need help - ribs out of place - lots ...

need help - ribs out of place - lots of pain

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Ms Trapezius

Owosso, MI

#1 Nov 16, 2008
I'm a 29 year old female suffering from pain in my left shoulder blade region from ribs out of place. One, in particular, they tell me is 'badly' out of place - this spot is very tender and swollen. This problem has been consistent for 2 years. I have seen a chiro specifically for this for the past 1.5 years, 3-4 times per week, and he always puts the rib back in place, but it shortly falls or pulls out again. When he puts it back in place I feel immediate relief. 2 weeks ago I started PT for this problem, but it does not seem to be helping. They are giving me lots of stretches and such, but the actual bone still remains out of place - they can't push it back in. I have had 2 MRIs and multiple Xrays - they just show some ribs out. Sometimes this pain is so bad that I dream of literally stabbing myself (I know better). Any advice?

Whiteriver, AZ

#2 Apr 30, 2009
No advice, but hang in there. Sounds awful!

Greenbrier, AR

#3 Jul 1, 2009
I am having the same problem, except it is on the right side. The chiro had told me that I have 3 out of place. I have went 5 times. It is still falling out of place. He insists it will stay in when the muscles get strong. But I am begining to doubt him. I am going for a secound opion. At a Medical Dr. office. Ice helps for the pain. My chiro said Heat is bad for it. I have no insurance so I can not go through all of those MRI and xrays you did. Good luck

Laguna Hills, CA

#4 Sep 27, 2009
my ribs do the same thing cause i am a avid soccer player and a pointe dancer this happens all the time to me and my chiro has to put them back in place it feels so much better once she does like its releiving.....and this happens to me and im only 13

Grove City, OH

#5 Jul 18, 2010
exercise is the key

Ashland, KY

#6 Apr 29, 2011

South River, NJ

#7 Aug 18, 2011
I have the same on left comes and depends on what you do, i was lifting and moving heavy stuff.....I am in pain now......I stay flat on my back on the floor to help the pain, it goes after a few weeks......acupunture helps

Marathon, FL

#9 Nov 13, 2011
I had the same issue about 2 years ago. The problem went on a year before I even knew what the problem was. My doctor did xrays, tested some organs, and basically just wasted a ton of my money. Finally, my dad happened to mention it to his chiro and he said to bring me in. He was also into sports medicine and a professor at a college. After trying everything else, I made an appointment. I visited him 3x a week for about 3 months. The first time was extremely painful. He kept putting it in and eventually starting using ultrasound at times and massaged it at other time. I had so much scar tissue. Once he got me to a satisfactory point, he began giving me exercises to strengthen he muscles in the front of my chest. After a few more weeks, I was cured! Well, up until last weekend when I decided to miss a few stairs and fall. Once I get a day off, he will be my first call!
ryan escobar

West Chicago, IL

#10 Dec 3, 2011
Have you tried consulting a medical doctor to check your rib? There are ways where your rib can be placed permanently on its place and you need not worry about it coming out. You may also try consulting another chiropractor who has more experience on this case. In the meantime, refrain from doing strenuous exercises and activities that may put extreme pressure on the bones.

Bedford, IN

#11 Jan 16, 2012
I have rib issues as well, the pain can be so intense that I end up vomiting from it. My chiropractor puts it back in place, and the key with this is that you have to allow your muscles to get used to holding it in place again. Once it's stable, start strengthing that area to keep it in place. I have suffered with costochondritis for years, but have noticed that my ribs dislodge more after not being as physically active as I once was. I use ice once it happens to reduce inflammation, then heat once it goes back into place to accelerate blood flow to the area and promote healing.

Little Rock, AR

#14 Jan 27, 2012
I have had ribs go out over the years. My chirop put them back in. Since I moved my new chirop didn't believe me, when I told him. It's on my right side and under my arm. After a year of medical doctors and ruling out all else... I gave him one more try and he finally worked on the ribs... I'm healing now but he says that it's from reaching above my head like putting my dishes up and also picking things up far away from my body especially one handed... At the store I picked up a gallon of water and put it in my cart one handed and out away from my body and it killed me!!! So if yours is popping back out it could be you are unknowingly doing it to yourself.

Austin, TX

#15 Mar 29, 2012
I have 4 and 5 rib ou in front and back, bad pain in left shoulder blade along with muscle inflamation, I sit at a desk and type all day, seems that this posture REALLY aggravates it! Even to the point where some positions cause muscle spasms in left arm above elbow and can' t move my arm, also spasm across left chest which freaks me out because it feels like my heart palpitating. Been to chiro and MD now I have Flexeril and Tramadol for it but I can't take Flexeril at work and Tramadol only seems to work for about 2 hours then the pain is back. This is awful, can't wait for it to go away. Have been told I need PT but my insurance has a high deductible and can't afford to go:( Hope it gets better maybe when the inflamation in the muscle goes down the chiro will be able to help more, because he puts the ribs back in, but the inflamed muscle pulls it right back out. This weekend I am making no plans, just gonna stay hope and take Flexeril and ice around the clock and rest my arm. Has anyone had any of these other symptoms,esp the weird flutter spasms in left chest? That is scary.

Tallahassee, FL

#16 Mar 30, 2012
I recently had a couple of rib heads out of place behind my left scapula. This was the first time I'd ever experienced this.That WAS painful! I immediately went to my Chiro- he figured out what my problem was and popped them back into place.It ached for a few days and he warned me, "NO heavy lifting, nothing that mimics a raking motion or works that area hard for 2 weeks! Let the muscles and ligaments heal." After discussion with him AND talking with a really good Licensed Massage Therapist I have a better understanding.Here's a quick synopsis, The muscles/ligaments behind out shoulder blades (scapula)are actually very thin and weak compared to most others. Most people,after intense exercise(especially without enough stretching afterward) and every day stresses knows what it feels like to have that ache behind your shoulder blade that you just can't get to.That's the tension of your scapula pulling up and straining to keep everything in place.There are certain aggravators that will definitely worsen the odds of this rib head misplacement- according to the LMT, the worst is something she refers to as 'head forward syndrome' Voila! WOW. for days before this happened to me I'd spent countless hours catching up on tons of computer work...quick, check yourself as you read this, are you leaning toward the monitor, your chin is out and up, your head is tilted onto the back of your neck? Now, sit up straight, align your head directly over your shoulders- the way it's SUPPOSED to be..pull your shoulders down and now your scapula has slid back to the position it's supposed to be in...holding your ribs heads and everything else much more effortlessly. Anyway- this is just one idea, but if you have developed Tietze's Syndrome (slipping rib syndrome) you might want to consider looking into Prolotherapy- Google it and see if it's something to consider! OK, said my piece. Good Luck with it and DON"T overuse those anti-inflammatories and NO muscle relaxants!!
Babah Fly

United States

#17 Apr 7, 2012
Try kinesio tape!

Madison, WI

#18 May 23, 2012
try seeing a good massage therapist, not just any masseuse, before going to the chiropractor, if the muscles that originally pulled the rib out of place are still tight, they will pull the rib right back out again... also think about any repetitive movements you might be doing, this is an extremely common injury for acrobats

Sugarcreek, OH

#19 Jul 14, 2012
I have been dealing with the same ribs on the left side for 2 years. I woke one night with chest pain thinking i was having a heart attack do to my father just having a triple bypass 2months before it caused me to start a panic attack after almost a year and many doctors visits they had no answer for my chest pains and shortness of breath. My neck had been bothering me so i was going to my chiro told him of my chest pain he ran his finger down my back then goes does it hurt here and i came off the table i hadnt even had any pain in my back. he told me it was ribs his office has a massage therapist she worked me over good then he adjusted the rib back took two weeks and 6 trips but finally it stayed in. since then it has come out on once in a while but usually goes back in within a few days on its own. the key is keeping your muscles health watch you soda intake drink lots of water and a good massage once or twice a month really helps. just work at keeping your muscles loose and uninflamed it will make a world of diffrence

East Brunswick, NJ

#20 Jul 17, 2012
these are very helpful comments. I have a clue now that is is what i have been suffering with for 2 months. sometimes you have to be your own doctor. thanks!

Statesboro, GA

#21 Aug 27, 2012
I have this same problem. Also on the left side under my shoulder blade. Its excruciating pain when working out due to the extreme flexibility I'm required to do with my back. I have cheered for 13 years which has finally taken a toll on my body, causing my muscle in my back to become inflamed and forcibly push my ribs out of place. I've had this for 6 months and it has not ceased or gotten any better. Only worse. However, ultrasounds and stem treatment by my athletic trainer have helped me for maybe 2 hours tops. It may not be permanent, but it's temporary relief before physical activity.

Georgetown, Canada

#24 Sep 13, 2012
I am a personal trainer and my client had 7 ribs out. Her chiro put them back in place 3 or 4 times once we started to work on fixing her posture and doing a lot of reverse flies to build muscle and strengthen the mid and lower traps and releasing the upper traps it seemed to have done the trick. the problem isnt stretching chances are your back is too loose as it is and needs to be tightened and strengthened with proper posture and proper movements to build muscle in the needed areas. Hope this helps.

Durham, NC

#25 Nov 26, 2012
You need to research and find a good physical therapist (PT) who specializes in "manual therapy." My sister is a PT who does manual therapy and she has manually "facilitated healing" (that is what they call it in the profession) in my back several times when my rib head has come out of alignment.
Anonymous wrote:
No advice, but hang in there. Sounds awful!

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