Recovery after appendix surgery

Claremont, Australia

#625 Jul 30, 2009
ajay wrote:
hw much time a guy wait to do sex after his appendicitis operation
I guess it depends on whether your partner is happy that you are not going to be in pain, instead of enjoying the moment.
If unsure, practise by yourself and see if it hurts?:)

United States

#626 Aug 3, 2009
Victoria wrote:
I had mine removed on Monday, I know I have to go to do number 2 but I can't
Should I take an enima
i'm in enough pain as is!
It's been 5 days!
How long till the pain goes away?
Glad i'm not alone here
i had mine removed wednesday still in alot of pain and finally did number 2 last night after taking miralax for three days and taking two dulcolax yesterday . when i had my spine surgery they had to move everything to and told me that they insides dont like to be messed up
bella barnes

London, UK

#627 Aug 4, 2009
I 10 and had mine out on thursday but they said it ws very earily so it wasent i was out next day i still had pain from the opperation 4 days later i felt better but my mum and dad still need to heil for 4-5 more weeks and its the summer holidays urrh am i going mad!
Lionel Australia


#628 Aug 4, 2009

Claremont, Australia

#629 Aug 4, 2009
bella barnes wrote:
I 10 and had mine out on thursday but they said it ws very earily so it wasent i was out next day i still had pain from the opperation 4 days later i felt better but my mum and dad still need to heil for 4-5 more weeks and its the summer holidays urrh am i going mad!
Hi Bella, It has now been 3 weeks for me, and although I feel quite energetic, I get very tired very easily. It is really important to let your insides heal. They dont like being moved around. I still have a bit of pain, especially when I roll onto my side at night, as everything moves.
But, just know, that you only had one appendix and now, you NEVER need to have it removed again!!! Hope your holidays improve.:)

Palo Alto, CA

#630 Aug 5, 2009
About 12 days after I still had a lot of pain as well, I went back to my doctor. They said I has pockets of fluid after an additonal CT scan; so I had those drained and just four days later I was feeling much better. I hope that helps.
Brenda wrote:
Wow, you guys must either be real young and heal fast, or have a very high tolerance for pain. I had my appendix removed 12 days ago and I am still in a lot of pain. Lots of bloating. Nights are horrible, can't sleep because of pain on right side. Has anyone else had these symptoms? How long did they last? I thought having my appendix removed was going to make me feel better, not worse.

Augsburg, Germany

#631 Aug 6, 2009
samantha wrote:
i got my taken out about 20 days ago, and i still have pain. like it goes away and comes back. i dont know what it could be. it feels like my intestine are in pain. is this normal??
i had mine taken out 16days ago and same thing.pain comes & much worse.i figured it out that when i do alot of stuff thats when it hurts again.i cleaned the house yesterday & ran around doing a bunch of errands today. i have a very high pain tolerance & couldnt figure out why i still had the pain.after reading all these comments now i know its just slow to thinking it will take at least a month or so.maybe that means you are almost done!good luck

Augsburg, Germany

#632 Aug 6, 2009
VideoSteve wrote:
I had my surgery about three months ago. I had just finished a long job and was sitting at home watching a movie when I realized my right side hurt. I went to the urgent car ward and after 6 hours they finally figured out I had appendicitis. Six hours AFTER that they removed my appendix. I was fine for a week, puttering around the house, then I began getting fever and chills. I went to the emergency room and true to form six hours later they determined I had an infection. They put me on a hard course of antibiotics - 24 hours worth - and sent me home with a 10 day supply in pill form.(Ciprol and one other). After 3 weeks I went back to work. luckily I have a job that allow for that kind of time off. I practice martial arts and I've had very few troubles except being weak.
The problem now is that I occasionally have a burning sensation in my rectum and I find that I am "leaking". I believe this is cause by the powerful antibiotics killing all the good bacteria in my intestines. This is slowly going away.
What i have learned from the experience is:
1) Doctors only give you antibiotics during surgery. Antibiotic have bee over prescribed and are slowly become useless. The doctors I saw no longer give a full treatment post surgery. Better to deal with an infection after the fact than have the antibiotics become ineffective.
2) I developed chills and sweating that became so bad I could no longer sleep. Don't wait if you thing you have a problem. Had I waited any longer the situation might have become far worse.
you might also have developed a uti!guys (very rarely) but can get uti's and they are an infection so you might have developed one after having the infection again.that might be your problem now.i would go get it checked again

United States

#633 Aug 6, 2009
went to the dr yesterday and he said that he might have irritated my bladder since he was working close to it went to primary dr today cause of the pain still being bad and i have a infection we know the bladder is infected dont know about the appendix area yet
Christine PA

Philadelphia, PA

#634 Aug 9, 2009
I had mine out on Wednesday-and did not have lap. I still feel very very bloated and alot of pain and nauseated! also no BM for 5 days-is this normal??

Arlington, TX

#635 Aug 10, 2009
I had pain on my right side between my hip and ribs. I noticed the pain when i took a deeper breath or laid on my side. I waited 2 days since the pain wasnt severe but just didnt feel right. I went to a small clinic and they said i would have to wait a few days to get the results from a blood test but they didnt think it was my appendix.But, they said if you wanted you could go to the ER and get a CT scan. I went to the ER and got my CT scan. I had an emergency appendectomy 4 hours later(930pm) and was discharged less than 14 hours post op.I ate jello at 2 am and was able to walk and use the toilet on my own by 2am.
Going number 1 was sucked because they gave me a catheter tube during surgery and when i woke up i need to go and they expected me to do this while laying in bed.Neosporin helped with this pain ok dudes.My belly looked swollen and i got sleep due to the gas pain that was stuck in my right shoulder.That pain was far worst than the surgery and it lasted 2 full days. I didnt get bowels moving till day 3. Now, 2 weeks later, im passing rocks and a min of 3 times a day. I need a break!!! Post op appointment is tomorrow
wally from WA Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

#636 Aug 13, 2009
Ref to my earlier post, I did the surgery on July 21st, left the hospital on July 25th, then back to the hospital on July 26th for a severe pain again, got severe infection, they opened up the wound and start to clean it TWICE a day, then they decide to insert a sponge attached to a tube and to a suction machine for 5 days, then they took everything out, clean the wound and a day later Re-Stitch the wound again. A LOT of Anti Biotic through my viens until all of them got swollen, then start giving me oral anti boitic, got discharged from the hospital on Aug 8th and I am going TWICE a day back to the hospital for a bandage change and clean up, today Aug 13th he promissed me to remove the stitches on Monday then I can fly back home to WA after a week or so.
Piyush Bhandari


#637 Aug 18, 2009
I underwent the surgery about 15 days back and had similar symptons of pain in the shoulder etc etc.. However I have lost 9 Kgs of weight and am feeling completely weak.. Is this normal?? guys please let me know what yu are experiencing..

South Africa

#638 Aug 20, 2009
Had appendics removed. How safe is sex? and When?

Brooklyn, NY

#639 Aug 24, 2009
I got my appendix removed a month ago and i wanna skate and do exercise so badly! wen can i start jogging at least and my bowels come out red and sometimes blue and purple is this normal?

Burnt Hills, NY

#640 Aug 25, 2009
just had my appendix out last tuesday.. and holyy crap. usually my stomach is pretty flat, but after the surgery i look like im quite a few months pregnant. its so embarrasing. i hate it. but the pain is going away, im feeling alot better. It's just my back thats killing me.

United States

#641 Aug 26, 2009
I am 12 years old and got my appendix taken out i started walking the same day it hurt alot!!! i want to go bak to school can I????

Cary, NC

#642 Aug 26, 2009
I have a history with kidney stones. Even had surgery 4 months pregnant with my third (and final)child. Had oral surgery over a year ago with imolant and gor C.Diff. with colitis. 3 weeks ago had to have another oral surgey for skin grafts. Mon. 8:00am dentist appt. then had breakfast with hubby and son before he left for school. Came home and was on computer and put computer down and got up when I doubled over in pain. Called Gastro right away ,but I knew it was the not C.Diff because wants you have had it you will never forget, so because of my history with kidney stones that is what I thought ,but it did feel different. Hubby came and took me right away to the hospital (which my gastro told me to go immediately) and after 2 hrs. of pain I.V. and nausea meds I had a ct scan and the emergency doctors and nurses could not believe I was having an appendistis attack. In less than 1 hr. I was took to surgery. My husband and family are still in shock. I have had many different types of surgery,but this one really kicked my a--! I take care of a 11 month old,have been since she was 2.5 months old. I am only post op 7 days and she weighs 30 pounds. I am with her 9.5 hrs. and when I come home am very sore and tired. Could I be setting myself up for more problems? The nurse talked about a hernia if I lifted more than 5 pounds, but I am well past that. I will say I thought it would be a easy surgery, boy was I wrong. Anyone with advice about what or if I could have complications??? Thank You.

Union, NJ

#643 Aug 31, 2009
I had my appendix removed 4 days ago on thursday night, and left the hospital on friday by 3 pm, and have an incision on my stomach about 4-5 inches long. I am a mail carrier, and at first they told me recovery time is 1 week, but when the dr was told what I do for a job, he said 4-6 weeks. i have taken a stool softener, so I feel better that way. the paperwork I received states that walking is good, I can do as much as I want, but no lifting. I noticed if i keep busy with small stuff like dishes, I don't hurt as much, but when I am just sitting in the chair, or laying on the couch, I can barely get up, I can't stand upright, and deep breaths still hurt. I also thought this surgery was simple and easy, and maybe it is for the docs, but recovery seems like major to me. I cannot believe some people are up a week later and wanting to play golf, if you feel better, congrats, I'm envious, the thought of anything right now other than 1 flight of stairs makes me feel sick. But I was told walking was good, if only i could stand upright I might agree. Hope you all feel better. Oxycodone is a great reliever of pain!!:)

Temecula, CA

#644 Sep 2, 2009
Ok, well I was brought into ER at 10pm on a Tuesday night and they discovered I had appendicitis so I had emergency surgery and was done by 2am.. I'm home now, and I feel extremely sore! My throat hurts really bad aswell and I was wondering if they stick a tubedown your throat prior to surgery? Maybe that's it.

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