Any of you have gas pains after surge...

Fitzroy North, Australia

#263 Oct 29, 2012
Hi had emergency laparoscopy for ectopic rupture, day 3 post op terrible pain in shoulders, solar plexus, I am treating with hot wheat packs/hot water bottles on back, I am rubbing deap heat ointment onto solar plexus/diaphragm area. I'm taking regular pain relief, get up and move which hurts as.much as I can every 2 hours, drinking ginger tea & soda water, I think ill get some anti gas pills, as will try anything, incisions very sore but gas pain dreadful, if anyone has solutions pls post, the deep heat rub really helping and I'm useing heat massage chair too, get well soon x


#264 Nov 15, 2012
Had my gall bladder removed yesterday. Pain under my left shoulder, around my diaphram. Absolultly crippling. Any suggestions?

Northampton, UK

#266 Nov 20, 2012
I had a laparoscopic appendectomy on Sunday morning and the gas pain was agonising. Infact it was the sorest part of my run in with appendicitis!

I have a pocket over my ribs and in my shoulders. The nurses suggested walking around which sounded rotten but its working. Before I go to bed especially, I stroll around the room like an expectant mother and burp a bit. Try rolling your shoulders back and forward to help the gas get moving. Sitting still will allow the gas to settle and that's when it gets sore.

I'm back home now and had a full nights sleep last night :-)

Wishing everyone well with their gas filled bellies xx

Ithaca, NY

#267 Nov 21, 2012
This is absolutely the worst pain ever! I've had nose job, boob job, oral surgery, dry sockets, two bad birthing experiences- and it doesn't even compare! I had tubes tied and an ablation yesterday. Last night I felt like I was having a full blown heart attack- I'm 43 yrs old!!! I walked when I could, took my pain meds... Had my mother rub the back area of ribs- today was the abdomen pain- couldn't walk or bend- at 120 pounds- I look 6 months pregnant- and tonight it's in my shoulder and belly button region! Awful- my nurse told me heat packs and to lay/sleep on left side- good luck to all...

Kitchener, Canada

#268 Nov 30, 2012
i had a surgery the other day and my shoulder hurts :'( also the right side of my scrotum is swollen and seems to be filled with air? is this normal? what should i do?

Greenwood, IN

#269 Dec 4, 2012
Had cesarean Aug 1st and was constipated after, tubes banded Oct 17th laperoscopically with horrendous trapped gas pains in shoulder. Muse at the time told me could happen off and on for up to six months. In the last month it is back and much worse. Killing my back, chest, shoulders ...even feels like my heart will explode. Laying on my left or back make me just want to die. Still so constipated. What on earth can I. Do? I've tried drinking soda, walking, tums, and now gas x. Still killing me.
LA Lady

United States

#270 Dec 15, 2012
I had lap band surgery done 1 week ago and I too suffer from excruciating pains in my left shoulder, chest, and back. I've been told by nurses that it's gas and that the more I move the better it gets. Moving hasn't helped any and neither has Tums, Gas X, warm juice, nothing! Praying it gets better in time.

Los Angeles, CA

#271 Dec 20, 2012
surgery. for hemmorhoids 12/17/12 and gas so bad worse than surgery. thought I was having appendicitis it was so bad and I. my shoulders ribs. no one told me about gas after. Definitely do not drink from straw or cold anything and you have to eat if you are gonna take the narcotics.

Springfield, MO

#272 Dec 25, 2012
I had laprascoptic gall bladder surgery 10 Months
ago. Still have tender spots in stomach area.
Some days worse than others. Still have some gas, but not continual. Shouldn't those tender areas be
healed by now? Have heard this is not unusual for
some people to have for years after the surgery.
Have no nausea. Bowel movements are good. Just
discomfort in the surgery area.

Springfield, MO

#273 Dec 25, 2012
chims wrote:
Had cesarean Aug 1st and was constipated after, tubes banded Oct 17th laperoscopically with horrendous trapped gas pains in shoulder. Muse at the time told me could happen off and on for up to six months. In the last month it is back and much worse. Killing my back, chest, shoulders ...even feels like my heart will explode. Laying on my left or back make me just want to die. Still so constipated. What on earth can I. Do? I've tried drinking soda, walking, tums, and now gas x. Still killing me.
Go to or call them at 1-800-437-4148 & order a bottle of Serrazimes. It's an enzyme. It's good for just about
everything. Check it out.

Denver, CO

#274 Dec 27, 2012
I had awfull gas pain in my shoulders when i woke up it put me in tears and im a 31 year old man. They gave me morphine and a heating pad it was gone in 10 min after my appendicitus surgery...after 3 days i went back to work as a plumber im amazed at how little this surgery hurt cuz my wife cried like a baby when she had hers or maybe the rest of the world is a bunch of pussies.cuz i hear alot of crying on here look if you are bleeding 3 days after surgery or hurting worse than your actual appendicitus go back to the emergency room and get evaluated also eat a soft diet i had my done on christmas so i said screw it and ate ham taters bacon sausage right after surgery and it made it hard to poop.

United States

#275 Dec 29, 2012
Kevin, you sound like an arrogant ass & I feel sorry for your wife. I've kept myself in good shape, eat well, have had shattered bones and given birth a few times so I know pain my friend & this gas pain in ribs & shoulders is no joke.
I had surgery yesterday but On to trying what helps--moving around helps, laying flat on my back with a pillow under my knees helped while sleeping and when I woke up this morning in violent pain, I took gas x--which I didn't find helpful and I put a heating pad on which is amazing relief! I want to wrap my upper body in them. I'm drinking warm seltzer in hopes of getting the gas out and doing my best to move around & hopefully shift it out--I think it's just one if those things that has to suck for a little while before you get better.good luck everyone.

Richmond, VA

#276 Jan 4, 2013
I just had an appendectomy yesterday and am having gas pains that move from my shoulders to lower stomach and under my ribs. Do gas meds work? I can't seem to pass and it hurts worse to lay on my side.

Beverly Hills, CA

#277 Jan 9, 2013
Just completed abdominal surgery on Dec. 29 2012. I am 62 yr old man in good health. Kaiser ER made a wrong diagnosis by telling me that I have stomach flu while I have blockage. They ended up opening my belly vertical about 8 in long. It took almost 4 days to pass the gas and now 10 days after surgery I still have problem with trapped gas moving around causing cramps. Every bowel movements is followed by cramps. Btw, I also have hot flashes and cold sweat the first week after surgery. Walking seemed to alleviate passing of the gas. I just thought I share my experience.
grace bahrain


#278 Jan 19, 2013
i done laporoscopic surgery for 5 months now but still i can feel heavy pain under my chest around my ribs....what should i do to cure this gas pain any suggestion to me...anybody can send comment to my email adds..[email protected]. thanks
grace bahrain


#279 Jan 19, 2013
I done laporoscopic surgery last july but until now i still feel heavy pain under my chest around my ribs because of this gas pain..Any remedies to cure this gas pain? any suggestion me in my adds [email protected] thanks!!


Cloquet, MN

#280 Jan 20, 2013
I had laparoscopic surgery five days ago. I felt fine at the hospital and was release within 24 hours of the surgery. By the time I got home I began experiencing severe cramping pain in my back between my shoulder blades that caused me to tense up my stomach muscles where my surgery was performed and gave me severe pain that I'd rate at 12 on a scale of 0 to ten. While my wife went to get my prescriptions filled I could won an Oscar playing both lead parts in Frankenstein meets Wolfman. My doctor said that gas pain occurs in about ten percent of the cases, but just said that it should go away in a couple days. It's okay now. The pain medicine did little to stop the pain, but at least enabled me to relax and not tense the muscles. I can see that hot pads would have been helpful.

Portland, OR

#281 Jan 23, 2013
I became severely ill I could no longer worked , drive or walk even a block. I did nothing for 15 months except see doctor and specialist I had 20 tests ultra sounds, cat scan MRI we have great insurance. Astonishing find is that most medical doctors and even the obgyn refused to believe 2.5 cm ovarian cysts could make me so sick . At the 15 month mark they finally did the exploratory laprascopic surgery they found a few cysts and removed them After the surgery I felt a little woozy the first day of course they had pumped the gas into the abdomen to see my organs. I have slight shoulder pain only at the hospital it was no big deal. I came home and by the second day I felt fine. I did drank tons of water the day before surgery, and I also did a five day prep before surgery with Arnica Montana, aloe vera juice and vitamin A and bromelain. I'm 35 and weight 102 lb

Portland, OR

#282 Jan 23, 2013
oh I also walked a lot the first day after surgery to get the gas out of the body I do not know if that helped or not I think it must have

Temecula, CA

#283 Jan 31, 2013
I had a full hysterectomy Dec 2012, during the forst week of recovery I noticed pain in my ledt shoulder. My 6 week check up I still had the pain and it had only worsened.
I presently have awful pain, cant sleep, can not comb my hair and I have limited use of my left arm. My Dr told me today, Im suffering from phrenic nerve damage.
Im in so much pain all the time and pain medicine does not work. What can I do?

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