Effexor XR and high blood pressure

Akron, OH

#82 Jul 8, 2011
I recently changed from Effexor to Paxil and almost immediately saw my blood pressure go back down to normal range, along with my heart rate... it was reading high 90's sometimes 100's, now down to 83. My BP has been very high for quite some time and I never figured it had to do with taking effexor until the doctor switched me to a cheaper medicine. Good Luck
Jill wrote:
Does anyone have any information regarding how long it takes to get your blood pressure and heart rate under control after weaning off of Effexor XR? My BP has been very high and I cannot get my resting heart rate below 100. I take 75 mg per day and am currently cutting back to 50mg. I'm just wondering if or how long these problems will continue once I'm completely off of the Effexor.

Grayson, KY

#83 Aug 25, 2011
I have been taking cymbalta for over a year now. I was real excited because it actually worked on my pain after I got through the first month or two. However, my blood pressure has really gotten out of hand lately. I have never had hi blood pressure either. It has been in the 150-170 over 88-98 this last month or so. Also I sweat like crazy...drench my shirt overnight. My doctors don't seem to think that the cymbalta would make my blood pressure go up. But I feel anxiety and I can feel my heart beat hard at times. I am going to have to wean off of it. I can't wait until they take it off the market and tell you it causes heart attacks.

Valencia, CA

#84 Sep 10, 2011
Been on Effexor XR for several years, and you folks are pikers compared to my blood pressure, which is now averaging around 190/135. I'm sure the Effexor is the root problem, but the prospect of going through the misery of finding another drug that works doesn't thrill me. I keep thinking that I might be able to combat my anxiety depression the old fashioned way with "tranquilizers." At this point, I'm not even concerned that they may be addictive, because I'm practically addicted to the Effexor and if my blood pressure stays this high, I won't live long enough to worry about it. I have another doctor's appointment in a week. Maybe we can figure something out. This can't continue.

Parksville, Canada

#85 Sep 11, 2011
My BP went from 120/80 to 150/110, sometimes higher, after starting on Effexor. My GP acknowledges that the drug could be affecting my BP but was loathe to reduce the Effexor as my depression was pretty severe when I started on the drug. Also, one has to be careful when coming off Effexor or reducing the dose. It has to be done very gradually. As I almost always had a severe headache related to the high BP, I decided to try an experiment and reduce the dose of the antidepressant on my own. I cut the dose for 2 weeks by just a bit - headaches are gone and my BP is out of the so-called danger zone. Am planning to make an appointment with my doctor to tell him about my experiment tomorrow. I don't advise reducing the dose on your own if you are plagued by problems like high BP. Rather I'm suggesting that you discuss your options with your doctor.

United States

#86 Oct 20, 2011
I cannot believe I came across this!!! I have had blood pressure that would increase with anxiety but I lost weight and started running and it was normal. My resting pulse was usually below 70...I started cymbalta and wound up with blood pressure as high as 187/108. I was scared crapless...I went to cardiologist who put me on beta blocker for bp and heart rate which was 119. Its a minimal dose but I have a feeling he may increase it when I go in tomorrow. My general doctor told me he has had four patients in the last three weeks on cymbalta with elevated bp. I have been scared to death to move because I'm petrified of having a stroke. The 30 mg cymbalta worked great for me the first week then when I increased to 60 I had my entire body shaking...especially my hands...and the fast heart rate so I was decreased to 40mg. The worst part of this is I told my psychiatrist I have had problems with my blood pressure in the past...I have ocd/health anxiety (go figure) and depression as a result of the other two. The cymbalta helped the depression but the anxiety is just as bad if not worse. I went down to 30mg three days ago. I'm ready to getoff this crap and pray to God my bp and hr get back to normal readings asap.

Greenbrier, AR

#87 Nov 27, 2011
I am bi-polar and I have been taking Effexor xr 350mgs for 7yrs. I take all of them in the morning because it is an upper and supposed to deal with the depression side of bi-polar, which is alway dominant in my disorder. It has stopped working. I am at a loss and have thoughts about suicide all the time. It is close to the x'mas season and I am going to try my best to make it past that and then try to check myself into a hospital and try a different medication. After all these yrs. it may have stopped working on you to.

Greenbrier, AR

#88 Nov 27, 2011
Topomax! Gets rid of headaches, helps with the depression and the blood pressure. Also used to help lose weight, I had to go to the hospital to get shots for the headaches, the ER doctor put me on Topomax. Felt ok [bi-polar symptoms have never went away] until effexor began losing it's power.

Alma, GA

#89 Nov 29, 2011
I have recently started on effexor xr 75mg about 4 wks ago. Went to the Dr and my bp was 185/113. Dr seems to think it's not the effexor. It's the only thing I've done differently. Normally my bp is about 120/85 and sometimes even lower. I was wondering if you're on effexor for a longer period, will you're body finally level out back to normal or will my bp just keep climbing as long as I take this med. I really need the effexor or something!
Joanne Larsen

Clarks Summit, PA

#90 Feb 3, 2012
The way the body reacts on certain medications differ in each individual. Effexor is an SNRI which affects chemical receptors serotonin and norepinephrine. But basically acts the same as SSRIs like Zoloft. Know how Zoloft and SSRIs act at http://www.zoloftsertralinebirthdefects.com/

Québec, Canada

#91 Mar 7, 2012
Hi everyone ! I feel your frustration ! I am currently on 75 mg of effexor , and my blood pressure flucuates, it ranges from 140/70, 120/80/
sometimes 90 , or 100 ! Its never the same ! It is the effect of the medication , unfortunately ! To improve this I have found that exercise , and cutting the salt completely out of my diet helps my bp from going any higher than it should ! Scary I know , but also bear in mind that most bp machines wont give the same result ! Its a pain in the ass ! Best thing to do is get theraphy on what caused us to get on this in the first place , and move on from this stupid medication for good !

Chicago, IL

#92 May 8, 2012
My Sister in Lawn died on January 6th 2012 of a Brain Aneurysm. She was taking Effexor for many years and had very high blood pressure the years before she died but was not watched. I myself have taken it but only 150 mg/day sh was on 300 mg/day

Columbus, OH

#93 May 21, 2012
Erica U wrote:
Has anyone else out there had problems with high blood pressure while on Effexor? I've tried a ton of different medications and it's the only one that's worked for me. My doctor doesn't want me to have to take blood pressure medication but I think a low dose will be ineffective (plus the pressure was up with the lower dose) and I'm really not interested in trying a new medicine. I know Cymbalta is the same type of med but it has the same side effects regarding blood pressure so it seems silly to even bother. If anyone else has been dealing with this problem please let me know.
Yes: This is also the only med that has worked for me. I have tried them all; however, my blood pressure has been sky high and I am taking BP meds. My BP on Fri was 220/124!! Had to go home. Will have to get off this as it is causing ventricular hypertrophy from being so high. Do you know any other med that does not cause the hight bp?

San Antonio, TX

#94 Jun 28, 2012
I have been on Effexor XR since 2007. I was on a very low dose, 75mg I believe and had no real issues with my blood pressure. I increased this dose in April of 2010 to 150mg. Since then I have seen a steady rise in my blood pressure. I am getting numbers that are strikingly similiar to other posts. My husband is in PA school and mentioned to me that Effexor can cause elevation in blood pressure. Has anyone else changed medications and seen their b/p go down? I am taking it for anxiety. It works, but I'd rather have anxiety than a stroke or an MI.

Noblesville, IN

#95 Sep 8, 2012
I have been on Effexor for almost a year... My blood pressure was borderline high. However, the last couple months it has jumped significantly. My last one was 194/147! Two weeks before that it was 186/112. I'm not sure if this is anything to do with the medication? Any help anyone?

Saint Paul, MN

#96 Oct 8, 2012
I recently had my physical done and my blood pressure was around 150 / 95. I've been on effexor (75 mg) for about 10 years, on and off. My internal medicine doctor told me that "Effexor is Notorious for raising BP" and wants me to stop taking it.

Saint Kilda, Australia

#97 Nov 9, 2012
I have been on Effexor 150mg for about 8 years now and also take dexamphetamine on days that I struggle.
I'm a skinny and super healthy 30 year old female that consumes very low doses of salt (1g/day) and have no family history of hypertension. My doctor is extremely worried about my bp reading as it got up to 156/115 which is very dangerous. I recently found out about the added risk of amphetamine so have discontinued using it. Before Effexor, I never had hypertension so I attribute this to the drug. When I stop Effexor my pressure drops to normal levels as does my heart rate (from 120 to 90 at rest). There are so many horrible and undisclosed effects of Effexor that I really wish I never started taking it.

United States

#98 Nov 27, 2012
After years of having 110/70 BP yesterday mine was 160/107. This is so scary to me!
I am heading to the Dr tomorrow to get started weaning off this crazy Effexor.
How long will it take my BP to come back to normal????

Rochester, NY

#99 Nov 29, 2012
I jumped up my effexor from 150 mg to 225 per day and my bp went up 15 pts both sys/dis rerading comments im sure thats it im in fair to good shape

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#100 Jan 12, 2013
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#101 Jan 12, 2013
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