Recovery after appendix surgery

Brisbane, Australia

#1599 Dec 20, 2012
i had keyhole surgery for my appendix removal 4 days ago, sent home from hospital 8 hours after operation, not knowing anything. Pain is not so intense now but feel andlook like i am 5 months pregnant, how long does it take for stomach to go down to normal and did people smoke cigerates after having surgery, i am smoking around 5 a day.

Brisbane, Australia

#1600 Dec 20, 2012
I had my appendix through keyhole surgery on Sunday 16th night at midnight went home from hospital at 11-30 Monday morning, not knowing anything, it is 4 days and pain is not as bad, but belly-button wound still very sore and the bloating is so huge, feel like i am pregnant again, find walking small amounts helps but still get very tired and nauseous. Went to doctor y-day and have an infection inside my body so am on two types of anti-biotics f0r 10 days. Am actually on 6 weeks hols , great beginining, doc says it will take all that time to revcover totally and to rest often, no lifting etc or driving for 2 weeks. A very quiet christmas celebrating with driinking lots of water, hope you feel better, make sure you rest as it is a big operation even though we don't really see the evidence of it. cheers

Bratislava, Slovakia

#1601 Dec 20, 2012
I'm after this appendix surgery and yes it pains but you have to get over it they said i have to stand atleast 24 hours after surgery I did it with the help of nurses but with pain then back to bed and relax afte another 36 hours I was able to move slowly but did it on toilet u have to make little goals now im 11 days from the surgery and i can move with just little pain and its great in another 11 days I hope I will be fully mobile :D good luck ppls ps: I refused to take any pain killers except the infused ones right after surgery after 24 hours no pain killers needed... good luck again

Pleasanton, CA

#1602 Dec 21, 2012
I had my appendix taken out on Saturday morning after an awful night in the ER. I haven't had a bowel movement and am starting to get concerned about bloating and pain. I was told to walk as much as I can but do nothing else. I was hoping the bowel issue will resolve itself soon. I have been following doctor's orders and I still feel crappy.


#1603 Dec 22, 2012
In early stages of pregnancy, Had apendix out on 17/12/12- in excruciating pain following surgery, unable to urinate- had catheter but was able to the next day.. Took 2 days for bowel movement which was normal n on day 3 started diareha?? Pain was worse than labour for me and any other surgery I've had... Day 5 now, feeling lots better however the pains still bad but tolerable to a point.. Unable to eat much, and am having sharp pains like lightning inside?? I'm quite shocked at the different affects this procedure has on people... At least We will never have to go through this again


#1604 Dec 25, 2012
Greg Sydney Australia wrote:
What is wrong with the medical system in UK.
You guys sound like your in the stone age, in Australia they would never dream of letting you out post op the next day, and NO Antibiotics, there is something seriously wrong with your health system.
Actually, I'm in Australia and had my appendix out on Christmas Eve at 4pm and was released at 9am the next morning with no pain killers or antibiotics. I'm in pain and worried I might have/develop an infection. I was in a reputable private hospital too!
Judy in Florida

Boca Raton, FL

#1605 Dec 25, 2012
Pain has gone after 2-1/2 wks....swelling gone....still a small lump at bellybutton site, but no real pain. Will wait to see if lump disappears in another 1-2 wks. MUCH better and relieved!

United States

#1606 Dec 25, 2012
I got my appendix out 10 days ago.. I feel totally normal and have been popping once a day.. but there is occasionally a bit of mucus in my stools.. does anyone else have the mucus? I can't find too much info about it online

United States

#1607 Dec 25, 2012
Deffinetely the worst part of the aftermath. I had my appendix removed around 9 pm and spent the whole night sitting on the toilet.. and the urination continued for an additional 3 days after surgery but then went back to mormal.
Tracy wrote:
Has anyone had trouble with your bladder spazing on you and wanting to pee all the time. I cannot sleep at all without it waking me up. I had my suregery 4 days ago and just out of the hospital.

Denver, CO

#1608 Dec 26, 2012
Im on day 2 i feel ok its hard to pee im constipated im bloated and swollen im bleeding out of my belly button enough to soak an entire guaze pad every 6 hours pain is not bad at all i can get up and walk on my own i just feel bloated thats all and im pretty bruised my rib cage hurts on rightside just took dol co lax anf metemucil. I wanna poop i havent had any urge yet and its been days.

Denver, CO

#1609 Dec 27, 2012
Day 3 bruises look worse i feel virtually no pain when laying down i have stopped bleeding still have not pooped my stomach is swollen i have taken all my pain meds as directed most of the time i would take another half a pain pill when you take them it helps a ton also i have made sure to hit my max tylenol and ibu limits for 24 hours be carefull cuz your pain meds have tylenol in them..i took more dol co lax and metemucil i am a plumber i think that i will go back to work tomorrow remember i had my appendix taken out with a laperscopy i have 3 insicions one on my belly button another 2 inches down and 2 inches left of my belly button.and another 4 inches below my belly button with my appendix being on the right side of my belly button they took my appendix out through the far left incision weird my doctor was dr granger in the murray utah hospital and i think that guy has magic hands cuz i feel great i was amazed that i was in far less pain than my actual appendix pain so if you get an appendicitus go to that hospital get that surgeon if possible i am absolutley amazed at what im capable of after major surgery give that man a raise ...all i gotta do is poop a cat and ill be sitting pretty

Eugene, OR

#1610 Jan 1, 2013
I had my appendix removed three weeks ago and im still illregular, and in pain. My incission sites take turns hurting and feel like they 'er tearing or ripping. Still queasy, and get tired easy. I started feeling ill on a sunday, monday morning i was still hurting, only ran on feaver, and was hospitalized for three day and two of which were spent fasting and hooked up to an iv full of antibiotics. Had i waited a moment longer i would have been in the icu with a stomach pump. My abdominal pain is not just on my right side but all over. Is that normal?

West Drayton, UK

#1611 Jan 1, 2013
Had my apendics taken out on the 11th dec.only in for 2 days had it done by keyhole.still feel tired and in bit pain.not sure how long should be off work cause do heavy lifting job.still getting pain in my right side.

United States

#1612 Jan 2, 2013
I had my appendix removed on Sat and i have felt horrible since. Haven't had much pain, well not horrible anyways. My main concern is starting yesterday I have had horrible diharea and there seems to be light blood in my stools. Does anyone know if this is normal or had anyone had the same issue? If i eat something it doesn't stay in and im racing to the restroom. The stomach cramps are the worst.

Karachi, Pakistan

#1613 Jan 2, 2013
I got my appendix removed on 27th dec last year, i want to know that is it safe walking after a week? Because today when i got down for a while, i was noticing that why is it that i'm feeling it difficult to breathe while walking. So i was thinking what should be the time for my perfect recovery. And does it create a problem in climbing and getting down stairs? please let me know!

Hollister, CA

#1614 Jan 3, 2013
Kay wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, I agree with you. Why is the appetite affected so much from this surgery? I have always
loved food, now certain foods and smells make me nauseas.
. I had been feeling nauseous about two month before my surgery, lost about 30lb. After months of testing I ended up in the e.r. Due to constant vomiting. After a ultra sound dr said I had stones lodged in my appendix. Never had any pain , just nauseous . They removed my appendix but a year later and I'm still very nauseous & don't have an appetite . Has anyone ever experience this? Need help desperately. Jacob

Greenway, Australia

#1615 Jan 6, 2013
I had a laparoscopic appendectomy 2 weeks ago and had a lot of the same discomfort. Looked like I was 4 months pregnant from the bloating which lasted about a was extremely uncomfortable and painful to move around and sleep at night. I had to sleep on my back and had a lot of pain in the top of my back and hard to breathe the next morning. I also had severe shoulder pain for a few days but it went away. I felt better once I could move around more in bed. I didn't have a bowel movement until the 3rd day but used an enema to help...what a relief but it wasn't easy. I felt so much better after that. It's been over two weeks now and I feel much better but every day I can a sudden pain where the appendix hurts a lot and seems to happen if I've done a bit too much that day...although it occurs fairly randomly. I'm going to the doctor to find out if this is normal. I was previously told if it was painful all the time then I should get it checked out as it could be fluid or an abscess - I don't think it's that though because it's not painful all the time.
j weyland

Appleton, WI

#1616 Jan 6, 2013
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not wors.
f baby man up

United States

#1617 Jan 8, 2013
On 12/12/12 I finally went to the ER after having stomach pain for 5 days. They did the CT scan and decided to operate and do a laparoscopic appendectomy. They couldn't yet tell if it was ruptured. After surgery the surgeon told my family it was the worst he's ever seen it was in two pieces and poop everywhere he had to wash it out. I had a 18 inch tube drain in and had to have my other incision packed with iotaform changed everyday. I was in the hospital for a week and a half then off work for 2 weeks. The entire ordeal was horrific. Most of the time in the hospital I spent sitting up so when I coughed I could be in a lil bit less pain. I'm 26 years old and never had health problems before. Its been about a month since surgery and I still hurt badly esp. In the morning and when I cough. I've been taking tylenol and ibprofen to help with the pain. I am still very bloated and have to wear sweat pants. I honestly feel for anyone having this done and for those of you whose didn't rupture be grateful.

Baltimore, MD

#1618 Jan 10, 2013
I had my appendix out last Friday. Everything went well...back to work on Monday. I am a school teacher so I taught sitting down on Monday but now it is Thursday and I am fine. My was done laprascopically and was textbook easy. Get help early if you have pain in your lower right abdomen

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