Shoulder pain after surgery


#101 Sep 19, 2008
I had surgery 7 weeks ago....I regreat I ever did this..please someone tell me this is worth it...I am in so much pain that I dread going to sleep at night knowing I have to face this the next day... I am becoming very depressed.

Jacksonville, FL

#102 Sep 22, 2008
After reading all these posts Im not encouraged about the pain in my shoulder. I have had one rotator cuff repair surgery and a second clean up in the past 3 years. I am in more pain now than before I had surgery, its more a dull ache with an occasional shooting pain and is usually worse in the mornings or in the cold.

I feel like a pill head asking for even the low dose lortabs but the Advil/Tylenol that I take doesnt touch the pain and I am taking way above the normal dose for both of those. Even the low dose(5s) of lortabs get rid of the pain, the ones the doctor gives me(7.5s) usually are too much.

Is there anything I can do over the counter to help with the pain?

Jasper, IN

#103 Sep 24, 2008
i have had 3 surgeries on left shoulder.2005 for bone spures and ac . was still in very bad pain for a year. Dec 2006 labrum repair plus removal of bone spur tha first surgeon didnt catch.Still had alot of pain.So in march of 2007 had bicep attached to lower in arm. today still a limited movement of arm plus as much pain as ive ever had.I still have to sleep with left arm down by my side and take sleeping aids to help me sleep.

Norfolk, VA

#104 Oct 6, 2008
I just had surgery for torn rotator cuff, torn labrum ligament and bone spur. Please someone tell me how long the pain will last. I hurt sooooo bad!! I hate taking the drugs that I have been given cause I feel like poo ALL day long.

Tinley Park, IL

#105 Oct 14, 2008
Ihad surgery june 9 th and they sent me back after two week in the meat deptment were you do alot of lifting and it oct. 14 th and the pain is still there . they said it still has to heal but i can't sleep though the whole night with out pain and I'm still working .

United States

#106 Oct 16, 2008
Kimo44 wrote:
I just had surgery for torn rotator cuff, torn labrum ligament and bone spur. Please someone tell me how long the pain will last. I hurt sooooo bad!! I hate taking the drugs that I have been given cause I feel like poo ALL day long.
I had surgery 10 weeks ago todqay. It still hurts like heck. But make sure you do the excericis and really push yourself. For some reason that helps a ton.....
Peaches Albany Georgia

United States

#107 Oct 18, 2008
I've had two surgerys 22 months ago,on my right shoulder 1st surgery bone suprs and fracture,still pain 2nd surgery removal of my right cavicle and the Dr. did not tell me nor my
husband once the surgery was over,I seen the x-ray and called him on it! And all the Dr.'s think it's a mind thing my neck,top of my shoulder very sensitive and painful and back of shoulder blade
constantly hurting!They say I should not feel any more pain with the time frame.....BUT I DO!!!!

Des Plaines, IL

#108 Nov 3, 2008
Steve Beaver Falls PA wrote:
Had shoulder surgery on 9/20/07 to remove seven calcium stone like pieces. Largest the size of a cotton ball. This is the most painful surgery I have ever had. Still in pain after three months, have done the therapy and still working out on my own in the gym on the shoulder stuff. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX FOR THIS. Everyone is different and each of us will heal differently. Only time will make it better. Six months to a year for some but do not quit. It will get better. Very depressing and dispondent-codeine helps for a while.
I had surgery on 10/28/2008 for calcium deposits and the surgeon also found a bone spur that he removed. i am still in allot of pain and on pain meds every four hours and using cryo cuff all the time. i am a registered nurse and am unable to return to work due to the pain. originally had thought i would be back to work within one week as the surgeon told me wouldn't b e a problem. i go to see the surgeon today. i can't help but think that somthing is wrong. i dont' think i shoulf be in this much pain so long after surgery. I can not move my shoulder without experiencing extreme pain. I absolutely cannot lift my arm straight up because my arm seems too weak or stuck. I am very dissappointed. my surgeon states this was routine surgery and he has never had a patient in this much pain after surgery. i consider myself to have a pretty high pain threshhold as I gave birth with out any meds, so I dont think i am being a sissy about this. I am worried that there is something wrong to be in this much pain and to have such limited range of motion in my shoulder. has anyone heard of complications that cause pain after this type of surgery? What could be causing all this pain and the limited movement?


#109 Nov 6, 2008
paula wrote:
I had surgery for impingement a year and a half ago and at times my shoulder still hurts.
I had shoulder impingement surgery a year and a half ago. I am still in pain. I still hear this popping sound when I raise my arm up and down. Do you have this problem? If I move a certain way, pain runs down my arm. I thinking about going back to my doctor.

New Lenox, IL

#110 Nov 7, 2008
DColl wrote:
since my surgery my shuolder pain is so bad that i wish i was dead.i am back in therapy and take a lot of pain meds.when the cold hits my shoulder the pain goes down the whole right side of my body
you need to see Dr Michael Terry at the University of Chicago. He fixed my massive tear in the rotatator cuff and i am fine today, one year later. It was my second surgery on the same shoulder, the first with mike. I had minimal post op pain. He is the best and a he is a specialist. I have recommended him to many and all are pleased. See him right away.

Hartford, CT

#111 Nov 7, 2008
Sarah wrote:
i guess i was like filled up with air during surgery. my right shoulder hurts now. did/does anyone else have this kind of pain after surgery? how long does it last? ohhhh, it hurts. i had problems staying asleep last night
I came home from the hospital today. And my shoulder hurts more than the appendectomy. Yours went away after a couple days??? This is agonizing.

San Jose, CA

#112 Nov 8, 2008
Hey folks, bear in mind that people typically go online to seek help when they are in pain and looking for answers... the ones who are doing well are far less likely to come here and post, so the thread is tilted towards the bleaker side of things!
I had shoulder surgery 8 days ago (bone spur removed, bursa removed, and frozen shoulder forcibly manipulated while under general anesthesia). The first few days were rough and I took Percocet. The Percocet didn't agree with me (nausea, nightmares) so 3 days after surgery I quit taking it and switched to Advil which has controlled the pain quite well. At this point, only 8 days out of surgery, I am taking just a little Advil to help with physical therapy sessions, I'm out walking for exercise about an hour every day, I'm about to start driving again, so I am almost back to normal life. Of course, the shoulder still needs a lot of work, stretching, strengthening, etc. and this is going to take many months, maybe even a year before full (or nearly full) motion returns and the pain goes completely away. But I am doing great and look forward to a full recovery.
I can say that I've worked very hard this week to maintain the mobility that the surgeon gave me. Three days after surgery I started physical therapy and I have done every bit of the exercises prescribed even though it causes some discomfort. I think this has been beneficial, not to baby my shoulder and arm too much, but to be diligient in doing what is recommended.
Anyway, I just wanted to chime in here to say that it's not always bad news, there are some of us out here who are doing well. I know that each case is different and there are many who are not as lucky as I have been. To those of you struggling so much with pain, I empathize and wish you well. Hang in.
Mike Mac

Elizabethtown, KY

#113 Nov 9, 2008
I had rotator cuff surgery on October 28, 2008. It's now November 9, 2008 and I seem to have taken a step backwards. I had a tough time with the pain the first few days but then I seemed to have turned the corner after two weeks. For the past couple of days the pain has returned. Is this normal? What should I expect for the next few weeks. I'm scheduled to begin passive therapy this Wednesday.

Austin, TX

#114 Nov 10, 2008
I had shoulder surgery on 10/9/08 for impingement and bone spur. I feel better since I've had the surgery because I'm no longer having the pain in my neck like I had before.It does get better over time, but endurance is the key also it good if you have a chair you can sleep in.
Shelly Vannoy

Eagle, ID

#115 Nov 10, 2008
I had an esophageal fundoplication nissen (where they take your stomach and pull it up through the esophagus and wrap it around the esophagus to help GERD) over a year ago and the pain was intense in my shoulder for about three weeks then went away with no pain in sight, now I am six months pregnant with my third and the shoulder pain is back full on with vengence, it has been going on for about a month now, and the surgeon I went to says that it probably has something to do with the pregnancy. With my last two I never had shoulder pain (actually never in my entire life) until I had surgery, and now it is the same pain. Any ideas on what to do, because my O.B says the same thing, its got to be from the surgery. If anyone has any tips for me please e-mail me at thanks for your time.

West Drayton, UK

#116 Nov 12, 2008
hi i had surgery 4 weeks ago, MUA and arthroscopic asd right shoulder , im still having pain, nights are bad, my top arm is painfull, my hand keeps going red, im so fed up i thought it was a quick fix, is anyone elses hand going red, i was doing more before surgery, am i expecting to much for it to be better already ,

Since: Nov 07

Ponchatoula, LA

#117 Nov 14, 2008
I had arthroscopic asd right shoulder, Sept,08, still painful,sleepless nights,and now my neck,elbow and end fingers hurt all the time. Started PT last week and the pain is worst now than before. Anyone else with these problems


#118 Nov 16, 2008
I had rotator cuff done in MArch- still in quite a bit of pain with very little movement
I did all the PT etc. The doctor wants to do a surgery called a capsule release- has anyone heard of this and how involved is it and what is recovery time
Im not sure I want anther shoulder surgery done dont know what to do

Romford, UK

#119 Nov 19, 2008
i had shoulder surgery about 3 months ago,i had to get a piece of bone cut out and a pin put into it. my shoulder still hurts and when i do move it i can feel little clicks in it, is that normal? and is it suppose to hurt like this?
Tony Huggett

South Africa

#120 Nov 27, 2008
I hade rotator cuff surgery 5 weeks ago. I am still in a lot of pain at night and have difficulty in sleeping. I am having physiotherapy, but the pain is excruciating.
I have stopped taking pain killers because of the severe constipation. What concerns me is that I hear about cases where the pain lasts for up to a year after surgery. I am desparate to get the mobility back, any suggestions?

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