cloth diapers and plastic pants under...

Eau Claire, WI

#265 May 20, 2009
i piss my too and mess too i live it

Slough, UK

#266 May 21, 2009
clarissa you got an email would like to know more

Mosjøen, Norway

#267 May 22, 2009
Nicole1990 wrote:
I have an amazing boyfriend but he came up to me the other day and told me that he had a diaper fetish and he wanted to know what I thought about it. He told me his last x left him couse she couldnt handle it. I love him so much and I am not going to leave him becouse of it I am going to have his babby. He told me that he dont know why he likes it and he has not really figured it out yet if it is a I must have to all the time or just I want to once in a while to make me feel good and he told me some time it was sexual and sometimes not. I dont know how to handle nor deal with this couse I have never had to deal with a fetish like this. I JUST NEED SOME ADVISE ON HOW TO HELP HIM and make it to where he is comfortable wearing them around me or having them any where around me. SOME ONE PLEASE I NEED SOME ADVISE
Try it, it is important to have an open mind. I am shure you like it.

Mosjøen, Norway

#268 May 22, 2009
You Will like it, but have a open mind, try it, i`m shure he will do it slowelly gently, so you kan get use to it.

Minneapolis, MN

#269 May 26, 2009
tiffany jones.are the cloth nappies and plastic pants the normal under wear worn by the girls under their communion dresses over there? do they wear white tights over them?many of the older girls wear the lace socks with the nappie and plastic pants under their dress as it makes them look cuter and more little girlish.i wore the tights over mt nappie and plastic mom put the nappie and plastic pants and tights on me while i laid on my bed.she used baby lotion and baby powder on me also.after my party i wore the nappy and plastic pants under my clothes untill bedtime.

Vancouver, Canada

#271 May 26, 2009
Clarissa, did your mom check your rubber panty for wetness after your party, or did you tell her you had wet? Where did she change you? I did not allow my daughter to wear tights. She wore fancy ankle socks to match her frilly rubber panty which made changing much easier. Like you, she laid on her bed while I powdered her, pinned on a diaper,snapped on a rubber panty and put on her ankle socks. Little girls who need diapers and rubber pants should be required to wear socks, not tights.

Minneapolis, MN

#272 May 27, 2009
tiffany jones,do the girls wear the nappie and plastic pants to mass on sundays and for other special occasions?i know one girl who wore just the plastic pants under her communion dress,no nappy under them.have you heard of them being worn without a nappy?do the boys know the girls wear the nappies and plastic pants under their dresses?

Attleborough, UK

#273 May 29, 2009
do you wear them clarrissa

United States

#274 May 29, 2009
I am having problems with my daughter and her not wanting to wear a diaper for her communion as she seems to think that girls wear diapers... she will be 12 soon.

i know this might be a little much to ask. But its something that has been done by all girls in my family for many many years...

dose anyone have any photos of a girl wearing a diaper with their communion dress? that they could share so that i may show my daughter and hopefuly change her mind for this one speical day?

my email address is [email protected]

United States

#275 May 29, 2009
sorry email address is [email protected]

United States

#276 May 30, 2009
Jean, you still active on this forum? I would like to chat with you.


Jean wrote:
Tiffany, my daughter's diaper was wet this morning, but I still allowed her to go to church without one. After her bath, I laid out a tartan pleated skirt slightly longer than her dresses (16") along with a white blouse, sweater, nylon panty, short white slip, and white knee-high socks. She was thrilled not to be put into diaper and rubber panty for church. When I asked her why the change in her she said, "because I thought if Tiffany saw pictures of me in my shortest dress with diapers and fancy baby panty, she would laugh." So I think you are playing a major role in Michelle's "growing up." Right now, I have put her into her double diaper and thick rubber snap-on panty for bed, because I don't think it's over, but we're getting there thanks, in part to you.

Minneapolis, MN

#277 Jun 1, 2009
brynn,tell your daughter that this is what she has to do and that other girls in your family wore the diaper our parish it is a tradition for the girls to wear the diaper and plastic pants under their dresses.i know two girls who told me it is a family tradition for the girls to wear them and that the diaper and plastic pants are passed from one girl to the next.are you going to do a disposable diaper or cloth diaper and plastic pants on her?good luck

Vancouver, Canada

#278 Jun 1, 2009
Brynn, I strongly advise you to take a very strict approach with your little girl regarding her clothing at all times, not just church. Tell her that she will wear a thick diaper and rubber panty under her dress and that if she cooperates you will put a frilly baby panty over the rubber ones, but if she makes a fuss she will be punished. I found that if I laid my daughter's leather strap beside her rubber panty, I usually had no trouble getting her dressed. Your daughter needs to know that you make the decisions, not her.

Atlanta, GA

#279 Jun 1, 2009
I am put in diapers and plastic pants
I am 16 and I also sleep with a
plastic sheet under me at night.
I also ware adiaper and plastic pant in the day time also.
brynn s

United States

#281 Jun 1, 2009
thanks for your advise and input clarrissa and Jean. could we talk by email???

[email protected]

to anwser clarrissa's question... i am not sure if it will be a thick cloth diaper or if it will be a thich ATN disposable diaper?

Twickenham, UK

#282 Jun 2, 2009
Is this an American thing that girls have to wear plastic pants and diapers for comfirmation As I am sure that in Britain they dont wear plastic pants and a Diaper!white Knickers should be sufficiantas white is a representation of purity!.
Do Boys have to wear a Diaper and Plastic pants in America for Confirmation?
I checked on the catholic website and all it says is that you wear something appropriate for the occasion! eg; white clothing! it does not say plastic pants and a diaper!. unless of course you are incontinent for a Medical reason.

Twickenham, UK

#283 Jun 2, 2009
Jean a 14 or 15 yr old girl or boy who wets the bed if she has been dry before and suddenly starts wetting the bed then it could be a number of reasons reading your posts you said that your husband left and you have a job all these things can have a psychological effect on your Daughter I suggest councilling as a first step being patient and kind approach dont smack her for it it will make matters worse dont humiliate her either that will compound the situation she may as You mention Left out!now dad has gone! she may also like the attention she is getting by having a nappy on even though she may seem to rebel .and certainly if you make her wear diapers during the day if she is not incontinent then I suggest you dont !.hope this is of help to you I am a parent to 5 and I have gone through this scenario best wishes .
Jean wrote:
Tiffany, the fancy rubber panty I have put on Michelle lately for church came from a Catholic neighbour whose daughter finally outgrew the need to wear them. I have told my daughter that if she stays dry, she will eventually be permitted nylons and longer dresses, and she is very excited about this possibility. But I still think that if your parents put you in a diaper and rubber panty under your confirmation dress, they should insist on you wearing nice white ankle socks, not tights or nylons.

Minneapolis, MN

#284 Jun 2, 2009
ptk,in my parish and others the first communion dress is considered an extension of the baptism outfit the girls wore for their baptism when they were babies.the diaper,plastic pants,tights and under shirt is the traditional underwear worn under the baptism outfits.the girls wear the diaper,plastic pants and tights and undershirt to represent their purity of when they were baptized for first communion.i know it sounds weird but its is done in some parishes thruout the us.

Vancouver, Canada

#285 Jun 2, 2009
dear ptk, you are almost entirely correct, except for the fact that my being strict with my daughter has been largely successful--she is nearly in full control of her wetting now. I want to make it clear that I never punished her for wetting, but I most certainly gave her a thorough strapping for non-compliance with being put in diapers and a rubber panty to keep her dry. There is nothing more humiliating than wetting your nylon panty while wearing a short party dress, so I made sure my daughter was suitably diapered and rubber-pantied while she was unable to stay dry. Things have changed. She now understands what resulted in her getting strapped, and that she will continue to receive the strap for any disobedience. Diapers and rubber panties are still stacked on top of her dresser as a reminder. Now that she is more mature, my daughter understands that because I love her and care about her that she must do as she is told. Hope this helps.

Twickenham, UK

#286 Jun 4, 2009
jean how old is your Daughter?

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