Any of you have gas pains after surge...
Jennifer S

New York, NY

#284 Feb 2, 2013
I had my appendix removed Wednesday... it's been 72 since surgery. It hurts to breath, cough, stand up straight, laugh, move, etc. They say walking helps but how often should I walk? Is it normal to take 5 minutes to get up? Is there an easier way? Someone please help.

Loughton, UK

#285 Feb 2, 2013
Let me tell you what i think about the gas. If i had to have surgery again i would demant they never do any key hole on me where they use co2. The gas pain i had after a hernia op was litterally the worst pain iv ever had in my entire life. I could not lie down, i was almost crying with it and it didnt sart untill nearly 2 weeks after the op. No pain killers can touch that sort of pain, and a lot of people on here seem to be under the false belief that you can burp or fart out this gas. You cant, its co2 thats been pumped in between your organs, its not in your intestine, you cant burp or fart it out, nothing you eat or drink will make any difference. The gas will be naturally expelled as you cells absorb the co2 over time, thats the only way it will go, so if you have it, get ready for pain from hell, because nothing hurts this bad in my experience

Portland, OR

#286 Feb 4, 2013
Bea, your going to need to see a specialist for your pain sounds like it was caused from the surgery I'm assuming it is temporary...I guess time will tell. I would see a chinese medicine or ND doctor to find a natural way to deal with the pain and try Arinca Montana for the pain and maybe rub Traumeel oinment on the area. Sorry to hear about your situation. For me natural things that are recommended by my ND has worked millions times better than what my Naturapathic or chinese medicine doctor recommends. Plus natural things don't make me feel dopey, spaced out or sleepy.

Portland, OR

#287 Feb 4, 2013
My obgyn said everyone is different, some people have pain and some don't. Some people take 2-3 days off and some people two weeks. It is hard to say the why this is ...I'm sure it they did a study maybe there is a reason. I think of that movie where Bruce Willis is the Unbreakable Man...well maybe it is gentics. Who knows? I did not have too much pain my shoulder hurt at the short stay. It is 10 days later and I feel really tired. I did a natural 5 day prep prior to surgery to make sure everything would be a breeze, I was still worried about the effects of the gas since I had read other people stories, The same day I came home from surgery I walked the length of my living room for 30-45 minutes perhaps it helped. The one thing I noticed was I'm sooooooo tired plus one week later I had oral surgery to get a root canal out and I think the combination of the two surgeries in less than 10 days really really zapped me and made me super sleepy It did not occur to me that even oral surgery can make you so sleepy. For the next month I'm just laying around and sleep with my cat, Noodles.

Portland, OR

#288 Feb 21, 2013
I thought my surgery recovery was breeze... Now this is really odd, exactly THIRTY days after exploratory Laparoscopic surgery I had bad lower back inflammation felt like a mild sun burn and the pain was radiating up my spine into my skull and even down one of my legs. I went ot urgency care, they ran all the tests to look for infection found nothing and gave me anti- inflammatories told me to do yoga stretches. The next day I stopped to get acupuncture Told them about inflammation they what has been going on in the last month or two? Well then the light came on!Could the gas from the surgery one month later been trapped in my bod is causing this level of inflammation?? There was no other explanation.I'm now convinced that it takes months to feel better even from a minor surgery . When my OBGYN doctor told me two weeks after surgery I could start yoga and start running again...I thought she has lost her mind since I was so sleepy and still sore!
lalesia fort worth tx

Fort Worth, TX

#289 Feb 25, 2013
I had lap-band surgery 2-8-13 and i am still having pain, i bought a hand massager that vibrates and i lean my back up against it to move the pain down, i keep heat pad on it also and i drink ginger and peppermint tea hot, it seems to help, it would hurt so bad that i would just cry, hope this helps some...

Greenwood, SC

#290 Mar 10, 2013
I have been massaging my neck and shoulders. It's been two days and I just wish I could soak in a super hot bath. It's getting better I guess but I've only passed gas like twice. I think its all in my neck and shoulder. I hope it goes away soon cuz it and my belly button are giving me the blues.


#291 Mar 13, 2013
I had lap surgery last Monday and have been fine apart from what I now known is gas. The pain is horrendous. I have tried hot drinks hot water bottles moving around and fizzy drinks but nothing seems to shift it. Back at work on Monday but won't be getting much done feeling like this. We really should be told that this will happen I thought I was coming down with a sickness bug to start with but after reading all ur comments I now know what it is. Just wish I could shift it

United States

#292 Mar 16, 2013
I Here i just had my gallblader out yesterday nd i have had in my uper arm my back my neke nd shoulders nd its driving me crazy
for real

Prestonsburg, KY

#293 Mar 19, 2013
I agree. Had my surgery Monday 10:00am. Im hurting so bad with the gas running through the top part of my body. I have had three other surgery, never went through THIS with the gas.... omg... its the most painful thing I think I have ever experienced.
In pain

Niagara Falls, Canada

#294 Mar 22, 2013
I just had my tubes tied and filled with gas. The gas pains have been alot worse than the actual incision holes. The shoulder pain is awful. My nurse told me to lay flat on my back with my legs in the air resting on the wall or headboard. It seems to be working for me. Walking helps move the gas too.

Cork, Ireland

#295 Mar 22, 2013
ya just after keyhole surgery after hernia...they told me i might have shoulder pain but never explained why? i got it bad and then it moved to my tummy and back...... i just walked around allot and had some beers..... now I'm waiting for that big fart... don't worry...don't rest with it walk around...keep active....

Carrum Downs, Australia

#297 Apr 4, 2013
Had my appendix out and my stomach was sooooo bloated, is there anything that I can do yo for releif or is time the only healer ?

Florence, AL

#298 Apr 10, 2013
I had gall bladder surgery 13 days ago, and am still dealing with the pain from the CO2. Usually it starts in my upper abdomen and then the pain travels to my shoulders. It has been unbearable, and I went to the emergency room the day after my surgery and was admitted for 2 days for observation. All this time they kept me npo (no food or drink), and when I got out of the hospital I was so nauseous I could barely eat or drink anything. One week after my surgery my nausea went away, but the gas pains continue. Yesterday I thought I was over it, but woke up at 3:30 am with severe pain and had to get up and do the routine of walking, massage, drinking hot tea, and using heating pads. 2 hours later I did get some relief. My doctor told me yesterday that gas pains from the CO2 only last 24 hours. It baffles me how a surgeon that has performed 100's of these operations can be so clueless and insensitive. On the bright side, I have lost 11 pounds, and I am very hopeful that the gas pains will subside soon. After all, they only put a finite amount of gas in you and I do think I am expelling it little by little.
Worried parent wrote:
My daughter had a laparoscopic appendectomy four days ago. She has had major right shoulder pain ever since. The doctor says it is the CO2 gas. When we asked for post-operative instructions to relieve this gas, he commented that she may have had a pre-existing condition such as bursitis. She is only 24 years old and has never had shoulder problems before. Honestly, is this some big secret that the doctors are hiding, because her doctor changed the subject and acted like he didn't want to talk about it.
What will make her right shoulder pain go away?

New Port Richey, FL

#299 Apr 12, 2013
I had laparascopy surgery less then 24 hours ago. I'm 16 and was in excruciating pain I have only slept 2 hours because of the pain. About an hour after my surgery I got up and started walking. I still walk a lot to move the bubbles. The pain is mostly in my right shoulder. I find laying on my left side helps, and so does sitting up and laying my head to the right side. The pain has keeps going down as the hours pass I think it will be gone in a couple of days :)

United States

#301 Apr 16, 2013
try hot tea with lemon and rock in a rocking chair...pushing off with feet...

Glasgow, UK

#302 Apr 19, 2013
I had my gall bladder removed yesterday had severe pains in my shoulders since from gas. this afternoon i couldnt take it anymore. i massaged both my shoulders (front not back where the pain was) then left a hot water bottle on each for 30 mins. i am now completely pain free. hope this helps anyone :-)

Toronto, Canada

#303 May 2, 2013
I had my surgery Apr 11th and until now I still burp a lot and every time I eat, I feel so full right away and start burping some more. I noticed burping helps though. I also experience shortness of breath from time to time. I'm trying boiled ginger now... hope this works for me.

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#305 May 13, 2013
Hi guys, I've just had my 2nd laparoscopy & agreed the CO2 is very painful. I explained how I felt after my first to my dr & he said he would try to remove as much of the CO2 after this 2nd procedure. Although it still hurts it is not half as bad as my first experience,(which made me vomit with pain it was so bad!) my anaesthetist also added anti vomit medication to my anaesthetic so this would not be a problem this time round as well. I suggest you make these requests if you have to have this type of surgery in the future as it helped me. Yes try & keep mobile after any op for DVT's & also the CO2. In terms of bowel movements I suggest Lactulose & drink lots & lots of water as this will help too! I do hope you all feel better very soon & that you will never have to go through this again! Good luck & remain positive!
; ) the pain will go!


#306 May 15, 2013
hi guys
i was starting to worry that i had something wrong with me im on day 7 of a investigative laparoscopy ,,oh my god still have pains under my ribs,kind of centred near diaphram have walked about got on with normal activitys 2-3 days after op,but nothing is working at times it is so difficult to take a full breath,have tried wind ease recomended by pharmasist
it is not working all it does is give me loose tummy
have been burping up frothy foam,is this part of it does anyone know as im going stir crazy feel like i have been in a ring with tyson !!!
any advice would be great as im at the end of my tether and my gp is almost inpossible to get an appointment with
many thanks for any help. x

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