Recovery after appendix surgery

Grass Valley, CA

#808 May 17, 2010
I had my appendix removed and was discharged the same morning. When can I go back to the gym?

Hackettstown, NJ

#809 May 19, 2010
Just had mine out last tuesday.(8 days ago) discharged wednesday after that. Milk of Magnesia works wonders. Couldnt pee correctly either (pain medications cause this as well as constipation) lotta gas and bloating still. Still have to lay down at times and get nauseous a lot.(is this normal?) Am still using pain meds at times. This stuff stinks.

Redditch, UK

#810 May 21, 2010
i have just come out of hospital after having my appendix out, and im struggling to cope with the bloatedness and the pain of the trapped air, how do i make it go away? i am normally a little size 8 - 10 now i look around 4 months pregnant! HELP!!
jesus oriol

Roslyn, WA

#811 May 23, 2010
do u know if its normal too get tired and sleepy after you eat

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

#812 May 24, 2010
hello everyone, just wanted to share my appendectomy experience since this forum has been my support system since after the surgery.
my pain started with gastric & right after that, i had urinary tract infection & then the pain localised at the lower right of my abdomen. the doctor was only 80% sure it was my appendix, he said inflammation of the appendix can also caused UTI & gastric. so we opted to go for laparoscopy as he can check my other organs for inflammation as well. but it turns out, it was my appendix.
i was discharge 2 days after my surgery. bowel movement only came back on the 3rd day (but i was passing gas non stop after the surgery). i took a little bit of stool softener to help me with my bm, as my lower right was hurting so badly because of all the food i was eating and was sitting in my bowel. i was also bloated, feeling really tired for about 2 weeks. i was eating porridge for the first 10 days as my gastric was so bad & solid food on the 11th day. i also make sure i walk everyday since the day after my surgery for a least 10 mins. then the next day 15mins and then 20mins and so forth. it hurts i know, its tiring i know, but it really does help. sitting too long was giving me excruciating back pains.
im from asia and theres a lot of traditional cultural beliefs that my mom was telling me about. & i really would like to share in this forum because it really works! firstly, i was told not to eat any seafood (except fish) for at least a month as it causes itchiness to your wound (inside and outside). fish is really good for healing & i've been taking fish essence everyday (1 bottle a day) for energy. i was also eating fish (mackarel and salmon with my porridge) almost everyday, as this also contributes to healing. fruits, i was taking papaya also good for healing & helps to reduce swelling and i was also drinking apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon with 80z of water) morning and night.
i was back at work on the 2nd week after surgery but i was still in a bit of pain & i got tired really easily. theres a couch in my office & half the time i am on the couch! but im on my 3rd week now & im actually feeling really good. so i want to tell all of you to just be patient. all the discomfort that you all have, the bloating, the lower abdominal pain, pain when you pee, pain like you have the stitch, i have experience all of it & its really part of the healing process.
they say it really takes a month before you are really healed. i have one more week to go. im still not taking seafood and still drinking my yucky fish essence. but it works and im thankful that im well. so hang in there ok? it just takes time...





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United States

#813 May 30, 2010
I had my appendix removed 4 days ago and now it hurt just to walk is that normal

Greenwood, IN

#814 May 31, 2010
I had mine removed,6 days later I think I over did it carrying heavy things ect. I really don't feel too bad just still a little sore. Should I be worried that I did over do it to soon and it will bite me in the future?

Brisbane, Australia

#815 Jun 1, 2010
that sucks because i got mine tooken out on satarday and im in deep pain. i cant move as much and its hard for me to stand up straight. well it takes 5 to 6 weeks until you can start physical activity again.

Since: Aug 08

San Francisco

#816 Jun 3, 2010
All of your questions and problems are "normal." You can do an internet search for "appendicitis" and get answers to nearly all of your questions. Better yet check with your MD.

1) The pain is normal. Your abdominal muscles have been seriously manipulated. They are irritated from the surgery and from the instruments that were put inside you for your surgery. The pain is a completely normal reaction.

2) DO NOT just lay around day after day. I know that is the tendency because it hurts to move. But you need to move around for several reasons.

The best way to start working the soreness out of your abdomen is to start slowly moving around. This helps a lot in moving the gas out of your abdomen (the bloating a lot of you are posting about). This also helps get your digestion and bowel movements back to normal.

I'm not suggesting you go back to your normal routine or back to full work or exercise. Remember: No lifting over 10-15 lb.(or as instructed by your MD) and no strenuous exercise for 4-6 weeks (or as instructed by your MD). But if you just stay in bed, fully zoned out on pain pills it will take you even longer to recover.

Having any surgery involves pain during recovery. No way around it.

3) Yes, it will hurt when you walk, get up and down, have bowel movements. This is normal. If your pain is extreme (as in not controlled by your pain medication): call your doctor.

If your pain is so severe you can't function (can't sleep, makes you puke): call your doctor.

4) The amount of time it takes for the air in your abdomen to "go away" varies. It can move up in to your shoulders, chest and back, and can be very painful for some people, not too bothersome to other people. Again, this is "normal" -- and unfortunately just another side effect of the surgery. Moving around does help move the gas out (I know it's painful, but necessary).

5) If you are nauseated, you may be increasing your diet to quickly. Cut back on greasy, heavy foods. Go back to a lighter diet with less grease and/or dairy and protein. You can look up this information on line also (check for information about clear liquid diet, soft diet, bland diet).

If your gut is still "sleepy" from surgery, you cannot digest some foods. So take it easy and progress a bit more slowly. Listen to your body. If you are feeling well after you eat, able to urinate normally and have normal bowel movements, your diet is probably okay.

However; if you are nauseated, your diet is probably too heavy for you too soon after your surgery.

Again, you should contact your doctor or the hospital unit where you were discharged. They can help you with this. They may refer you to the dietary department where you had your surgery. Or do an on-line search for "clear liquid" diet, soft diet, semi-soft diet, bland diet. Greasy, fatty, fried and spicy foods will be most difficult to tolerate initially for most people.

6) If you are still in pain and taking ANY pain medication, this effects your digestion and especially slows your bowel movements. BE SURE to drink LOTS of extra water. Your doctor should have given you information about a stool softener to help with this. If you are having problems with bowel movements a few days post-op, do not wait. Contact your doctor (you'll likely talk to his nurse). She can advise you about whether you should take capsules or whatever. But don't wait a week or two. This can cause you SERIOUS pain postop.

Straining to have a bowel movement after abdominal surgery is NOT safe and can be VERY painful. Don't wait to seek medical advice.

Hope this helps.

Since: Aug 08

San Francisco

#817 Jun 3, 2010
Amy wrote:
I had surgery February 26,2010. I still have a hole in my stomach. It is 2 inches deep. I still have fluid coming out of the wound. How normal is this. I have also noticed that I look 3 months pregant. I have pain that starts from the wound and goes up between my breast. I have also noticed that my back hurts more now than it did efore surgery. How normal is this?
Amy: You should NOT have a hole in your stomach after an appendectomy. Perhaps you mean the belly button incision? Regardless, you should not be having any drainage from any incision this long after surgery. You should not "look 3 months pregnant" (could you be pregnant?) or have the other pain. Have you seen your doctor for your routine postop checks? Is he aware of these issues? What does he/she say? If you have not talked to your surgeon, you need to make an appointment right away and discuss these matters with him. They are NOT normal after a routine appendectomy.

Madison, CT

#818 Jun 4, 2010
Cali4NADreamn wrote:
<quoted text>
Amy: You should NOT have a hole in your stomach after an appendectomy. Perhaps you mean the belly button incision? Regardless, you should not be having any drainage from any incision this long after surgery. You should not "look 3 months pregnant" (could you be pregnant?) or have the other pain. Have you seen your doctor for your routine postop checks? Is he aware of these issues? What does he/she say? If you have not talked to your surgeon, you need to make an appointment right away and discuss these matters with him. They are NOT normal after a routine appendectomy.
Wow thats a great positive post with lots of information thank you...i had surgery laproscopy to take out my apendix on wed am and home now feeling horrible..well maybe not horrible..but the pain in my shoulder and the air in my side make it almost impossible to get any sleep...i know its normal but i'm tired..I hope to be back to work soon..thanks again for your great post and to everyone very helpful
scott harding

Carmarthen, UK

#819 Jun 5, 2010
hiya every1 i had mine appedix taken out on the 22 of may 2010 and know i have a few pains but nothing to bad but i had a open wound not keyhole .... and know i have a long lump on my scar can any1 tell me if they have had the same symptoms and if it is normal or not to worry about many thanks and happ healing lol

Hounslow, UK

#820 Jun 13, 2010
Hi there my fiance had her appendix removed december 2009 she had keyhole surgery since then she's been in continuas pain, we've been back to the hospital and they think that it could be a dissolvable stitch that hasn't dissolved, about a week ago she had a lump appear in her belly button which popped and produced puss she still has a lump in her belly button and it is still very sore, has this ever happened to anyone else??

Taunton, MA

#821 Jun 19, 2010
I had mine removed on Monday, today Saturday i am horny and i already j/off 2 wise it's normal? i had a Laparoscopic Appendectomy and i still have stitches and i am worry :( replay in my email thank you

Channahon, IL

#822 Jun 21, 2010
Jermy wrote:
i had my appendix removed on sun. night. I would like to know how long i have to wait till I can go surfing.
I just had mine out yesterday and my doc told me I cannot go swimming for 3-4 weeks and I cannot go jet skiing for 6-8 weeks :(

London, UK

#823 Jun 23, 2010
rushed to hospital on sun. went into surgery for wot i thought was going to be a laparoscopy only to wake up after to find i had open surgery.
1 week later am up and about (even cut the grass).
stil tender bending down and back ache, but could be much worse after reading some of your replies!!!

Farmington, MI

#824 Jun 23, 2010
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.
Are you over weight becuase that is most likley why

Kuching, Malaysia

#825 Jun 23, 2010
Had mine removed 2 days ago, the air really gets to you. But am up and feeling better already. Thanks for all the information y'all put up that helped me understand my pain.

New York, NY

#826 Jun 23, 2010
My appendix ruptured and I had peritonitis. Dr did not discover that until I was in surgery April 28 for a laporiscopic appendectomy. He had to slice my belly pretty drastically and I was in the hospital for 8 days. I am recovering at my folks with visiting nurses and physical therapy. I just had a wound vac removed today and now my open wound will hopefully heal with aqua cell dressing. I am also on neurontin for pain in my leg.

Houston, TX

#827 Jun 24, 2010
I have Sergey Next month on the 20th. I'm really scared.... I have more then that being removed. my appendix, Fallopian tubes, and a case of (indo-metree-ouis) multiple cysts on my ovries. FuŠk im gonna be in alot of pain!

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