Fast Facts About Lupus

Fast Facts About Lupus

There are 63 comments on the story from Jan 27, 2007, titled Fast Facts About Lupus. In it, reports that:

Systemic lupus erythematosus , also commonly referred to as lupus or SLE, is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease.

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Spruce Grove, Canada

#46 Jan 7, 2009
I have just been diagnosed with SLE Lupus and my main worry right now is financial. I live in Alberta Canada and I am wondering if anyone has experience/suggestions to help me. I am planning on returning to work as soon as health is under control better - I have a fantastic Dr. who is very patient and helpful but he has told me that it may take possibly a few months to figure out the right combination of meds and/or natural vitamins etc that will work best for me. I am mostly worried about my finances during this time as I have been unable to work at the moment. If anyone has suggestions or knowledge to share as to what path to take now to be able to continue to meet my obligations I would greatly appreciate it. I believe that the stress of this is almost the worst part of the diesease. Does anyone have any guidelines on the best treatments and or how long it has taken to bring things under control enough to be able to go back to work, or maybe even jobs that are best for ppl with lupus? I am currently an assist. manager and driver for a school bus transport company and unable to drive due to meds. Just begining my search....

Florence, Italy

#47 Feb 12, 2010
Hello I am a massage therapist and a new patient approached me with lupus.Could anyone please share their experiences with me, either positive or negative about massage and lupus? I would love to help this girl but usually i would stay clear of massaging inflammation. Could it provoke an attack? Has anyone tried Lymphatic drainage? Thanks

Naples, FL

#48 Apr 6, 2010
I was diagnosed with SLE in 2002 after spending nearly one entire year in hospitals across the country. I have had two TIA (basically small strokes) and have "fog brain". Doctors at the Hospital for Special Surgery put me on ritalin, adderral and provigil (not all at once) but at higher than normal dosages to help with the fatigue (I worked as an attorney in a high stress corporate environment- was ultimately terminated). Does any one else take these stimulants?

Also, since I have a brain lesion and have CNS lupus cognitive dysfunction, I have suffered horrible mood swings and sometimes feel I am a psycho!! Is there something I can do to stop these mood swings?

Glendale, CA

#49 Aug 25, 2010
I was diagnosed with SLE 12 years ago. Though I was positive through ANA results and three skin and muscle biopsies, I was also told I didn't have Lupus. As it got worse, the rheumatologists "gave in" and said I had it. I don't know what that's all about, but now I only see a dermatologist. She's taken me off all the classic SLE drugs--plaquinil, steroids, etc and given me dapsone. It has worked better than anything else I've tried.

Like many of you I have layers of other problems: pain, unbelievable fatigue, ibs/ibd, sometimes I can use my hands, other times they barely work at all, and on and on.

This is not what I had in mind for my life, but I'm trying to live it to my best ability. I guess the only good thing to be said for chronic illnesses is that they come and go. I kind of save myself for the times they go and use that energy for family and friends and projects.

Love and hope for use all.

Anchorage, AK

#50 Sep 29, 2010
I was JUST diagnosed with Lupus a month ago, I am 48 and didn't want to accept the Drs telling me I just had fibromyalgia. I was fortunate enough to have found the Dr I did in Haines Ak. I am from Oregon, now in Anchorage. I am new to all of it, Dr thinks I may have MS also.I have suffered pain all of my adult life, I just went with it, worked 2 and 3 jobs to raise my sons. They are raised and I am in so much pain I can not deal with it. I feel like I have a bear bite in my right side, among all the other pains. I am basically homeless, just got a job, and am starting life over. I am waiting to get into the clinic here and to have my chart transferred and to continue to figure out how to be treated...I dont know any meds that pertain to Lupus. I will continue to read all the blogs I can and weed out the good and the bad. Its a lonely place to be, in pain, no care and dont know where your going to live in 2 days. Prayer works.

United States

#51 Oct 26, 2010
I was diagnosed with Lupus when i was 23yrs old. It started with some joint pain and then I developed flu like syptoms. My hair started to fall out in clumps and my weight began to drop. I ended up having a seziure in my sleep and was in a coma for about 3 days. I went to remission for 4 years after this flare up and living life to the fullest.
My lupus starting acting up about 2 years ago. Just minor joint pain at first. I started to develop these horrible headaches and high fevers I then lost the ability to go to the restroom and was able to walk. I was in ICU for about 2 days and then stayed in Kaiser for a week. Doctors were not sure what was wrong or what happened, to them it was just another lupus flare up. Things started to get slowley better but i was not a 100%. In jan of 2010 i suffered two more seziures and I finally found out what was wrong with me: lupus cerebritis the most diffcult mainfestion of lupus. The lupus attacks the ceberal part of my brian and my spinal cord.
I'm on steriods and doing chemo but it seems like no matter what meds I'm on I still feel crappy. I've researched and I'm going to give the all natural thing a try. It seems like all the blogs and post s that are read are all the same. People are on these meds and are still feeling the same Fatgiue, inflammed, joint pain, low energy. There has to be something that we cn do.
i wish you all the best of luck in your fight against lupus.

God bless and Many Miracles to you all
Rob Kohn

Harrison, NY

#52 Oct 28, 2010
PLEASE HELP ME TO HELP MY WIFE & the LUPUS FOUNDATION. PLEASE vote here in SEARS contest and let the world know about Lupus & what is does..Please!!!!
Video about my wife's struggle. YOU KNOW how hard Lupus is .... PLEASE (please). It costs NOTHING ...and gives SO much. Just enter email and only name/address and complete confirmation email from Billion Points.$125,000 in Sears shopping goes to Lupus Foundation & $125,000 to St. Judes Childrens Hospital. All it takes from you is to ask your FACEBOOK FRIENDS to vote every day (or what they can) through 11/3. well.... you and your family.
antisia king

Huntington, IN

#53 Mar 15, 2011
Debbie wrote:
I have had SLE for allmost 5 years now and after trying many meds have found natural ways to control my disease, nayone who would like their life back please email me at for information on how my Lupus is 90-95% better! God Bless
hi my name is antisia king and i have resently been told by doctor that i have lupus i would like to kw what natural things i could do to better myself. Whenever you have time could you please email me
katherine peterson


#54 May 18, 2011
hi! yes, omega 3 found in fish oil capsules can help decrease symptoms of lupus because of its anti-inflammatory properties. it will help with joint pain tremendously.

i'm on fish oil caps. what do you guys take? im trying out maxalife that i got from their website because i was searching for the purest form (scary toxins are present in the bodies of water today).

wishing you all good health.

Delta, Canada

#55 Jun 23, 2011
Keri wrote:
<quoted text>Hi. Yes, I have many Lupus/Fibromyalgia symptoms and also a positive ANA test but the rheumatologist feels it isn't Lupus. She was NO help. She pretty much disregarded everything I was telling her basically chalking it up as possible stress. She said that probably the reason my ANA is possitive is because of the family history.(My sister and 3 cousins have Lupus among other things)Well that is all well and good but why am I having joint and muscle pain, chest pain, hair loss and major fatigue?? She couldn't tell me! It's frustrating to know something is wrong and no one can help. It is possible to have Lupus and test negative on ANA and also the anti DNA tests. Like I said though, my ANA was positive but the doc. was totally unimpressed.
Im 42 yrs old and have been suffering with lupus symtoms and ms symptoms for almost 3 yrs. Im a fulltime single mom with my beautiful 11 yr old daughter. We,ve been told im stressed, cancer, in my head, depressed, pre- menapause, over - worked, needed pot, have ms, cushings disease ... you get the pic. You have to keep fighting and ask to see another rheumatologist for a second opinion. If your doc says no fire him , hire another.!! You need to stay pro - active. my ana is only slightly pos. I have all symtoms except for kidney failure. Anti dna is a def. test for lupus. but only 30% of lupus patients show pos. Anti -sa , anti - ro , antidsna etc have more of a chance showing up.Ive done my research - you can have a neg ana and have lupus!!! Check your ferretin, hemaglobin, mines so low. And hang in there it will come out in the wash. Finally im going to the lupus clinic. I just had seizures. Get a neurologist involved if you r having neurological problems. And insist on a hematologist for blood panelling. Good Luck the disease doesnt go away but the symtoms will rise and you will find out. Keep going to the docs with new symtoms they will document them and advise you from there.

Conrad, MT

#56 Feb 7, 2012
Please remember that with Lupus it is the body's own immune system that is causing the problem. When in a flare, boosting the immune system may make symptoms worse and can be dangerous.

Sikeston, MO

#57 Mar 9, 2012
antisia king wrote:
<quoted text> hi my name is antisia king and i have resently been told by doctor that i have lupus i would like to kw what natural things i could do to better myself. Whenever you have time could you please email me
To Antisia King: I use Monavie, you may email me with questions if you would like. My Address is:
I have been dealing with the lupus issues for many years now and after using nearly every herbal and homeopathic remedy out there;
a miracle happened! And I did not find it, it found me; that is Monavie.

Clarks Summit, PA

#58 Mar 15, 2012
This is important information. Even if one says that he/she does not have lupus, a friend or a relative may be afflicted of the condition. Knowing about the condition may help us understand more of their situation.

Chickasha, OK

#59 Jun 11, 2012
Hello - I was diagnosed with Sjogerns Sydrome and Lupus 3 years ago. I currently take Plaquenil and Evoxac. I would like to start juicing for my systoms but need some good recipes. And just a good overall diet plan. I take Ibuprophen 800 mg (prescription) when needed (my doctor wants me to take 3 a day - but I really don't want my kidneys failing at 50! Anyone out there with some good jucing ideas for inflamation and fatique?

Minneapolis, MN

#60 Jul 11, 2012
How well does plaquenil work for lupus?
Remona Grubbs

Anniston, AL

#61 Aug 29, 2012
ARUNA wrote:
<quoted text>
please send me more infomation My E-Mail
please send me more info thank you!
Remona Grubbs

Anniston, AL

#62 Aug 29, 2012
I have heard Dr Nataniel Walker has a good book on amazon for juicing for specific problems

Irvine, CA

#63 Jul 22, 2013
marlo wrote:
my daughter was recently diagnosed shes 22 and 6 months pregnant. I am stuffing this girl with juices and vegies and immune boosters. She is covered with the most horrible rash, yesterday she was out in public a little girl asked her mommy whats wrong with that lady, she told her i dont know stay away from her. My little girl cried all night. My heart is just breaking for her Someone Anyone please what can i do about this godforsakken rash. The drs are pretty much putting her lupus on hold because of the pregnancy I want her to feel pretty again any help would be greatly appreciated
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2007. One of my symptoms was rashes, more on my legs than my face, my doctor prescribed Plaquinil, but I'm sure with your daughter being pregnant this drug may not be an option. One of the side effects of Plaquinil is hair loss, which as you may already know is also a symptom for Lupus. On occasion I go off the medication and allow my body breaks (I don't recommend this for anyone else)from the drug induced side effects. During these breaks, I use a dab of cortisone and a dab of Neosporin. Good luck!
dr fungus says

Baulkham Hills, Australia

#64 Sep 23, 2013
dear all lupus believers what you have and billions of sufferers including your doctors is a good old and conveniently or deliberately overlooked CANDIDA for which there is no cure just control it with non candidal diet for rest of your life, candida is a mother of almost any fancy diagnostic name disease including diabetes and cancers, but there is no money in it if you all go on right non candidal diet.GOOGLE YEAST CONTAINING FOODS/ALLERGY read all my comments carefully it will save your life and cost nothing.

Calgary, Canada

#65 Oct 17, 2013
Hi all! I have came accross a product (all natural) that has helped some friends with Lupus and many others as well, and i have been looking for people to share it with, with similar conditions to try and help as many people out! If you think you would be willing to check it out to see if it could work for you, would you be interested in learning about it? email me if you are and we'll get connected - k . matieshin @ gmail . com

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