spinal fusion after effects

Brockport, NY

#246 Sep 13, 2012
So I am obsessed with knowing what is going on in my back! I know I have a faile fusion but I need specifics!!! Do I have arthritis, DDG, perm nerve damage, are there still herniated or bulging discs that are still there? These are things I have been told I do have but I want to hear it or see it again!! My friend can list exactly whats wrong with her back all I can say is idk my backs messed up! I think I need to hear the specifics so I don't feel crazy. Everytime I see a dr I leave feeling like a dirtbag. So I think this obsession is because of gee recent appointment I had with a rude dr. Can anyone relate???

Saint Peters, MO

#247 Sep 13, 2012
Bill wrote:
None of you know what real pain is, I had what my neuro surgeon the worse back surgery he has had to do in his 20 years of doing them .Mid back were they go in through your ribs and your back split you open tear every intercostals nerve to pieces and ruin your life. 2 years later I am in more pain than I have ever known and I still refuse pain pills! Neuro surgeons are money hungry con artist. All you all are wanting is pain meds and C rippledLongTime from Brooklyn, NY what does having tattoos have anything to do with being a junky?Getting my tattoos done has helped elevate me above the pain and take my mind off of hurting non stop .
Stop whining and go to neuro specialist not a surgeon ,all the surgeon wants is your money he doesn’t care about you or how you will feel afterwards he just wants cash.
I'm very upleased by the way you put "None of you know what real pain is." That comment was not called for. You, yourself know that pain is pain and yes they have scales 1 to 10 but don't ever underestimate a person that's been through much more than you could ever know. Like a brother that dies on a table having back surgery. It sounds like to me you need to go speak to someone with a degree to take all the anger and mean words from your you and work on your mind instead of your back. Everyone hurts after a sugery no matter what type. Just to say "All of you want pain meds - wow if you need pain meds they are made for a reason. So your tellig me if I fill my body with tattoos I would feel better. You are one of a kind of person and I hope I never meet or come within a foot of anyone like you. You are full of trash mouth and want everyone to feel like you do - miserable! I will pray for you!
You did choose to do what they did to you - they didn't just do it.

Albertville, AL

#248 Sep 20, 2012
I had a fusion of L4,L5,S1 on Sept 2010 and the pain was so bad in my left leg I thought it was going to come off or something, it felt like someone was tearing it off. Went back to my doctor and he said he didn't know what I had done.Now mind you I was 12 weeks out of work and I wasn't doing nothing.So in Jan 2011 I went back in for surgery to have the rods and screws removed on the left side,and I am still in pain but not like before,with the leg.But I am going to a pain clinic and all they do is try to get me to try this and do that and I am so sick of it.Physical tharpy didn't help,epiderls didn't help,faset joint injections haven't help so I just keep working and taking pain meds like crazy.But I feel like I am going to go crazy at times and I have to call into work alot and I'm afraid I'm going to get fired before long.I did see the CT the first doctor done after the first surgey and it shows narrowing in my back or nerves ,but not sure.I am now seeing a new doctor and he is going to do a myleogram and see what is causing me all this pain in low back, legs, hips an feet.I know I have DDD but still don't think I should be in this kind of pain all the time.If I get fired or have to quit work ,do you think I can get disability?

Brockport, NY

#250 Sep 23, 2012
Carol.....I feel your pain :( so your best bet is to see a disability lawyer. They will review your info and tell you if they would take your case or not. I got my SSD when I was 29. I had an l5 s1 fusion when I was 28. I know exactly how you feel with the leg pain!! There were many days and nights I wanted to perform surgery on myself I couldn't stand the pain!!! I also had a terrible limp and like a drop leg. I am 30 now. I still can't do much without dying of pain but I don't limp so at least I can go out in public. The dr I just saw told me I have a failed fusion and there is nothing to help the pain basically I need to deal with it. I asked my primary wth is wrong with my back? He said my backs messed up wear better sneakers and get an inversion table! HELLO PEOPLE how Can i actors anythinh and how Can you give me your opinions when i need to have New images done??? This is a battle I never thought I'd fight and a life I never wanted! I want to be pain free and normal. Will that happen I have no clue but I'm just keeping on as best I can. Call a lawyer ASAP and find out your best plan of attack getting SSD is a long process :( good luck

Chicago, IL

#251 Oct 4, 2012
I had spinal fusion May of 2010, did pretty good for awhile but pain is coming back. Has anyone had tailbone pain? I am wondering if arthritis is not developing. The pain is a bit different.lower back aches but pain in middle back which is new. Thank you for any input.

Upper Moutere, New Zealand

#252 Oct 5, 2012
Hi, i had lumbar fusion and my life is ruined im 29 and feel like im 69. my life sucks to be honest, so think seriously before surgery try everything u can to improve ur situation and if u dont think surgery is absolutely necessary please don't go there. Its not always a quick fix and u will suffer. Think seriously!

Anniston, AL

#253 Nov 14, 2012
I too had the anterior lower lumba fusion, and the pain is more worse also, my buttocks ache and my bladder has to be emptied every 15 to 20 min I also leak all the time, at night wake up to urinating and trying to make it to the bathroom before i compleatley release my bladder somtimes i don't make it. I'm afraid to go anywhere because of this. I did not have this problem before surgey. Has anyone else experienced this with your surgery after the fusion.

Corinth, MS

#254 Nov 23, 2012
Yes, I would like to know if it is alright to take Topamax after having a 2 level spinal fusion? Having really severe headaches. It has been 2 weeks.

Maplewood, NJ

#255 Nov 23, 2012
Enough4164 wrote:
I had spinal fusion May of 2010, did pretty good for awhile but pain is coming back. Has anyone had tailbone pain? I am wondering if arthritis is not developing. The pain is a bit different.lower back aches but pain in middle back which is new. Thank you for any input.
I can relate 100%[surgery Feb.'09].

Waterford, MI

#256 Nov 26, 2012
i had four back surgery and then had t12 to s1 fusion
now i fall with out warning the pain doc say that i shouldn't be falling i went back to the back surgen and he say's i should be fine like all of you the pain keeps me up at nite not working and just paying bills the only thing that a doctor is good for is his billing dept.

Orem, UT

#258 Dec 3, 2012
jessie wrote:
i'm 20, and i had an endoscopic fusion about 4 years ago. SHOULD I HAVE MORE PAIN NOW THAN BEFORE SURGERY? i would really appreciate any of your opinions!!
i finally got in to see a specialist, but he barely spent 10min in the room & didn't even listen to my concerns. my back rarely hurt before surgery, but now i can't even sit for long periods of time. i'm studying abroad next year, and am really nervous not knowing if this is a real problem.
same thing happened to me, but it will be worth it in the end. i had a 45% curvature and i didn't feel any pain before the surgery. i now feel it every day, but it's better than growing up to be crippled or have an enlarged heart. hang in there. it's for the best!(:

Puyallup, WA

#259 Dec 6, 2012
kay wrote:
i am 21 years old and i had spinal fusion 13 months ago in L5 S1 and since it had become alot worse i feel my doctors think i am putting it on. the pain rips through my back every time i move wheras beofre it was more of an ache. does anyone else have the same problem
I had a spinal fusion at L5-S1 a year and half ago, im 38, with one of the best neurosurgeons around. I kept explaining to my L&I doctor and the doctor who did the fusion that my pain was not better, if not worse. It seemed no one was listening and until recently none of my x-rays, ct's, bone scans, or mri's showed anything. L&i kept trying to force me back to work. I've worked since I was 15 and have always loved and defined myself from my success, so not working has been terribly boring and very difficult. I can't do house work, sit/stand for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. The pain is so horrible in my lower back, down my left leg and now beginning in my upper back. So much so I suffer from major depression and had to be hospitalized. Finally my bone scan showed inflammation an movement in the area of the fusion. My point is I really don't think they listen enough. If you know something is not right, I strongly encourage you to persist and keep bugging them! I was told I will never be 100% back to myself prior to the injury, and I am trying to learn how to cope with the help of a physiatrist now too. Yes, life has done a complete turn around. 3 days from now I return to surgery to reinforce the fusion. I pray it helps! Let me tell you I understand your frustration and the feeling that they think your blowing it out of proportion. I have no advice other than be persistent and demand your scans (bone scans) maybe get a second opinion? But your not alone! I'm sorry you are going through this!
Robert A Jones Jr

Memphis, TN

#260 Dec 19, 2012
I broke my neck 4-24-2011 in a car accident C4-C6, some guy ran the light doing 80 mph and T-Boned my car. I was rushed to the hospital where they did a fusion C5,C6. I have been having headaches like crazy and the only thing that stops the headaches is medication. I take Hydrocodone, flexeril, those are the main 2 meds I take but there's several other medications. I have titanium implants that were used in the fusion and the surgery is irreversible. I have terrible headaches and muscle spasms in my neck... I'm seeking disability because I can barely get around the house good and it's been a year since the accident... It seems like you're getting better but after some time has passed you start to feel the pain and you'll notice the things you use to do, you cant do anymore.. our body's aren't meant to be tampered with... Robert A. Jones Jr. AKA music producer GangstaRob

Orosi, CA

#261 Jan 3, 2013
I had 2 level bilateral laminectomy of L4-L5 in May 2010, slipped and fell around August and in May 2011 was diagnosed with fractured L4 and had L4-L5 fusion with instrumentation in June 2011. I still have sciatic pain in both hips legs and feet to this day and numbness in both feet and right calf (it has been 1.5 years since my fusion) and now take MS Contin 2x daily and 10/325 hydrocodone as needed for break through pain. I would suggest to everyone to weigh their options carefully before deciding to go through with the fusion. My pain level today is probably 75% of pre-operative levels. Unfortunately I didn't have an option and it was necessary to fuse my spine because of the fracture :(

Since: Oct 11

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#262 Jan 8, 2013
Ok I need some advice. C5-6 fusion with plate in November. Now I have a constant crick in it. Heat helps but would feel better I'd it would pop but Dr said absolutely no popping. What to do?

Spotsylvania, VA

#263 Jan 10, 2013
I have had two cervical fusions. The side effects after ten plus years are as follows;
When I have to do strenious work using my arms in lifting my neck bothers me alot. I take ibuprofen to relieve the pain, which is fairly quickly. If I have to look up,(rising my head to look over head) for long periods of time, I get dizzy and there is a throbbing in my ears. If I rest my chin on my hand my neck bothers me.
That is the main problems.

Plant City, FL

#264 Jan 11, 2013
I just had surgery 12/19/2012 L5-S1 I had a discogram to determine the pain, which actually put the icing on the cake, the pain was thur the roof after that, which let the doctor know which disc was the issue, He actaully wantedd to do the Disc replacement but my insurance declined it stating it was to experimental, So the only avenue was Fusion, I was told they were gonns go thur the front, which i had c-section, I didnt think would be a issue, Well they found after cutting me and trying to repair the problem that it would not hold, so then they had to cut me 3 times in the back, the put rod,plated,screws, after surgery the pain was more than you could image, thank god the hospital was awesome about controlling the pain, especially with what they call a liquid miracle "tyenol" and it was awesome controlling the pain, I was walking the halls before I left the hospital, Thought Im gonna do good, Well after getting home and the med wearing off, then I had to take oxy, the pain of life set in, They gave me methylprednisolone which helped alot, due to now the nerve on my right side in the hip and leg down to my toes, is worse than i ever could have imagine, but the methyl did help it was a pack to take for a week but,but then when done, it took a week for me to feel myself again,I thought i was doing ok until I went to therapy and lord that nerve was set off again, So when you hear that the nerve can be effected how true, If I honestly knew I was gonna hurt like this I would have waited until i couldnt walk,,Cause the meds effect you liver-bladder and kidneys, And all I wanted was to get relief from the hernated disc i had,,and now I have to take med daily to get relief and now have to deal with nerve damage..I also have a spinal cord stinmulator, I tried every thing before getting to this point,,I would have waited if only I knew,,And actually talking to people that had the disc replacement, That proably would have been the way to go,,But Still dont understand how insurance can pay for all the procedures for the disc replacement then decline it the day before surgery,,So research before making this decesion, there is more pain the accompanies this type of surgery than the doctors will even come close of telling you,,along with the extra scares you now have..Im praying that one day i will be med free and at least 75% less pain, I know Im gonna have some pain,,but nothing like this..Good luck & just keep faith,,cause god only knows if not having that I would have went and played in traffic..lol..I sure you all know what I mean,, Cindy @ [email protected]

Decatur, IL

#265 Jan 12, 2013
I have had terrible leg pain, extending from my right buttocks, across my theigh, and down the leg to my ankle for 12 years now. I am only 35 years old. I had a laminectomy in Feb 2012 that was totally unsuccessful. I had a L4-L-5 fusion in December 2012. I'm just 2 weeks post op, and although my back does feel more stable, the pain in my leg started back 3 days ago. I'm ready to just throw in the towel. I owe thousands of dollars in medical bills, my career as a nurse is in jeopardy because I can't lift and transfer patients anymore, and my quality if life is almost nonexistent anymore. Is it normal for the pain to persist or come and go shortly after surgery? I was expecting the surgery to fix this pain. Obviously. I just don't know what to do.

Since: Oct 11

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#266 Jan 12, 2013
I'm at a loss as to what to do to relieve this new pain. Motrin doesn't work, heat doesn't work. I can't move much because of the catch I have, c5-6. So frustrating.

United States

#267 Jan 16, 2013
Had l5/s1 fusion,2011,surgury knocked life out of me,went to er for pain relief a week out of surgury,Dr decided to do a detox..lost myself in the pain,bedridden for almost a year,no rehab,wt loss severe,now weight gain sever,heavy pain in back,cut in front as well as back,numb bladder,teeth,feet,but very painful to walk,weak,no longer sure of where I belong,no life,not depressed just lost with this so called new back,feel like Im in someone else's body.Dont know who can fix me.I too would not do again,that day plays over an over,an I cant stop it from happening.This was the day life ended as I was use to.I feel like Im in the twilight zone.

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