spinal cord stimulator removal

Austin, TX

#63 Aug 3, 2013
Had Cervical SCS implanted on July 19th 2013. At my post-op visit on the 29th met with Medtronic's Rep for programing and first thing I got was a Shocking pain in the battery area in my back right hip. So bad we had to turn off and wait abit longer for healing time. I have tried turning it on myself a few times but couldn't turn it off fast enough, like getting hit with hot match. I know it has not been long since surgery but abit depressed with this as I had such good Trial for 7 days to the point I dreaded getting it taken away. And like I had read on some site may happen, my pain came back with a vengeance. I was not as prepared for the toll the implant surgery took on me but was trying to keep my eye on the prize as they say. Now, I am really worried this may not have good outcome cause as my Rep said, This Is Not Normal. The pain meds are robbing me of strength and any sense of a normal way of life, very depressing for sure.
Clint Wright

Austin, TX

#64 Sep 19, 2013
Who else feels like a human vibrator with this ting. I have the Medtronics SCS and like others I have read comments on, the trial was good. The 1st couple months were ok, now it's worthless. Still have the same amount of pain as before but now have the lump in the backside that is annoying. I'm really thinking of talking with my pain doc to remove it. Why have the implant if it's not going to work?

Thomaston, GA

#65 Sep 19, 2013
I had the implant in 2008. The battery in my hip has been hurting so badly; that I had to get it removed. I had the surgery on 8/9/13. I also was told to just have the battery removed in case I decide I want it back in. Dr. told me I wouldn't feel the wires because they would be tucked under a muscle. Well, I can barely walk now. The wires feel like they are cutting me inside and cramping my muscle. I am going to have it all removed. I can not take this pain.
jerry nieves

Monroe Township, NJ

#66 Sep 26, 2013
I had a Medtronic stimulator implanted in 2003 work for the first few year but after that fail working till this day I had a burning pain in my entire spine migraines headches my battery side I haven't get a full night sleep in years.This unit was supposed to be the answer to my pain in my right hand and shoulder after a crush injury in a construction accident back in 2001.But I guess I was wrong is more pain on top of pain.Now finally after ten years I am getting my remove on October 3 2013 I just hope everything goes well on surgery day.keep u posted.

San Marcos, TX

#67 Sep 26, 2013
I had the battery replaced just this August and so far so good. But now the down side - I had a fall in my room sometime in between the trial and the implant and of course I was abit sore as I expected but due to all the meds I'd been on they kind of masked the fact that I was indeed more injured then I thought. Went to Orthopedic Specialist yesterday for my right ankle and first thing he needs is for me to get MRI !! Well that's not possible and tomorrow I go see the other Dr at same clinic for my right hip !! The never ending saga is quite depressing.
Please let me/us know how having you implant removed goes. Wish you well.

Portland, OR

#68 Sep 30, 2013
I had an implant 5/15/13. Device worked great for about 2 months and then extreme pain on right side when I turned it on for about 2 weeks. They turned the impedance down and all I felt was some tingling at the battery pack. I was told repeatedly that everything was working fine. I told them not so! After numerous adjustments, last week, they finally did an xray and discovered that one of the leads has come loose and wrapped itself around the battery pack. They have no idea how that happened nor can I. I am scheduled to have it fixed on 10/16. After reading all these posts, I am getting very concerned with how the results may turn out. Let me know if anyone else has ever had anything similar happen with their implant.

Ladson, SC

#69 Oct 7, 2013
I had scd placed in middle of May. Still have severe pain in middle of my back to upper back and neck ache. I want mine removed. Thankfully, I found this website where I found I am not alone and many people have had problems many worse than mine. All I heard prior to implant was great news and how it should solve all my problems. I am miserable.

Since: May 13

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#70 Oct 7, 2013
I am so glad I opted to NOT have the implant. My heart goes out to all of you suffering even more pain due to having this device implanted into your body. I have posted this link before but I will put it in here again, it may be worth the time and effort to contact this law office to protect yourselves if the device is not working as promised.

...http://www.meyersonfirm.com /news/...

Since: May 13

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#71 Oct 7, 2013
Here is the link that gives the info on all Spine Stimulators not just the St. Jude lawsuit in the above link...sorry for the confusion this may have caused anyone....
Sherry C

Portland, TN

#72 Oct 9, 2013
I've had a St. Jude's scs for 6 years. I had to have the leads replaced after a fall, & I've had the battery moved 4 times (1 due to damage & 1 due to migration of the pack). Even with the problems, I can't imagine life workout it. However, I am now experiencing severe back pain in the area of implantation & fear is scar tissue. Have any of you experienced this? Thanks!

Chalmette, LA

#73 Oct 19, 2013
I had my first scs put in in 2010. I was still in a lot of pain so my doctor took my first scs out and replaced it with a more up to date one from St. Jude.
Well since I have had this one when I would turn it on there is a burning sensation in my back. I have had MRSA 3 times. I was not getting any relief so I don't turn it on. I had to go to the emergency room last week because I was experiencing pain in my neck and I could not move my right wrist. The doctor told me the nerves in my back and neck radiated down my right arm and into my wrist causing inflammation. I am seeing my neurosurgeon next month and I am taking it out

Mechanicsburg, PA

#74 Oct 23, 2013
iam going to have my stim removed do u have to stay overnite in the hospital

Hastings, MI

#75 Nov 5, 2013
Clint Wright wrote:
Who else feels like a human vibrator with this ting. I have the Medtronics SCS and like others I have read comments on, the trial was good. The 1st couple months were ok, now it's worthless. Still have the same amount of pain as before but now have the lump in the backside that is annoying. I'm really thinking of talking with my pain doc to remove it. Why have the implant if it's not going to work?
OMG so glad I found this site! My SCS was placed in April 2013 , not that long ago. It was placed for low back pain and SI pain. From the time it was turned on it was hitting my stomach area. I was told that was normal. I had another adjustment a few months after it was placed seemed to help but still a lot of vibration in my stomach. Aug comes around and I want an adjustment because I'm still in a ton of pain and I was expecting a large decrease in pain and less pain meds needed, yet none of these expectations are true yet. So Medtronic tries to adjust it and everything is hitting my stomach, side, breast area not much in the low back. Do she says its not working properly. Which sent me into a panic attack I feel this is my last shot at pain relief, If it doesn't work then what? Do I was sent for xrays, to talk to my spinal surgeon, then my pain Dr and surgeon finally sat down to discuss best option and they decide to remove it. And it was put in with a laminectomy and they want to take it out then try to put it back in with the percutanious leads. Do the removal is scheduled for Nov 15 2013 and I'm trying to get info on pain and recovery as I have 2 SMALL children if I need help due to pain I need to know. So I ask my surgeons asst she tells me its pretty easy and will only be one incision. Remembering conversations I had with my pain Dr about it, I didn't think this made sense since I had a laminectomy done to place this. So my pain dr told me the removal is about just as painful as the placement. And let MD tell u, the placement was horrible!!!! Cutting through those muscles on my upper back, killed me. I was in so much pain I didn't want to move. So after reading all if these I see it is quite painful to remove however I ran my stimulator on 9.0 out of possible 10.5 constantly with very little relief or effect. The Medtronic rep said with it being up that high there is no way I should have just been calmly sitting there if it was hitting the right spit. So they believe it moved or something into a dead space in my spine and that's why I hardly felt it. I don't know. I'm so frustrated. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 6 yr old. I have been having surgeries since my youngest was 4 months old. I just want some relief so I can be a mom again! And seems I'm always the odds of things not working. By the way my pain Dr says about 1 in 10 SCS don't work. He said medically the odds really do suck. However im so desperate to get some relief I'm willing to tty it again even though I don't want more surgery. I'm willing to try so I can hopefully get some relief and enjoy my kids :(

Hastings, MI

#76 Nov 5, 2013
KristineP wrote:
I am having my SCS reing moved this coming Tuesday the 28th. My neurosurgeon will be removing it due to it being the one with the paddle attached to my spine. Can't wait to have it gone.
Can you tell me if the removal of this SCS, the one with the paddle and the laminectomy to place it, was extremely painful. Mine is be removed Nov 15 2013 and I have had to explanations given to me but my pain Dr who is quite honest told me the removal is about as painful as the surgery. And my surgery to place this was awful!

Denver, CO

#77 Dec 11, 2013
I've had the Medtronic SCS implanted for 9 years now because of a diagnosis of RSD (now CRPS I). It made my life livable again. I was on crutches for 5 years and after 6 weeks I was able to walk unassisted again. I haven't had to use it in over a year and I think I want it out. I have concerns about taking out and leaving it in. I'm nervous about having another surgery again, too, but I think its best. I also worry though, about the long term effects of leaving a piece of unused medical equipment in my body (anyone have comments or knowledge on this subject?). The other worry I have about taking it out is what if I do and then the disease comes back as a result of a trauma to my body and I need it re-implanted to avoid long-term use of narcotics. Anyone have a similar dx of which they'd like to share. Any thoughts would be helpful.

Sumter, SC

#78 Dec 11, 2013
I posted back in May of this year asking if anyone had their scs taken out. Well, I had mine taken out last week. Mine was put in June '11, so about 2 1/2 years ago. The wire to the spine snapped about a year ago although I did nothing that I know of for that to happen. I opted to not have a new one put in because I wasn't receiving relief like I'd hoped and didn't want to keep the scs in me because I was having pain at the battery site and the wires at the spine were poking out. The recovery/pain has been the same as the initial surgery. The dr. was able to remove everything, although he told me he couldn't promise that. The new incisions are pretty much where the old ones were. I am able to lift my hands above my head, etc. because there isn't a risk of the wires and electrodes moving.

Taylor, MI

#79 Jan 19, 2014
I am seeing my neurologist tomorrow 1/20/14 to discuss a date for the SCS surgery. I did the trial and for the first time in 26 years had NO pain. My pain specialist (different Dr) said that after 6-12 mo the SCS has a tendency to stop working now I'm sceptical.
I had lower back surgery in 2004 and I have DDD (degenerative disc disease) arthritis, bulging disc, narrowing of the spine, spondilithiosis, bone spurs and sciatica so I pray that this device has good results.
Did everyone follow the rules after surgery? Stay down as long as they were suppose to, I just wonder if things were done as they were suppose to be done? Not that that is or could be the entire problem I'm just in need of info before I do this. I'm so sorry for all of you, I know what Cronic Pain is all about. God Bless & Good Luck to all of you.

Taylor, MI

#80 Jan 19, 2014
I have been on Hydrocodone 750's 4 x a day & Morphine 60 mg 3 x a day for 8 years. Is there a specific brand of stimulator that is a better choice? I did look into lazer spine institute and sent my MRI to them to review and the surgeon called me to discuss my options. He was amazed that my back was so bad and explained the procedure to me and I would love to have that done instead but I'm on disability (due to my back) and Medicare will not pay for the stay (considered a HOTEL) so my husbands insurance won't pick it up either.
That is ridiculous if you ask me.
Boots California

Buena Park, CA

#81 Jan 20, 2014
Jingky E wrote:
As with many new procedures and new treatments, these are always experimental and need to be tested before they can be considered effective or reliable. If it's bothering you or no longer effective then I vote to have it removed. http://www.fosamaxclassaction.us/femur-fractu...
I had mine removed just three days ago and still in pain but I'm glad it was removed and looking forward for positive results and less pain !
Boots California

Buena Park, CA

#82 Jan 20, 2014
I'm just thankful that mine was finally removed three days ago ! I t was causing me extreme pain after only 3 months it was implanted especially on the battery pack !
First my pain management doctor dont want to remove it but luckily my Spine Surgeon did ! I'm thankful I can't no longer feel that bump on my low right side of my back ! No more little monster "as I called it " inside my body !
I'm optimistic for the results and highly recommended if it's not working for you .. Have it remove! I know how everyone feels and my heart goes out to you ! Wishing everyone the best and stay positive ! ❤️

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