most enbaressing stories plese add

Coventry, UK

#41 Apr 27, 2009
hopefully she will buy m some

Saint Paul, MN

#42 Apr 29, 2009
I have always had to wear pull ups because of my day and night wetting and my poop accidents. Since I am 18, I have a lot of practice not being found out. I carry a big purse and keep pull-ups in the bottom so I can change in the bathroom after I have a poop accident so no one will know. One day, I guess I forgot to put some pull-ups in my purse. And, lucky me, that was a day I had a bad poop accident. I didnt want to throw it away and go without, because then when I had an accident later that day, everyone would know. I tried to call my mom for a ride home, but she was in a meeting. So I went through the rest of the day sinking and sitting in it. It was SOOOOOOOO embarrassing! Luckily no one said anything to my face, but I did hear a girl make a remark in the hallway.

Orlando, FL

#43 Apr 29, 2009
i went to camp last weekend and wet the bunk bed and it leaked on the boy sleeping below me i always wear diapers at home at nite do to my bedwetting i had diapers inmy sleeping bag but thouhgt id be ok that nite so i didnt put them on i woke uo with the boy below me screaming he woke up the whole cabin when i went to school on monday everybody in school new they called me pissyboy and bedwetter now i hate school i dont want to go any more what can i do im 14

Saint Paul, MN

#44 Apr 29, 2009
Just laugh it off. You probable wont ever see an of them again after high school, so just say "who cares?"

Adelaide, Australia

#45 Jun 4, 2009
hey im racheal im 12 and i wear feels so good pooing in them my nappy and leaving it in most embrassing moment would be when i was at my friends house and that night i wet the bed my friends mum went though my bag and bought a packet of nappys/drynites and put them in there i had to stay 2 nights on the second night the mm made me wear a nappy and sleep in my friends younger sisters crib and in the morning i was feed milk out of a bottle.when i got home my mum spanked me and put me and i nappy she draged me down to the shops and bought me a crib,high chair,2 dummys,3 packets of nappys,4 bottles,3 baby toys, a play pen and baby clothes.i still wear nappys now and sleep in a crib and drink milk out a bottle its so good and i love mummy changing my nappy its so refreshing and nice.My boyfriend also wears nappys and sleeps in a crib.We have sex in nappys we think it makes it funnier and we change and feed each other too he is so sweet.the other day we both pooped in our napps and left it in them for a day and then changed each other mum dosent care she likes changing and feeding me but she said its good having james with me so he can do it coz mum is all ways busy i have to stay in my playpen till james comes ova everyday its so fun in there i have so many toys and i keep my poo in my nappy when i sleep its sooo warm and soft

Lilley, UK

#46 Jun 5, 2009
how old are u witty

Attleborough, UK

#47 Jun 5, 2009
you got an email rachh would love to talk

Since: Jun 09

Runcorn, UK

#48 Jul 6, 2009
you are sooo lucky i wish i was you

United States

#49 Jul 10, 2009
Last month my mom and little sister went to my grandma's house for the week-end. She lives about six hours from our house. On sat. we were at the mall for about 3 hours and my Goodnites were soaked so as soon as we got back to her house I went into the spare bedroom and changed into dry pants. One of my cousins and her best friend came into the room to see what I was doing.
There I stood wearing a Goodnite and my soggy one
on the floor. I was so humiliated. Both girls left the room in a hurry but I could hear them giggling as the went down the hallway. I should have locked the door when changing but didn't think anyone would come into the room. I know better now.

Warrington, UK

#50 Jul 19, 2009
my mum puts me in nappies

Dublin, Ireland

#51 Jul 20, 2009
ihave to wear plastic pants to bed

United States

#52 Jul 20, 2009
elaine i assume you wear nappies or padded pants along with your plastic pants. My mom recently bought a thick guage plastic pant for me and they sure hold up well. Before that she always ordered (or purchased from a local supply house) a thinner plastic pant that lasted only a short time. I understand that the typical europian plastic pants are a thicker guage and hold up much better. So far this seems to be true with the ones mom got me.
rubber panties boy

Columbus, OH

#53 Aug 15, 2009
When I was nine I started wetting the bed again !So my mom insisted that until I stopped she was going to make me wear rubber panties again !So on the day after the night I first wet the bed , when I got home from school , mom was waiting at the door for me and she was very angry ! She told me to go up to my room and remove all my clothes even my cotton panties and lay face down across the bed because she was going to strap my little behind for wetting last night ! When she came up to my room , she had dads old oiled up razor strap and some hospital restraints in her hands ! She proceeded to restrain me to the bed because she said she was going to welt my bottom and didn't want me getting away from what I deserved ! And did she ever , I was begging and crying for her to stop and she paid no attention until my bottom was nicely welted from the razor strap >> When she was finished , she untied me and informed me that until I stopped wetting the bed that I would be wearing these cute little tight bikini pink rubber panties with pink lace around the legs and a t-shirt with no diapers under the rubber panties while I did my daily chores around the house ! And if I wet the bed again or if during the day she noticed me with an erection in my rubber panties >> the following day after school she would restrain me again and give me another good bare strapping !! This was diffucult because my mom knew that the rubber rubbing against my penis always gave me an erection , that's the real reason for her not letting me wear diapers under my rubber panties and also the fact that she really must have enjoyed restraining me and hearing me beg as she strapped my cute smooth round little bottom ! So I was always getting restrained and spanked daily because I couldn't stop wetting the bed And I always got an erection when I slipped on my tight rubber panties because they always got hot and slippery and when I walked it felt like someone was massaging my penis ! Now that I'am an adult , I have a fetish where I love to be restrained while I'am wearing my tight cute bikini pink rubber panties with lace around the legs and be given a hard strapping while I'am begging for them to stop but of course they continue with the strapping until my bottom is nicely welted !! This all is a true story and yes I still enjoy this strapping fetish with my cute rubber panties . So if anyone out there is interested in doing this to me ? please e-mail me at ( [email protected] ) I live in the columbus, ohio area !!

“Diaper Ftw”

Since: Aug 09


#54 Aug 16, 2009

United States

#55 Aug 16, 2009
rubber panties boy tell me you are kidding. No one would surly like to be whipped.

Since: Aug 09

Portland, OR

#56 Aug 16, 2009
tiffany wrote:
i wet my panties at my friends house and i was spanked and was put into a diaper and rubber panties by my friends mom and i was spanked when i got home
Hi, Tiffany I am Brandy Ann and
I am 16 and I still get spanked and I am in Cloth Diapers . Any time I wet or
poop my diapers I get a spanking. But my mom & Dad put me over there knee and spank me bare bottom with the belt. So I know how it feels I even
have to ware diapers to school under my skirt , and if I poop or wett I have
to go to the and she changes me!!!

Brandy Ann ( babygirl)

Since: May 08


#57 Aug 21, 2009
my most embrassin moment was wehn i was at my m8s house and we were watchin a scary movie and i wet my pants.her mum came in and lied me on the floor and put me in girls nappies and then go me a dummie and put me in a crib. i later found out the nappies were my m8s and she fanced me now me and her where nappies togerter all the time its gr8.

Since: Aug 09

Portland, OR

#58 Aug 28, 2009
I know how that fills sorry i have not been on the computer i was grounded
from it so mom & dad took my computer out of my room. i think they thought if i didn't have anyone to talk too, i quit poop/& wetting my diapers
but nothing helps I still get spankings bare bottom and my mom & dad still
treats me like a baby with the crib and everything!!! I am 16 teen I just want
to be poddy trained and ware big girl panties!!!!

Brandy Ann (babygirl)

Menaldum, Netherlands

#59 Sep 8, 2009
I am a 16yr old bedwetter but I had not had a daywetting accident for years. Last month me and some friends were waiting in a queue at a cash desk and it took like forever, I did need to pee but didn't think it was that urgent. Till I peed my pants... just couldn't stop and I ended up totally soaked. I was wearing old faded jeans and man did it show! Talk about embarrassing. I ran out of the shop and cycled home in very wet pants, got some stupid remarks shouted at me from boys who noticed, and when I got home my mum made me put on my bedwetting gear in the middle of the day, plastic pants and all!

Since: Sep 09

Dublin, Ireland

#60 Sep 9, 2009
tiffany wrote:
hello to everybody in america love from tiffany a 15 yea-old girl who still wears nappies and rubber panties
what kind of nappy and rubber pant do you wear and when did you start back in nappies

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