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Brian Torchin: Recruiter of Great Chiropractors

Mar 2, 2014 7

Brian Torchin, president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors LLC, is responsible for finding the best chiropractors out there for everyday folks with mild to moderate back pain.

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Wisdom of Brooklyn, NY on Mar 2, 2014

The most used chiropractic "technique" is "activator methods" in which the chiropractor clicks the spine with a spring loaded clicker. There is NO research to support using the "clicker" ....... so how, exactly does this chiropractor determine which chiropractors is a "better" chiropractor?

And since all chiropractic schools promote quackery in one degree or another, how does this chiropractor determine which "school" is better than the other? there are no entrance tests and once a student meets the bare minimum prerequisites, ANYONE can gain entrance into chiropractic school. Just pay the tuition and suffer a lifetime of financial and emotional misery.

Chiropractor From Chicago of Buffalo Grove, IL on Mar 2, 2014

Chiropractic is a fantastic field. I help thousands of people per year and make a ton of money doing it. All cash.
I don't accept dime one from insurance companies. I don't have to suck up to hospital administrators. Chiropractic is the greatest profession--ever. Too bad the dope 'wisdom' failed in practice. Most chiiropractors do very well. Most of the chiropractors in my area clear over two hundred grand a year. But 'wisdom' is an imbecile. I guess if you have a bedside manner like Hannibal Lecter people won't go to you. No one in their right mind would trust their health to a creepo like wisdom. She has a major diaper fetish. Very creepy.
Oh, and she lies constantly about being an MD in 'critical care'. Hey, nothing wrong with being a tech. It's honest work. At least it can keep her off the welfare rolls.

Wisdom of Brooklyn, NY on Mar 3, 2014

Oh yeah, "chiropractic is booming" alright. that's exactly why chiropractic school enrollment is at an all time low. That's why many chiropractors are leaving the field.

Pull your head out of your ass and stop the baloney mr. chiropractor.

"chirotalk" for all your chiropractic answers.

Chiropractor From Chicago of Buffalo Grove, IL on Mar 3, 2014

I'm not sure, but I think I understand 'wisdom's' anger issues. She failed in practice which injured her mentally.
Chiropractic is a fantastic field. I help thousands of people per year and make a ton of money doing it. I can't help it if wisdom is an imbecile.

kurtcooksalot16 of Orlando, FL on Nov 8, 2014

I have thought about being a chiropractor. It would be very nice to learn about the body and know how it works. I also need to see one because my back is killing me.

ShaunSch of Duluth, MN on Oct 27, 2015

I've heard of Brian Torchin before. Seems like he's really growing his practice these days. Cool that Torchin seems to be helping out other people in the field too. Seems like the medical industry is always growing, at least to me anyway. In my opinion Torchin found a brilliant niche, and is doing his best to make the most of that. I know I've thought about getting a job in physical therapy, or something like chiropractics before. Didn't really pan out for me in the end, but I'm happy to see other people really succeeding and taking that to the next level. Plus a staffing agency is a cool idea. I used to work at a hospital as a technician, and we always had openings and couldn't really find enough people to work sometimes. Smart idea for a profession that's only going to create more and more jobs as we go along.