Slough, UK

#42 Apr 27, 2009
what happens when you wet them do you get changed at school

Hamilton, UK

#43 Apr 27, 2009
yes i get taken to the staff room i get used to it

Slough, UK

#44 Apr 27, 2009
i get changed by the school nurse

Hamilton, UK

#45 Apr 27, 2009
i cry

Warren, MI

#46 Apr 27, 2009
yeah, i'm treated like a f*#$ing baby. so i just poop my pants and laugh when i get wiped

Warren, MI

#47 Apr 27, 2009
i just pooped myself

Slough, UK

#48 Apr 27, 2009
i don't got used to be treated like a baby


#49 Sep 19, 2009
i hated it when my parents babied me it was the most embarrassing thing that ever happend to me i was treated exactly how a one year old is treated.i got used to the nappies after wearing them so long but i couldnt get used to eating baby food or wearing reins or sitting in a pushchair.the worst thing was travelling 5 hrs and i was forced to sit in a car seat i was so squashed but wasnt allowed out i was really scared of my parents.everyone used to say i looked cut5e in my nappies that made me more embarrassed i would never treat me children how i was treated from the age of 10-18


#50 Sep 19, 2009
it started when i was 9 and a half my mum was pregnant and we was all really excited everything was going fine until she went into labour she gave birth to a still born.we already brought all the baby mum and dad began to change.i am an only child.they said they are not wasting all the baby stuff and said i will use it first i thought they was joking but my dad went to the shop got me some nappies and when he got home they took me upstairs and put a nappy on me i hated it it was so bulky my dad then told me to go downstairs and play i asked for some pants he said i could stay how i was i went downstairs with just my nappy on i felt mum picked me up put me in a highchair and put a bib on me and started feeding me baby jars i felt sick she then made me a bottle of milk when i finished that she put a dummy in my mouth and told me to sleep in the cot.then the next day we went on holiday to butlins i used to love it the car i was sat in my car seat was squashed but wasnt allowed to get out.i needed the toilet but as i wear nappies im banned from using the toilet so am forced to wee and poo in my nappy and wait until they change me. once there my mum got me out and held my hand and my dad fastened my baby reins and my mum held them.they got all the stuff out i noticed they brought me a pushchair.we got in the cabin and was taken to my room my mum put me in my playpen while her and my dad got all my baby stuff out and ready.i then was put in my highchair fed baby jars as usual we went to the beach i had tight shorts on as my nappy was to big my clothes didnt fit properly my mum and dad didnt care.everyone was staring at me and laughing as my dad dragged me by the reins.i was then forced to go into the sea with just my nappy on with my parents i had arm bands on as they think im a baby we stayed in the sea for 1hr my parents got out before me and went to where we was sat i got out 20mins later and as i stood up my nappy was sagging loads my parents started laughing so did some others on the beach i struggled to walk.i was forced to walk around the shops with my sagging wet nappy and baby reins for 6 hours.when we got home they changed me and put me to bed every night at 5pm.then they changed they was getting worse i was only allowed to play in my baby playpen and when inside i have to walk round in just my nappy and they only change my nappy once a day.
nappy girl

Liverpool, UK

#51 Sep 19, 2009
when i got treated like a babby at 9-12 i got regular nappy changes i just wet /pood in my nappy24/7 had babby food bottle /dummy and walked around allday in wet nappies i was once taken to the doctors in my nappy and ended up going to the babby clinic getting checked for nappy rash i had to go every 4 weeks itwas embarising but enjoid being in nappies i still wear nappies 24/7 now
Truth teller

Melbourne, Australia

#52 Feb 23, 2010
Nappy Filler wrote:
Everybody can stop if they want to.
There are medical reasons while you can't stop I was wetting the bed until I was 9 but didn't wear nappies. I'm now 25. But it was due to a hormone problem. I had to take medication to get me to stop.

Liverpool, UK

#53 Feb 24, 2010
there's many diffrent reasons why people might wett but as long as it effects/hurts no one els why would any one judge ?

Sydney, Australia

#54 Feb 25, 2010
my mum changes mum nappy i sleep in a cot and am always babied by mums friends and i go to preschool not primary actully i am in year 9

Liverpool, UK

#55 Feb 25, 2010
sorry, don't know how your school system works ?
could you explain ?
That is also classed as child abuse. If this is agains your will.
nappy boy

Brisbane, Australia

#56 Mar 19, 2010
nathan wrote:
im 14 my mum treats me like a baby becouse i wett the bed still she makes me wear nappies when i come home frome school and she changes me when i wett my self and feeds me baby food and drink from a bottle and i have to sleep in a cot and she makes me wear nothing but nappies around the house and she takes me to kindergarten in the weekends and i love it
haha man thats amazing i wish i was you, does anyone here have msn, my msn is and i'm 15
nappy boy

Brisbane, Australia

#57 Mar 19, 2010
catlin wrote:
my mum changes mum nappy i sleep in a cot and am always babied by mums friends and i go to preschool not primary actully i am in year 9
catlin do you have msn cause we both live in australian my msn is and i'm 15

Nairn, UK

#58 Jun 23, 2010
i am treated as a baby i'm 14 and i have to wear diapers all the time and i have to be spoon fed in a highchair,sleep in a cot,have to drink from a bottle,nap during the day and i have to go a walk round the park in a buggie 2x a day and when i get changed i have to suck a dummy! WOREST OF ALL I DONT NEED TO WEAR DIAPERS FOR ANY REASON!!!!

Pocomoke City, MD

#59 Jul 17, 2010
hi, i am 17 years old. my treats me like a baby because she believes that I deserve it. she forces me in diapers 24/7 and i can't stop her. she will put 10 attends on me, pink plastic panties, a pink princess bib, a pacifier, and sometimes a sissy baby dress with frillz. she thinks it is funny, but not me. she will take me like this in public sometimes too. i have to pee and poop in them, eat baby food and drink formula from a bottle. she even made me breastfeed after she had my sister. she would make me go in my diapers and panties to school. she let the nurse or any student change me and at any place. she brings hear friends over to play with me. they would force me to eat from a highchair, sleep in a crib and sit in a car sit and stroller. her and her friends would buy special ordered diapers for me that have teddy bears or disney princesses on them. they would over feed and drink me to make me go more often. i am now in 10 attends, pink panties with princesses on them, and pacifier in a giant bouncy sit and it sucks.

Palatine, IL

#60 Jul 18, 2010
I think everyone on this page is suffering from an advance stage of Munchausen's Syndrome. After asking the rest of us to believe all of this, one can only wonder how long your noses have grown.

Leesburg, FL

#61 Jul 19, 2010
my dad and cuzin baby me im 15 and started after moms death im so embarrased but my dad or cuzin whoever is watching me will putmy in goodnights tuck me in then in the morning bathe me if i did go. whats bad is i suck my thumb so they gave me a binki and i have to sleep on this sheet thats plastic where if i overfill my goodnights when i wake up im lying in it also have shorts where they can tell.

also at a friends her mom made me let her help me in it made sure it fit snug and put babypowder cuz she thoght she saw a rash is that possible? but they babyed me alot helping me with every little thing and during day asking every 10 min do u have to go potty

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