IUD removal and blood clots?

Lake Hiawatha, NJ

#84 May 16, 2011
I had (Mirena) put in about 2 years ago after the birth of my son. Found it very difficult to lose weight, started bloating about 5 extra lbs during periods and they were alot longer and worse than ever. Never related it to the IUD. I also started getting a rash on my arms which eventually spread to my back.
In the last few months my periods were making me physically ill and I asked that it be removed.

I had it taken out a couple of weeks ago and Since then I have been feeling much better, rash is slowly fading but now I am starting to get the clotting, heavy bleeding and pain. Hopefully this will pass and I can forget that I ever even had the thing.

Went back to a low estrogen birth control pill!

Barking, UK

#85 Jun 2, 2011
I had my IUD removed the day before yesterday and started bleeding at work today, the Doc did not warn me of this, I am bleeding allot with huge clots so much that I had to come home form work, lucky for me that I have a female manager who is very understanding!

Dallas, TX

#86 Jun 3, 2011
I got mirena one year ago after the birth of my baby. For the most part I loved it but mainly because I didn't have a cycle after the first few months. After a few months I started realizing my eyelashes falling out, cystic acne, mood swings, weight gain (you name it) my dermatologist told me it was all hormonal & to look into another birth control. I had my mirena removed last week. I immediately started taking Seasonique, I thought it was the "break through" bleeding you can have & decided I would go back to my normal Yasmin 28 that I have always used. The bleeding never stopped. I started using tampons completely every 30 min with clots - some the size of lemons. I haven't bled this bad since my 1st baby by vaginal birth. I called the dr & I am supposed to take a prescription for 7 days to clear all bleeding including clots. Apparently, an iud makes you uterus harden & thicken. When you take birth control pills it does the opposite & thins your lining of your uterus. In my case I had my iud for a yr. So a years worth of thickening then birth control immediately after removing it started thinning out so much that its just like bleeding after birth. Not sure what the prescription is yet they just called it in. I seen all these posts up here & thought this might shed some light to someone who is looking for answers of bleeding with awful clots after having mirena removed. Hope this helps.

Swansea, UK

#87 Jun 5, 2011
My mirena coil fell out after just 3days. I was lucky that I saw it. It felt like a sharp pain at which point I went to toilet and had a massive clot with the mirena. Am at my wits end as I had the impant and was bleeding for 2 and a half months. This was replaced by the coil. I'm 43 and wonder what the chances are of getting pregnant at my age. I can't keep trying to find out what works for me

Indianapolis, IN

#88 Jun 18, 2011
Rebecca wrote:
I have had similar symptoms after removing my IUD. I bled for a week. Stopped for a couple of days and now am bleeding heavier than before with huge, scary clots! I also have suffered from extreme fatigue and weight gain and wondering if it was due to my IUD. I had my hormones checked and my Estro and Testosterone were high and my progesterone was low. HOping all will even out now and I wlll lose 15 pounds and feel more energy. Did you lose weight after removal?
Everybody who gains weight only after getting their IUD always asks do you think its because of the IUD, well I am truly starting to believe that it is, because it is too many of us with the same story and the same side effect for it not to be. I gained 8lbs in just one month!!!I started gaining weight and even having cravings only after I got my IUD, mine fell out yesterday after having it for only 2 months, but I think its a blessing because it was making me feel really bad, and as I keep reading, I am finding out that alot of women are having the exact same symptoms and fears I am having!

Dallas, TX

#89 Jun 23, 2011
angie baby wrote:
HI All
What do you think of the IUD when is it best to have it inserted not to happy about going to the dr with a period. A bit embarrasing to say the least. WHat do you all think?
. I had sn Iud put in twice the first in 07 (copper) which was insertes during my period. And the second 2011 (non copper) I had to take a pill to dialte my cervix. Both are uncomfortable but on your period is better n less painful.

Dallas, TX

#90 Jun 23, 2011
Yo2u wrote:
<quoted text>
I just got my IUD out 3 days ago and I've also been passing blood clots while sitting down to use the bathroom. They are bigger than quarter size around. How long does this happen for? and I've always been told thats not normal for your body. IUD has messed up my body.
Gaby Lind

Salt Lake City, UT

#91 Jul 9, 2011
I had my IUD put in December 2010. I had it put in at my 6 week check up after the birth of my daughter. SO I had already been bleeding for five weeks. I had a week off then started again and really hasn't stopped since that. I can't have a normal sex life. My husband feels it every time we have sex. It has even bruised his penis. And so it discourages us from being intimate. Not only that, I have not been able to go without femine protection in 8 months. I scheduled to have my IUD removed and can't wait! I am willing to take the chance of getting pregnant just to be normal again. My advice, DON'T DO IT!!!!! WORST DECISION EVER!
Softball Mom

Ooltewah, TN

#92 Jul 14, 2011
I had my Mirena IUD removed last week after having it in for 5 years. Insertion was a nightmare, doc had to insert 6 times. Miserable cramping for 6 months. Periods went away and cramping got to be intermittant, had occ. spotting. I never really associated any of the other symptoms I had been having to the IUD such as weight gain, irritability, and just feeling bad. However, now that the IUD is gone so are all the other symptoms. I am still bleeding and quite heavily at times. I would never recommend this to anyone. There is definately something linking all these symptoms to the device. I wish everyone well and advise each of us to get the word out, these devices are not symptom free!
Jennifer T

Saint Paul, MN

#93 Jul 27, 2011
I have had the Mirena twice in my likfe. The first time in 2005 and had no problems with it. Now the second time I had it in was for the last 2 1/2 years and I had it removed on 7/19/2011 becasue I am planning to have another baby. I have been bleeding for about a week now and I feel like crap. Now that I am reading the posts I am realizing that alot of the issues I have had over the last 2 years could have been related to this. I have gained 80 lbs, constant head aches, bad cramping.. wow glad I had it taken out... Think next time ill try something different. Hope everyone is ok. I would strongly advise against the IUD now.

Guelph, Canada

#94 Aug 7, 2011
I've had my iud(looks plastic with no hormones; not sure of the brand) in for a little over 2 1/2 years. My periods started out heavily during the 7 days, which was normal for me (the 7 day part). As the months went by they became frequent and then infrequent. If the spotting stopped for a bit and I had sex, it would come right back as a light period; very frustrating. I would have a period or spotting for two weeks to a month for the first year or so, then within the past three months I've been having a consistent spotting for two months. Now, it's a full on period with hugh clots (I mean HUGH!), about 2 1/2 to 3"long and wide and they appear thick. I know gross:0 And, I have to change my pad every hour. by the way I have tripled up on pads, especially at night.I'm getting my IUD removed on Tuesday. I pray all goes well.

Garden City, MI

#95 Sep 29, 2011
I had my iud for nearly two years before having it removed. When i first got it out I bled lightly for about a week. Then a month and a half with nothing. Now I'm heavily bleeding. I have been filling a pad in under 30 min. This is gross. I'm only on day 2 of this and I'm frustrated. I expected something but nothing like this. I've also been cramping bad. I'd take the cramping but the bleeding is ridiculous. What slows down this bleeding so I can at least walk without filling a pad? Someone above used ibuprofen and I'm going to try that.

Vancouver, WA

#96 Sep 30, 2011
mama2two wrote:
<quoted text>
I had mine removed on Thursday, and after intercourse on Friday night, I have been bleeding. Badly. It gushes and when I sit down to go to the bathroom, all I feel is clots passing. Sorry, TMI I know, but I'm freaking out! Let me know what you find out. Thanks, and good luck to you!
I Just had mine out a month ago and im having the same problem im starting to feel light headed i havent had a full blown P. for about 4 years, could this be the reason??

United States

#97 Oct 4, 2011
Have anyone lost it( IUD)?

United States

#98 Oct 4, 2011

Edmond, OK

#99 Oct 16, 2011
I had Mirena for nearly three years, and Jan 2011 became the beginning of the end. My husband convinced me to go to the hospital when I couldnt sit, stand or lay down without feeling like I had been impaled from my uterus to my neck. The doctor said IUD commonly cause cysts because they stop regular egg/wall flushing AKA menstrual cycle. I had two cysts one the size of a grapefruit and another the size of a golf ball. I had never had a problem with cysts before. He also said one of the cysts could rupture and destory one of my tubes. That was reason enough to get this painful thing out! July 2011 My doctor said it was 200.00 to remove it. Coincidentally my job that prevented me from getting a sooner date for removal was what ended and got me in touch with my local health dept. They tried three times to find the copper wires with luck when they brought in 4 nursing graduates to poke around. That was Sept 2011, a month ago. I started a normal cycle, after nothing for three years, and every two days it gets worse. The clots are golf ball sized, some are strips up to 8 inches long. Sorry :-(!! Its been 16 days and I go through a super-plus tampon an hour and require double protection or leaking is enevitable. I never bled this bad after my boys were born, then again Im not a normal cycle lady. I have sporatic cycles that last 4 days. One thing I do want to mention is Novartis, it, is prescribed to stop heavy menstrual bleeding. I got it after my second child was born in 12/08... And it works. Im tired of medicine invading my body so I think Ill wait this out.

Vancouver, WA

#100 Oct 16, 2011
Sandy wrote:
Have anyone lost it( IUD)?
My sister has the copper one, so its obvious she wasnt planning on having anymore kids she thought 10 yrs of birth control would be awesome. She ended up not having a period and wondered what was going on so she went to the doc, and she found out she was pregnant again! they did ultrasounds and sure enough there was no iud and she was pregnant.

Poplar Bluff, MO

#101 Oct 19, 2011
I unlike a lot of these posts have had my IUD in for about 5 1/2 years now, I couldnt get in to see my doc quick enough b/c hes so hard to get into, then when i finally did, he informed me that my insurance would pay for my tubes to get tied, and he gave me a month to think about it and did not remove my IUD (until the surgery) I have decided against having my tubes tied, would like to possibly have another baby (one day) but would very much like to get another form of birth control, i have gained 65 lbs with the IUD and find it very difficult to lose any weight, i have really bad mood swings all the time, also Im starting to have some pain in my upper right thigh,feels almost numb from my hip all the way to my knee, this a wierd symtom but my step mom informed me that it could be a blood clot forming from the IUD, any one ever had this happen to them?None of this i never associated with the IUD until reading these posts, i asked my doctor if weight gain was a symtom of the iud and he said it was not, also i wondered if my not having a period in over 5 years would cause weight gain, again he said no, im not sure but one thing i know after reading these posts i am positive that we all have a lot of the same symtoms and i am sure i will feel much better after the removal, am a little freaked out by all the blood clotting and heavy periods though, as i have always had real light cycles only lasting 3-4 days but all and all im sure it will be worth it, any suggestions on what form of birth control i should go to next??? I appreciate all of your feed back and good luck!:)

Coopersville, MI

#102 Nov 16, 2011
I got mine out Saturday. I didn't bleed the first day after, but than the end of the second day I started having a pink watery discharge & now four days after it reminds me of a regular period. I have no clotting, but the doctor said if you do its normal from either going without a period, or having a light one due to the iud. I think it should be a concern if your bleeding too much, and feeling light headed. Go in if that's the case. You could pass out!

Mill Valley, CA

#103 Nov 23, 2011
i had my iud in for 3 years.after all the headaches, cramping, periods coming for 2weeks some months or not coming at all so i had it removed nov 14 2011 the next day i ispotted, day two the flood gates opened up. i passed soke of the biggest blood clots for the last week. scary to see a clot the size of golf balls come out of me. the doctor said it normal to clot? but if contiunes to come back,, this morning no blood at all. like it just stopped no trace of a period. Has this happened to anybody?

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