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#268 Jan 16, 2013
notawimp53 wrote:
Had l5/s1 fusion,2011,surgury knocked life out of me,went to er for pain relief a week out of surgury,Dr decided to do a detox..lost myself in the pain,bedridden for almost a year,no rehab,wt loss severe,now weight gain sever,heavy pain in back,cut in front as well as back,numb bladder,teeth,feet,but very painful to walk,weak,no longer sure of where I belong,no life,not depressed just lost with this so called new back,feel like Im in someone else's body.Dont know who can fix me.I too would not do again,that day plays over an over,an I cant stop it from happening.This was the day life ended as I was use to.I feel like Im in the twilight zone.
also to the girl with hip pain,I too have had sever hip pain a year out,xrays showed bursitis,but did read up on sacorilliac pain from lumbar fusion.Young surgeon here,wants to give shots,confirming sacorilliac pain after L5/S1 fusion.With the now straightened bones,the pressure goes elsewhere.Makes sense.Hope this helps.

Oil City, PA

#269 Jan 21, 2013
Broke my back 2 years ago, L3 Burst fracture. The Surgeon said that a fusion would be best for this type of break and would cut my healing time in half. Well its 2 years later, I'm in constant pain, my lower legs get pins and needles. pain radiates up my pack into my shoulders. Heat doesn't help, cold hurts. I can walk for 10-15 min before I'm in a ridiculous amount of pain, Physical therapy just put me in the ER from the pain. Dr will not increase my pain meds even when asked to by my therapist. I new Id never be able to go back to heavy physical work, but i cant even sit in an office chair for 10 min without being near tears from the pain.

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#270 Jan 24, 2013
same problem here. doctors are worse and most arrogant of humans and tv shows about docs are a just pile of lies. one says one thing and two says other thing. people become doctor just to earn money not to treat patients

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#271 Feb 3, 2013
Now I am being told changes in right hip deterioration, I was not told before I had any right hip deterioration. Along with Calcium deposits in the Joints of Hip. Hip pain started to really bother me about a month ago. This is not where I wanted to be. I wish I had found this forum before surgery. I did not expect any miracle cure. But I hoped it would get a bit better and it did for awhile but now it seems in worse pain then before. To the person who said they had calf pain. I had severe calf pain in both legs about 8 weeks post op until about 12 weeks. Mine was so bad I could not stand a sheet on my lower legs and the pressure from my legs just being on the bed was severe. It did subside though. Doc called it referred pain I told him refer it up his... Said not it was not nerve pain, but I very much believe it was.


#272 Feb 5, 2013
Hi I had spinal fusion l5s1 with hardware and bone graft 5 months ago felt great at 4 months post op so went back to work. Been in work 4 weeks and am suffering from sharp stabbing pains in my lower back and buttocks does anyone know what this may be as am worried am making myself worse doing my jov

Ripon, WI

#273 Feb 7, 2013
Now being told bone overgrowth from fusion into L-4. Family Doc didn't say to much told her give me report. Guess I will have to go get report and x-rays myself. I feel like I know more then she does. I ahve done so much research and I have a little bit of a medical background. She said that it shouldn't cause a problem. I asked her how do you you Know do you specialize in the spine? So I called Doctor that did the surgery. No call back of course. So I will call back first thing int he morning.

Ripon, WI

#274 Feb 7, 2013
I know I had to keep a balance of sitting and walking. It could be you are siting to long or up to long. I would get back with your Doc. Mith Wnen I was sitting I had to have lumbar support.

Largo, FL

#275 Feb 8, 2013
Hi all just wondering if anybody has a opinion on if I should have surgery. My dr said that I will have to. I'm 23 and my L3-L4 disc is herniated and severe central canal stenosis this is also the same at my L5-S1 disc. Now at my L4-L5 disc demonstrates a large central and left sided extruded disc fragment which remains attached to the L4-L5 parent disc and extends behind the L5 vertebral body. This fills the spinal canal and has central nerve root compression with recess stenosis and foraminal stenosis. Sry but I'm writing it from the MRI report. And i have degenerative disc disease from L3-S1. If any body has any advice that would be greatly appreciated

Woodstock, IL

#276 Feb 9, 2013
Your case s worse then what mine was but it would take me not being able to walk or function to go through this again or any other surgery on my back again. I knew it was a risk. It was the hardest and worst recovery I have ever dealt with. Every case is different and you have to decide if it is worth the risk. Some do have successful surgeries. It is a hard decision. Right now I am trying to find out if bone overgrowth going up into L-4 is the cause of hip and increased back pain. Which i suspect it is. I did get some relief of the pain being better for a while. But now it is back with a vengeance. I would not base your decision on a forum. But research it, research the doctor. See how successful he or she has been. There is so much that goes into your decision. Good luck.

Elgin, IL

#277 Feb 11, 2013
My first surgery was artificial disc replacement at L5-S1 that went wonderful. Felt like new body within 6 weeks. Then fell and had burst fracture. Had 5 level spinal fusion T11-L3 2 long rods and 10 screws. Pain is now worse than it was 4 months post spinal fusion. I feel like shovel up my back and longer I sit or stand pressure increases getting to point feels like charley horse. Lay 90% of the day on my back. No pain meds help the pressure/pain, but the overall pain is helped by Fentanyl patches and Norco. Now I am having numbness/tingling/pins/needles in my feet walking and laying. I have given up all hope for any semblance of a normal life. God Bless all of you in same position as I am. I do consider myself lucky that I am fully mobile but if anything it keeps me from getting sympathy while standing in long lines at the pharmacy counter or at stores. Just going to doctor visit is a struggle yet at 2 years post fall I am still fighting to get social security disability. I could not take a job even if they offered a salary of a million dollars. Pain makes it impossible.
dan garant

Philadelphia, PA

#278 Feb 16, 2013
i had spinal fusion on L5S1 w/ cage BMP. i cant even stand the pain. I refuse to take narcotics . They only make things worse. Nurve blockers are the only thing that seem to give me any result. Ever since I having this stupid surgery I feel as if God is punishing me. I would rather put my testicles in a vice grip. going for a MRI surgery was on 03. scared to get results

Loves Park, IL

#279 Feb 17, 2013
They want me to have a contrast CT see if the hardware is a problem. God I hope not. I would to have to have it removed only because they would have to go through the front again. Does it ever end?
richard iracane

Bradenton, FL

#280 Feb 21, 2013
i am 74 yrs old unlike all u young people - i had spinal fusion on 8/4/11 - all the dr would do is refill my pain meds and say some people take longer-i cannot take the pain anymore-just went to a top neurosurgeon he said i have FLAT BACK SNYDROME and there is basically no cure-yes i am 74 and cannot walk for any short period or sit but i go to the gym 3 times a week and i am in the physical body of a 50 yr old - i am in process of trying to find malpractice lawyer (very hard to find anyone to accept me i think because of my age. i dont want to wind up in a weelchair or die of a heart attack-when i went to last dr only wks age he couldnt believe th way i looked - need help

Chicago, IL

#281 Feb 23, 2013
Stay away from E. Frey, he makes promises he cannot or is unwilling to do the work. He wasted a year of my time. Luckily I still have time as 3 years is the limit.


#282 Feb 24, 2013
Tiffany wrote:
Hello everyone! I am so happy that I found this web page and got to read so many interesting stories that are so similar to mine. My name is Tiffany and I am 21 years old, I just recently had a 3 level lumbar spinal fusion in May 2008. I truly feel for everyone out there, back pain is the worst thing ever. It affects every aspect of your life, and until you experience it, you cant even comprehend it. It has been almost 7 months for me and I have to admit my recovery is going pretty good. I still have my good and bad days (sometimes more than others)but not nearly as bad as before the surgery. The main problem that I still deal with is hip and muscular pain. Although my physician explained to me that my body mechanics are different now and it does take time for you body to re-adjust after surgery. I have come to the conclusion that if I take 15 minutes every morning to do some deep stretching and get a tissue massage every once in a while it makes a worlds difference in my overall day and dealing with pain. I wish everyone good luck with recovery and if I can be any help with questions let me know.
Tiffany I hope you are still doing well. I had a spinal fusion operation 16 weeks ago. Like you I am having a lot of hip and back ache. I have been back at work part time fr 3 weeks and cannot believe how tired I get. I'm finding driving difficult mainly because I'm not able to twist and lean forward to view at junctions. I do daily stretching (limited), and am having little walks. So fingers crossed.

Mokena, IL

#283 Feb 26, 2013
I think it takes much longer to recover then the Dr's say. They told me sure in 3-4 months you will be doing just fine. For me it was almost a year before I stopped getting so tired, The pain was better after about 5 months. However I had major digestive issues due to them going in through the front, that lasted about 8 months. Now almost 3 years later, I feel like I wasted my time.... I do stretch but I do things I know I shouldn't. Who else is going to get it done though?


#284 Mar 3, 2013
Hi just wanted to give everyone an update. I am 6 months post op L5S1 fusion with bone graft and metal work and feel great. Am pain free mostly now can walk twist bend and have been back to full time work for 2 months. So if anyone is going through this or about to I just wanted to say it does get better and your life can get back to normal

Elgin, IL

#285 Mar 6, 2013
backpain4life wrote:
I had my L5 S1 fusion nearly 4 years ago and I have never been the same since. I am unable to hold my children. I cannot walk throughout the mall without severe pain and numbness in my toes. I was wondering if anyone else has had these same side effects or any others. I am starting to think it was a botched surgery but I would like feedback to see if this is actually "normal". Thank you
My fusion was T11-L3 and I have artificial disc at L5S1. I am unable to hold anything over 10 lbs and also get numbness after walking more than a block. I am not sure if numbness is from my osteoarthritis or from the fusion. You wrote back pain 4 life as your name and I believe that is where we are with a lifetime companion of pain.

Maplewood, NJ

#286 Mar 6, 2013
Nanshr wrote:
<quoted text>
My fusion was T11-L3 and I have artificial disc at L5S1. I am unable to hold anything over 10 lbs and also get numbness after walking more than a block. I am not sure if numbness is from my osteoarthritis or from the fusion. You wrote back pain 4 life as your name and I believe that is where we are with a lifetime companion of pain.
Your numbness could be nerve damage. I have that too, it slowly developed over the years until last summer it became severe. It tingles, burns, numbs, from the calf to my toes. My surgery was in 2009, L5-S1... Ever since I been downhill with migranes, stomach pains, joint stiffness... It goes on. After numerous MRI's & CT-Scans with many different specialists, my primary physician had an epiphany to send me to a stand up MRI. Voilá! I now have the answer to my miserable pain: L1/2, L3/4 discs are bulging, as well as T11. I also have a small benign HEMAGIOMA located at L2.

Amazing. Prior to the fusion, it was just a herniated disc. Now my spine is slowly beeing tortured.....:-/

Loves Park, IL

#287 Mar 11, 2013
That is exactly what it is back pain do for life and slow torture, After sitting fro any length of time or getting up in the morning it hurts to walk for awhile. But after being on my feet for to long, same thing. No balance anymore as I wrote above it just keeps getting worse. So I just live with and deal with it. I will have to for another year as we were without insurance for a period of time so now it is a pre-existing condition.

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