Girls, do you ever wear 'Nappies unde...
nappy lee

London, UK

#125 Jun 13, 2008
Karen wrote:
I wear skirts, diapers and plastic pants every day and night.
I am 40 and merried.
im 40 i just wear plastic pants day and night xxx
nappy lee

London, UK

#126 Jun 13, 2008
Jamie wrote:
would babys nappies fit a 17 year old boy if so what size would i wear ive just started wetting the bed so i am just wondering
do you waer plastic pants
nappy lee

London, UK

#127 Jun 13, 2008
belinda wrote:
hi i wear pampers active fit under my skirt. It is very embarrasing getting changed in pe because every1 stares at me nd calls me a baby i hate it! Even the teachers change my nappy infront of every1 so embarrassing. can sum1 help?
you cud wear just plastic pants no 1 will no
nappy lee

London, UK

#128 Jun 14, 2008
belinda wrote:
hi i wear pampers active fit under my skirt. It is very embarrasing getting changed in pe because every1 stares at me nd calls me a baby i hate it! Even the teachers change my nappy infront of every1 so embarrassing. can sum1 help?
just waer sum plastic pants under your skirt

Chichester, UK

#129 Jun 14, 2008
hi,im a male and i've been havin this urge to want to wear nappies,i've just bought my first packet of huggies drynite pyjama pants for girls,there the biggest size nappy pants i could get but i'd really prefer to wear a nappy,but they only seem to do them in small sizes,does anyone now were you can get ones to fit a size 28",i'd like ones with girlie designs on them to lol,i'm wearing the pj pants now and they feel really good,i got a hypnosis cd that unpotty trainers you so you can wet the bed,so i'll need to be nappied all the time,i think i'm going to enjoy wearing nappies.
sexy nappy girl

Rugby, UK

#130 Jun 26, 2008
ah baby stephen i will change ur nappy for u if u want? give me ur msn addy nd i will change u like uve neva been changed before!!

U cn have some sexy time with me im very gd in bed, and i wear nappies to u cn change my nappies to ye?

lyl stephen babes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Melbourne, Australia

#132 Jul 2, 2008
jackie wrote:
hi jackie..:3...i was googling around a little and saw this website....and i figured i should alot of u....ok 2 start off....ill help with parents and their children bedwetting.....parents this is a big thing with kids and my parents had troubles with me as the end it ended up with my mother baning me from wearing skirts pants or shorts indoors...maybe u should do the same....ok guys who just like wearing them....ur smart thinkers...get every1 u can in nappies/diapers....very useful things...specially in the movies or camping out bush.....and real computer people 2.....ok and those who r in their teens+ and r still wetting the bed or wearing them cause of incontience?...its ok...its nothing 2 be ashamed about....theres more then just u who has 2 wear them 24/7.....i girlfriend does....and all my friends wear them just 4 the uses they have....the best way iv found 2 make them not seem 2 get others 2 do it i did with my friends....then it will seem more normal....ur not be happy...and keep ya chin up doesnt matter if ur in high school or college or 19 and iv had 2 wear nappies/diapers all my had its downs with kids teasing me....but they only teased cause its an unfamiliar thing 2 dont worry...enjoy nappies/diapers....look at how useful they r and how comfy they with em ^.^
Hi Jackie,
I live in Brisbane too. Would you like to chat ? I'm not looking for a partner (I already have one so don't worry!), but would like some friends who are local who also wear diapers. My email address is [email protected]
Cheers, Lee

Amsterdam, Netherlands

#133 Jul 2, 2008
I just want to know that were do u get nappies to fit a 26 year old man,couse i have bed wetting problems,here is my email [email protected]

Beccles, UK

#134 Jul 12, 2008
Nappylee dyu have an obsession about plastic pants?
And before you ask me, No i dont wear plastic pants.

Spokane, WA

#135 Jul 15, 2008
renee wrote:
Iwant to go there.<quoted text>
Sounds a little like a fairytale to me.

Spokane, WA

#136 Jul 15, 2008
Karen wrote:
I wear skirts, diapers and plastic pants every day and night.
I am 40 and merried.
You are sweet. Any friends (single) that live in WA. state?


#137 Jul 15, 2008
hi im amy i am now 13 i still wear nappies to skool and to bed no one sayd any thing


#138 Jul 15, 2008
i wearin a nappy right now
mum made me wear nappies when we went campin for a half a week with our friends mums friends daughter(holly my friend)
also wears nappies to bed and coz i did her mum made her wear them in the day too so it waz ok

Mansfield, UK

#140 Jul 30, 2008
hii my daughter has just tuened 14 and has started not being able to ge tt the loo intime and poos her self and wets her self quite often!! thsi ahs bene happening for about a week now but the other day shew was with her fridns and it happened and she was soo emabrraesed. so i have told her she needs to start wearing nappies untill shes better but she just eeps crying ansd says no! eventually 4 days ago after wetting her self when we were in the car she agreed shed wear a nappy! but she hates me changing her on the mat as she feels like a baby when i wipe her bum and apply cream! sometimes her nappies are horrible and the other day i ahd to give her a night change! she cant change herself as shes so full! what should i do?? thankyou x

Crailsheim, Germany

#141 Aug 2, 2008
Sorry to hear that she has such problems at an early age.
Its worth getting her checked at the doctors just to rule out any internal problems and then on the other hand there could be 2 other reasons.
Bullying or some extreeme pressure / problem causeing a sort of cry for help and then of course pubity, this is one major swing for Females and males alike !

For the time being it has to be a Nappy of sorts and people like Tena do fantastic pull ups taht are very secretive, it would be better than the embarrassment.
She should also clean herself up and not be humiliated or embarrassed by you...not saying you do but she is 14.. she needs lots of encourigment and to know your firmly by her side throughout he present turmoil ..which can be cured !!

Spokane, WA

#142 Aug 2, 2008
amanda wrote:
to deb and katie in the uk,my school is not a boarding school,but a private all girls catholic high school.we have to wear the diaper and plastic pants to keep our selves pure and innocent.when the girls are wearing the diaper and plastic pants it prevents them from impure thoughts about sex and girls do not want boys to find out they are wearing a diaper and plastic pants.the nappies and plastic pants are worn for school and a regular cloth diaper and plastic pants and tights are worn under the white communion and confirmation dresses.the disicipline at my school is very strict.i cant reveal my school do to privacy reasons
I have done extensive reasearch on Private Schools and the requirement of diapers for shcool uniform. It does NOT exsist. What you are saying is total fantasy but I like your thoughts on the subject. I would require diapers for girls if I were a chief administrator for an all girl school.

Reading, UK

#143 Aug 3, 2008
Louise wrote:
I wear plastic pants and diapers under skirts when i go to work. No one has ever mentioned it to me. If i wear trousers i use atena lady inside plastic pants.
i wear terry and plastic pants to work as well at least this way no wet pants lol and i love it

Croydon, UK

#144 Aug 9, 2008
i really like wearing nappies and staying wet. I'm 26 years old..

La Sauve, France

#145 Aug 15, 2008
dont feel bad claire. do you not enjoy it at all? i knew sum1 who had to wear nappies just for wetting but she decided to wear all the time for pooping too.
danny in plastic pants

Luton, UK

#146 Aug 19, 2008
am looking for a casual partner I wear terries and plastic /rubber pants 24/7 looking for some one same or who wants to change a 50year old ab
must be in uk

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