Shoulder pain after surgery

Banbury, UK

#362 Oct 10, 2010
Sue wrote:
I have had rotator cuff repairs, excision of the ac joint twice and impingment surgery all over the past 18 months, last time in Jan 2010. The surgeon has just discharged me but I still have pain, but not at the site of any of the surgery. My pain comes from the top of my shoulder, the other end from where the end of the ac joint was cut away. Why am I still getting constant pain. the surgeon couldnt explain why and I am at my wits end because my treatment has stopped now and I have no answers or anyone to turn to. It is having a real detrimental effect on my career
Hi Sue,

I feel for you; I sometimes think the patient [me or you] if left looking after our own case, and you musn't give up. I know the NHS now offers accapunture for pain at GP surgeries, did you know that? Also I am inclined to start asking questions of everyone I can think of, i.e. my physio, osteopath gp & fellow sufferers. Friend of mine said it took her 18 months to rid the pain of roator cuff tear repair, hers was a 5 cms tear - very big. You do not say if yours was a tear? I had a tear in my right rotator cuff & referred pain was shooting all over the place after the op [up to 6 months], up my neck right down to my hand.

Unlucky to have a tear in my other shoulder, fixed 2 weeks ago and once again pain in the nodules of my neck gets worse the more tired/active I am (if that helps to know maybe).

I don't think there if enough awareness/info for us post operatively, and even my surgeon who is supposed to be excellent, could only say it will get better soon.

Best wishes,

Cal, Nottingham

Atlanta, GA

#363 Oct 16, 2010
Hi I had slap repair aug 25 2010 the only thing that will cut your recovery time is human growth hormone it is perfectly safe. Believe me im 7 weeks post op and im doin pushups already so take it for what it is worth

Virginia Beach, VA

#364 Oct 19, 2010
Wally wrote:
Do not know where you are but insist your doctor give you pain meds!! I took Roxicodone 30mg for 2 months if not for that I would not be typing to ya! I know the depression and desperation you are feeling. If the pain is real you will not get high just total pain relief,which will let you move your arm and help you heel. Be careful wind yourself down from the Meds slowly so you do not have a problem!!!!!!!!!! And do not over do it with your arm when you feel no pain , just take it easy but move your arm. Good luck!
Still in pain in florida!
P.S. If I can give you any more support give me a type and do not be afraid to ask for meds.
My wife had shoulder surgery in July of 2008 and is still in pain as well. She had a torn labrum (sp) and her shoulder shaved. She has been with a pain clinic for almost a year now, nothing seems to work. She has little to no mobility and and can't raise her arm even level with her shoulder. She has had several procedures but if feels like they are just using her as a pin cushion as nothing helps only makes it worse. They are also getting to a point to where they don't beleive her. She has had 5 MRI's and they say it shows nothing to be causing the pain. Yet I have held her in my arms after her shoulder pops for no reason and she is put into a demobilizing pain. Her shoulder isn't even able to be touched as it is sensative on the surface as well. Any ideas? I have nothing left to go to since doctors won't help. Thank You

United States

#365 Oct 20, 2010
I had 2 tendons re-attached on the rotator cuff 2 months ago. Have had physical therapy 8 weeks, with 6 - 8 weeks to go. Have good movement but still much soreness and some pain. How long does the soreness last after the surgery??

Broxbourne, UK

#366 Oct 20, 2010
Wanda wrote:
I had 2 tendons re-attached on the rotator cuff 2 months ago. Have had physical therapy 8 weeks, with 6 - 8 weeks to go. Have good movement but still much soreness and some pain. How long does the soreness last after the surgery??
Hi Wanda

I had a 3 cms x 3 cms tear on rotator cuff & decompression all by keyhoke surgery in March 2010 & gave up the pain killers after
4 months with full recovery at 6 months - hope this helps.

Best wishes


United States

#367 Oct 20, 2010
Mine was open incision, four screws inserted into the bone to reattach the tendons, so I suppose I may be a little too optimistic to expect relief from the soreness after 2 months. Guess I'll have to hang with the Hydrocodone and the recliner for a while longer! Thanks.

United States

#368 Oct 20, 2010
curiousme wrote:
I did a little search as I am 9 weeks post op - labrum repair- 2 anchors and rotator cuff cleanup, bursitis.. I am still in allot of pain. It seemed to get better- then about 2 weeks ago got allot worse. Attempting to sleep is pure hell. Waking up in the morning is once again pure hell and agony. This am I actually yelled out in pain... so I am guessing others experience this too... not unusual for 9 weeks post to still be in pain.. I thought I would be pain free and darn near my old self by now... guess not! I go to PT and massage therapy both help ALLOT! painful - but - helpful. any advice for sleeping?
I'm 2 months out from RC surgery, and the only way I can sleep is in a recliner,still. You might try that.

Dallas, TX

#369 Nov 12, 2010
i am to have shoulder impingment surgary soon but reading all these comments i am really scared an thinkning twice about going through with it.....i have a little pain now but i dont want t trade that for 3x the pain ad limited arm movemet way

Dallas, TX

#370 Nov 12, 2010
i am scared..i dont know what to do.... :-(

Dallas, TX

#371 Nov 12, 2010
i dont want to hurt

Dallas, TX

#372 Nov 12, 2010

Rison, AR

#373 Nov 13, 2010
I am 8 weeks out from impingement surg. Also had a labral tear, osteoarthritis in joint and oseophytes that were taken off, as well as a hooked acronym that was smoothed out. I was led to believe it would only get worse and tear a rotator cuff without surg.Have been in therapy and absolutely miserable. The pain is never ending and no amount of meds will completely stop it. I go back to Dr. in 4 days , anxious to see what he says. Wishing I had never had surg, seems so much worse now.

Lonsdale, AR

#374 Nov 13, 2010
Bennette, I think what we are seeing here are all the negative responses. Many people have had successful surgery. I try to remember that my dr. as well as the physical therapist told me it's going to take a year for full recovery. Just be sure you have a good physical therapist afterward. I have physical therapy the very next day after surgery, 3 times a week afterward. Twelve weeks down and 4 more to go.

Soham, UK

#375 Nov 13, 2010
bennette wrote:
i am to have shoulder impingment surgary soon but reading all these comments i am really scared an thinkning twice about going through with it.....i have a little pain now but i dont want t trade that for 3x the pain ad limited arm movemet way
Hi Bennette, I agree with Wanda. I have had surgery on both shoulders this year, however both were tears, you say yours is impingment so I presume you have had an xray to rule out a tear, if not I would recommend one to get absolute correct diagnosis.

Although the pain was worse after surgery on my first shoulder for about 8 to 10 weeks, the pain was completely gone after 4 months and I was told to be careful i.e. no lifting anything for the first 6 months (yep that sounds extreme)but I can honestly say I am pain free now.

The second shoulder was only 7 weeks ago, so I have a way to go yet.

If you are having a decompression, the op is quite straight forward and pain is considerably less and recovery time only a month or so.

All the best, hope this helps

Navy Mom

Las Vegas, NV

#376 Nov 15, 2010
I had a shoulder impingement done 2 weeks ago. I started physical therapy 2 days after that. The incision is almost healed but I still have pain on the muscle area where the doctor shaved the bone spur on top of my shoulder bone. I'm back to work but still hurts from time to time.

Birmingham, UK

#377 Nov 15, 2010
hi, i had total shoulder replacement 29th of june this year im STILL in pain now my shoulder joint feels like its poping in and out of the socket...i didnt have a choice about surgery as i fell during a diabetic hypo attack..i fratured the shoulder in 4 places all i have been given is..dihydrocoodeine.i was on morpene liquid and tablets for a couple of weeks but unable to stay on because its addictive

Alachua, FL

#378 Nov 20, 2010
I had shoulder surgery 9-12-10, muscle tear, had to be remove it couldnt be reparied. shoulder impingment and bone spur removed. first 4 weeks hardly any pain at all. next 4 weeks pain in shoulder and burning down arm all the way to fingers. pain especially while using computer, very painful in the am and at night, a burning pain , right now using tens unit and pain meds, ice and heating pad.

United States

#379 Nov 20, 2010
I had slap surgery about 6 weeks ago. At 4 weeks doc was shocked with how well my range of motion was. I hurt but not as bad as before what saves me is ice. No pt yet. Just recently like two days ago I notice my shoulder is swollen and looks like it has a rash...

United States

#380 Nov 20, 2010
I too had the burning pain down the arm to the fingers doc told me to use aleive on top of my pain meds and it went away

United States

#381 Nov 21, 2010
I had surgery on my left shoulder 8/23/10 and still have a lot of pain and can`t do a lot of thing or get it to move in sertain areas without it sending pain that I can not handle down my arm I still can not get a full night sleep how long does this last.

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