Asthma and Memory Foam

Asthma and Memory Foam

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Schenectady, NY

#1 Jul 18, 2010
For three months I have been suffering with severe asthma symptoms, using Albuterol, Broncaid and other OTC. At first the Urgent Care professionals prescribed. Augmentin and Prednizone for bronchitis and sinusitis. Without relieve, I had alergy testing done since I been diagnosed 30 years ago with environmental allergies. The Certified Asthma professional diagnosed me with Intrinsic Asthma and prescribed steroidal nasal spray and inhaler. I learned that I was not allergic to any of the 100+ tests. However, recently we purchased a new bed----Non Tempurpedic! Magically my severe symptoms have cleared up. If anyone else has Memory Foam bedding and experiences "unidentified" asthma symptoms you may want to try eliminated the memory foam. I would love to hear more from others because I have not been able to see much documentation about this checmical sensitivity.

Lanai City, HI

#2 Jul 24, 2010
WOW! That is a very plausible theory. They are extremely porous and essentially non-washable, that combination is Kryptonite to us asthma sufferers. I love my mattress pad, but I seem to be using my inhaler a lot more frequently since I got it. I will test this and post back in a few days.

Montréal, Canada

#4 Nov 2, 2011
I got a memory foam mattress this month and i've been sleeping on the couch for a whole week because i had to use my inhalers many times daily while sleeping in the bedroom... it causes no problem to my boyfriend but now i'm wondering what i'm gonna do with an almost brand new mattress. :(

Berkeley, CA

#5 Dec 16, 2011
Thank you for the posts. I just replaced my mattress with a serta latex. I decided not to put my costco memory foam topper on because with the new mattress, I would not need it. Surprisingly, I am breathing freer than I can remember. I have been using the topper for about 5 yrs and about 2 yrs ago during a physical I was prescribed a med for asthma(never knew I had asthma). I refused to use the med because of all the side effects and have been suffering with the
stuffy breathing until now. I wonder why this has not been advertised so that people can watch for possible effects.

Saint Helens, UK

#6 Sep 21, 2012
I know this is an old post, but the exact same thing happened to me recently. In addition to servere asthma at night, my wife and I also had unexplained fevers and muscle pains. Tests showed it was due to isocyanates from the memrory foam mattress topper.
c wood


#8 Apr 13, 2013
This has got to be more than coincidental as we have only just bought a new memory foam mattress and for the last 3 weeks have experienced shortness of breath and a dry throat and even coughing throughout the night,its got to go.

Sutton, UK

#9 May 26, 2013
We bought a memory foam bed two weeks ago and while my partner has suffered no ill effects, I am experiencing shortness of breath, coughing, itchy throat and nose, all from the very first night. I have never had these symptoms before, and after three nights I have moved the bed to a spare room. We are now using an old bed which we had kept for spare. It looks like I'll need to sell it ASAP, at a loss...

Sutton, UK

#10 May 26, 2013
c wood wrote:
This has got to be more than coincidental as we have only just bought a new memory foam mattress and for the last 3 weeks have experienced shortness of breath and a dry throat and even coughing throughout the night,its got to go.
Sorry to hear your story. Just thought I'd let you know that I'm having similar symptoms. I've posted a comment on the Asthma forum today. It looks like I'll need to sell the bed at a loss, because as far as I've read, there's no refund available from retailers for people who experience this issue. Did you have any luck from the place you bought it from?
Becky Brighton

Brighton, UK

#11 Jun 6, 2013
For over 2 years I have suffered with asthma, coughing, sinusitis etc, even coughing up blood. I'm on a variety of inhalers, have endured a CT scan,bronchoscopy and lung wash-out, to collect and analyse cells from my lungs because of the constant coughing etc ( which grew nothing). I wondered why whenever I went away my symptoms got better. When I put my head on the pillow I was wheezy ( I put this down to lung compression when lying down). I have recently (5 days ago) changed my pillows because my partner missed feathers, and hey presto, wheeze gone! I have felt ill for 2 years. So, obviously Tempur pillows, We have the mattresse too, so are now sleeping in the spare room.
I am so cross but so relieved to feel completely better. Do you think us sufferes have a 'case' against the company?

Columbus, OH

#12 Oct 2, 2013
I stumbled on this thread after having similar problems. I have multiple allergies and asthma but prior to using a 3" thick memory foam topper never noticed symptoms from a mattress before.

At first I too thought it was due to lung compression...maybe due to the extra softness? I used my inhaler multiple times with little relief and had a couple of frightening startled wake-ups in the middle of the first two nights where I dreamed I wasn't breathing, and finally woke in the middle of the third night when it felt like my lung was collapsing (dramatic I know..but I've never experienced anything like it before) and pulled the topper from the bed and threw it in the living room. Two hours later slept through the night. Obviously, the topper was the problem!

I knew prior to this that most new mattresses contain lots of chemicals that can off-gas for YEARS with such things as formaldehyde etc, yet I still never had much asthma from them... the memory foam is a different story! I slept on an older one at a friends house and it was wonderful, but the key I believe is it was a few years old... so none of the noxious chemicals.

Seems the way to go is buy one of the organic foam mattresses or toppers and get a dust mite cover :) Best of luck to everyone on here!

London, UK

#14 Dec 11, 2013
ive been ill for 2 years now(coinsides with when i bought my memory foam mattress) iv had the same problems and tests as 'becky,brighton' which also showed nothing serious, my only allergy previously was mild hayfever, i have been now diagnosed with asthma and am on 3 different pumps to help control it all, though when i go to bed my breathing is really bad despite the medicine. i also use an envelope type mattress protector. does anyone know what chemicals in the mattress causes this?

Louisville, KY

#15 Dec 17, 2013
I am a nurse. I bought a foam memory mattress and developed "adult onset asthma". My eyes swelled and I developed eczema. I visited several dermatologists. Finally, I underwent patch testing. I am definitely allergic to several chemicals found in memory foam.

Alpharetta, GA

#16 Jan 15, 2014
We bought an interspring matress with memory foam layer in Dec 2013 which is now being returned in Jan 2014! I have never had allergies except for this memory foam mattress. We are replacing with a latex mattress tomorrow. We experienced the offgasing for weeks and the mattress still smells odd. The gasses seep into the mattress cover, sheets, and blankets. We are experiencing headaches, watery/swollen eyes, sinus issues, cough and nightmares. I'm glad I searched and found others who had the same experience because it's not widely discussed and you suffer....Best wishes for those looking for a good night sleep.

Chantilly, VA

#17 Jan 16, 2014
I recently purchased a Memory Foam Mattress and I started having swelling and pain in arms that went to whole body in 30 days as well as coughing, dry mouth, wheezing , throat swelling, increased asthma that ended with me in the E.R.. Now looking for another adjustable bed that is soft but still supportive for hips and back. Still not sure what I am allergic to though in the bed,(fumes or the foam). Is there hope for a decent nights sleep? Good Luck to every one else. Still Looking.

Manchester, UK

#18 Feb 21, 2014
These threads are so helpful; thank you everyone! I've been suffering from severe wheezing for months; now on ventolin, Qvar etc and waiting for consultancy appointment at NHS hospital. Been feeling so wheezy and ill yet chest xray fine.

Thinking of buying a new mattress as have had our pocket sprung for 5 years and wondering if it may be involved in the breathing problems..

So...NO to memory foam; thank you for all this info folks. I think it's outrageous that suppliers are fee to sell mattresses that harm peoples respitory systems. Nutrient deficient junk food everywhere, air pollution, fraudulent financial systems and now these blooming mattresses; makes me feel so sad !

Thunder Bay, Canada

#19 Mar 22, 2014
Maybe you have an allergic reaction to your laundry detergent. Here is an interesting asthma site....

Port Charlotte, FL

#20 Mar 29, 2014
I just bought a Memory Foam Mattress this week and have had Asthma every single night. Reading the comments on this website confirms my suspicions that my new mattress is making me sick. It will be going back to the store. Too bad, it's a comfortable mattress, but I need to breathe.
Pat T

Saint Catharines, Canada

#21 Apr 8, 2014
I have been looking for a website like this as I have had the same experience and I thought I should let someone know about it. I too have had problems breathing. After removing the pillow top from my bed, my breathing became better almost immediately! I am gonna get different pillows to help with my sinus.
Thank you all for helping me think that it wasn't just all in my mind.
Susan Cameron

Sudbury, Canada

#22 May 4, 2014
I have a memory foam topper on my bed. About a year ago I started coughing at night. I went to the Dr. and they prescribed a steroid nasal spray and an inhaler. The Dr. said it was post nasal drip caused by allergies. My son was visiting me recently, was sleeping in my room and didn't like the foam and took it off. He is gone now and I didn't replace the foam My symptoms are MUCH better, have quit using the medications.
Amber Johnson

Chicago, IL

#26 Dec 5, 2014
I didn't know all that memory foam mattresses could help with. I would love to get a foam mattress for me. I have a hard time sleeping and often wake up with back pain. I think that a good mattress would really help. Thanks for sharing this information!

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