bed wetting embaressing moments

bed wetting embaressing moments

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Nanaimo, Canada

#1 Dec 24, 2008
I was having a sleep over with my friends and i soiled my good nights and it fell off and when i woke up the whole sleeping bag was wet and stained my mom came in and saw it and she stuck me in a diaper plastic pants and the another diaper and stuck me in a crib and wouldnt let me out and my friends came in and burst out laughing now all my friends treat me like a baby when they come over. now my mom changes my diaper and feeds me baby food. so i got my mom to move and when i started a new school my diaper leeked and i stood up and there was a puddle all around my seat i my mom wont move again and so now everyone at that school teases my

Saint Paul, MN

#2 Apr 30, 2009
I dont believe you.

Birmingham, UK

#3 Apr 30, 2009
hello the same thing happened to me and i was spanked as well

Dublin, Ireland

#4 Apr 30, 2009
tell me more

Birmingham, UK

#5 Apr 30, 2009
i had huggies drynites and i wet them so much they leaked so bad the bed was wet through and my friends mum spanked me and then put a terry nappy and plastic pants on me and she phoned my mum and she went crazy and when she got me home she spanked until i couldn't sit down even with a nappy and plastic pants on

Since: May 09

Birmingham, UK

#6 May 1, 2009
hello wet my bed was spanked and put back into nappies and plastic pants

Warrington, UK

#7 May 15, 2009
i was at a sleep over and i needed to poop rearly bad and i was in my pull ups and jarmas so i let it out then i fell asleep my friend took all my cloth of me when i woke up i was in a even pooper pull up

Salt Lake City, UT

#8 May 15, 2009
I was sleeping in plastic panties and i pooped in them and the smell was all over my bed. I was so scared someone would find out.
Then i was wearing a pullup and lying on the flore watching tv when someone came up and put their foot on my (where you poop out of) and i was thinking they would notice but they didnt.

Chelmsford, UK

#9 Jun 19, 2009
The most embarrasing thing has to be wetting your bed at someone elses house. When I was a kid every one knew I wet the bed so I did'nt get invited to stay at many friends overnight. During my teens I soaked the bed at a friends house once. They were very good about it but it was very embarrasing all the same.

Salt Lake City, UT

#10 Jun 22, 2009
i have bedwetting problems and i once had to go to a sleepover. we drank alot of soda and stayed up late. i didnt sleep the whole night. the next day, i had taken off my underjams and we went to play outside. i fell asleep and wet my pants while everyone was looking at me. my mom was at work the rest of the day and i lived pretty far away. i was supposed to be there the whole day long. i had to wear my soaked panties the rest of the day while everyone made fun of me.
(iam a 13 year old girl)

Salt Lake City, UT

#12 Jun 23, 2009
howd she get them? seriously i dont know anyone who just happens to have tons of diapers.

United States

#14 Jul 9, 2009
aaaaa I noticed you said you were underjams. I have never tried them. Do you like them? how do they compare to Goodnites? Ashley


Since: Jun 09


#15 Jul 9, 2009
my most embarrising moment was when I was 20 years old I had a nappy fetish and when my mom and two sisters were out I put a nappy and plastic pants and frilly knickers on and lay back I dosed of but to my shock and horror I a woke to find my mum and two sisters standing over me with my two sisters giggling and laughing as punishment my mum made me wear nappies for the whole week and changed me in front of my two sisters my face was bright red with embarressment my mates I play in the football team stopped comming round as my mum hung my nappy and plastic pants on the washing line for them to see and if things couldent get eny worse I ended up with severe nappy rash and mom had to call in the community nurse she looked in shock and horror and disbeleaf as she was exspecting to see a small baby she then bowdered and creamed my bum

Minneapolis, MN

#16 Jul 12, 2009
i am 16 and a bedwetter.i had a slumber party two weeks ago with three of my bed time my mom called me into my room and got out ny goodnites and plastic pants and was putting them on me when my three friends walked in to get ready for bed.they saw my laying ther with my goodnites on and my mom was pulling my plastic pants up my legs.iwas so embarrassed!my mom told them that i was a bedwetter and that this is what i wear to bed every night.they accepted it and we had a good time.

United States

#17 Jul 12, 2009
Glad to hear that things had a happy ending with your sleepover. I have a couple of friends that I invite to my house for a sleepover every so
often. They know I wear goodnites with extra
padding and plastic pants or disposable diapers
and they never give me a hard time. I have a cousin who lives about 350 miles away who is 15 and she also wear goodnites. I might go to a friends house next week for a sleepover. She is one of the girls who I have invited to my house.

Taylor, MI

#18 Jul 12, 2009
my most embarrassing story has got to b when i went to school one day, i think i was 8 so this was like second grade, and i had fecal problems so i always had extra diapers at the nurse and i had to say when i went to the nurse. well i went to school and i pooped in my diaper, accidentally of course, but when i went to the nurse she was all out of extras so i had to go back to class smelling like poop. the whole day i smelled awful and everyone avoided me, noone talked to me, and noone played with me at recess. but that was better than the next day when this one stupid kid named sam snuck one of his brothers baby diapers in his backpack. then at school he put it in my lunch bag, and when i dumped out my lunch there was a baby diaper with pink unicorn print. i was so embaressed that they sent me to the nurse and i cried all day. stupid sam brought a baby diaper every day for the next two months. i hated it and my teacher talked to his mother but i guessed she was abused as a child and said that this was what a "hopeless child like him" should be exposed to.

Webster, NY

#19 Jul 13, 2009
I'm 12, and still wet the bed. I was staying at a friends house for the week and had peed in my goodnights, the next morning, we went downstairs for breakfast(i was still wearing my wet goodnight) and I peed in the again(on accident) and it leaked allover the floor. Her mom went to the store and bought more goodnights and made me wear them for the rest of the week, even when we went to the mall and bowling!!!!!

Warrington, UK

#20 Jul 19, 2009
i was walking down a path to my friends and i had pooped on the pay ther and i changed my pull ups in a bush and i came out of the bush and this old women looked down at my fly/zip and sed rnt u to old to be wearing pull ups i sed im not wearing pull ups she sed look at your fly so i did and it was undone so she she come to my house and i will get u sorted out so we got ther and she sed take your pants and ben 10 tshert off so i did she sed sed let every thing out in your nappy so i did she lay me down and took it of cleaned me up she sed stand up and sit on the couch i was naked she came back with a changing mat and a bottle and fed me and putt me in pampers size 6 and put my cloths on me and she gave me some biscets and i went to my friends this happend 17 july 2009

Camden, AR

#21 Jul 23, 2009
Ashley14 are you 14? Lol cuz I was jw wondering I have looked at several of your posts and I'm glad I've found another girl around my age who isn't a fetishist or a guy lol I would love to talk with you sometime! The same goes for you aaaaa and Ava!

United States

#22 Jul 24, 2009
As you can see there are few of us who have real bladder control problems in the U.S.

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