Recovery after appendix surgery
the examiner

Montréal, Canada

#1010 Apr 9, 2011
Martijn D wrote:
I had my appendix removed in the evening of the 19th of march (Saturday). Surgery was at about 20:30, and I was allowed to go home the next morning (Sunday) around 10:30. I really had no idea what to expect because this was my first time in hospital, but it al went suprisingly fast to me.
After I got home, the wounds were a little painful when moving during the first two days, but not that bad at all luckily.
Now, 7th of April, so that's about 2.5 weeks later, I notice that the pain in my abdomen as if I had appendicitis is returning. I'm not sure what it is but it's the same feeling, although very mildly right now, but if it starts to worsen like appendicitis then it'll reach the point where I faint because of the pain in two days (even though my pain threshold is high,(I actually did faint when I had appendicitis. Unfortunatly when that happened, I just kept on going as if nothing is happening even though I can only see very faintly in dark gray/black, was hearing an extremely annoying high pitch beeping sound, and my head was hurting bad. So I was actually walking through the house when I fainted and made a faceplant on the stone tiles, OUCH! XD (Off-topic sorry =\))). but so uhm, yeah, it's concerning me I bit that I'm experiencing this same feeling 2 weeks after my appendix removed. Is this normal? I'm not the worrying type of person but I'd like to know what's causing this.=\
I think you got an infection in your abdomen. If I were you I would go to the hospital right away for a CT scan. They might have to put a tube in your abdomen to drain out the pus and blood in the abscess.

Union, NJ

#1011 Apr 12, 2011
I had my appendix out a few months ago and now have a lump near my belly button. Is this just scar tissue? Does anyone else have this? Thank you




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Newport Beach, CA

#1012 Apr 13, 2011
im was 8 when they took out my appendix and it wasnt that bad i just hated havn to get up and walk to make my lower left top hurtin

Brockville, Canada

#1013 Apr 14, 2011
I had surgery about four weeks ago ( my appendix ruptured). I'm still in pain and I have been pooing clear liquid with mucus, please tell me this is normal.





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Bridgetown, Barbados

#1014 Apr 14, 2011
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.
Had surgery done 7 weeks ago now, getting sharp shooting pains, mood swings, and bloating too. Thought it was the driving, going over all those bumps that's irritating muscles!!!

Bridgetown, Barbados

#1015 Apr 14, 2011
Had surgery done 7 weeks ago now. Getting sharp, shooting pains on right side,where surgery was done. Stomach hard and bloaty, going bathroom alright though. Getting mood swings, depressed, or annoyed mostly, tired all the time, appetite is weird too. Hip on right side pains a lot too. But reading comments I hope pain doesn't go on for months, scared now!!!
Kyle Mansell


#1016 Apr 15, 2011
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.
i had mine out 8 days ago... 7 days in total in hospital (UK its free health care) had al sorts to make me poop... this is day 4 now after my first post operative poop and I can't yet poop.... i would recommend that you go back to the Emergency Department or your Doctor... you might of giving yourself a hernia

Maspeth, NY

#1017 Apr 15, 2011
Faye wrote:
ok, guys yes the not going for a # 2 is normal. Think about it. The appendix is behind or near your large bowl. The doc has to move all that intestines around to get at it. Mine was removed 7 days ago and doc said it was one of the worst he ever seen. It is suppose to be free not attached to anything and mine was totally imbedded into my large bowl and attached to my stomach (i had 2 years of off and on pain thinking it was irritable bowl syndrome.) Anyway he kept me on clear liquid diet for 6 days straight (only broths, tea, and jello) Needless to say I didn't have to worry about weight gain. But once I got out on Monday I had 1/2 a piece of toast and an egg..... arrrgh, the opposite of constipation occurred. I went on the RABY diet for the other problem (rice, applesauce, banana, bread white, plain yorgurt) and all settled. But everyone is different. I recommend seeing your doctor and and asking for Domparidome (motilimum) it speeds up the digestive tract and will very calmly help with the constipation. My doc put me on it to get ride of the excessive "air" or "bloating" after the surgery.... it helped but caused the opposite problem when I finally ate (but I hadn't eaten for 4 days prior to surgery because of the pain so my body freaked out) otherwise if your doc won't prescribe this med, hight fiber diet and stool softener.... Ok.. you probably have guessed, all my family is in the health arena. My dad is a pharmacist for 25 years so trust me on this one... not to mention my mom is a nurse and my big bro a nurse practioner. Anyway... Domparidom guys... its gentle, fast acting and very useful. Thanks... Ps. Is anyone experiencing general Bloating or puffiness from surgery. I am very fit and have an ironing board stomache... except now it looks like I'm 3 months pregnant... slowly going down but arrrrgh..... Just started back on light cardio at gym today and felt good. <quoted text>
Yup, I'm a fitness professional, had my appendix out on Monday and now on Friday still look 4 months pregnant--puffy and bloated and swollen in my abdomen and mid section. Also just generally uncomfortable as I guess this gas they infuse inside is just still hanging out in there. And no constipation but lost of the opposite. I just want to know I'll be myself again, and hopefully sooner than later. So good to know this is being experienced by others.

Downey, CA

#1018 Apr 18, 2011
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.
You are right! I am a nurse and just had mine out 5 days ago, it takes time to recover completely 6 wks before you should be out excercizing or doing strenuous activity, you have two choices follow the dr's orders and get well with no complications or take a chance and have possible severve complications? I'm a runner and I'm taking it easy like Dr. said what's 4 to 6 wks? it's worth it believe me!!

Houston, TX

#1019 Apr 20, 2011
I had mine removed 12 days ago. First week was difficult, but I started to feeling much better,almost back to normal after 7 days. Unfortunately, I have started having some cramps today. Did anybody have a similar experience?

Vineland, NJ

#1020 Apr 21, 2011
i had mine taken out sunday night. i'm still in pain it really hurts to pass gas and the little bowel movement i do have it's very uncomftorble. i just hope all this stuff hurry up and get done with.

Garland, TX

#1021 Apr 25, 2011
samantha wrote:
i got my taken out about 20 days ago, and i still have pain. like it goes away and comes back. i dont know what it could be. it feels like my intestine are in pain. is this normal??
I had my appendix removed 11 days ago and I feel better than I have in months. I didn't experience an eruption, Had surgery on Thursday and went home on Friday. Have had no real pain since Tuesday. I am a 49 year old diabetic.

London, UK

#1022 Apr 25, 2011
I had my appendix removed 2 weeks ago, at about 8 pm. The next morning I was very sore but I started walking at around 9am, although it hurt sitting up and down, and I ate lunch so they let me go home. I could use my bowels properly after about 2 days!

Germantown, OH

#1023 Apr 27, 2011
Get some milk of magnesia 1/2 teaspoon warm butter and prune juice Stir it and make sure its warm. Drink it, its like liquid dynomite, you should go in about an hour :)
colene wrote:
I had my appendix out Mon June 25,07. I have not passed gas nor had a bowel movement yet. I am so bloated I have gained 4pounds and have not really eaten a lot. WHAT DO I DO TO PASS GAS OR GO #2 FASTER TO RELIEVE MYSELF. "SCARED"

Germantown, OH

#1024 Apr 27, 2011
Mine ruptured on April 1st, back to work on 25th. Still swollen like 6months preg. is this normal to stay so sore and swollen? Still sleeping in a chair!!!

United States

#1025 Apr 27, 2011
Had emergency appendectomy last wed.. Came home today (wed) week in hospital bc infection so bad an appendix exploded as being removed. White blood count kept rising instead of falling so kept me to continuously change and try diff antibiotics! Anyways I am soooo swollen n hurting. My stomach is bigger than when I was pregnant. My belly button is actually flush w stomach and it never was when pregnant. It hurts to eat one thing I feel too full. How do you get rid if this gas quicker n make stomach go down???

Ronkonkoma, NY

#1026 Apr 30, 2011
Okay so I had my appendix taken out Sunday night. Surgery went pretty well. But to get straight to the point, it's Saturday and I still havnt got any bowel movement. I psassed a lot Of gas but nothing coming out. I wonder how long this is going to last? Or if it's something I got to worry about
Trevor Minnesota

United States

#1027 May 1, 2011
its been 3 weeks and one day since i had surgery with 3 little incesions but i am having chest pain and my doctor says that could be because of stress but im so sick of not feeling like i normally do ive been to the ER 2 times since the surgery and the all the blood work is normal. my heart was beating hard and hurt wen it would beat. but the pain in my chest is above my nipple on both sides, i had headaches for the the last month but thankfully went away for the the last two days! but my thighs are killing me i dont know if that is normal though from reading alot of these posts!and on top of it now have a runny nose and sore throat and my eyes twitch due to allergies or hay fever i hope!! but how long do these pains last and is it normal! thanks
Trevor Minnesota

United States

#1028 May 1, 2011
o and on top of it i lost about 17 pounds since surgery but have not lost any more the last 3 days is that normal? i only weighed 147 pounds before surgery then a few days after 130 is is that normal?

United States

#1029 May 3, 2011
There sure are a lot of differences in appendicituses. Has anyone had a missed appendix rupture with an abscess that formed? That is what happened to me. In Dec of 2010 I went to the doctor for extreme pain in my lower right abdomen. They did ultrasound and blood work and said that it was nothing and because I had been doing a lot of painting, I figured that I had pulled a muscle. The pain continued off and on for the next three months. I thought I had ruptured ovarian cysts until in March the symptoms became much worse and went into my back so I went to the chiropractor.He suspected something was up and told me to see a doctor immediately and don't stop until they find the problem. I went to the doc the next day and he ordered more blood work and another ultrasound. This time they could see a huge black mass on the ultrasound and they really expected it was my appendix. The doctor ordered a CAT scan witch revealed a Baseball sized mass attached to my appendix. I was hospitalized on March 16th and given many different types of IV antibiotics. The next day a drain was placed in the abscess.( very painful procedure)Because of this procedure stirring up my infection,my body went into septic shock and my blood pressure dropped dangerously low. I was placed in the critical care unit and they had to put a main line in my neck so I could have a special medication to save my life. It worked thank goodness. I was in CCU for three days and I was in the hospital for six days. One time I went back for extreme pain for two more day.The doctor told me that they could not remove the appendix until the abscess was much smaller because they would have had to take part of my colon in addition to my appendix. In the meantime I stayed on heavy doses of really strong antibiotics until finally with much prayer my abscess was gone. On April 26th, I had my scheduled appendectomy. The doctor chose to first do a laporoscopy to check things out given the circumstances and then he proceeded with an open appendectomy. He told me that my appendix was still twice the size of a normal appendix and that it had really needed to come out because it was stuck in the spot right where my upper thigh bends, by my hip. For the first three days after the surgery, the pain was excruciating and even with pain pills it felt like a blow torch was blowing out my insides. Now it has been one week since the surgery and although I am still having pain it is getting better. I have my post op on Thursday and I hope I can start driving again next week.

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