diapers-shall i put my son in them fo...

Kalispell, MT

#264 Sep 22, 2008
there is nothing wrong with being an adult and liking to wear diapers.....there is nothing worng with being a teenager and liking to wear diapers.........

Marietta, GA

#265 Sep 27, 2008
I think that is how I got a diaper fetish when I grew up , from being put back in them for wetting the bed. The baby sitter even did it.

United States

#266 Oct 6, 2008
you are all sick and diapers should never be used as a punishment but given as an option if you ask him if he wold rather wher a diaper to bed or to school that is ok if he choses to but never forced on them that is wrong that is all good by all of you assholes hope you all are foced to wher diapers and use them all day with no bathroom brakes
baby caren

East Brunswick, NJ

#267 Oct 6, 2008
i love diapers i wish my parents put diapers on me. do you know how to wet the bed on purpose but by accident? tell me!! i dont want to be humiliated and i think its wrong but i do love diapers. it brings you back to a simpliar time were your parents didnt bring stress and u were cute and adorable

Northampton, UK

#268 Oct 6, 2008
diaperdonno wrote:
there is nothing wrong with being an adult and liking to wear diapers.....there is nothing worng with being a teenager and liking to wear diapers.........
I agree totally, but never force a child into a nappy/ diaper.

There are ways to persuade a reluctant child, but all depends on the age of the child and stage of maturity and how well you as a parent can talk calmly and rationally about the wetting.

I'm happy to answer any questions regarding this.


#270 Oct 7, 2008
yes do it it helps him not to get wet at night
i hate u ppl

Evansville, IN

#271 Oct 7, 2008
amelia wrote:
just dont put him in diapers whatever you do. just spank him harder until he learns.
singapore is a 3rd world country because of ppl like u

Northampton, UK

#273 Oct 7, 2008
wtf is going on here? Most of you ppl are out of your minds. Nappies are just useful clothing for ppl who have poorly trained bladders. we don't take the p*ss out of ppl who wear glasses for poor eyes, do we?

Never force a child into nappies, but you can explain how much better sleep they will give the child if you are calm and explain in a responsible adult way.

And keep it all in context - pee is only salty water and it is totally sterile.
dapr donemo

Bradford, PA

#274 Oct 7, 2008
.......your apology isnt enough.BIGDAVEPF....you need to leave the forom all together.......you are a SEXUAL PREDATOR WITH CHILDREN....you get sick sexual thrills from this form.....this forum is one big fetish for you...you have no business talking to children on here or anywhere else............your local law inforcement as well as the FBI have been contacted regarding your behavier on here as well as all the other documented fetish sites that you frequent.....you are sick....and you need to be stopped and prevented from using the internet all together,,BTW....im on my way to gettysburg to do a lil clean up work
daddy lee

Gateshead, UK

#276 Oct 9, 2008
florence wrote:
am i out of my mind?
im making sense dude
hi you ok xx

Redditch, UK

#277 Oct 22, 2008
hi, i really want to be put in a tena nappy , i live in redditch if any nice female would be happy to help if u live local me ifso ring me 07926645807

Salt Lake City, UT

#278 Nov 5, 2008
i hope that you make he uses the diapers for ther intended popuse make him poop in them for one month all the time even to school and tell he if he is couht out of them or if he takes them off with out you premithon than the punishment will be extendied to one year after one month of being treated like a baby for weting the bed being made to poop in his pants in a diaper he will not like it and will stop
Jerry Lynn Rickey

United States

#279 Nov 8, 2008
I Wet my pants in the day time a i wet the beb in the niath was i waer a 7diaper 24 /
Jerry Lynn Rickey

United States

#280 Nov 8, 2008
I Am abebweter a i wet my pants in the day time to i mass my diaper on beb time i waer my diaper 24 / 7 to

Evanston, IL

#281 Nov 21, 2008
I agree there is nothing wrong at all.
I was washing my son's laundry and found his sheets had stains on them and smelled like pee. I asked him about it and he told me he started to wet the bed two weeks ago.
I bought goodnights, and a plastic sheet, for my 13 year old's bedwetting and left them in his bedroom. When he came home from school he saw them and got really scared. I calmed him down and said they were there for him to use and I was not forcing him to wear them.
He is not wetting as much and does like to wear the diapers and I will buy them as long as he wants them.
I was forced into diapers and petticoated as a young boy and would NEVER think of doing this to anyone EVER.
Listen to your kids and DO NOT over react to their problems. Sometimes they do it because they like to, want the attention, medical problem or puberty I guess.
So parents I challenge you to handle this sensitive subject with your children cautiously and privately.

Saint Paul, MN

#282 Dec 6, 2008
i am 17 and a catholic girl.i dont know if anyone is aware of this,but cloth diapers and plastic pants are worn by girls under their first communion dresses with white tights over them to symbolize their purity of when they were baptized as babies.i have many girlfriends who wore them and i know of two parrishes that require the girls to wear them.i made my first communion when i was fifteen and wore a thick diaper and poofy plastic pants under my dress.

Norwich, UK

#283 Dec 23, 2008
callumnet i want to be treated like a baby wer nappies get bottlfed and sleep ina cot sad in it wit should a do

London, UK

#284 Jan 18, 2009
no dont spank them whip them hard! that should make him stop wetting the bed!

Manning, SC

#285 Jan 20, 2009
if you want to wet the bed have alot to drink or have alot of soup or put your hand in water then dump the water and hide the cup or boll

Manning, SC

#286 Jan 20, 2009
have a lot of soup or drink alot of water or put your hand in water when you sleep or pee into a cup and hide it and when eveyone is a sleep put it on the bed and your pants

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