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#567 Jun 6, 2012
I had surgery for shoulder impingement. While in there..they found a second tear in the rc and shaved down bone spurs. I am a month out of surgery and 3weeks into pt. The pain is increasingly worse and anti inflammatory daily. Please help..cant sleep or function properly at work.

Tulsa, OK

#568 Jun 23, 2012
gleny wrote:
I think I posted on denises post??This is 1st time here.Can you tell me about the pain and if you had a nerve block in neck to numb your pain for over night? I heard some horror stories about the nerve block and am scared but arm aches so much I need to so something soon.I also ned s plate with screws p[ut in it.Darn just had disc sugery in Dec 2008 and a plate put in my my shoulder..Can you tell me about the surgery??thank hope you are better soon ,,,,Gleny
I had full tear of rotater cuff surgery 3 weeks ago, i got the block in my neck , it was great for about 24 hours not feeling anything. It made one eye a little drowpy I had a scratchy throat for a while and a little trouble breathing, just had to take it easy and take good deep breaths but I think it was worth it. Right now i have alot of pain and nothing seems to help.

Lansing, MI

#569 Jul 7, 2012
I had Emergency appendectomy surgery on June19th. A week ago today my left shoulder hurt and continues. Pain medicine helps for a brief time. The doctor did not tell me this could happen.
I thought I was getting better, then the pain hit. No fun. I put ice on my shoulder, helps some.
glad to hear I am not alone with this medical problem.

Fpo, AP

#570 Jul 30, 2012
I have had 3 surgeries on my right shoulder starting in Jan 2010. Two have been labrum rapairs and one impingement. I had blocks in all three surgeries and they helped out alot. The first time they did not use ultra sound equipment and just jabbed needles in my neck till they found the nerve they were looking for. The next two were amazing, no pain for like 36 hours. I have had pain every day for the last three years and tell people to consider what they are going to go thru before they get surgery on their shoulder. I'm in the Marines and it has really hurt my career getting the surgery's.

Haleyville, AL

#571 Aug 2, 2012
I had surgery of taken off right shoulder bone spurs, that happen on a wednesday.The following wednesday I did over 300 push ups, bad move. My surgery went good the next day I only took one pain pill, now it August 3 I'm in Pain when i try to lift. I were during good before pugh ups..I started Pt that following Monday I could tell it was better I was stretching it more, but like I said I went to areobic class and that arm layed me down. Please take it Dr. Said that there was nothing I do in the gym that would mess up what he did. He said I probably be sore my self. He was right. I had the nices people to prep me for hat goes off to my Dr. To God be The Glory
Paul S

Louisville, KY

#572 Aug 16, 2012
I am eight and a half weeks post op for rotator cuff repair and bone spur removal. Two anchors(screws) inserted. I feel as though i've gotten mostly better and just can't get to the finish line. Pain is lessened but still present most of the time. The recovery from this is NO JOKE! Good luck to all of you. I know you all just want your lives back as i do.
#573 Aug 16, 2012
I am 6 months post op from a SAD and Acromioplasty. I have sharp pain when I place my arm across my chest or raise above my almost seems as though the impingement is worse that Pre op. is this even possible?y surgeon feels I am heeling well and says pain should subside, but I am not confident. Wishing I left the shoulder alone.

Queensbury, NY

#574 Sep 3, 2012
second surgery this year, torn impingement i am in so much pain, Dont understand why they cant fix this better. been on 2 pain killers an just takes the egde off but never pain free

Washington, IN

#575 Sep 26, 2012
I had surgry two months ago lab tear n home spurs removed also removed artritis. And pain is way worse burning throbin fingers numb I'm on perk tens and it eases up pain but not fully if anyone can help boss474[email protected] thanks

Washington, IN

#576 Sep 26, 2012
Bone spurs

Birmingham, MI

#577 Oct 4, 2012
Salina Sarber wrote:
I too had left shoulder repaired. I had tears repair and scaping done. That was on January the 8th of 2012. It is now into March and I told my Dr. that I am in more pain now that before the surgrey--it is so hard to deal with the pain.He said I need to exercise the left shoulder which I had 12 rehab on the shoulder--but really I am in so much painit is impossible for me to do--maybe if I was a lot younger I could--but the Dr. said it can take up to a year to heal--I would never had it done if I knew about the pain I have to deal with--THANKS for reading.
I also had my left shoulder worked on suprascapular nerve release and a decompression. Prior to the surgery the surgeon stated he was hardly doing any work on the shoulder so recovery would be quick. Well 8 weeks in to my recovery and the pain is 10 times worse then before. Now the Doc is sending me to a pain specialist. I agree 100% with your statement I would have never had the surgery if I was giving a realistic view of what recovery is like from shoulder surgery. I would tell anyone unless your shoulder is falling off don't elect surgery.

Indio, CA

#578 Oct 11, 2012
I had shoulder replacement surgery 2yr. and 4 months
ago. when I reach or pull for long amounts of time
I have severe aching in my shoulder going down my arm. 2 advil usually takes it away. I can play golwhich doesn't bother me. I wonder if this is the best it will ever be?

Livermore, CA

#579 Oct 12, 2012
I fell & broke my shoulder 22 months ago & Kaiser did a partial shoulder replacement on me, & this is the worst thing I have ever experienced! I am still in a lot of pain & have to take morphine. The recovery has been horrible.
I'm still having to sleep propped up on a couch. I can't raise my arm very far & it's a struggle to do anything. They told me I probably have a torn rotator cuff too & muscle damage that can't be repaired. I guess I am going to be handicapped & in pain now the rest of my life. It's very depressing.

I don't recommend having it done unless it's absolutely necessary. I was in less pain before the surgery!

Delray Beach, FL

#580 Oct 22, 2012
Had complete shoulder replacement 3 mos ago. Immediately after surgery started basic physical therapy in hospital,-making a fist, curling arm up, and the day I came home. Need strong meds then and now, but work thru the pain to get movement back. Now can raise arm above head, behind the back, etc. Have to tune out the pain, or just up the meds before and after exercise. Everyday. Arm was in sling when I slept and in crowds. Otherwise, let the arm swing free and walk a lot. Arm can move up in front of you and keep trying to straighten. Have to get those muscles to work again


#582 Nov 26, 2012
I had two anchors inserted about seven weeks ago tomorrow. Supra spinatus partial tear. The pain is awful, I thought I was getting better but it just seems to linger on forever. I read somewhere that Organic Apple Cider Vinegar helps, so I am going to try some of this. Any body out there tried this before?

Sarasota, FL

#583 Nov 27, 2012
Just had rotater cuff surgery and having lots me coller bone pain is this normal and has anyone else had the same problem

Tullahoma, TN

#584 Dec 4, 2012
I am 6 weeks post op,partial replacement for right shoulder.tried to lay on non operative shoulder with a pillow close to me too lay arm on;woke up this morning with intense stabbing pain @ top of shoulder back on inch where it creases in the joint.Im hopeing that returning to the recliner will solve the problem;anyone have a suggestin?

Tullahoma, TN

#585 Dec 4, 2012
Mike wrote:
On 4/6/11 I had surgery due to a dislocated and fractured shoulder. Here it is 6 weeks later and I'm still sleeping on the recliner, icing often, and still taking an occasional lortab for pain. Im wondering if Im doing anything wrong. Also, the muscle area has been swollen for a couple weeks now. The doctor and phys therapist say everything is progressing fine but Im wondering !!!
Im inthe same boat,but no swelling.Going to see doc in week and a half!!


#586 Dec 5, 2012
Hilliard wrote:
I am 6 weeks post op,partial replacement for right shoulder.tried to lay on non operative shoulder with a pillow close to me too lay arm on;woke up this morning with intense stabbing pain @ top of shoulder back on inch where it creases in the joint.Im hopeing that returning to the recliner will solve the problem;anyone have a suggestin?
I had surgery eight weeks ago and the pain is still with me. I have found that sleeping on my back works with a small pillow slightly supporting the injured shoulder. What has helped is hugging another pillow when I turn over onto my side because this tends to support the shoulder and does not let it droop - good luck, we all gonna need it!

New York, NY

#587 Dec 11, 2012
Amy wrote:
I am having shoulder surgery on the 28th. How long do you have to keep it in the sling and how long before you can drive?
depends what procedure they perform. I was out of the Sling in 3 days.

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