Recovery after appendix surgery

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#950 Jan 10, 2011
Mary T wrote:
<quoted text>
Dont think its insurance - we get free healthcare in the UK and my 13 yar old son had his taken out at 8 pm on Thursday and was sent home about 10pm on the Friday (his was by keyhole surgery though!)
@Mary: I agree -- don't think it has to do with insurance. The trend now is to send patients home as soon as possible. You are actually MORE likely to get sicker and pick up an infection IN THE HOSPITAL. My hubby had appy a few months ago. His was supposed to be "keyhole" too & go home the next day, but he had ruptured... ended up staying one week. Recovery after, due to complications, was easily two months due to large incision and infection.

So.. as with all things .. it all varies greatly because every patient is different and reacts differently.

Ipoh, Malaysia

#951 Jan 10, 2011
hi mike,

our insurance compy love to pay..i hv no worry abt that. i m more worry that my period is it going to stop or just temporarily. scary ....i wanted another baby.

Greenville, MS

#952 Jan 11, 2011
Ok I don't know what is up with everyones being removed on Sunday but mine too was removed on Sunday. The next day I went to school. Couldnt carry anything for a month cause of doc's orders but my stomach didn't get back to normal til a month after. In that time jello and pudding became my best friends food wise. But I play baseball and football and if I get to swinging a bat alot I will have a small but noticeable discomfort in my right side. I hope thats normal. All of those goin through the beginning of all this, you'll be ok. I know it's painful now but just do what your doctor says and you'll be feelin back to normal in no time
gustavo rivera

Des Plaines, IL

#953 Jan 12, 2011
i have my 4 months ago and i still have a lot problems with the bowel movement and pain and the medicine is burning my stomach all the time im so dexperate i dont know when evrithing is go back to normal i am very tired all the time i cant sleep well i really need some help i check with my doctor and he keep say evrething is normal and is gone to take abaout a year

Brentwood, TN

#954 Jan 14, 2011
Chrisanne wrote:
I went to the emergency room on Sunday, Nov. 19th and on Monday the 21st they performed an appendectomy/laporoscopy. I cam home on Thursday after begging alot. I had a drain also. The drain was removed on Tuesday the 28th. I am taking percocet every four hours. Stll have minimal pain on lower right side but have not had real bowel movement as they are being helped with stool softner. ugh! My concern is i have pain on the lower left side, it feels like a pinched nerve or something. If i move a certain way it pulls and burns, it is horrible. I still feel bloated as well. This really stinks! I am hoping it is not a adhesion lesion I read about and it is just normal after surgery pain. I did have a c-section in 1989 and it was not as painful as this. I return to work this Monday. I just hope I can regulate this pain and bowel issue before than. Get well everyone!
Hello Chrisanne, I read your post & my wife is going through a similar situation. She had a ruptured appendix removed Sept 28 & still can't go back to work for the pain. She says it feels like an open wound & she's in misery constantly. Had all the tests & the Docs just shake their heads without a clue. This has gone on for some time & we're out of options. Did you get throughyours OK?

Columbus, OH

#955 Jan 14, 2011
I had my appendix removed on December 15th 2010. I have always had a flat stomach my entire life, But my stomach is bloated and makes me look like I'm pregnent. I can't eat as much as I used to either. When is this bloated stomach thing going to go away?

London, UK

#956 Jan 15, 2011
I had my appendix removed on Thursday 13 Jan 14:30.
Back in recover and fully awake by 16:00 followed by a cup of tea and light salad at 18:00. By 09:00 on Friday 14 Jan I was home. Been to the loo (first for 3 days) and just waiting for the pain to go. Eating normally now.

Dundee, UK

#957 Jan 16, 2011
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.
hi brenda i had mine out 6 weeks ago and i have just had the test result and it was not my appendix that was causing the pain but my appendix was seriousley infected but i did not have Appendicitis.and the doctors still dont know what caused it

Swindon, UK

#958 Jan 20, 2011
I had my appendix taken out 9 days ago, I am a little tender. It was removed with the keyhole surgery. I would like to know when I can have intercourse? would anyone know?

Since: Aug 08

San Francisco

#959 Jan 20, 2011
Kat wrote:
I had my appendix taken out 9 days ago, I am a little tender. It was removed with the keyhole surgery. I would like to know when I can have intercourse? would anyone know?

"usually" you can have intercourse as soon as you feel able, but you should ask your doctor (the one that performed the surgery) just to be safe.

Marion, IA

#960 Jan 24, 2011
i had surgery 36 hours ago. and have very little pain. I haven't taken any pain meds in the last 15 hours. My stomach hurts behind my belly button a little bit, and my stomach is slightly bloated. But i stand up and walk and i'm fine.

It hurt more to pee because of my catheter than it did my stomach after i woke up from the anesthetic.

I am 23, 6'4 male and have a high pain tolerance.(broke my knee, directly under my kneecap, and kept running on it--just to give you an idea.) but honestly this is the easiest of my 3 surgeries.
Barb - Iowa

United States

#961 Jan 24, 2011
I must be a freak I healed so rapidly. I went to ER Middle of the night, had my appendix removed at 7a.m. and was released before 3 PM same day (12 hours later). First day was very painful, next day I was up all day pain diminishing, third day I was outside doing light farm chores, with no outside help. One day of constipation only, then all normal there. It has been 3 weeks, and no problems or pain after the 3rd day. Took no pain meds. Was told to restrict lifting to 10 pounds for 6 weeks. I am 74 years old. Must have had an excellent doctor and a lot of good luck.

Newark, NJ

#962 Jan 25, 2011
I had my appendix removed last night and now I too am feeling bloated. I have severe gas and haven't been able to have a bowel movement. A nurse told me walking around helps with the bloating and gas so I'll try just strolling around my house.Did this work for anyone?
Doc J

Winter Garden, FL

#963 Jan 30, 2011
My wife had appendix removed last Tuesday and walked later that day. Released Wednesday and taking percocet for major main issue. First # 2 was yesterday ( saturday ) PAIN for her was crazy. Just tried again today with laxative in her from yesterday. NO GO. Talk about feeling helpless. She is about to try again in a few minutes. Please wish her luck. Thanks.

Panania, Australia

#964 Feb 1, 2011
Hi, I'm poppy, 16 years old.
I had my appendix out on Saturday, it's now Wednesday. Iv experienced a bad muscle pain when I do a wee, is that normal?
Also this morning ive woken up with a bad headache, feeling sick and I've just started feeling hot? What does this mean? I'm so paranoid!
One last thing, it hurts quite abit where my wound is and my lower back when I walk?

Am I okay? I'm scared?
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#965 Feb 1, 2011
I went in on wednesday surgery at 5am thurs left friday at noon had mild head aches and tummy pains rolling all over had to take stool softners and drank some prune juice took a poop monday dam it was backed up now i have diarrea it burns the bottom of my belly when i have to poop but im walking around the block for 3 days now drinking water apple juice,cranberry rasberry, and eating more everyday hope to feel like new soon just take your time healing dont rush it sleep when you have to now im hur t of boardness

Forest Park, IL

#966 Feb 6, 2011
I had my appendix removed last top it off I am 6 months pregnant which made the surgery very scary for me and my husband. They let me go right before the big snow hit us on Tuesday afternoon and I had only mild pain associated with the incision so I have tried my best not to take the pain meds. BUT, out of no where I had immense tight bloating pain that filled the entire top half of my stomach that came for about 1-2 hours at a time. This happened 3 times then I called the Dr. who said its most likely a digestion thing and not anything with the baby or surgery. His advice, TAKE PEPCID....and that crazy weird pain, which could have been heartburn hasn't come back yet. I just wanted to leave that advice to everyone who is experiencing discomfort like I did post appy surgery.

Syracuse, NY

#967 Feb 9, 2011
melissa wrote:
well i had my apendix out on tuesday and i dont know why you guys are such babys i left the hospital the same day and havnt had to take any pain meds or nothing as long as you relax and take it easy it greatly helps your recovery , i would suggest to the people that have constipation take stool softeners and to the people that cant sleep on your side , i couldnt either but i put pillows under my other side to kind of tilt me that way without putting preasure on that side ,and to people just feeling p
ain , just take it easy recovery is about 2 weeks
good for you Melissa not everyone is as fortunate as you so dont be downing people with complications...we are here for some advise from others that are experiencing terrible after pain..
mary ny

Syracuse, NY

#968 Feb 9, 2011
had appendix out Jan 27th back to hospital 5 days later with terrible pain on right side told me i had massive swelling gave me anti-inflamatory in iv sent me home next day with pain meds well if i dont take meds the pain is soooo bad on right side i go to the drs. tommarow I feel like a guinea pig everyone eles says appendicitis removal a piece of cake well not here is anyone eles experiencing this aweful pain on thier right side and i am taking it easy..
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#969 Feb 9, 2011
Yes it normal get up and walk dude relax and try and walk around block once a day. you will be fine let the pain heel. its all happens so fast hehehe i go back to work next week. i walk everyday you know the odd part was being numb like when i layed on my shoulders i would wake up not feeling my hand hahaha oh well that goes away after awhile it all takes awhile to heel im good now.

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