Recovery after appendix surgery
Laprascopic Appendectomy

Rosamond, CA

#666 Sep 27, 2009
dknn wrote:
After reading everyone's issue, I guess I was lucky. I was on a flight to Florida when I felt sick. I didn't go to the hopsital for another couple of hours after landing. I had a CT scan at 8pm and was in surgery (laproscopic) by 10pm and out the door by 11pm. I flew home the next day.
I was able to walk around the mall before flying too. I visited my doctor here in Atlanta and everything looked fine. I had the surgery on a Saturday (8/29) and on Thursday I flew to Zurich. This past Wed. I revisted my Dr. and he removed my bandages and trimmed the stiches.
I am starting to work out again. I can't run but the doctor said I am back to normal. I do have a question. It looks like I have an outie belly button when I used to have an innie. Will it go back down?
Had my appendix removed this past Weds. I'm really bloated, but no pain at all, post op. I guess you and I were lucky, cos i feel great.
Hungry too LOL
I'm female, 52.

Warren, MI

#667 Sep 27, 2009
J I work out 5 days a week never had surgery...47 year old and had operation 9/9/09 ha and still out of breath when doing simole walking hang in htere

Lawrenceville, GA

#668 Sep 27, 2009
It has been 3 weeks and I wanted to give an update. All is well except for a cold. I have been able to start running 3 miles daily again.

The day after surgery I had outback steak for lunch and never had a soft food diet. No real problems with bloating. The only odd sensation was having troubles urinating but that lasted a couple of hours.

My bowls were kind of soft at first but my dr. recommended I eat activia yorgut.

BTW I'm 30, male.

South Africa

#669 Oct 1, 2009
had my appendix removed two months ago.. right side stomach feels numb,right leg always numb and back pain..whats wrong with me
Jeremy Campbell

Québec, Canada

#670 Oct 2, 2009
32 Male - had mine removed Sept 25th - it had ruptured on the 24th. Worst pain in my life! Lots of infection. Spent 5 or 6 days in hospital but am out. I was walking 15 minutes after coming out from the knife - though I crashed hard after that. Doctors encouraged if I smoke, to go smoke - as walking is one of the best things for recovery. The different pains I experienced were incredible - but what doesn't kill ya, right? Anyway - a week later, I'm on penicillin and while I have morphine for pain, I haven't had to touch it once. Looking forward to being able to pass gas - haven't done so in DAYS - but bowel movements come and go... I think the worse is behind me... hardest thing is actually eating a meal (as food causes gas, gas causes pain!).

Escanaba, MI

#671 Oct 4, 2009
I had my appendix removed last sunday, and while they did that they removed a cyst they found that burst. They cut me from my belly button down, I have 16 staples and I go in on Thursdy to have them removed, I am in little pain I havent taken any pain meds in days, I havent had a cig in a week. I cant sleep very well, I have hot flashes, but Im light headed kinda like dizzy and sick to my stomach still and cant really do anything without getting tired is this normal?

Crawley, UK

#672 Oct 6, 2009
i had mine doneon monday i was cut 3 times not nice, hope to be back in 5 days

Darby, PA

#673 Oct 7, 2009
I'm on my 5th day I feel great but not sure if I should smoke.
I really want to but I don't wanna regret it. Is it safe yet?

East Northport, NY

#674 Oct 8, 2009
I had my appendix removed 11pm on 10/7/09 it is now 10/8/09 and it just feels like i did 100 crunches last night. No real pain

Grandville, MI

#675 Oct 8, 2009
<quoted text>Wife did too, after 4 days bowel started moving again. Doc said if not by 5 days, must take more drastic measures. Milk of Magnesia as directed helped.
had mine taken on tuesday just got home a couple hrs ago but they wouldnt let me leave till i had a bowel movement had to use a suppository (sucked)

Richmond, KY

#676 Oct 9, 2009
well i had mine taken out wed and i am only in pain when i move the meds really do help altho i am so sick of the pain and i have been so hungry idk y

Philadelphia, PA

#677 Oct 12, 2009
My daughter is having unusual bleeding , has anyone else had this problem?
Worried Mommie

Saint Louis, MO

#678 Oct 18, 2009
My son had his appendix removed 10/13/09 the Surg'es said it had ruptured. It's been 5 days since his return home home, but my poor baby is still complaining about pain, I don't want to send him to school this way, but he has already missed two weeks wait should I do?????

Cleveland, OH

#679 Oct 18, 2009
How old is he? Take him back to the doctor or at the very least call the surgeon's office and give a detailed description of the pain; his infection may not yet have cleared up totally and he may need additional antibiotics...make sure you are giving him some form of acidophilus as well as the antibiotics will destroy his healthy intestinal flora and wreak havoc with his the school and ask for his work ; you can help him complete this at home..

Austin, TX

#680 Oct 18, 2009
I'm 48 (a young 48, no gray hair, no reading glasses, yet, etc) but this nearly killed me. Mine burst in a BIG way, I had stones in my appendix. I was in great pain, great constipation and I thought I was 6 months PG again. Told the Dr he was giving me stretch marks. It's been 12 days since my surgery and I spent 6 days in hospital after surgery. Told them they were not kicking me out in this condition! I am a divorced mom w/3 kids so they let me stay. Youngest will stay at dad's for 6 weeks of my recovery...she's too much to handle...anyway, it's been hell and I hope I never go through anything like this, again.

Inglewood, CA

#681 Oct 18, 2009
Is it me, or is there allot of people having their appendix removed on Sunday? LOL .
I had mine removed last Sunday after having pain in my tummy the night before, thought it was food poisoning.
I was in the Hospital for 4 days on an IV diet. I too had bloating, pain in my shoulders and the Gas build up from surgery, I walked around the Hospital and did breathing exercises and it helped.Not allot of pain in my abs, mostly a feeling of bruising with a pinching sensation, I was told it is healing.Feel better everyone. I am back to work tomorrow!
Oh, mine was inflamed, I had double lingual Hernia Surgery just 2 1/2 months ago, and another surgery a few months before that, think I will just rent a room there. LOL Take care all.... Hugs P.S Food was moving the day after I eat regular. Eat Fiber! Be healthy!

Liverpool, UK

#682 Oct 20, 2009
samantha wrote:
i got my taken out about 20 days ago, and i still have pain. like it goes away and comes back. i dont know what it could be. it feels like my intestine are in pain. is this normal?
i ve had my appendix out six weeks ago still getting lots of pain went back hospital yesterday had x rays but they did nt find anything just have to grin and bare it

Woking, UK

#683 Oct 22, 2009
My 11 year old daughter had her appendix out over three weeks ago and has not passed a bowel movement or expelled air naturally since9. Her tummy is massively bloated and she is in severe pain. She has been in hospital undergoing tests which consisted of blood test, xray and ultrasound but they can't find anything. She has returned home in a worse state in the hope that relaxing at home may help!Has anyone had a similar experience or got any advice?

Orange, CA

#685 Oct 29, 2009
On 10/24/09 I had mine removed and two weeks before I just had my baby, so just when im getting over having a baby this happens to me. But its cool that im not alone and other people have gone through the same thing.
Dean Southampton uk

Basildon, UK

#686 Oct 30, 2009
Had mine out Tuesday and I still feel awful. I think I had a bad chest before operation but they still did op aftr dping x Ray of chest. I feel lousy but haven't smoked in nearly a week so that's one good thing.

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