramps. should i make an appointment with my doctor?

Nashville, TN

#19 Jan 26, 2009
I started taking Seasonique a few months ago, and during that first pack, I bled for over a month... My doctor thought it would be a good idea for me to try another pack to see if the bleeding would go away, but I've been bleeding for over a month again and I still have a month to go before this pack is finished! She said that's normal... but even if it's normal I feel like it's not healthy.

I've also been bloated and gassy lately. I keep freaking out that I'm pregnant too, but I think I'm just freaking myself out because we always use a condom and I always take my pill on time... I just can't help but be paranoid. I feel like my body isn't even my own anymore. I hate this pill.

Paramus, NJ

#20 Feb 11, 2009
I got on bc and this one was reccomended to me....i wish id never done it. I had light and short moodyness...i had it great. But my mother believed i was too old to go i got on Seasonique. Now everything i once had is gone. I miss school when i have my periods now...i can't control anything they are really heavy and my cramps feel like im being stabbed. I am going to ask to switch to somthing else...hopefully not all bcs are this horrible.

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