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#1 Oct 17, 2011
hi was just wondering how many of us have brothers or sisters, and how do you feel bout them noing u wet, and wear nappies i get embarased cos this daywetting has recently started for me, and my sister nos all about it and shes 10 and has never wet , which makes it way worse
Princess Holly

Oxford, UK

#2 Oct 17, 2011
My yunger brother has always known and has never teased me or really mentioned it. He just accepts that it's a problem his older sister has and ignores it.

London, UK

#3 Oct 17, 2011
Fortunately it just became accepted in our family that I wet the bed and probably always would. By my late teens nothing much was ever said about it.


#4 Oct 17, 2011
im pleased for u then ,my sister has teased me a bit and moms told her of for it , but if moms not around shes said things cos im wearin nappies 24 7 now its just anoying that my sis has never had this problem and is 10 popular and pretty and im her older brother that still needs nappies

Rockford, IL

#5 Oct 18, 2011
My older brother is a real angel about it and has been there for me at times when I needed support. My younger brother is not so great. He gives me a hard time when he is angry with me. I have a little sister (7) who still sometimes wets her bed so she wouldn't dare say anything.


#6 Oct 18, 2011
its gud u have suport , guess its cos your brother is older and understands , my sister is only 10 and can be a real pain. I just hope it gets better for me wetting at nite i can just about cope but wetting in the day is horible

Rockford, IL

#7 Oct 19, 2011
I can certainly understand the frustration. Like I said, my little brother can be a real pain when he is angry and wants to get even or when he thinks its funny to talk about my wetting in front of others. My older brother is his idol so he has been attempting to cool it when he's around.

Atlanta, GA

#9 Oct 19, 2011
I was diapered at bedtime till dry in my ninth year. My only sibling, a sister eight years older obviously knew all. Far from a threat, for a variety of reason I’m convinced she enjoyed, even encouraged my wetting. And despite the age difference, we were very close, my sister wouldn’t have done anything to hurt or embarrass me.

Charlestown, Saint Kitts and Nevis

#10 Oct 19, 2011
At 1st Beulah my younger sis didnt seem to think of teasing me ...then after she started at high school she did tease me abit but mummy quickly stopped this. For awhile she refused to shair my bedroom and slept on the chesterfield ! Now we are older and protection is even much better so no leaks she will sometimes sleep W I T H me.

Herriman, UT

#11 Oct 22, 2011
I'm 13 and my 11 year old brother is a real brat about my wetting. I never wet the bed and my but was only covered by boxers until a few months ago when I randonmly started this wetting problem. He used to be a bedwetter until he was 9 and I used to tease him a lot. At first I had to wear his leftover pampers.


#13 Oct 31, 2011
I can really empathise with you I have 2 older sisters and my mum put me back in nappies at night when I was 9 because I was still wetting the bed.

thing is this was back in the days before pull ups and drynites etc so it was just plain disposable nappies.

back in those days it was a common held belief that children wet the bed out of lazyiness but believe me I would have much rathered not wetting the bed.

Because it was considered that I was wetting on purpose my mum decided that humiliating me out of my wetting habit was the way to go.

My sisters teased me all the time about it and my mum never said anything to them as i presume this worked into her humiliation method.

Im not sure how long it was after I was put back in nappies I went with my mum to one of her friends houses and after they had sat chatting and had a cup of tea I was taken up to her sons room (he was about 2 1/2) where I had to stand there while my mums friend emptied out the drawers with his terry nappies and plastic pants and put them in a bag gave them to my mum, she said something along the lines of her son not needing them and that she was glad they were going to someone who did (i.e me)

by the time i was about 11 I was still nappied every night and still wet every morning and my mum resorted to a star chart just like you would use for a toilet training toddler less then 3 stars monday to friday resulted in nappies 24/7 all weekend, I even spent a whole summer in nappies (and ended up having a couple of accidents at school in the first few weeks after because i forgot i wasnt wearing a nappy)

the whole time my sisters were allowed to tease me and I dont speak to either of them now and havent spoken to any of my family in over 10 years mainly because of this


#14 Oct 31, 2011
I should add that my mum always put my nappy on and I was'nt allowed to get out of bed till she came in and took it off in the morning (again this was all about humiliating me). also I wasnt allowed to cover my nappy and my mum would just choose a random time to get me ready for bed this could be a hour or 2 hours before my actual bed time so I would be forced to go around in just a tshirt and nappy all evening.


#16 Nov 2, 2011
I still have a problem but much worse (day probs), the main reason I stopped talking to them is because I was told by the doctor that its physical and that if it had been treated when I was alot younger it might have sorted it out but now its less likely to respond to surgery

Since: Nov 11

Grand Rapids, MI

#18 Nov 3, 2011
I'm lots older than most of you guy's and gal's but I was diapered at bed time with cloth diapers and waterproof pants till I was 13. At that age I was shown how to diaper myself and did for 2 more years. I had 2 younger brothers who understood that I had a problem that someday would go away. I would not say never teased but it didn't happen very often.

Since: Nov 11

Grand Rapids, MI

#20 Nov 4, 2011
TheOne7 wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey olwetguy, I live in GR as well X-)
I think GR is a great city. Sure, we have problems but what city doesn't.

I thought your profile said you lived in Grandville, sorry.

Sioux Falls, SD

#22 Nov 7, 2011
My younger sister knows about my bed wetting and its really embarrassing that I'm still in diapers at night while she is not.

Dallas, TX

#24 Nov 9, 2011
I have a 13 year old brother that bedwet until he was 11. Unfortunately I did tease him back then and now he know about me and it saying teasing things to me. My mom hasn't stopped yet because of how much I used to tease him and she wants me to learn a lesson from it. My younger sister never bedwet and doesn't know about the accidets I have been having.

Skipton, UK

#25 May 19, 2013
edward wrote:
hi was just wondering how many of us have brothers or sisters, and how do you feel bout them noing u wet, and wear nappies i get embarased cos this daywetting has recently started for me, and my sister nos all about it and shes 10 and has never wet , which makes it way worse
My older brother knows I have a weak bladder and wet the bed, and it's pretty embarrassing. He often makes fun of me for it, which really does suck. Luckily, my parents call him up on that kind of behavior when he makes fun of me, so at least I don't feel so alone.

Greenwood, NE

#26 May 21, 2013
I have two sisters. One is 3 and she wears diapers all the time. Soimetimes she tells mom when she soils herself but she doesn't say anything when she wets. My other sister is 12. She never wet her bed after she was like 2 or 3. She makes fun of me cause she knows I have to wear diapers to bed. In the morning she yells Mom, the babies are soaky wet! She changes my little sister but I won't let her change me.

Toledo, OH

#27 May 21, 2013
Win i was 10 my brother was 13 he new about me wearing diapers at night time and told all of my friends it went on for a week and it stop and i steel wet to this bay

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