diapers-shall i put my son in them fo...

Cincinnati, OH

#113 Nov 27, 2007
Dear Toddie,
I think that when you take your oldest out of diapers that he will lose his cinfidence and may wet the bed again. If that does happen it may take a long time to get him trainned again. The best thing to do is to leave them in nappys until they dont wet at all. you can reply back i also have a yahh email address and messenger [email protected]
Toddie wrote:
<quoted text>
Dear Jill,
Like you. I have two DSs, ages 10 and 12, who will turn 13 this July. Both require nighttime nappies and rubbers. For daytime, especially if I take them anywhere, I will let them wear their padded trainers, disposable or whatever is handy under their rubbers. I hate public loos; and so do they.
Now in your post, you said:“Most boys like to wear a baby’s nappy at bed time my two do…” Judging by my two, I couldn’t agree more. But in regards to daytime, now that it’s getting warmer out, my oldest is quite content in parading around the house in just his athletic shirt and rubber pants with no diaper or training pants underneath! Now, I’ve always been very laid-back about seeing them in their underwear. They have certainly seen me in mine. But this latest twist is something new.
By the way, my oldest has been showing signs of improvement, as his number of dry nights has increased. He has had only two nighttime accidents so far this month! Consequently, I’m toying with the idea of discontinuing his nighttime nappy and rubbers, and simply rely on his rubber sheet to manage his bedwetting. I know this will probably generate more laundry, but I think it is the wisest choice. What are your thoughts?

Seattle, WA

#114 Nov 27, 2007
Yes, you should put you 14 year old son in diapers or pull-ups. I would put my son or daughter in diapers or pull-ups!

South Jordan, UT

#115 Dec 8, 2007
yes you should


#116 Dec 9, 2007
there must be a law against doing tht? tht is just wrong and sick. End of.


#117 Dec 10, 2007
yes! one time strict punishment keep his bed & pants
dry.after his wetting you remove all clothes but not removing dirty diaper.You Embarrass your child in guests & relative.
Lennon 4 life

Baldwin, NY

#118 Dec 12, 2007
Hendrix wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes. If the child is doing it on purpose, than I see no other way. If there is a medical problem, it is better thsn changing the sheets every night
ok thats wrog cildren dont do it on porpse mabe thats why shey call them ACCEDENTS. and hundreds of thousends of children do this punishment doesnt help. just make him weart them at night. and he WILL out grow it
Lennon 4 life

Baldwin, NY

#119 Dec 12, 2007
veena wrote:
yes! one time strict punishment keep his bed & pants
dry.after his wetting you remove all clothes but not removing dirty diaper.You Embarrass your child in guests & relative.
jimbob u r correct there should and Veena ur just an A$$ no children do this on pourse its competly coomman and punishment wont help anything
Lennon 4 life

Baldwin, NY

#120 Dec 12, 2007
jimbob wrote:
there must be a law against doing tht? tht is just wrong and sick. End of.
infact i think there is... its called child abuse
Lennon 4 life

Baldwin, NY

#121 Dec 12, 2007
if u dicipline your chiald by embarsing him/her on pourpose it lowers there self esteem and the cild will become less soical.when a child wets the bed he/she should not get punished for it. it IS natral and your chiald WILL grow out of it. if u ask me punishment for wetting the bed just makes it worse and if u punish or child for that
you ARE A MONSTER.this is evil. wetting the bed is a total accedent and im almost %100 shure that u wet the bed as a child, and think, did i do that on porpse? probobly no same for your child

Cairo, Egypt

#122 Dec 13, 2007
How did you do that
you are a big monster you saw the tears in his eyes but you insist to make him were pampers
How dare you Jack

Portland, OR

#123 Dec 15, 2007
What kind of person are you? it's not the childs fult wetting the bed for boys is normal you are the one that should be punished!!!!!!

Perth Amboy, NJ

#124 Dec 15, 2007

Lindon, UT

#125 Dec 23, 2007
Isn't the questions here "diapers-shall i put my son in them for wetting the bed" THe very first post appears to look at this from the view of punishment, if we look at it from the point of view of a problem that needs a solution then why is it punishment. If you are bleeding don't you bandage the wound. If your arm is broken don't you cast it? Neither of these are punishment nor is surgery for some other sort of ailment, so why when the topic of bedwetting/diapers comes up do we assume to want to punish, if a child/adult has an issue with wetting themselves then isn't a diapers as practical as a bandage or cast? You perverts that want to force anyone to wear a diaper full time to embarass them or satisfy you perverse desire are the ones that need to be punished. If someone needs or wants to wear a diaper then so what, it should never be punishment.

United States

#126 Dec 26, 2007
I think putting a child in diapers, ecspecially a teenager is going way overboard. Honestly it is child abuse!

Geneva, IL

#127 Dec 26, 2007
Im 14 and i like to wear diapers. i dont have mutch advice but at night you should diaper him.......but be nice. humilleating him wont help at all just take it slow and be nice, like start out with a diaper every night,ther every other night they every 3 days and so on and so forth untill he stops weeting. dont be an asshole about it because he cant help it.o and also it might hlp to have him stop drinking liquids like a hour an 1/2 b4 bed time
sry a bout all the errors im not the best speller
Lennon 4 life

Baldwin, NY

#128 Jan 4, 2008
ur kiddg rite i mean u are monsters.and acculy i think there is a law against that.and pluss all the ppl at the top is prob just 1 prson he/she prob just cahned name.

Letchworth, UK

#129 Jan 5, 2008
For goodness sake, isn't there a specific forum that you weirdos with nappy fetishes can go to? I am genuinely trying to find information on helping my little boy to stop wetting the bed and to make the fact that he does as little of an issue and as unembarrassing for him as possible and all I have seen so far is a load of sick, disgusting stories, if you really want to indulge in your horrible little fantasies then set up a dedicated forum and warn people what it contains.


#130 Jan 7, 2008
Nappy Noodle wrote:
I think "Jacks" post is a fictional story written by some idiat that has nothing else to do......
*If it were true I don't know anybody who would actually put it on the internet*
****!!Some bedwetting is caused by stress...****!!
You are soooooooooo right


#131 Jan 8, 2008
You should enforce diaper wearing and other baby needs! This child wants to be a baby.
anonymousediaper weareer

Kalispell, MT

#133 Jan 11, 2008
i dont know what the big deal is....im a 35 yo man and i love to wear diapers....i wish i had been made to wear diapers when i was a teenager........i had been fantasizing about wearing diapers since i was 10....im still seeking a mommy to take care of me and make me wear diapers 24/7

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