Recovery after appendix surgery
Nelly del cid


#787 Mar 28, 2010
i had my appendix removed a month and a couple of days ago.... but i play basketball and i need to go back to the gym and start lifting weights... but can i do that now... please help i need to know...
Vix UK

Gateshead, UK

#788 Mar 28, 2010
Vix UK wrote:
I had my appendix out on the 10th - 13 days ago!!
On the main scar I have pain as if the belly is lifted, tight and muscles twisted - I now have antibiotics for the infection but still have a temperature
I feel like a moaner though, because I am still sleeping on my couch, cannot lie flat in bed or get back up from there, can only lie on my back, have aches and pains all over, pain in the chest, stiff legs, need help to stand - it sucks
Update on my previous post
The infection did not clear up and I had to go back to the doctors again a month after the operation and push for hospital tests as the pain was still intense, plus I had a weird 'dead leg' feeling down my right side, and sometimes the same in my arm!!
The first doctor I saw after my GP sent me up said that they had left a 'dimple' in the umbilical area, which meant they had not stitched me up completely!!! Then he said they would do a scan and they kept me in overnight - the next morning the consultant told me I was 'lucky' as I looked fine and the other doctor was just 'nice'- she would have sent me home without 'bothering' with a scan!! This in front of other doctors doing their rounds made me feel pretty crappy and like no-one was taking it seriously.
When they did the scan they found an abscess under the small wound!! They had me as nil by mouth, I had the scan at 9am and by 7pm with no follow up treatment and still nil by mouth (not even allowed a drink of water with my pain relief) I went myself to the nurses desk and asked to leave - they eventually paid attention and gave me two lots of antibiotics to be taken together!! I asked about my leg and arm pain and was told it was 'nothing' and it would go away - it was just caused by me lying still and maybe by my weight!!
The infection eventually went away but I went back to work on Wednesday this week and after three days was in horrible pain again and my abdomen swelled up something awful - I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach by a horse and could hardly walk (I have a desk job BTW and get up and down from there a lot - not sure what caused that)
Last night I woke with the weird feeling again in my leg, tried to move it and could not - hot shooting pain in my right knee and it was swollen up - really scary! After a couple of minutes I managed to move it a little and got out of bed with help from my partner.
This morning my leg is still feeling horrible - the sensation is like that you get after pins and needles wear off - numb yet tingly and small pain - the knee feels horrible though and still stiff and 'dead'
So I did some research on the net and found out about Femoral Nerve Damage - apparently this nerve can be damaged during surgery and results in pain down the leg, of the type the GP wrote about on the notes for the hospital - it needs exploring with scans etc to see how to avoid further damage!! The symptoms tie in with the pelvic pain I have too which I assumed was down to the appendectomy as I feel it under the site of the larger cut/scar - it also ties in with feeling pain at night and on waking in the morning - I wonder if anyone else has experienced this and shrugged it off? I know I was really until the knee agony last night
I am so angry now at this hospital - I have been calm, decent and patient and taken all they said with trust but they left me open, vulnerable to an infection they then refused to recognise, dismissed and ignored over and over again and now this!!! The cause of ongoing pain
Sorry it is another long one but I wanted to cover it completely in case someone else has the same
I hope everyone feels much better soon and gets good treatment at their doctors and hospitals
Vix, UK
Vix UK

Gateshead, UK

#789 Mar 28, 2010
Tuck wrote:
Had appendix removed yesterday still in pain. Cannot lay down on my back to sleep because of the pain in my shoulders and back. Also having hard time breathing when I lay down. Hard to sleep sitting up, any suggestions? On pain meds not working.
Hi there, sorry to hear it is hard to sleep

I had the same problem and spent at least a month sleeping on my couch with pillows behind me to partially prop me up, and managed to get some hours of kip that way

Finding it hard to breath is common after general anaesthetic and should go the more you move around - the lungs will clear then but if not see your doctor again - don't be afraid to push for help if you need it

Best wishes - Vix, UK

Madison, WI

#790 Mar 28, 2010
I had an emergency appendectomy a week ago today. The cure was nearly as bad as the problem -- lots of pain, bloating, shoulder ache afterward. Everything I see here sounds very familiar.

All I can say is -- when you do start to feel well, the next day you feel twice as well, and the next day four times as well. From not being able to sleep to no pain at all -- incredible.

I still can't bend too well, and I'm bloated, and I agree -- no one tells you specifically what you might start doing again and when. They do the surgery and cut you loose with pills, and wish you well.

I'm uninsured, and I dare not make too many follow ups. I'm anxious to start exercising. I also know that I'm to just be happy and continue to heal for the next two weeks.

For those of you in pain -- shoot, I was there two nights ago. Walk if you can? It really does seem to help. But don't overdo it! I did 1/4 a mile, and then one and 1/4 the next day -- and paid for it all that night.

Today no pain meds since 5 a.m. I'm amazed.

Waterloo, Canada

#791 Apr 7, 2010
I just had mine taking out Tuesday the 6 I had a terrible time trying to pee after it. Now is my first time using the bathroom for other than pee I'm glad cause I got to go back to work Monday.
Derrick Dobbs

Magnolia, TX

#792 Apr 9, 2010
YAY i get to join the club, i went in last yesterday for my appendix and had it removed about 1 AM this morning, i'm now at home, and on painkillers stool softners, and antibiotics.. Though the only concern i have is there is some swelling in my stomach ( making me look fatter than i am lol ) I did JUST get home like 10 minutes ago lol, so it's not like the doctors didn't have a chance to see it, so i wonder if it's normal.. or caused by the staples... I have 6 staples in total over 3 different locations.. YAy for pain! lol.
Vix UK

Derby, UK

#793 Apr 10, 2010
Latest update - I am considering taking legal action against the health service - not only did they mess me up a lot during the operation, I have a damaged disk in my back which was undiagnosed for over 6 weeks - the infection led to so much pain because they did not give me antibiotics and I am still having sleepless nights and bad dreams - I am left terrified of hospitals and doctors - I do not think I will ever feel the same again, and it is not down to having my appendix out, but the poor treatment I got during and after surgery!! From seeing the variation of the stories on here, I think it matters who manages your treatment, not just that we all have had our appendixes out!!

Matthews, NC

#794 Apr 11, 2010
i had my appendectomy laporoscopy on march 21 and i wanna know if i can start playing soccer and lifting weights or do i have to wait more?

Denizli, Turkey

#795 Apr 14, 2010
I just had mine removed on sunday while being in turkey on holiday spent 4 days there and still have pain got a strict diet and notnto lift heavy items hope you all get better soon

Los Angeles, CA

#796 Apr 16, 2010
I had mines removed on Wednesday morning not so long ago and well my pain is still there but it seems to go and come back. Except when i need to urinate seems to hurt very much and i could hardly move.


#797 Apr 17, 2010
Had my appendix removed 2 days ago my belly is very bloated but have not much pain ...when or how will the bloating go down i have a wedding in a few days and my dress dosn't fit helppppppp


#798 Apr 24, 2010
I had mine removed yesterday. just got released from hospital today. not many pain killers for me to take as i had a baby by c section only 9 weeks ago and am breastfeeding.

Warwick, RI

#799 Apr 26, 2010
I had an appendectomy on the 14th today is the 26th and I'm in pain. I used to be so active and now it takes all my strength just to stand for a couple of minutes. The way I feel I don't know when ill be able to go back to work and forget the gym. I just want this pain to stop. Doc checkup in a week maybe they'll tell me something besides it takes time. I feel for all of you in pain. Take care

Glasgow, UK

#800 Apr 29, 2010
went in to have it out monday got it done came out next day and had loads of diaria went to doc said not that bad i still in pain wat can i do to heal faster i wanna go out with my mates and play rugby and stuff

Trois-rivières, Canada

#801 Apr 29, 2010
my exp so far..

-removed about 2 weeks ago
-didnt poo for 3-4 days, lot of pain moving, back hurts too
-10th day, feeling brand new....sudenly after a road trip,stomach pain,feels like a needle stinging for a few second,appendix area. been that way for 4 days, on and off. guess the seatbelt put some pressure on the inside scar. Have an appointement in a week to check if I'm ready for work, gonna talk about it with the doc then.
Nikki from london

Liverpool, UK

#802 May 10, 2010
Hey people, i had my appendix removed on friday 2pm by keyhole and was told i could go home saturday 10pm. im in loads of pain, got a burning pulling feeling in my belly. feeling really sick and stil got a bloated belly. doc came out today and said iv got an infection and should rest. i cant walk or sit up on my own. had bowl movement today. my legs are a dead weight and my back is really painful, getting sleepless nights and feel a div cause i have to use a commode of a night as cant climb the steps. having trouble controling my bladder, im also bleeding which looks like a period that normal? feeling dizzy all the time aswel. just want it to hurry up and go away!!

Northolt, UK

#803 May 11, 2010
Jermy wrote:
i had my appendix removed on sun. night. I would like to know how long i have to wait till I can go surfing.
at least 4 weeks maybe 6 i didnt start playing football again untill 7 weeks!

Cardiff, UK

#804 May 11, 2010
iwas 14 years old when i had mine taken out and my belly looked really swolen i went to my GP and he said that is normal after having an operantion,they said my appendix had inflamed so i had it romeoved it takes at least 6 weeks for the anistetic to wear out.

Delhi, India

#805 May 15, 2010
I had my appendix removed a year back but still i feel catterpillar bitting me on the area of the surgery.please suggest me what to do i'v got my scans done they seem to be normal.I have gastro problem...

Great Falls, VA

#806 May 15, 2010
I had surgery 4 weeks ago my appendix was so bad i had started gangreen I am still having pain its like a pulling feeling and my shoulder hurts also I'm just glad to be alive.

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