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Southfield, MI

#1 Feb 9, 2009
I had my appendix out last sunday the 1rst.

It all started about a year ago ..I had bad pain all over my stomach I thought it was food posioning waited three days and it subsided ...on two other occasions I had simular pains but not as bad ...on sunday they came again by sunday night I went to the hospital feeling the same way I did a year ago ...they addmitted me fast and got my blood work white cells were up by 7000 so they knew something was up and said most likely appendicitis after a nasty drink of orange juice and injected blue dye I went for my CT Scan showing I needed a appendectomy .
well 9 days laster i will say this .. I followed all the right things drank my water ..moved around from day one ..was it hard yes..painful yes but I new I had to do it .
I had pain on my right side when I would try and sleep on that side I was on my left or back ...slowly that got better and last night I was able to sleep on my right :) I feel little pain but the bloating is still weird feeling ...Doc said today at my apt .. all was good and normal .
Patholigy report on my appendix showed serverly gangrened my doctor said most likely last year it was my appendix ...I was lucky it did not leak .
has anyone been told this about theirs ...oh and the staples ... lol I guess i now have stapples inside me .

Buffalo, NY

#2 Jun 21, 2009
I just had my appendix out 2 weeks ago the doctor said it had gone gangrene and ruptured about 4 days before I went in the hospital cause I felt relatively fine and that I was lucky to be alive because my body fought back and formed a sack around it so my doctor still has me on antibiotics because he says he's concerned that I still have minor pain on my lower right other than the minor pain though my drainage hole is healing and everything else seems ok except the annoying pain when I use the bathroom and yup I got staples in me too


#3 Nov 3, 2009
After having pain for the last three years and going to the ER over 18 times, I just had my appendix removed 1 wk ago and I am still feeling sore from it. I feel much better now than before the surgery. I get lightheaded and nauseaus really easy since the surgery, so the dr. ended up doing blood work just to make sure that everything was okay and sure enough it came back normal. I currently still have bleeding from one of my incisions, but the dr. said that was normal also. I also have pain that goes from my belly button to the incision on the right side and it is constantly there. The pathology results of my appendix was abnormal, because they found scar tissue and old blood inside of my appendix. When they removed my appendix, there was a bunch of scarring around it, and it was all twisted and mangled up into a ball instead of being a s-shaped pouch. No one knows how it ended up like that.

Melbourne, Australia

#4 Aug 6, 2012
I have just had a grangreous appendix removed, pain started from the time I got up and got worse through out the day by the time I finally gave up and went to emergency at 6.00pm I was not seen until 12pm that night, I was then operated on the following day at 1.30pm and what a relief, even though I had three keyholes in me that pain was nothing compared to the pain by my appendix, I have now been recovering 4 days in hosp with my antibiotics to make sure everything is cleaned up inside without further infection. I will never take a risk like that with my body again.

Montgomery, NY

#5 Aug 18, 2012
Have someone who had a ruptured appendix with blood filled up in their stomach. They have taken out the appendix but also developed gangrene in the intestine. Have removed the gangrene also in surgery from the intestines. Now they have said person heavily sedated and on a respirator because they are not breathing properly because this person has been a heavy drinker for many years and is now detoxing. This person has also developed phenomena now. But has been on antibiotics all along. Can anyone tell me what to expect here. I just need a word of advice if anyone has been here before.
Gangrene of the Appendix

Yelverton, UK

#6 Nov 1, 2012
I am back from hospital tonight with a Gangrene of the appendix. I have had mild pain in my right hip joint. This is probably the most important early sigh in my opinion. If you have prolonged pain in your right hip joint area then go get checked out now. Four days ago I got the most severe pain Ive ever had in my life all over my upper gut. It felt like very severe trapped wind which is what I thought it was. But after going to hospital under doctors orders and having the operation the surgeon confirmed that I had this rare condition. This can kill you easily people don't not mess around with it. I'm re-thinking my whole lifestyle because of this. Thank god and thank my doctor that it hadn't burst.
Remember prolonged pain over months in your hip area is the best early sing. Especially if you're young as it wont be the joint itself.
I'm sitting here with staples in my stomach crying because I was close to death. Please learn and remember.

Truro, UK

#7 Nov 12, 2012
3 weeks ago i was rushed in hospital by my GP with suspected grumbling appendix, having acute pain in my right side and hip, and a water infection. my bloods showed a extreme high white cell count, i was admitted later that night my temperature and BP shot up and i was in agony, i was rushed to theater, i had gangreene appendix, which was situated next to my gallbladder under my lung/rib,and i was placed on special IV drips for cepticemia for 3 days then very strong antibiotics. 3 weeks on im still recovering, and have passed a gall stone and got a really nasty infection in my wound, but am feeling alot better and am finally home :)


#8 Feb 1, 2013
I'm just back from hospital today, after having my gangrenous and perforated appendix removed.
I first went to the hospital on the tuesday evening after having vomited and feeling extremely unwell in the afternoon with cramps across the stomach. The A and E department referred me to hospital Gp who wrongly diagnosed gastroenteritis and sent me home - great!
The sickness eased on Wednesday but the stomach cramps remained and became a more localised sharp pain in the lower right stomach on the Wednesday night. I went to my doctor on Thursday morning and she examined me and sent me back to hospital. This time they sent me straight onto a ward for an assessment. After being on the ward for no more than 15 mins I suddenly developed a severe fever and my temperature shot up from 37 to 39 within a few minutes. I suspect this was the time my appendix actually split.
They gave me a bunch of drugs and did some more tests during the day by which time my temperature was 40C (104F)!!!
Fortunately they decided to operate immediately and all was well but i can tell you now that at 40C I was starting to go in and out of consciousness and I can well believe this condition is fatal if left untreated.
To cap it all an incompetent nurse did not give me my intravenous antibiotics during the night after the operation. If I get a follow up infection there will be hell to pay!
In short, great surgeons, rubbish A&E and after care.

Stamford, CT

#9 Feb 6, 2013
I spent one night in obvious pain and then went to my family Doctor, who thankfully quickly sized up the situation. He sent me immediately to the ER of my hospital with a note. I received immediate attention waiting in the ER for two minutes. From there it was a blur but I realized I had to go for emergency surgery. I just remember the surgeon who looked very serious telling me straight out that I was in a life or death situation. I was not scared at all. I was out before going into surgery. It was my recovery that sucked, 8 days in the hospital and never had a meal and I lost almost 20 lbs. After leaving the hospital, I was sent to rehab place. After two days there, I called my son and just left the rehab place which was horrible. After 3 days at home I recovered quickly although I am not yer 100 percen ok but very close. I am over 60 years old. I was told I had a perforated appendix with gangrene. The story is if it wasn't for my family doctor, forgettabout it.
K Aitken

Auckland, New Zealand

#10 Feb 9, 2013
After months of feeling generally unwell, no fevers but my head just seemed to be slower than normal, I went to my GP who ran bloods but not CRP (infection marker). Nothing significant showed except slight low iron. Was put on iron tablets , went back with stomach pains and was misdiagnosed with constipation. Sent home thinking I had constipation , and pain became severe, but then they said I had adult colic! Fortunately, we went back again and saw another GP at the practice. She thought I had a kidney infection and Sent me to hospital. After 1 day of IV antibiotics an ultrasound was ordered, which showed an abcess on both ovaries, right being larger. They kept me in hosp for 8 days on antibiotics then discharged and advised would be reassessed in 6 weeks. What I couldn't understand was why I got this abcess as happily married for 12 years but no one investigated the cause.. Not prepared to wait 6 weeks I too see my old obstetrician who delivered my children. He knew me enough that the cause want std related, so stayed thinking outside the square and testing for ovarian cancer. 4 weeks later I pushed for surgery to remove the abcess. I had full open surgery to remove the ovary and abcess on my right side and both tunes add they were also infected. I was discharged two days later. That next night, chronic back and stomach pain , ended up back in hospital with emergency surgery as my crp sky rocketed. They found a gangrene appendix, essentially it died and was dripping infection like a tap into my other organs. I took 2 months to recover from the surgeries, lost heaps of weight, became anemic, my wound dehist (opened up) so that took a long time to heal. Now I'm suffering from post traumatic stress disorder in thinking I'm still sick all the time. But, slowly on the road to recovery. I hope that someone in my situation reads this and helps them feel empowered to get answers and question decisions. I'd I hadn't kept pushing I may not be here today. Trust your instincts.

Findlay, OH

#11 Mar 18, 2013
September 19, 2012 my husband woke up about 5:30 a.m. with pain in his left side going to his umbilicial region. He also could not eat or drink anything without throwing up. After watching him suffer for a few hours (he hates hospitals), I told him I was taking him to the E.R. Remember, his pain was on his left side. After having an I.V. inserted with pain meds. and nausea meds. he felt a small amount of relief, although after about 45 minutes his vomiting started back up. His blood count came back with his white count being 29000, yes, 29,000. The doctor sent him in for a CT scan, while in the scanner he started vomiting an almost coffee ground liquid. After waiting for hours, the doctor finally came back in, handed my husband a prescription for acid reflux. WHAT???? Seems this brilliant doctor decided my husband had heartburn. This was over the Labor Day weekend so I could not get my husband to go back to the E.R. for fear he would see Dr. Quack. On Tuesday, after the doctors office opened, I lied to my husband who by this time was filling up small trash cans with green bile that smelled so bad I wanted to gag. Wouldn't you know it, his doctor was on vacation in India, but someone was watching out for him for the nurse who saw him realized something was really wrong. In 4 days my husband had gone from weighing 269.4 to 232.8, she got another doctor in to see us and he was admitted to the hospital right away. The Chief of Surgery took on my husbands case (makes you wonder why doesn't it), said he wanted to let my husbands bowels rest because by this time, my husband had an ilius, this did no good and the following morning my husband was on the operation table. I was told it would take about an hour, but that hour turned into 4 hours. When the Chief of Surgery finally came to see me, he told me my husbands appendix had ruptured, turned gangrenous along with 18 inches of my husband intestines. My husband had that rare instance of the tail of his appendix going over to his left side, hence his left sided pain. I hope this story helps someone out there who may be going through this at this time and teaches them what I should have done to start with, not take heartburn as a diagnosis.
Jo harding


#13 Apr 27, 2013
my Dad had his appendix out, He had to have a bag for a few a month my Dad was in Pain they said he needed a pop off 5 days later my 56 year old Dad died of gran green of the small and top bowel they nipped his bowel and left 25ml of puss in him

Saint Augustine, FL

#14 Apr 28, 2013
I am so sorry for your loss. I'm sure you will be retaining an attorney since your Dad lost his life. I was much luckier. My Surgeon got all of the gangrene out. Things might have had a different outcome had I not been assigned to this Surgeon at the last minute, literally. I was left in the hallway of the OR area for almost an hour before someone noticed and this Surgeon said "I'll take her". God was with me that day. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.


#15 Apr 28, 2013
Hi my 12 year old son has been in pain for over a week now went to out ov hours doctors who said apendix and sent him to children's ward in hospital saw a surgeon n was told to go home come back in the morning so we went back in the morning this time different surgeon who told us he needed a scan and blood tests stayed in hospital all day had blood tests came back normal also had urine test that too was normal they kept him overnight n said he would be having a scan next day but surgeon came next day and sent him home we ended up back that night he was still in pain surgeon saw him again n said it was gas and sent him home told him to take gaviscon which he did n no different still in pain so was back the next night took more blood n more urine tests all still normal so sent home again in the morning told it was muscle pain this time it's burning my son when he wees he's in constant pain so went to my gp who diagnosed a grumbling apendix gave painkillers and sent him home next day we went to a different hospital had blood tests and urine tests there all normal again sons pain getting worse hes been sick n went a funny colour but surgeon said muscle pain again whatever he does he's in constant pain in his right side ov belly and still burning when he's having a wee so last night went back to the first hospital who kept us waiting for hours then sent him to the out of hours doctor the doctor said grumbling apendix prescribed pain relief and antibiotics and told me to keep an eye on him for next few days I don't know wot to do anymore hate seeing him in pain but hospital won't do anything please help

Santa Fe, NM

#16 Jun 12, 2013
I am currently in the hospital after surgery for a totally gangrenous appendix, yesterday. My symptoms are quite different from others I read, so I suppose there is a cautionary lesson here. I'd felt normal until Monday, the day before I finally went to the ER. I thought I'd strained a muscle on my right side. We had friends who arrived from out of state that day and we had a nice dinner and I felt more or less okay though really tired. Went to bed early and felt real soreness and some pain that night but mostly bloatedness. I know from family history and my own experiences with knee problems, etc., that I have a high pain threshold, as did my Mother.
I definitely thought it could be appendicitis but didn't really know until the CT scan, blood work etc. all this to say that this kind of problem can manifest a lot of ways, so my best advice is listen to your body and don't ignore symptoms.

Tampa, FL

#17 Jul 7, 2013
I am in the hospital now after coming to the ER 2 days ago complaining of a week of pain. After emergency lap appendectomy, my app was ruptured and gangrenous. I am starting to recover but the fever and dehydration and pain are all still here for now.
After reading a lot of the previous posts, I think this has been coming for a while. I've had severe right hip pain for weeks, that I was just saying was me getting old. I'm only 34 WF. In the last few months I have at least 2 different diarrheal outbreaks that I could not explain. Everything is all starting to come together now, and I am really hoping that after this I can return to being a healthy mommy of 3!!

Innaloo, Australia

#18 Aug 31, 2013
I had appendicitis 60 yrs ago. My brother had the operation a year before me. I'm 72. My older son, who I thought was wanting to skip school, had his appendix removed 3- 4 hrs after drs visit at age 13. My youngest daughter fainted at school. Drs thought it might be appendicitis but would not treat her as a public patient. Because of my experience with my son I elected to pay as a private patient - sole parent on limited income at that time. Was told afterwords that I was right, she and her older brother had unusual appendices.

On Tuesday of this week my 43yr old son asked to be taken to drs thinking he may have food poisoning. Dr said to go to emergency at local hospital. He was immediately admitted with appendicitis. 6 hrs later had laprascopy - appendix perforated and granganeous. Removed appendix and part of his intenstine.

He is still in hospital and still not feeling well - he is married with two children, but today he was feeling that he may not survive.

I'm told there is no research into family connection. Based on our history - why not? And yes - I'm angry - 60 yrs later.

Loveland, OH

#19 Dec 2, 2013
My 64 year old husband exercises 5 days a week and has a history of diverticulosis. He had been painting and working on the house for the last month and developed back pain. Last Sunday he became ill with what we thought was a stomach virus. The next day I thought it may be diverticulitis-worse than he ever had it before. He had a fever and was shaking so bad I took his to the ER. It turned out to be his appendix and that night it was removed and Dr. said it was gangrene. He came home the next day feeling 100% better and his back pain is gone. The Dr. said one more day and it may have ruptured and been much worse. Lesson for the day is pay attention to your body!
Joseph James

Halifax, UK

#20 Jan 5, 2014
Lying in bed typing this, had mild/noticeable pain in lower right stomach for over five years that would come and go, thought just kept straining it on equipment at work. All came to a head Monday after coughing all day badly, came home and had lots of rich food (Christmas leftovers) went to bad with pain over my entire stomach and top of belly, googled it and thought cause was stomach muscles from coughing really hard for days. Following day I couldn't go to work (I'm self employed picture framer) so shop was shut which I never do. Pain got worse so put ice on stomach which helped, trouble is I was now getting headaches, nausea and sweating a lot, I still refused to go to a doctor as I thought just sleeping would sort it out (thought I was exhausted from Xmas workload and little time off) by day three looking back I wasn't thinking straight and was still convincing my girlfriend that I would be alright in a few days. New Year's Eve came and went and by this time I had been in bed for four days drifting in and out of sleep with no food, dehydration even though I was drinking water, head ache, stomach pain (big time when I coughed), Nassau. My girlfriend Claire booked an appointment with my doctor for the end of the day to which I was still not wanting to go! Saying I will if I'm still the same by Saturday! She took my temperature with an ear thermometer and the reading was nearly 40! Which I know is a high fever and not good so I went finally, the cool outside air helped and sort of roused me but I was starting to feel dizzy again in the doctors waiting room, after 20 mins the doctor saw me apparently my pulse was as he put it "going like the clappers" and he immediately called the hospital to say I'm coming straight over. Within 30 mins I had been to the doctors and now walking through the hospital door clutching my stomach and slowly walking to the reception to ask where the emergency surgery unit surgery is, I get up there and I'm told to fill out a form in the waiting room but soon I'm on a bed having a blood sample taken, I'm lying down and I'm not with it, sweating a lot, putting my hand on my head and just seeing it dripping with sweat, cold as they couldn't get a vein and had to soak my hand in warm water to get one, not knowing how time is going by, almost drifting in and out of consciousness but just keeping with it. Asked lots of questions by nurses, doctors, blood results was taking a long time which they kept chasing, bizarrely I was talking quite softly and croaky but very informative answers to the questions more so than when I'm fully fit! Told to pee in a specimen bottle and it was dark brown, after about 3 hours since I arrived the blood results were back and a surgeon came to see me, he took one look at the bottle and his face said it all, "let's whip that appendix out", went for x rays then back up to the ward to get ready for theatre, I was very nervous as to what they might find as I knew it had been there a long time and there was talk of a possible hernia, tumour etc. I'm only 40 years old and have a 11 month year old boy. Operation was supposed to be an hour but I think took at least twice that as I went in at about 10 then woke up at about 2am to which the nurse said it was a particularly Nasty gangreous appendicitis, I was still sweating heavily throughout the night and the nurses are a god send mopping my brow and changing the pillow and wiping my back down with cool water. Consultant came round and explained they got all the nasty stuff out and found nothing else but the appendix had burst before operating but they couldn't tell me when, probably when I was coughing so hard and started to take a turn for the worse I guess: next few days I needed help to get in and out of bed, plenty of tubes going in and on lots of tablets and constant oxygen, I'm home now and all seems going to plan ie pea clear and managed to poo today, trouble is doctor ordered 4 weeks rest! In pain? GO TO YOUR DOCTOR!,
Joseph James

Halifax, UK

#21 Jan 5, 2014
Oh forgot to mention you can die from a burst gangreous appendix if it's not taken out quick!

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