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Geneve, Switzerland

#1 Dec 9, 2009

My name's Patrick, I'm 19. I have a younger brother who is 18, and a little sister who just turned 15. We live with my mom, our dad passed away 5 years ago.

I am worrying for my little sister, because our mom babies her way too much. Her name is Amanda.

She just turned 15, and still wear diapers, because she's been enuretic since a few years, when our dad passed out. It has been a trauma for all of us. She's very small and skinny, about 4'8" and probably weights less than 70lbs. My mom keeps dressing her like a little girl, with pigtails and short dresses. She always baby talk to her and treat her like a toddler.

I'm pretty sure, if she could, mom would make her sleep in a crib and take her around in a stroller.

Mom doesn't make anything to hide the fact that she wears diapers, and my sister doesn't seem to mind either (it seems she doesn't realize)... Most of people who don't know us assume she's about 9 or 10 (this is honestly what she looks like), so they don't really ask themselves questions. Since she's so small and look cute, everybody seems to baby her in some extend anyway, even her friends.

I have to admit that Amanda is extremely adorable. She's always helping and nice with people, and sometimes she comes and just wants a hug. Nobody can refuse her this from such a cute girl.

During the day, she wears pampers baby dry or other baby diapers (yes, the bigger size fits her comfortably, since she's so small), doubled with a liner if she can't change for a long period (school for example). She stills get changed by my mom, who says that Amanda is not able to put them on right by herself, so she has to do it to make sure it won't leak.

If she's wearing pants, the bulge of the diaper is pretty obvious, and sometimes they stick out over the pants too. She doesn't seem to mind at all, sometimes it even look like she's exhibiting her diaper to other people. She often walk around the house and the garden (where everybody can see her from the street) wearing just a diaper and a small t-shirt.

Last year, we were in a park and her diaper leaked, she was wearing denim shorts and it was really obvious that she wet herself. My mom got mad at her for not telling that she needed a change, and wanted to change her. Unfortunately, the toilets were locked, so she changed her right away on a bench, with people passing by (it was a bit in a corner, but still). Then she had to walk home wearing just her t-shirt and the diaper (my mom didn't want her to wear the wet shorts). She wasn't even embarassed.

Since that day, my mom always make Amanda wear a short skirt or dresse when we're out together (shopping, restaurant, visiting friend...), so she can check easily if she needs to be changed. She talks loudly and openly about diapers in front of other people (like "Amanda, come here to see if you need your diaper to get changed").

Geneve, Switzerland

#2 Dec 9, 2009
For the night, she's wearing cloth diapers that are softer, more comfortable and more ecologic than disposable ones, according to my mom. She gets changed right after dinner, and spend the evening with us in diaper and pj. These cloth diapers are really tick and make her waddle like a toddler, but she doesn't seem to mind. She loves to snuggle up with us when we watch tv. Most of her pajamas are little girlie nightgowns. My mom even found some onesies and footer pajamas that she wears in winter. In summer when it's hot she has very short little nightgowns that leave her diaper visible. Sometimes her diaper is already wet before she goes to bed.

When my mom is not here, she asks me to take care of Amanda. Well, I'm really embarrassed about diapering my 15 years old sister, I think it is fondamentally wrong, but they both act as if it was perfectly normal. And I have no choice but diapering her, because she can't change herself (or doesn't want to), and if she wets her clothes or bed, it will be my job to clean it.

Amanda never uses the toilets when she has to pee... We tried to tell her to use toilets, but she keeps going in her diapers, saying that once she has a diaper on, she's stuck in them and can't remove them (or more precisely can't put them back properly afterward), so she has no choice but to use the diaper. Of course we tried to get her pull-ups, but they don't hold enough and leaked, so we went back to regular diapers and only use pull-ups occasionally.

Luckily, when she needs to poo she still prefer to go to toilets and ask us to help her to get the diaper back afterward. But she still has some accidents sometimes, it's a horrible mess. That's the only thing for which my mom will really scold her badly, so it doesn't happen to often, but it still happen once in a while. Last time it happened, it was a huge drama and she got spanked.

She also still suck her thumb and use pacifier. She always has her pacifier with her and doesn't mind to use it in public. She prefer to drink from her feeding bottle than regular glass. I've seen my mom bringing the feeding bottle to restaurants.

But shit...
It's not normal for a 15 years old to still need diapers day and night. Especially pampers.
It's not normal for a 15 years old to be changed by her mom.
It's not normal for a 15 years old to have a pacifier, and to use it during the day and in public.
It's not normal for a 15 years old to be dressed like a 5 years old, with little dresses and pigtails.
And I could go on...

Geneve, Switzerland

#3 Dec 9, 2009
Besides all this, she's a smart girl. She's doing good at school, is amongst the best student of her class, and she's better than me at video games we play together. She has some friends, with who she's quite close, and I think she looks forward to be babied by them too. I assume most of her classmates think she's too weird to hang out with, but it seems some people like her, in a weird way. It seems they consider her more like a little doll than like their friend, but well. They like to play dress up with her. It seems pretty innocent, but I'm scared they abuse her some time...

At her age she should be full of teenage angst, flirting with boys and yelling at her parents, trying to act cool, and start taking responsibilities. She should be self-conscious. But instead, She's doing the opposite... Acting like a 5 years old, and getting more and more attached and dependent to mom. I'm scared she will never be able to get over it.

At her age, I was already independent, going out with my friends and discovering life.

My mom has been a very good mom to me and my other brother, and I'm thankful to her. We went trough very hard time after my dad passed out, and we probably couldn't have done it without each other. But I think she's going way too far with my little sister, and is abusing her. This is going to a dead end. I've tried to talk to her about this, but she doesn't want to hear anything, saying that if they're both happy like this, there is no reason to change it.

There seem to be a kind of weird consensus between my sister and mom, in which they both provide each other with something they need.

Now, on the other hand, I really love my sister. She's really cute and adorable (too much?), she suffered a lot when dad left us, and for nothing in the world I would want to hurt her or make her sad. I know she's seeking affection and love by being a baby, and she knows perfectly how to get it. But I think this can't continue for long. I didn't really mind when she was 10/11, but not she just turned 15 and still didn't grow up, and I'm just scared of what will be the situation when she's 18, 20, 25... She starts to show some sign of sexuality, and I just have no idea of what will happen next. It's time for her to grow. Maybe she will find a man who can take the place of my mom, but it sounds sick to me.

I don't have the heart to break this extremely tight relationship between my mom and sister, since I know it will hurt both of them... But at the same time I know it's wrong for them and it has to stop, in one way or in another.

Does anybody have similar experience, or any advice?

I'm really lost, what can I do to help?

Geneve, Switzerland

#4 Dec 9, 2009

Geneve, Switzerland

#5 Dec 9, 2009

Geneve, Switzerland

#6 Dec 9, 2009

Geneve, Switzerland

#7 Dec 9, 2009

Geneve, Switzerland

#8 Dec 9, 2009
Sorry for the useless messages, somehow my messages didn't appear immediately, I'm not sure why :(
Just Some Random

Auckland, New Zealand

#9 Dec 10, 2009
I personally haven't heard of anything like this before (that's legitimately happened). However, there is obviously and issue here.

If you've read any other posts/threads on here, you'll see there are a lot of adult babies/diaper lovers (or ABDLs), it sounds that your sister may be building up a diaper fetish (it starts at a young age). Even if she doesn't have a fetish, it seems as though it still makes her feel 'safer'(note: the fetish isn't just with the diapers, it with being babied). So in a sense, it's a stress mechanism, and this seems likely since it was after your unfortunate loss with the death of your father.

However, for everyone, life carries on. Now, if it is a fetish, or even a security (the need for being babied), and if it's nearly every hour of every day, then your right for picking it up - it does need to stop.

Whether it's a fetish or a security, it's unlikely to 'go away' completely, as it looks like you've pointed out, she needs to act her age.

So I would recommend talking to you mum, if that doesn't work your sister by herself, if that doesn't work then both of them together and explain the situation how you see it.

If that isn't successful then I would suggest 'showing' her what it is like to be growing up in the world. I can personally relate to this, I've known I've had a diaper fetish since I was 12, and while it didn't engulf my life, it was quite a big part of it. But at about the age of 15 I started going out to parties and having fun. Now at 17 it is only a small part of my life.

So it could be, that if there was an appropriate party, with appropriate people you could invite her to. Possibly try and set her up with one of your younger mates. I don't know if that is 'possible' where ever you live, but there are heaps of parties where I live, and often people are as young as 14-15 and as old as 20-21 at the same party.

If a party isn't an option, try and think of another activity you two could possibly do together that only as she is getting older she can do or enjoy.

That way, your mum is unlikely to be able to reject it, and your sister may learn herself how good it is to be growing up.

The 'problem' of her fetish or security needs isn't going to go away (or I shouldn't say it's not, but it's unlikely). So in a nice way, if you try telling her that wearing diapers isn't normal for her age (after either talking to her about it, or 'showing' her how good it is to be growing up) then suggest basically, re-toilet training. Maybe suggesting though, to not move too fast, that she still wears diapers at night.

Your mum possibly needs this just as much as your sister, it seems to make them both feel good. However something isn't right with it, but possibly if she was essentially babied at night, rather than all during the day then she can develop like a normal teenager.

I don't know if that will work, but whatever you do, I would be interested to know how it's going for you.

Have a good one.

Fremont, CA

#10 Dec 31, 2009
good one haha

Saint Paul, MN

#11 Dec 31, 2009
hi patrick,saw your posts and thought i would share my experiences with you.i am 16 and babied to an mom died of cancer when i was 14 and i went into a state of depression and started wetting the dad asked his sister[my aunt]to move in with us[she is divorced]so she did.for my bedwetting i wasnt given a choice,i was put into cloth diapers and plastic pants every night by my aunt and my dad went along with bedwetting lasted untill just past my 15th dad told my aunt that i had to still wear the diapers and plastic pants when i went out on dates for holidays,special occasions and to church.he told me they were to protect my innocence since i was dating and crazy about boys.i have to wear the diapers and plastic pants every sunday to church and had to wear them under my dress on christmas eve and day.when i get ready for a date my aunt make me lay on my bed and pins the diapers on me then puts the plastic pants on me,then i have to show them to my dad.i dont like wearing the diapers and plastic pants at 16.i know my dad is only trying to protect me and feel it would only cause a rift between us if i refused aunt agrees with my dad that the diapers and plastic pants are appropriate for me to wear on dates to protect my innocence.

United States

#12 Dec 31, 2009
wow....worthless messages.

Fremont, CA

#13 Feb 3, 2010
read my name

London, UK

#14 Feb 5, 2010
Your sister is obvioously still upset abnout your Dad dieing, when you are alone with her ASK her if she still wants to wear diapers or if she is dfoing it for your Mum,ask if she still wants to drink out of a bottle and ask about the Pacifier although I have seen many Teenagers with Dummiesa or who suck their thumbs, she may feel safer being a baby but Ask her yourself.
jason hutsell cheyenne wy

United States

#15 Feb 20, 2010
Your all sick freaks. Wearing diapers leads to sexual thoughts of children. You all will become childmolestors. It is sick and wrong to wear diapers. Only if you need them for medical legitimate reasons or a real baby. Otherwise your a freak. All of you need to seek mental help. The woman who diapers her 15 year old daughter is a pedophile. Geting her jollies molesting her daughter. Sick nasty freaks go back under the rocks you crawled out from under.

Spring, TX

#16 Feb 20, 2010
jason hutsell cheyenne wy wrote:
Your all sick freaks. Wearing diapers leads to sexual thoughts of children. You all will become childmolestors. It is sick and wrong to wear diapers. Only if you need them for medical legitimate reasons or a real baby. Otherwise your a freak. All of you need to seek mental help. The woman who diapers her 15 year old daughter is a pedophile. Geting her jollies molesting her daughter. Sick nasty freaks go back under the rocks you crawled out from under.
YA F*CK YOU!!! you judge people and day things when you don't know shit ya little dic*wad go research this wanting to BE babied or wear diapers has absolutey nothing to do with being a fucking pedophile and what the h*ll?!? You're the one ON this site you googles or searched it somehow so if u don't like it F*CK OFF YOU TROLL

Sydney, Australia

#17 Mar 21, 2010
I agree, don't say horrible things and make disgusting accusations when you know nothing.
Princess Holly

Manchester, UK

#18 Mar 21, 2010
Right for a start if you want to post less of the 4 letter words everyone is entitled to an opinion but please keep it civil.
If this is a true account of your mothers and sisters I suggest you and your brother have a talk with your mother about her behaviour to the little sister you love so much. As what is happening here is basically child abuse, if your sister really needs to wear nappies I'm sure she can deal with those herself, as you said she is doing well at school so she is not backward. Has anyone ever taken Amanda for any medical asessment ?. As well as talking to your mother about your concerns seeing your GP is also a must. I know in some cases that there is no cure for everything but at least you may get some support. Your sisters future well being is the most important thing here with you all entering the adult world. Don't let Amanda go outside or anywhere in public where her nappy will be seen whether or not she cares less, there are so many people who would get off on a situation like that, makes me shudder. I myself have been a life long bedwetter and had to wear every night of my life and large sanitary towels during the day from the age of 10 onwards I managed to deal with my own pads and nappies, although my mother has always been there to support me, she has never in anyway shape or form refered to me as a baby nor would I want her to, it is a medical condition I am stuck with not something to be made into a fetish.
Jason Hutsell cheyenne wy

United States

#19 Mar 23, 2010
Babytumnus wrote:
<quoted text> YA F*CK YOU!!! you judge people and day things when you don't know shit ya little dic*wad go research this wanting to BE babied or wear diapers has absolutey nothing to do with being a fucking pedophile and what the h*ll?!? You're the one ON this site you googles or searched it somehow so if u don't like it F*CK OFF YOU TROLL
I came here seeking advice for my 9 year old daughters bedwetting. Instead all I find is sick perverts pretending to be babies. Trying to lure in young children.
And yes you are all pedophiles. You wouldn't be so angry if it wasn't true.
I'm a real man I put my real name up. Your all hiding from the light as your evil. Repent from lusting after children or go back to hell you filthy monsters and crawl back under the brimstone rocks you came out from. I thought maybe this place would be cleaned up by now. What happend to the great place this used to be?????? Now its just perverts and childmolestors. So fuck you babyraper tumnus.
And leave those kids alone.
Mr Hater

United States

#20 Mar 24, 2010
Jhutsell your a dueschbag. Go fu<(; yourself. Abdls are not pedos. And tumnus is good dude. NOT babyraper. Id like to kick your ass. You are the kind of closeminded jerk that makes this world a much worse place. Your not even worth one of my rants. Just shut the fu<( up and don't ever come back.

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