diapers-shall i put my son in them fo...

Kalispell, MT

#134 Jan 14, 2008
well ive been posting using (anonymousediaperwearer)...... ...but now ill use my yahoo and myspace name........im 35 and proud to be an adult diaper wearer..........i can be reached on yahoo messenger..[email protected] om

Rochester, UK

#135 Jan 15, 2008
Ok, why would you punish your son or daughter for something they cant control? If they cant control it no matter how you punish them or make them embaressed it wont change nothing in my opinion, but i will admit i could be wrong. As a parent, in my opinion your meant to comfort a child when he/she has a "accident" which what bed wetting is not punish them or embaress them. I have personaly see casses where kids has hated and left there parents never to speak to them again for what their parents did to them. Punishing children like that can fuck with there heads and lead them to be anti-social in furture life cause of what their parents did to there child or children. Yes, some kids are diaper/nappy lovers, in THAT case yea i agree make em wear them. If there acting like babys punish them i agree, but for the record ive seen parents put there children in diapers for just crying....how fucking retarded is that? kids are kids they WILL cry so why punish them for that? I have nothing against people that punish there kids in ways like that, but i hate the methods of punishment. I have seen articles in news papers where parents use diaper punishments to avoid contact with the law.....erm...yea that makes sense, punish kids in ways that fuck up there poor fragile minds just so you avoid the law? Im in all fairness not a parent yet but i want to be the best parent to my ability. Just being a parent means more than anything to me in the world and seeing how people treat and raise there kids makes me sick. Anyway's just be careful with how you treat your children and have a nice day.

Kalispell, MT

#136 Jan 15, 2008
again i have to say.........wearing diapers is not a punishment


#137 Jan 21, 2008
I think punishments wonÄt do in this case. I have two daighters Age 14 and Age 9, the elder is perfectly dry but my youngest wets the bad at night. She has always been a little late as far as developments are concerned (she stilll has her soothers also). Normally, we differentiate between spanking and non-spanking offenses (for example, lying is a spanking offense, my eldest had to experience th other night). But when it comes to bedwetting, you should not punish your child at all.
I have to say, that I will not let her sleep without diapers since I do not want to clean her sheets every day. So I tell her that she has to wear diapers under her jammies as her sister and other girls wear their panties underneath their jammies.

She will come to me at about eight o'clock, Then I diaper her (she wears Huggies Dry-Nites), then she gets a new undershirt and her pyjama. She normally watches TV for a bit and than takes her soother and her teddy to bed. Neither of the family has a problem with it. I hopü I could help you


#140 Feb 3, 2008
no i would take him to a doctor

Prince Rupert, Canada

#141 Feb 3, 2008
lol thats cruel inless your like my son where he liek diapers and i cant keep himaway from them and hes 14 hes really stupid som times his friend wll come over an dhe will just show them his diaper and then pee in it right in front of them and me and i will ground him for about 2 weeks cause it not right for him to liek diaper right??
mom of 3

Staines, UK

#142 Feb 8, 2008
YES good idea keep him in them till he leaves hom

Norwood, MA

#143 Feb 11, 2008
you are awfull

Katy, TX

#144 Feb 11, 2008
diapers rule


#145 Feb 12, 2008
docotor would be a good idea to see if there is anything physically wrong, but care must be taken so that they don't feel they are "mentally deficient" as kids can concoct an idea like that fairly easily.


#146 Feb 12, 2008
I am 40+ male. I was potty trained by age 3. When I was 5 we visited my grandmothers house. I was rough housing with boys in the neighborhood and was called inside about 6pm. I would not settle down was so rambunctious. Even I was only 5 at the time, I still remember vividly until now, that my grandmother knew what to do to calm me down. They pinned me into cloth diaper and plastic pants. That was just baby size, but it still fit for me. Then they wrapped me in blanket and set me on floor. I still remember (it really amazes me that I can remember SO vividly) that it was very pleasureable and peacefull feeling. Some of the boys from neighborhood came to window and calling me to come out again. I start unwrapping the blanket to get up, but then I was aware that it was embarressing if they saw how I was dressed so I told them to go away instead. Actually I didn't think of it again for a long time, but then I saw my friends younger brother that wet the bed was told to get his "special pants" on before bed. The memories came back and it was intoxicating to me to see the diapers he was to wear. I found my old diapers in closet and played with them, but I got caught, basically mum just walked in and caught me. I didn't have pins. She asked me if I wanted to wear that properly with pins and I even agreed, but then upon going through with it I realized that it was too embarrasing. The rest of my life I would forget it for a few years and then again have somthing jog my memory and want to play. Eventually when I was 13 a neighborhood girl 4 years older than me caught me red handed playing with improvised diaper. Probably most embarrasing thing in life. But she never told people as far as I know. The biggest problem was that I thought I MUST be the only person in the world who found that exciting. Ultimaely I am hetrosexual adult male earning high income. For me I don't WANT to be a baby or to mess. It is just a source of POWERFUL sexual turn on to fantasize. I follow don't ask don't tell as I don't think most people can understand. I do not think of it AT ALL as a "problem" and I am EVER so glad it is part of who I am. Point is, definately diapering a child post potty training can have LONG lasting affects on their psyche. In my case I am very glad how things worked out. But I have to admit it is a very fine line when it becomes abuse. I would NOT FORCE a child into diapers for real. Although for a real problem bad behaved boy, it could serve as a powerful threat in order to get him to behave. Still I don't think it should be done in reality by force. If your child requests it or is discovered to desire diaper play as a fetish, it could be best to go along, but to make sure they understand that other kids may not understand and that they should be cautious and it is probably best to try to avoid playing that way. The most important thing though is accepting, supporting, and loving, and indeed to let them know that they are not the only person in the world who finds enjoyment in wearing diapers. I think it would have made MANY other aspects of my life much easier, if I could have just know I was not the only one! Even if I could still understand that it was not exactly a mainstream thing and that acting out on it could be very dangerous for my social life. But again, forcing it as a punishment would not be advisable even though the threat could be very persuasive.

Lincoln, UK

#147 Feb 16, 2008
you are a sick parent making your child wear diapers just because they wet the bed you r a xxxxxxxxx if i was you child i would run away you sick xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
FU all

Sanford, NC

#148 Feb 16, 2008
I can't believe you people. You're all freaking pedophiles. EVERY POST HERE IS ABOUT TRYING TO FORCE KIDS INTO DIAPERS. What the hell is wrong with you people?! Putting a kid into a diaper completely ruins his or her relationship with you, their friends, and themselves. I've seen SUICIDES for similar things. Stop forcing your fucking ab/dl habits on your children, you sick perverts.

Dillon, SC

#149 Feb 16, 2008
you should put your son in diapers again and tape them on with ductape so he doesnt take them off and if he does let his fater take his dick and shove it in his ass


#150 Feb 19, 2008
i think u shopuld not put him in diapers

Solvang, CA

#152 Mar 3, 2008
yes do it and if he refuces put he in a crid and take him to the park in nothing but a diaper and have him play with the other babies my mother did it to me
lexi girl

United States

#153 Mar 3, 2008
heck yea do it if he wets the bed diaper him i wear diapers cause i love em not cause i have 2make himm poo in em 2 and never go to the real potty

London, UK

#154 Mar 4, 2008
pamper lover

Sublette, KS

#155 Mar 5, 2008
yes i think you should put a diaper on him i think that is why he is doing it that is why most people wet themselves because they feel they want to be in nappies (diapers)i mean i want to and im 13


#157 Mar 8, 2008
Not sure about diapering 14 years old. I recall when i was at kindergarten, if anyone ever wet the bed, he/she was instantly put in diapers (bulky plastic ones), but it did work! Kids never wet their beds again. Sometimes mild diaper punishment makes the child really try getting dry. Jack, you should put him in diapers, but do not treat him as a baby.

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