Shoulder pain after surgery

Lancaster, OH

#121 Nov 29, 2008
I had rotator cuff tears, biscep tear slap tear arthirtis, and bursitis I had surgery on Nov 6 and the first two week was extremely painful. now 23 days after surgery i am down to onehalf a vicadon. But still need the pain med. After reading all of teh information above i guess this is normal. I a hoping to go to over the counter in the next week. It sounds like this is a very painful surgery for everone. good luck on your recovery
James Knaub

Fort Atkinson, WI

#122 Dec 3, 2008
I had rotorcuff surgery in feb 2008 ,on the right shoulder ,the shoulder did not heel right and after 6 months of pure hell ,I just got through with surgery on that shoulder for the second time ,it was the superspontatus tenton that was a full tear ,they say they fixed it this time but its a month now after surgery and still so much pain ,I cant left the arm at all ,someone please help as this is driving me crazy ,thanks alot

Waterford, MI

#123 Dec 5, 2008
I see a lot of people commenting on the horrors of their shoulder surgeries. I had mine on 9/16/08. The surgery repaired a torn rotator cuff, torn labrum, bone spur, and a loose shoulder capsule. I still have the sleepless nights and occasional set backs. Sometimes, sleeping on the floor leaning the bad should against a couch or bed will help you get comfortable. However, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. The key is to lay back on the rehab if you feel pain. If you push too hard, tendinitis will set in and keep you from moving forward. If you feel a lot of pain, ice and make sure your therapist knows. If the the arm feels good, heat and make sure to not use the arm still. It is easy to have a good day and overdo it. Be aware of what you do and hopefully you will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since: Dec 08

Fremont, NE

#124 Dec 9, 2008
I had rotator cuff surgery on 11/13/08 and it's still extremely painful, even with morphine and Norco.
I'm in a sling till 12/24/08 but I wonder if I can trust that date as final. I never realized or expected this surgery to be so painful and so involved. Here I was telling my work that I should be up and running in a couple of days and I still can't sit at a computer for more than 15 minutes at a time. Of course the affected arm and shoulder is my dominate right side. Trying to figure out how to do the simplest of things is a real challenge.

I have added Velcro to the sling and have added Velcro to my case for my cellphone, my eyeglass case and a small Olympus tape recorder that uses the micro cassettes and is very inexpensive.
So I have all my needed "life support" right there on my sling, and its been a major help.

I haven't been able to sleep in a bed so I have to sleep in a big chair in my living room. I do not own a recliner and my bedroom is too tight space wise to allow any additional furniture other than the bed, and two small night tables.

I generally won't sleep for 2 or 3 nights and finally sleep when I can no longer stay up.
My constant companion for the past 10 years, pain, still has quite a hold on me. I just hope that I am not going through all this for nothing. Right now I am in the same pain and shape as I was before the surgery. The only difference is now I can't use my arm.

I strongly advise anyone considering shoulder surgery to repair the rotator cuff, TO COMPLETELY EXHAUST ALL OTHER CURES BEFORE CONSENTING TO SURGERY.
Pay attention to physical therapy and all your other non-invasive procedures before going under the knife.

I also didn't realize how expensive this would be. Just for the surgeons it was over $15,000.00
I am still waiting on the anesthesiologists bill.
Thank God Blue Cross paid 100%
I believe my surgeon was the best I could find and you should do the same.
Don't be afraid to ask questions and search the web for videos on the specific procedure you will have.

Middletown, RI

#125 Dec 25, 2008
Had an open distal clavical resection, open biceps tenodesis, a SLAP and a debridement on my shoulder in May 08. I am STILL in lots of pain with a frozen shoulder. Lots of good PT that helps movement, but OMG it hurts! Meds and warm showers help. Some nights are ugly.

Massapequa, NY

#126 Dec 28, 2008
Had rotator cuff repair, bone shaved and joint cleanup in Oct. Physical Therapy is still very painful and I had to back off of my home exercises because the joint was getting too inflamed. I have been given a TENS unit to use and it helps a great deal. I have trouble sleeping and was given more Vicadin to take at night, this is worrisome as this is a narcotic and what happens when you run out. It isn't the best at letting me sleep either. Does anyone else have a lot of trouble sleeping, this is 2 months after surgery.

Brownsboro, TX

#127 Jan 2, 2009
Amy wrote:
I am having shoulder surgery on the 28th. How long do you have to keep it in the sling and how long before you can drive?
sling for 5 weeks started driving in 1 week

Brownsboro, TX

#128 Jan 2, 2009
sling 5 weeks started drivin in 1 week

Rochester, NH

#129 Jan 5, 2009
jean wrote:
i had surgery eight weeks ago my bone was shaved as i had a spur i am still in pain i wish at the moment i didn"t have the operation

I had shoulder surgery for a bone spur, calcium deposit and ended up having rotator cuff repair as well. It's been over 3 months and I still can't sleep at night,still doing physical therapy, have had 2 cortisone shots.......nothing seems to be working. does anyone have any success stories as I'm thinking this is the way I will be forever.

Rochester, NH

#130 Jan 5, 2009
James Knaub wrote:
I had rotorcuff surgery in feb 2008 ,on the right shoulder ,the shoulder did not heel right and after 6 months of pure hell ,I just got through with surgery on that shoulder for the second time ,it was the superspontatus tenton that was a full tear ,they say they fixed it this time but its a month now after surgery and still so much pain ,I cant left the arm at all ,someone please help as this is driving me crazy ,thanks alot
How did you now the rotator cuff didn't heal right? Can you tell me how long it took for your doctor to realize that it didn't heal right? I have been wondering for some time now if mine didn't heal right but still don't know and still in pain constantly.

Rochester, NH

#131 Jan 5, 2009
TRACY wrote:
<quoted text>
I had surgery on 10/28/2008 for calcium deposits and the surgeon also found a bone spur that he removed. i am still in allot of pain and on pain meds every four hours and using cryo cuff all the time. i am a registered nurse and am unable to return to work due to the pain. originally had thought i would be back to work within one week as the surgeon told me wouldn't b e a problem. i go to see the surgeon today. i can't help but think that somthing is wrong. i dont' think i shoulf be in this much pain so long after surgery. I can not move my shoulder without experiencing extreme pain. I absolutely cannot lift my arm straight up because my arm seems too weak or stuck. I am very dissappointed. my surgeon states this was routine surgery and he has never had a patient in this much pain after surgery. i consider myself to have a pretty high pain threshhold as I gave birth with out any meds, so I dont think i am being a sissy about this. I am worried that there is something wrong to be in this much pain and to have such limited range of motion in my shoulder. has anyone heard of complications that cause pain after this type of surgery? What could be causing all this pain and the limited movement?
I so hear you on this. You sound just like me. I have always had a high tolerance for pain and am still having difficulty with pain, working a full day etc and I had surgery over 3 months ago. My surgeon is the best, he has been very understanding about the pain thank goodness but I still worry that something didn't heal right or physical therapy was too aggressive to begin with. I'm at the point to where I just tell the therapist I feel "ok" and that it's a "little" better.....feel like I'm whining if I say it still hurts A LOT. I hope that you get better......I could definitely use a success story as my experience isn't one of them.

Owings Mills, MD

#132 Jan 12, 2009
I was in a car accident on 8/28/07, and injured my shoulder. I had four months of PT, then my doctor started cortisone shots. I had three, and the pain returned. On July 1, 2008, my doctor decided to go in and clean the shoulder out. He said this would give me a great deal of relief. Once he got inside, he said he had to repair a small tear in my rotator cuff. He told me that he didn't want me to do PT, because they would be too aggressive, and undo what he did. The pain that I continued to have, I thought was just a part of the healing. The pain gets worse each day. It travels to my neck, and at times I can't turn my head. My good arm is now giving me problems, probably from overuse. I can't sleep at night, and I am always in pain. I had to go to the ER today because I couldn't lift my arms or turn my head. They gave me a muscle relaxer for the spasms, and something for inflammation. They said they couldn't treat me because I must see my surgeon. I am now scheduled to have a MR Arthragram on 1/19/09. I hope they get to the bottom of this. It just doesn't seem like normal healing to me. By the way, the meds that they prescribed in the Er did absolutely nothing for my pain.

Dothan, AL

#133 Jan 16, 2009
My daughter had arthroscopic surgery on her shoulder 4 weeks ago, she had a capsular shift and torn labrum repair with a couple of anchors. She is in a lot of pain still, we thought there would be more improvement by now. I was surprised when we saw the dr. for the post op a week after surgery and he said see you in 8 weeks. I guess we are on our own for the next 2 months wondering if everything is normal or something to be concerned about. Physical therapy just started and went pretty well, they were real gentle, but being in the car is pure hell for her, any uneven pavement just kills her and long days at school are hard too. Plese help we ar both getting so frustrated and depressed.

Dothan, AL

#134 Jan 17, 2009
I forgot to mention that my daughter got startled a week after her surgery, and she jumped back without her sling on, cause she had just gotten out of the shower. We have been so worried that this incident may have damaged the surgery.

Fredericksburg, TX

#135 Jan 21, 2009
I had rotator cuff surgery July 2008. After all this time I sill cannot make a fist and cannot bend my fingers or turn door knobs. I am righthanded. What is the cure for this?
Ouch wrote:
<quoted text>
I was driving with my left hand a week after my right shoulder was worked on. I had an automatic car - Thank Goodness!!
I was told to keep my sling on for 6 weeks... Make sure that you take your arm out to dangle. After the 6 weeks when I took my arm out of the sling I couldn't straigten it at all -- my muscles were so contracted! It sucked!!

Calgary, Canada

#136 Jan 30, 2009
i had a rotater cuff repair in my left shoulder sept16 008 .ive had less pain now but ive lost range of motion due to scar tissue buit up from over exerciseing so be careful what pt wants you to do it may be to much right at first listen to your surgen and make sure your doing the right exercises streaching your tendons are inportant dont over do it .

Calgary, Canada

#137 Jan 30, 2009
i also have atorn rotater cuff in right shoulder with an abnormal tendon 2 tears about 1cm long had mri done just after thinking that strenthing is better than surgery ive learned my lesson .

Corona, CA

#138 Feb 18, 2009
I had labral tear repaired with anchors on 8-26-08. I, too, thought it would be an easy recovery as I had an artificial disc replacement on my back in 2007 and figured that would be way worse. Wrong. My shoulder hurts worse than it did before surgery. Had another MRI and because of the "hardware" you don't see the whole picture so it "looks" like just a shoulder recovering from surgery. I can lift my arm straight up in the front but if i bend my arm at the elbow, inward I can lift it up. Feels like someone is stabbing me. Dr. says "classic impingment". I still don't know what that means. This sux.

Corona, CA

#139 Feb 18, 2009
but if i bend my arm at the elbow, inward I CAN'T lift it up. Feels like someone is stabbing me.


#140 Feb 18, 2009
Jamie wrote:
I had my appendix removed last week and my doctor told me to expect shoulder pain because of gas, since they filled me up with air.(Weird...I know.)
how long did this pain last?i had my appendix removed last week n my shoulder is still really painful

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