cloth diapers and plastic pants under...

Hengoed, UK

#342 Jul 4, 2009
Jean I think what your doing is gr8 (though I do not agree with the spanking) When I have a daughter i will treat her the same -apart from the spanking

Vancouver, Canada

#343 Jul 4, 2009
Hello ccc, thanks for your support. Until fairly recently, my daughter was wetting herself when dressed up for special occasions and that is why I put a diaper and rubber panty on her under her short little dresses. She understood clearly that strapping was only given if she made a fuss about being put into her rubber baby panty. Provided she cooperated, she was not disciplined, but the strap on the bed beside her baby panty was a reminder that disobedience had consequences. As a result, she is now dry and is permitted to wear teen girls' nylon panties.

Palm Harbor, FL

#344 Jul 5, 2009
i never saw a mentio0n of what church this is. as i would love to attend this cerimony once.
nappiesmakegodha ppy

Taylor, MI

#345 Jul 8, 2009
Jhonny what a perv y would u want to go to a communion ceremony with girls in diapers

Palm Harbor, FL

#346 Jul 8, 2009
why would i believe this takes place or for that matter, why would you or anyone else diaper a 15 year old for any reason.if they wet the bed there is more going on than just disapline. and you call mee a pervert? so what church is this?

Taylor, MI

#347 Jul 11, 2009
well one thing i can tell you is that it is much more common in the eastern orthodox church

Palm Harbor, FL

#348 Jul 11, 2009
first it was the catholic church. again i dont buy it, i dont believe it. but i'm the pervert.

Taylor, MI

#349 Jul 11, 2009
u dont understand quite right that the eastern orthodox church is catholic but with your suspicions. keep them there is nothing anyone can do on this site to change your mind other than showing you. and do you really think that would happen. well no because i am not accusing u i am just saying tht anyone on this site could be a 43 year old rapist so seriously y even bother to commenton this topic. y not just avoid it and talk about something else
jamie lynne

Minneapolis, MN

#350 Jul 12, 2009
logan,from wht you said earlier,the girls do wear diapers and plastic under their communion dresses in the eastern orthodox church?

Minneapolis, MN

#351 Jul 13, 2009
can any one tell me how to prevent diaper pins from rusting after a while? i use the standard cloth diapers and plastic pants on my 13 year old bedwetting daughter and the pins rust.what can i do?

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#353 Jul 14, 2009
might sound a daft question but if girls have to wear diapers then what about boys?

Minneapolis, MN

#354 Jul 14, 2009
joanne jones,thanks for your help.i tried the soap last night when i got my daughter ready for bed and it does you wear plastic pants also?my daughter is going to a flower girl in my neices wedding in august and i am thinking about doing a pair of her bedwetting rubber pants with rhumba panties over them under her diaper,just the rubber pants and rhumba you think that would be ok?

Vancouver, Canada

#355 Jul 14, 2009
Hi joanne jones. Does your daughter wet her panty when dressed up ? If so, then you should certainly put a diaper on under her rubber panty with the rubber rhumba panty over to match her frilly socks. But if she does not wet when dressed up then I see no point in having her wear a rubber baby panty at all. Children who wet need diapers and rubber panties. Girls who don't should be permitted frilly nylon panties along with their little white socks.

London, UK

#358 Jul 28, 2009
Hi Sue, my name is Dean I am 37 this year and I live in Smethwick in the West Midlands which I think is not to far from you in Stourbridge. I would really like to meet you Sue and your friend and your two sons and perhaps for us to keep in touch in the future. I also wear terry nappies and plastic pants as well as adult disposables 24/7 because I am totally incontinent and have a very weak bladder as I have always done. I am also disabled and have Spina Bifida which I think does not help my condition. My Mum tried to potty train me when I was little but I never got the hang of it somehow and I also had wet pants and wet bed all the time so my Mum found it easier to keep me in nappies. My Mum never abused me in anyway when I was younger in fact she was a great woman, very caring and loving and we had a great relashonship and I loved her to bits right up still she past away last year. Mum always excepted my nappy wearing and never judged me in anyway we both just lived with it and it was normal. Mum help to change me until I was 9 when she showed me how to do it myself.
Today I am still very happy wearing my cloth, plastic pants and disposable nappies and always will be as I do need them becasue of my weak bladder. I do admit Sue I do like anything babyish which I can't help, I drink from baby bottles and use dummies espcially in the evenings. I know some people here are on this message board are going to judge me and called me weird and other abusive names but it does not bother me. I am not involving anybody and I am not harming anyone in anyway. It's just a part of who I am. I know some people here on this message board are also going to think I am an 'Adult Baby' I can tell you Sue and everyone else here I am NOT. I have never considered myself an 'Adult Baby' and never will. It's just nappies always seem to go hand in hand with baby bottles and dummies and anything babyish. I also wear a onesie at night over my nappies and my pyjamas over the top which I find helps to keep my nappy in place even though I use nappy pins for the cloth nappies of course. In any case I am not involving anybody and not harming anyone Sue. As I mentioned before I am NOT an 'Adult Baby' which I know is popular here in the UK.'Adult Baby's' get some sort of sexual pleasure from acting like a baby. But That is not like me at all Sue, you see I love anything babyish because it's a comfort to me drinking my bottles and using my dummies is comforting and I also sleep with my teddy bear in bed every night as well because I find I can't sleep without him. I have quite a collection of cuddly toys. Anyway Sue As I said before I would love to meet you and your friend and your two sons and for us to keep in touch in the future if that is ok with you. You sound like a very nice and very understanding lady.
Take care
Best Regards
Smethwick, Westmidlands


#359 Jul 29, 2009
I have been wearing diaper and plastic pants for years they are part of my life and feel good on ,and I wear pink plastic pants all the time that is my colour ,plastic is great to wear .Thank you

Birmingham, UK

#360 Jul 29, 2009
for easter and other special ocasions i had to wear a really short dress for not wanting to wear my diaper i wore a cloth diaper pink frilly plastic pants my mum put the diaper on me on the bed i was really well behaved while she powdered me she had a big smile on her face while she was changing me when we got there was lots of other girls who were also wearing diapers i am slighty incontinent so i cant hold anything in for long my mum called me over too her a few times to show friends or reletives my diaper and pink frilly plastic pants she also kept checking my diaper to see if it was wet which was kind of embareesing
i really want 2 wear tights butt my mumm wont let me any one like me

Dublin, Ireland

#361 Aug 3, 2009
i think youre a freeke

United States

#362 Aug 3, 2009
Lily sorry but i cant believe that your mom would actually show friends and relitives that you are wearing diapers and pink frilly plastic pants or that she changed you in front of others.
I don't understand the smile you say she had while changing you. Also other teens who were wearing diaper?

South Haven, MI

#363 Aug 3, 2009
Sorry to say, Ashley, but this entire thread is bogus. Someone named Amanda, then Tiffany (and several other names)keeps posting the same fantasy in this and other forums--about wearing diapers and plastic pants under a communion dress. Interesting fetish combination, but all of this is strictly inside Amanda/Tiffany's head. It never happened. I'm sure Catholic girls reading this and approaching their first communion can now breathe easy knowing whatever they wear under their communion dresses, it won't be diapers.

United States

#364 Aug 3, 2009
Ya Doug, i've noticed that. I try to keep from saying anything but it just is SO UNREAL. It seems like they claim it is part of Confirmation, First Communion, weddings and special days of the church year. Ive got two friends that are Catholic and they say it dont happen in there church.And why would parents want to show off the diapers and plastic pants. Thats gettin a lil to personal for me.

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