Any of you have gas pains after surge...

Boise, ID

#102 Sep 2, 2010
I just had and umbibilical hernia repaired and I am full of air. it sucks. it's makeing my ribs pop.

Clifton Hill, Australia

#103 Sep 6, 2010
I had my appendix removed last week and after surgery suffered severe pains in my lower right side and under the right hand side of my rib cage. I also suffered fever and mid and lower back pain. After 6 days the pain has now eased however the stomach cramping from gas pains is somewhat unbearable at times. I have finally been able to open my bowels after 6 days which relieved some pressure and I increased the stimulants I take for my bowels and took movicol twice daily to ease the pressure. Key hole surgery sounds easy in theory but this operation will leave you feeling uncomfortable for at least 2 weeks later or so Im told. I've only just reached day 7. Good luck !

United States

#104 Sep 7, 2010
Hi, It's been 7 days since my surgery appendicitis out the gas is in my mid back and shouts up to my shoulder. i can't take it any more I can't sleep....Relief????? No rash.


#105 Sep 12, 2010
The only way to get relief is to move. You have to get up and walk. The gas is more painful than the surgery. That is why when you are in the hospital for more than a day they try to get you up and walking.

Los Gatos, CA

#106 Sep 22, 2010
Marijuana works wonders with the gas pain, just throwing that out there. I'm a daily smoker and it still has it's healing properties over me





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Billerica, MA

#107 Sep 25, 2010
I'm 10 days post-op lappy appy. Before discharge, they gave me a plastic gizmo called an Airlife Sprirometer ( ). it's an inhalation exercise that really helped my gas pains which were in my rear shoulders (apparently we have abdominal cavities that extend there).

Cherokee, NC

#108 Oct 4, 2010
had my surgery (gal bladder removal)@ 10am on monday morning. was told to fart and burp any time I felt the urge and not to be modest or gas would get trapped and be pail like never felt before. I have drank a thousand fizzy sodas and I still struggle to burp. They told me just to let it out like I was supposed to fell the sensation a lot after the surgery. I have not had to fart or pooo since. It has now been 14 hours since waking up frm surgery and I was just hit with the worst pain I could ever imagine in my right shoulder. Strange that with all this gas they put in me that Im not able to fart. Normally I fart more than anyone I have ever known but not today. cant understand it. Am I supposed to eat something special to make me fart cuz they didnt tell me anything about it, they just said let it out and dont be modest. Enough Typing I am on a mission to seek out BOOGER from "revenge of the Nerds" maybe he can help. Good Luck passing the gas.

Portree, UK

#109 Oct 5, 2010
kiwichick52 wrote:
I had an open fundoplication (anti-reflux) operation 10 days ago. My wound is healing nicely. My pain is coming from my left shoulder and my side/back which is apparently a build up of co2 gas from the operation. I was taken back to hospital 5 days after leaving due to the severe pain, so bad that I couldn't breathe without the feeling of being electrocuted!!! I have been sleeping on my recliner with heat packs and pain relief. Last night I tried my bed - oohhh big mistake. I managed to go to sleep despite the pain, but I woke up crying out in pain at 4am. Is there any methods of getting rid of the gas that anyone has found successful?
Hey i had this operation nearly 7 WEEKS ago and ive still got air trapped in my left shoulder its the most painfull thing ever the pain hasnt changed since the day of the op. I hope you find something to get rid of it. Bless of luck. xxx
Me too

Warrington, UK

#110 Oct 7, 2010
I had an emergency appendectomy on 7 days ago, they tried laprascopic which gave me 4 small wounds, but my appendix was so swollen it was stuck toy bowel so the had to remove it to remove the appendix, so they cut me open down the right hand side, I was in hospital for four days. The wound sites have been surprisingly painless, it's the muscles inside I'm struggling with, now I've got this bad pain under my right rib cage, i've had tightening in my chest too, and thanks to this website I now know it's trapped wind! Or gas as Many of you call it, thank you ! I was starting to worry!
Me too

Warrington, UK

#111 Oct 7, 2010
I had mine removed on Thursday last week, if it's any consolation I didn't go to the toilet until the Tuesday after, and peppermint helps with the farts!

La Vergne, TN

#112 Oct 23, 2010
I had lap band surgery last Wednesday and I am soo bloated from the gas. I've tried Pepto and a couple of other things. A heating pad helped a little with the discomfort. I just hope I'm better before I go back to work on Monday otherwise I'll probably let one rip at work. I'd rather not do that. :-)
Mercy Weaver

Hialeah, FL

#113 Oct 26, 2010
Hi! I just had my Laparoscopic surgery on Oct.16 2010 and spent 1week in the hospital.the pain is nothing compare to the gas thats lurking all over my's a horrible feeling.I tried everything but nothing seems to work.I am now home and tried my grandmas old remedies from the Philippines.FRESH GINGER wash peeled and smashed with 5 cups water and boiled for 30 t0 45 min. wrapped yourself with heavy terry robe or blanket and enjoy the tea.meditate moved your intire body and feel the gas sweat it out of your body.keep drinking until you dont feel it works for me.and I hope it will to you too.good
Mercy Weaver

Hialeah, FL

#114 Oct 26, 2010
Nikki wrote:
<quoted text>
Hey i had this operation nearly 7 WEEKS ago and ive still got air trapped in my left shoulder its the most painfull thing ever the pain hasnt changed since the day of the op. I hope you find something to get rid of it. Bless of luck. xxx
fresh Ginger root wash and smashed boiled with 5 cups of water for 45 min. wrap yourself in heavy blaket or robe enjoy the tea.meditate moved your intire body and just feel the gas sweat it out.continue drinking if u still had the pain.I just drink mine plain this is my Grandmas old remedies from the Philippines and it works for good luck.
Nurse becomes the Patient

United States

#115 Oct 30, 2010
i had my gallbladder removed yesterday morning,it was do was out patient so i got go home 2 hrs later. For me what hurts the most is the jp drain, i dont even feel the other 2 incision.And as common i expierence discomfort with the gas.

Manchester, NH

#116 Oct 30, 2010
Yesterday I had an appendectomy, I thought my shoulders were just tensed from the stress of the operation, but as I am reading and googling I am finding out it's from c02. For anyone looking for relief, this is what I have done, instead of taking the narcotics prescribed, I have taken 800 mg of ibuprofen. I have only taken the narcotics to sleep at night. Obviously go slow, but try to move around, have someone massage your shoulders, and drink warm water with sugar in it. It sounds crazy and random, but it might help.

Penticton, Canada

#117 Nov 15, 2010
I had a hysterectomy over 3 weeks ago. I have had chest pain so bad i just want ed to die!!!!! I have also had shotness of breath like I have never experienced before. I went to ER room 3 times complaining of no air...cant breath...They kept telling me I was having a nervous breakdown because of major stress in my family and then a major chalk it up to stree!!!!!!! I could not believe this because I did not have these symptoms before surgery. In total dispair I was listening to everyone tell me it was stress and I had to deal with it.I am the kind of person who will not give up!!!!!!!!!! SO I went to my Doc and she had me do a peak flow test to see how how much air I was was 200 average adult is 450... Gee is there a problem???She thought I had asthma and put me on a puffer. After two or three days no relief. Yesterday was my first day to be able to breath freely and take a deep breath.....Just like heaven. The problem was indeed GAS... All my chest pains all my shortness of breath all GAS... I was chugging Canada dry ginger ale. And I never burped so many times in one day in my life. My kids were laughing at me it was so bad. But after 2 days of burping I feel it is almost all out. NOT ONE DOCTOR TOLD me it could be gas...not one! 24 days in pain...Keep on burping and farting as much as you can to get it all out. The gas they use in surgery must be a huge amount, and nobodoy seems to tell you what could happen!!!!!!!!!! Keep your chin up!!!! The gas will go away, just don't eat anything that produces broccoli,onions, spices things...anything that produces... Drink tons of pop, like Canada dry. Get it all out. I wish I would have had this info 24 days ago, I would not have suffered so bad. I hope this info helps YOU!!!!!

Penticton, Canada

#118 Nov 15, 2010
Sheila wrote:
I had a hystorectomy last Tuesday and just started having gas pains in my shoulder/ribs(Rt.)7 days later...I have never hurt this much when I breathe hurts so bad just to take a small breath. I am taking gas-x, Mylanta,Rolaids and pain pills and nothing seems to touch the pain. One thing that feels kinda good is a light massage of my rib cage and that is only temporary relief. Doctors can remove all these organs but, no miracle cure for surgical "GAS"...come on...
Sheila!!!!!!!!!! read my post it will help you!!!!!!!!!! Kim

Penticton, Canada

#119 Nov 15, 2010
Sheila......... read my post it will help you !!!!!!!!!! I don't want anyone else to suffer because doctors are so stupid!!!!!!!!!!
David Campbell

Sunderland, UK

#120 Jan 3, 2011
Had my Appendix out 5 days ago and I'm still experiencing co2 in my right shoulder. It feels like cramp. Constantly burping. Seems to be a normal thing after keyhole surgery so I'm sure it will pass eventually.

Merritt Island, FL

#121 Jan 8, 2011
i just had a tubal on friday n this gas pain its killing me on shoulders and under my ribs.

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