Pain after surgery questions

Dublin, Ireland

#148 Apr 29, 2012
I was in hospital just before Christmas with an abcess on my appendix and intestine they gave me antibiotics and the doctors told me to let the abcess go away ,the abcess is gone now but iv to get my appendix removed in 2 weeks time by keyhole surgery and the doctors told me it's only day surgery , i'm 16 and it's my first operation ever and I'm so scared , can anyone tell me what the pain is like and how long it takes to get back to normal ? Much appreciated

York, UK

#149 May 1, 2012
Are you having any kind of pain in any place other than where your appendix was and where the incisions are?

Riga, Latvia

#150 May 11, 2012
I had laparoscopic appendectomy on May 4th and all seemed ok until May 8th, when I started to feel sharp and heavy pain on my LEFT side, a little bit lower the left scar.. Now I canít walk normally (I donít know why but itís easier to walk only when I hardly press on that area under scar), and I absolutely die in pain when need to sneeze or laugh.. I feel like getting hurt with knife in these moments...
Anybody had the same?

Nottingham, UK

#151 Jun 11, 2012
jackie wrote:
on 2/27/07 I had a hysterectomy recently I have been having a sharp pain about an 1.5 inches from the cut now it seems to be bruising and when rubbed it feels like a needle poking through and hurts really bad when touched.
hay did you find out what it was I have something very simular and i think they have left somethign inside too.

Van Nuys, CA

#152 Jul 25, 2012
i have gas probem after apendax surjery naw 3 days what shall i do

Kennesaw, GA

#153 Aug 8, 2012
Paula wrote:
I just had my appendix took out 3weeks ago and I'm still having pain its a burning feeling around my belly button is this normal
I had my taken out too and I feel the same feeling In the same area. It's almost a month since my surgery . Some say that is its ur muscles that are still healing, but I don't know

United States

#154 Sep 2, 2012
Hi, I had my appendix out 5 days ago. My right side is not hurting now but my incision was on the left and had to be cut a little larger because the appendix was enlarged and that is where they took it out. The incisions fine just a little sore now but I have such bad pain about 1 inch up from my incision and a little over to the side. When I push in that spot lightly, I can feel a hard knot like formation. It doesn't seem to be getting better. Can anyone tell me what this could be?? It is the only thing keeping me from getting better. Thanks so much

Dallas, TX

#155 Sep 23, 2012
Melissa wrote:
My brother just had an appendectomy 3 days ago. He now has an infection thats growing my the day. Should we worry? And what is it from?
I got an infection in my arm from the IV after my appendix was removed. Go to the dr

Long Beach, CA

#156 Nov 1, 2012
First of all why is it that a good chunk of people here are having difficulty typing clearly? Not being a stickler, I just dislike deciphering coded messages. Without further a due, I had my open incision surgery almost 3 weeks ago. My incision site is almost completely healed I spent 3 days in the hospital. I caught the appendicitis the morning it began once I noticed I had a pain in my lower right abdomen, lack of appetite, pain upon right abdomen with push and release on lower left side and so on. Went through the standard procedure and so on, and now I'm experiencing pain in my right rib cage that is not necessarily sharp but definitely noticeable upon moving my right arm or heavy breathing. I'm still looking into what this may be, will probably get an answer as to what is going on with me later today.

United States

#157 Nov 3, 2012
I had my hysterectomy two years ,two months ago and I constantly have pain in my right side ,i was told that my right side was affected by my hormones everytime my cycle would come around eventhough im not flowing ,my side hurts it goes away after about 7to10 days I also was that because my hormones were producing so high that it caused it to swell on my right ovary so he gave me birth control and that is what has helped me it still hurts ,not all the time


#158 Nov 29, 2012
karma wrote:
i had remove my appendix three week ago, but i got still problem with pain under the right side of my rips and well as back side. can i see my doctor again or is normal?
Sorry to hear about the pain, I just wanted to tell that I also have the same pain and talked to the docs and they said it's normal...Does it get worse when you walk faster?
Dr David

Turin, Italy

#159 Jan 27, 2013
I am an experienced Dr from Italy, i have done several hundred of appendicitis operations, but almost 50 % of my patient feel pain after having there operation, and they often dies after 2 or three months.
Doctor Who

Coachella, CA

#160 Feb 1, 2013
Dr David wrote:
I am an experienced Dr from Italy, i have done several hundred of appendicitis operations, but almost 50 % of my patient feel pain after having there operation, and they often dies after 2 or three months.
Lol... You're not playing nice.
Stop asking questions here and go seek some real help is what David is saying.

Medford, NY

#161 Feb 21, 2013
I had my appendix out 4 days ago and I am still in terrible pain. I can't tell if it's gas pain or pain from where the appendix was. I can't find any relief... Any help??

Glenwood, Australia

#162 Mar 14, 2013
I had surgery 4 days ago and every time I lie down and go to turn left or right I feel like the inside of my stomach is ripping apart , help ?! Please
Appendix Lady

Algonquin, IL

#163 Mar 23, 2013
Hi. I am a 11 year old girl who got my appendix taken out 1 week ago. The surgery went laproscopically.
Appendix Lady

Algonquin, IL

#164 Mar 23, 2013
My dog just jumped on my stomach and I now have a bruise. Should I be worried?

Potsdam, NY

#165 Apr 18, 2013
Appendix Lady wrote:
My dog just jumped on my stomach and I now have a bruise. Should I be worried?
I just got mine out Sunday night and came home the next day. I was starting to feel better and done with pain meds already then my one year old climes up me and used her foot right on my indication as a stepping stone. Then I walked into the kitchen to sit down and my English bulldog 14 week old puppy jumped up and his paw ran down the same incision (far left one) and now I'm in agony all over again. I'm low on pain meds and hoping I have enough to last through this weekend as I don't see the dr till Monday! Hope between the baby and the puppy the didn't tear something inside me.

Potsdam, NY

#166 Apr 18, 2013
I had my appendix out Sunday night and the surgeon said while he was in there my right Fallopian tube is red, inflamed and infected. I have to see my obgyn and on antibiotics but I'm a little worried cause it didn't show in the ultrasound or the CT scan with contrast. It was only visible once they cut me open and was inside. Also right when I get feeling better my 1 year daughter was sitting with me on the couch and wanted held and climbed up the front of me with her foot on the far left incision and used it to push herself up which cause a great deal of pain. I sat her down and walked into the kitchen and was hurting so bad I had to sit immediately and sure enough when I did my 14 week old English bulldog puppy jps up on me and his huge paw runs down the same incision the baby used as a stepping stone. Now I'm in a lot of pain all over again. Despite that I had some minor cramping in the lower right side which was nothing compared to the appendicitis and I believe it from the Fallopian tube and I also have the real sharp lower left pains that are nowhere near my incisions. I must say that I had my gallbladder out 2 years ago and I had to be on pain meds for almost a month following surgery but with my appendix is only needed pain meds the first 2-3 days and anti inflammatory meds helped better than the opiates and I was completely off everything by last night and took nothin today until the incident with my daughter and puppy. Could they have torn something inside? I'm awaiting a call back from surgeon now as he is currently in surgery with someone else at this time.
Not a fun time

Thunder Bay, Canada

#167 May 25, 2013
Dave wrote:
<quoted text>
did the pain ever stop...
I am 2 weeks out and have pain on the left... they say its normal as well..
I had My appendix removed about 3 weeks ago. Was having severe stomach pain for about 2 weeks before i went into ER (maybe not the best idea to wait so long lol but i thought it was stress related). They tried laroscopic surgery 3 times two on lower abdomen one in belly button then had to open me up about 3 inches. Spent 3 days in hospital. I wasnt feeling much pain after the surgery other than where the incisions were. Now im feeling very similar pain on my left side. Not sure what is going on hoping that all is well.
Fight the good fight hope everyone feels better. Let me know if you get any answers and I will do the same.

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