Hi, My name is Bijal Patel. I am a 4th year pharmacy student at Portsmouth University.

For my dissertation I have been required to develop and evaluate an electronic counselling application for patients initiated on methotrexate.

I have created a questionnaire based on the application and would appreciate it if you could have a look at the application and then complete the questionnaire so I could get your point of view.

The application is best viewed directly from your smartphone, but can be looked at via a computer.

1) Viewing the application:


2) Completing the questionnaire:


The application will request a username and password that was created in order for all patients' information to be kept private. I have created a default username - "Bijal" and password - "bijalpatel" which could be used or a new one can easily be created otherwise.

The total time to view the application and answer the questionnaire seems to be around 20 minutes, and yet again I would be ever so grateful if you could complete it.

All results will be treated anonymously and the data collected will remain confidential

Thank You

Bijal Patel (4th year Pharmacy student, University of Portsmouth)