Spinal fusion 6months post op. Press...

Matawan, NJ

#64 Oct 17, 2012
hi i had l4l5l5s1 revision of fusion surgery with and implanted bone growth stimulator can anyone tel me why i cant feel hot or cold on right side of lumbar region plus still having severe pain on right side and numbnss in right leg had sugery july 13th how long does it take to get some reliefe using hot and cold everyday plus i also feel movement in lower lumbar to pt says its nothig to worry about can someoe relate to this

Kingston, PA

#65 Oct 20, 2012
july 24,2012 i had my L3 disc replaced, and fusion and cages on L4 and L5/S1,of course the usual rods and 6 screws too.I recently had a ctscan done that showed fluid(alot of fluid) building up then surgeon breks the news it was blood building up.I didn't think that sounded normal but he basically blew it off like it was fine.My pain has been gettin worse, medication doesnt even dull the pain enough to funtion half the time.I spend more time on the couch or in my hospital bed provided by medicare.When i try to get up from the sitting position i am unched over for 3-4 minutes before i can even straighten my back enough to walk,and the pressure is so heavy and painful t makes me tear up everytime.I don't know at this point where to go or what to do. Did i mention they also replaced my S1 bone on the right side with a metal plate? I cant find a pain anagement doctor around here that is even willing to give meds that are strong enough for my pain and i have tried eeeveryone.The doctor i had prior to surgery dropped me because 2 weekss afetr surgery he wanted me to go in for a pill count when i couldnt even get into a car to get there so he dropped me now i cant find another one.most of them will only do injections and the surgeon says i am NOT allowed to have them. This pain is sooooooo bad and any advice is greatly appreciated. I am only 36 and i feel as though this surgery ruined my life and is making it nearly impossible to move forward like i thought the surgery would help me with. The pain is in my backk,buttocks,leegs and feet. Sometimes when sitting ,driving,or walking my legs get pins and needles like they are going numb and falling asleep.Thats scary when im driving. Please help if u can with advice or names of doctors in PA or NJ. I am from PA so really cant go too far.Thanx so much for listening.

Kingston, PA

#66 Oct 20, 2012
Forgot to mention it was anterior/posterior incisions and had a total of 56 staples.The surgery was 9 hours.Sorry this was so long of a post but i really need some advice.

Kingston, PA

#67 Oct 20, 2012
i too have to wear a bone growth stimulator 24/7 except in shower of course along with the turtle suit 24/7 both for what the surgeon says 5-6 months.I have the same thing going on and dont know why.Everytime i ask all i get from the doctor is oh thats normal, well personally i dont thing any of what im expieriencing is normal. I hope you find an answer to why so then i can get the answer too.Good luck and god bless with your recovery.

Pyongtaek, Korea

#68 Oct 23, 2012
I found after my surgery and wearing my brace I had the same problems. It has been 6 months since my surgery and through pt stretching I have found that I was compensating for the pain. I use the front of my thighs for stability in my back and when I hurt I use them more. I had to relearn to walk properly with my toes out and that caused the "bruising feeling" in my hips and butt. The jumping legs happens if I don't do my stretches often enough or if I have a lot of swelling at my surgery site. I do PT twice a week and I do very gentle palates at home with the back stretches that I was told to do. Side leg lifts help with the hip pain. I am getting better but now the dr says I still have a lot of swelling where the hardware is so we may need to remove it. I get non steroid anti inflammatory injections every 2 weeks and that helps a lot but at the end of 2 weeks I am back in major pain plus I am constipated and that adds to the pain. It's only the day or two before my next injection. Could anyone tell me how long the recovery from removal is?

Pyongtaek, Korea

#69 Oct 23, 2012
Sorry, that comment was to Vicky and supposed to be a reply.

Bismarck, ND

#70 Nov 1, 2012
I am in need of a fusion from L4-S2. Anyone ever have it so far down?? I see a lot of L5-S1 but not from L4 all the way down to S2??? To many Unknowns :(
Messed up back

Foley, AL

#72 Dec 29, 2012
Had a back fusion 2003 L4-5. Went back to work in 6 weeks and totally fused in 4 months. Surgery was a success. Here we are today (Dec 2012) about nine months ago back, leg and thigh pain started. I have had injections and medication with no relief. Had mylogram and discogram last month. Went to the neurosurgeon yesterday he said I needed lumbar salvage surgery. Fusions at L1-L2 and L2-3 take rods and screws out at L4-5, disc replacement L3-4 and L5-S1 and rods/screws from L1-S1. Has anyone had the same and what was the out come. Not sure what I should do pain is really bad and it is hard sleeping at night. I am getting around 4 hours a night sleep.


#73 Jan 2, 2013
I had spinal fusion in july so I'm 6 months on, within 3 weeks of surgery I was walking up the montains doing 10kms a day, I pushed myself everyday to walk more even though I had a lot of pain and was wearing a brace, but I believe this was the best aid to my rapid recovery , I'm now up to 18kms a day and have hardly any pain at all , before this surgery I was in such pain and could hardly walk, stand or sit down, this urgery has been the best thing I have done , but you have to help yourself and be prepared to exercise in order to have the best results, I hope this helps anyone who may be thinking about having this procedure.

Oakhurst, NJ

#74 Jan 14, 2013
6 months after l4l5l5s1 revision of fusion surgery and still in severe pain on right side also right knee is numb in that area feel very weak have also had epidural injections works for a little while then wears of how long is this going to take to recover am on low dose endocet isnt working can anyone tell me how long this recovery is going to take am i ever going to be pain free plus i also have an implanted bone growth stimulator in my lumbar is epidural shots the way to go dont get it plus right area by right hip also in severe pain to
Katie Kelly

Fort Lauderdale, FL

#75 Jan 15, 2013
Hey guys. I am 7 months post op with fusion of l5-s1 and recently started having numbness in my buttocks and down my legs. Tingling during the day and feel almost paralyzed when I lay down to go to sleep? Are my nerves pinched of moving to fit the hardware? I haven't told my husband yet as I don't want to alarm him (yet). Thanks in advance.


#76 Jan 15, 2013
Hey guys so sorry to hear of all the pain you are experiencing , here in Spain my surgeon says the most important thing to help the healing and for the bone to fuse, is to walk, and for me its been amazing, ( see earlier post) we don't have any physio here, I just walk everyday upto 20kms a day, although sometimes I'm stiff all I have to do is walk and it seems to eradicate the pain, not sure what they recommend in the U.S, but I'm only on very light medication now and only in the morning,its pretty tough at the beginning and it hurts but gradually you will get stronger and feel the benefits, wish you all lots of luck and get better soon.

North Hollywood, CA

#77 Jan 23, 2013
I have benefited most from lower back pain from my chiropractor. His name is Dr. Hogan and he does Lost Angeles spinal adjustments. You can reach him at http://activebodychirocare.com/custom_content... ...my mother had a pinched nerve and he helped her as well.

San Diego, CA

#78 Jan 23, 2013
Karen wrote:
<quoted text> hi Christina I had the same op as u in 2009 I am 49 it's taken until now to get my pain relief reduced I am still really restricted movement wise, take morphine daily keep fit as much as possible , walking etc dud to lots of bone graft my healing took along time severe Odin gone but have constant pressure & nerve pain in buttocks and legs now! Being overweight Dosnt help I am also on a diet, warm weather makes a difference too!!! Good luck x

Thank you Karen. Now I am almost a year post op of fusion at 3-4-5, and I dont have a lot of pain, but my muscles around my torso are very sore. It is weird, and we just got a new bed because the doc thought that was my problem. I get up each morning very sore as if I had excercised heavily. Does anyone else feel just sore muscles after a back surgery. I can't complain because I was in horrific pain one year ago. The nerve pain is gone except when I really overdue it. I can kayak again etc. I cannot figure out why I am so sore all of the time. Thanks for any help. Good Luck to all. This is really helpful!!

Las Vegas, NV

#79 Jan 23, 2013
I am 42 had horrible stenosisL4 thru s1 in my spine, spine of an 80 year old woman,in June I had surgery to clean out the stenosis,no hardware, no fusion, no bone removal just cleanout. I am having horrible pressure and numbness in my lower back,does anyone have any soulutions.


#80 Feb 3, 2013
Hi I had spinal fusuon 5 months ago was doing great untul I returbed to work 4 weeks ago now have started gettibg deep pain at the left side of my lower back and buttock Had L5S1 fused with hardware is this just muscle pain or is lifting and bending in work doing me no good


#81 Feb 4, 2013
Hi Mitch, sorry to hear of the pain you're in, lifting and bendiing cannot be good for your back at this early stage!! I know myself that if I bend a lot the pain comes on, do you exercise? For me walking has been amazing and the pain seems to totally go after a long walk.


#82 Feb 4, 2013
Hi forrest nice to hear from someone else that has had this op. I do exercise I walk and swim however this has gone by the way since being back in work .DO 9 hr days in retail and it was great no leg psin at all. Could hardly walk before op and now back and buttocks really sore when I sit or move . Havnt had any meds since 2 weeks post op so am worried now about this pain


#83 Feb 4, 2013
Hi Mitch so sorry to hear of the pain you're going through, maybe it would be prudent to go back to your consultant and get an x-ray to check all is as it should be ! Are you not taking any pain relief? I'm still on 1 neurofen in the morning and feel that helps ( I'm on the same time scale as you having had my op in july). Its awful having these proiblems and its a constant worry that all is as it should be! Any support you need just drop me a line .

Burton-on-trent, UK

#84 Feb 4, 2013
Hi Mitch forgot to say that I feel its paramount to continue exercising , I'm sure its harder now you are working again, but if you could fit in a good walk I think it would really help! Here in Spain they only recommend walking after this type of surgery and for me think it has been the most important factor in my recovery!! No physio here , I just trek up and down the mountains everyday !!

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