Recovery after appendix surgery

Whittier, CA

#747 Jan 30, 2010
I got my appendix taken out its been 2 weeks since surgery and i feel great i lift weights and it doesnt hurt should i still lift weights?

Montréal, Canada

#748 Jan 31, 2010
The pain killers cause constipation. They should have perscribed something for that. Do NOT give yourelf an enema. It will return to normal.

My question. Had the surgery two days ago. Could not have laproscopy because of too much instestine int he way.

Is is normal for it to hurt like hell when sleeping and to hurt like hell to get out of bed. During the day the pain eases but at night it is horrible.

Rockville, MD

#749 Feb 6, 2010
I saw your comment about having your appendix removed and am still having pain,even worse than before. I had mine removed on Jan 28th and the pain is constant. It just makes me wonder if they took it out. You mentioned that your appendix is still showing up on CAT scan, MRI, etc. Did they give you a reaon for that?

Anchorage, AK

#750 Feb 7, 2010
I just had surgery Thursday early morning 1:30am I was released from the hospital Friday afternoon. I have been feeling pretty good except when it is time for a BM it hurts my lower abdomen and also burns my a _ _ s. It is Sunday evening and I would like to know if this is common for the pain and burning feeling.

Standish, ME

#751 Feb 8, 2010
Sheilagh wrote:
The pain killers cause constipation. They should have perscribed something for that. Do NOT give yourelf an enema. It will return to normal.
My question. Had the surgery two days ago. Could not have laproscopy because of too much instestine int he way.
Is is normal for it to hurt like hell when sleeping and to hurt like hell to get out of bed. During the day the pain eases but at night it is horrible.
Yea it's normal. I was the same way. It's almost 6 weeks out, and it still get sore at times. But the first 2 weeks sucked. If you are worried about go see your doctor. Better to get it checked and be nothing

Flushing, NY

#752 Feb 9, 2010
I had my appendix removed laproscopically 3 months ago. I am still feeling on and off pulling inside and I don't feel flexible in my stomach. When I lift something a little heavier (not very heavy- like a big bottle of water) I feel it in my stomach. I went to the Dr. and he said I have adhesions. The main place I have issues with is by the navel area. Did anyone react like this after surgery? Any ideas?

Howell, MI

#753 Feb 10, 2010
i had mine pulled out this morning and had bowel movement a couple hours after so they relaesed me already is that normal

United States

#754 Feb 13, 2010
damn! i feel bad for all of you. i had my appendix out, laparoscopically...its been 6 days. i pooped on the was awesome.
im not in nearly as much pain as the rest of you.i stopped taking my pain meds the day after they sent me home, walking is a breeze, my back doesnt hurt...i just wonder when its safe to have sex, ive heard 2 ill wait 3. haha

Montréal, Canada

#755 Feb 14, 2010
Saw my surgeon for a follow up two weeks after the fact. As I said I had the old fashioned surgery. She indicated weeks two and three you will feel pain because you start doing more. It is normal and nothing to be concerned with.

A friend who had the surgery said it was quite sometime, months, till she felt completely normal but most of the pain was gone after the first week.

FYI - ten days before I had a bowel movement - and it was pure agony.

As to being released a few hours after surgery, even the old fashioned way I was released a few hours after. Once they got three consecutive good blood pressure, temperature and oxygen readings, out the door I went.

Manorville, NY

#756 Feb 15, 2010
heyy whats up every1 im 18 and i got my appendix taken out friday first 2 nights were pretty bad sleeping but lastnight wasnt bad at all still have a significant amount of pain but its manageable. heres my question, im very big into working out and the first question i asked the doctor was when i could life again he told me not for a month but i wanna no if anybody else started sooner with heavy weights such as bench, dead left, squat all that good stuff. also if icant lift the heavy weights earlier then a month what about push ups and pullups, thanks.

London, UK

#757 Feb 16, 2010
I had my appendix removed when i was 7 years old because it burst.

Ive had bad health ever since.. in the form of extreme allergic reactions.

Open the hood of your car and remove a part like a bolt that you dont think the engine directly needs... next day the engine falls apart.

thats how ridiculous appendix removal is.. id rather of DIED
Richard Wild

Sloughhouse, CA

#758 Feb 17, 2010
Hopefully this will help someone else. Male. 43. Great shape. Work out every other day with weights. Low body fat.
On Sat night I felt pain in my stomach and thought I had eaten some bad food. The pain got worse and didn't move around. I couldn't sleep and at 2 in the morning felt around and located the point of pain as up above the right of my groin. I had no idea where the appendix was at that time.
Went online and figured out it was appendicitis with help from my wife. We drove to the emergency room and I was admitted, admitting went fine and after some tests they were going to do a CAT scan to make sure but a doctor came in and checked himself and asked questions and determined we didn't need to do one.
They brought in an ultrasound and looked around with an intern probably just to show the intern something and couldn't find the appendix on the ultrasound.
Went in for surgery and woke up in the post operating room. When I woke up post op, I felt like I had to pee. I went to the bathroom to go pee and couldn't. Couldn't figure out why. Went to the nurses are and tried to pee there and couldn't. Kept trying and the nurse couldn't (opr more accurately, wouldn't) get a hold of my doctor.
After some hours (too long) I was finally given a catheter to pee (which isn't as unpleasant as it sounds for those of you who might have to have one) and they drained 1 liter of urine. Way too much for a bladder to hold.
I peed with stops and starts over the next 7 hours or so.
I felt I was keeping my bladder somewhat empty. However, they did a bladder scan and it showed 650ml of urine in my bladder even though I felt it wasn't full. 650ml is an overfull bladder. It should be 400ml or so max and should fully empty after you pee. My bladder was screwed up.
I also didn't have any gas. What I didn't know was one of the side effects of the anesthetic they use can be complete paralysis of the bowels/bladder. Your bowels just don't move and you can't pee no matter what you do. It can stay for 24 hours or more. It doesn't seem that uncommon. No, they don't tell you about it.
They catheterized me for 24 hours after that. That allowed me to drink normally which was nice. The catheter getting stuck to my gown where it went in the tip of my penne.. no so nice. I pulled it apart. Hopefully I won't end up with a UTI from that.
A note on catheters for those who are uncircumcised like myself. My father had to have one and they pulled his skin back to stick the catheter in and left it like that.
Richard Wild

Sloughhouse, CA

#759 Feb 17, 2010
Part #2

If you leave it like that, the penis will swell and the ring of skin will cut off circulation to the tip of the penis. It will turn blue and grow huge and become a huge, huge, huge problem.

My nurse, of course, did the same to me but thankfully my father had told me of his ordeal so I pulled the skin over and that probably saved me losing the tip of my dick. That would definitely not have made for happy ending (pun intended).
At that point, I was peeing a ton. I must have gone through 3 liters a day after surgery.

At this point I'm guessing it was glycogen in my body being converted to energy (a lot of water is released) because I was losing a ton of weight as well due to inability to eat properly and not eating during surgery/before surgery. Also, feeling like crap and being fed some kind of weird gelatin blob doesn't whet one's appetite.

Then went home. I got the bloating everyone talks about. Its still just some days after surgery so I still have it and don't know when it will go away. I also had the weird shoulder pain while at the hospital and read here that it was likely due to the air pumped into me (it would be nice if they told you these things).

Oh, a side effect of all the straining to try to pee in the hospital is a nice big hemorrhoid (THANK YOU NURSE RATCHET) as well that I had no idea I had until I got home because I couldn't poop at the hospital and finally only pooped today. The pain meds also kept me from feeling it.


After the post op pee frenzy was over my body decided to retain water like mad or something because my peeing with to literally nothing the day I got home. It was so bad I thought my system was frozen so I went in for a bladder scan thinking I was up to a liter again but I was only at 200ml according to the scan.

In any case, beware the frozen plumbing after surgery. Unfortunately, you don't have time to read up on it before you go in and it is a total crap shoot what doctor you get. So, whether things go well or not is really a roll of the dice and depends on where you are at the time and who happens to be on call.

One additional thing, I didn't take the stool softener because I had chronic constipation until I was 40. I cured it when I hit 40 after doing some research. I tried everything up until then, high fibery everything, etc. Nothing seemed to work.

What worked was the mix they give old people who are constipated. It is a mix of equal parts mashed prunes, applesauce and coarse, unprocessed bran. I take one heaping tablespoon in the morning and one at night and a total miracle occured. I went from the worse constipation in the world to completely normal bowel movements. I pooped a day after I came home from surgery and it was a bit mushy but not a problem. I had my wife bring my "constimix" into the room so I could take it while I was stuck in recovery.

Also, if you are visiting someone in recovery, a great thing to bring them is earplugs. Bring an extra set for the people around them (and for yourself as well if you are going to stay a while).
Anyway, reading this site is still a bit of a danger because of the amount of laughing I did reading the stories. Reading others stories are so funny when you went through this nightmare for some reason because you have to laugh. Because, really, what else can you do when life does shit like this to you?

I wish everyone speedy recovery and thank everyone for their stories. They do help others.
Richard Wild

Sloughhouse, CA

#760 Feb 17, 2010
Part 3

Last one I swear haha I decided to add one more set of notes after I read some other stories and forgot some things.

After surgery I had a very sore throat. I still have one. I was sure I was coming down with a cold because what the heck would I have a sore throat after this surgery?

Then just now I read (in these comments) they stick a tube down your throat before surgery and that can injure it. That makes sense because I was expecting the sore throat to get worse and develop into a cold but it didn't.

The nurse never said anything. Nobody ever said anything. Ah ha! Nice to finally figure it out.

I also developed really red and itchy eyes in recovery off and on. Still don't know what that was but maybe it was coming off the meds or something.

I also had something weird I don't know if anyone else had. While I was sitting in recovery, I heard a hissing and then a kind of a pop in my stomach. It felt like something gave or popped out in my stomach.

No idea what the heck it was, it was down on the right side of my stomach somewhere. I wondered if I blew a stitch or something. No pain, just the sound and the feeling. Happened about 8 hours after surgery maybe? It was enough even with everything else going on to be memorable.

I can't wait until this is all over.

New Brockton, AL

#761 Feb 18, 2010
I had my appendix taken out but it didn't burst it was just really inflamed but the incision opened up more so they said to let it heal from the inside out so can i still wash it with soap in the shower

Columbus, OH

#762 Feb 21, 2010
Like you, Mine ruptured as well and had to have an emergency appendectomy. My main complaint has been my back hurting. I am a 51 yr old female and want to say congrats to all of you who can go about their daily lives so quickly.
Greg Sydney Australia

Rozelle, Australia

#763 Feb 22, 2010
Went to emergency on 19th Feb with accute pain, they diagnosied it as Appendix / Peritonitis.

Had Keyhole Surgery on the 20th to get rid of it, they left tube inserted with a drain to get rid of any last Toxins, First night after op was uncomfortable but easily managable.

Pumped me full of Antibiotics via drip, fed me every soft vanilla thing you could possibly imagine,(dont want to ever see another custard / vanilla Nestle product again) did not feel Nausious or anything.

Was doing bowel movements on the 21st !! tube was removed on 22nd after it had drained more than 120ml of extra crap,(Removing this was the most pain I had).

Put me onto Light meals on the 23rd, discharged today (23rd) lunctime with a few boxes of Antibiotics, Diclofenac,metronidazole,Moxic lav Duo Forte.

Doctors said I recovered very quickly as I was fit and healthy, even though it was a badly ruptured Appendix.

I have minimal pain at the incisions and nothing where the Appendix was, I am able to walk around as though nothing has happened (drove home from the hospital perfectly ok)

I was told I had one of the best female Surgeons perform the removal and I think this makes a big difference, minimal damage / maximum impact.

I am now home eating pear with flavoured yoghurt (not vanilla) with no apparent side effects.

I feel sorry for all of you who have not had such a speedy recovery
Vix UK

Gateshead, UK

#764 Feb 23, 2010
I had my appendix out on the 10th - 13 days ago!! I have had two C sections and sterilization via tummy button in the past, but nothing compares to the post op pain now!!

I had a problem passing water - by the time they put the catheter in I let out 2400 mls of urine - very very painful. They tried to go in through the belly button, inflated me with gas and then realised they had to do open surgery because of adhesions from the previous operations.

I came home five days after the op, as soon as they could get me out of bed and get me to pee - I have bowel movement a couple of days after that and it was very painful. However, the biggest problem was 'bulging' on the big scar and the belly button getting infected

On the main scar I have pain as if the belly is lifted, tight and muscles twisted - I now have antibiotics for the infection but still have a temperature

I feel like a moaner though, because I am still sleeping on my couch, cannot lie flat in bed or get back up from there, can only lie on my back, have aches and pains all over, pain in the chest, stiff legs, need help to stand - it sucks

I have a sick note to cover up to the 8th March but still feel so crappy I am worried I will not be up to it!! This feels like I will be an invalid forevermore at the moment - yucky as hell

New Malden, UK

#765 Feb 24, 2010
Oh my god. i had mine out last night and they sent me home this morning! What the hell! I can't move I'm stuck in my chair my back hurts my shoulder hurts my neck hurts.. I had the standard operation, I feel sick and I'm in major pain! They sent me home with no pain killers or anything and told me I had to keep walking about or I'll get a chest infection! Thats great, I'll be stuck in the chair for 6 weeks, pissing my nickers, and it hurts when I go for a wee! I hope I get out this chair before the bowel movements! I went in with a flat stomach now I look like I'm 6 months pregnant! I swear they have left an instrument in there! God I feel like crawling on my hands and needs back to the hospital and cuffing myself to a bed till they give me morphine! This is the worse pain ever!
Greg Sydney Australia

Rozelle, Australia

#766 Feb 24, 2010
What is wrong with the medical system in UK.
You guys sound like your in the stone age, in Australia they would never dream of letting you out post op the next day, and NO Antibiotics, there is something seriously wrong with your health system.

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