How to tell if i have appendicitis

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#22 Dec 7, 2011
So, I've been having some throbbing pain on my lower right side for 5 days and it started around my belly button.The pain isn't that bad but it's getting worse and it's very uncomfortable.Sometimes I feel very dizzy and lightheaded even when I lay down.Could this be appendicitis?

Preston, Australia

#23 Dec 17, 2011
Omg I have this really bad pain on my right lower side stomach and it hurts a lot but then later it goes away and comes back later, I don't feel like eating anything but I don't feel lyk vomiting or either fever, but yesterday was the worst, it hurts so bad tht I can't walk but this morning I don't feel any pain, is it something do with my appendix??? Cn some one please reply coz I am seriously freaking out

Since: Dec 11

Demotte, IN

#24 Dec 18, 2011
I have bad pains @ the loswer part of my stomaach like on the left mostly.then it moves down my legs.its been going on for a im laying in bed.when i move it hurts.but mostly when i wake up its like i can barely move and i hurts when i walk please someone help me.i dont want to got to the emergency room for it just being aurthoritist.

Since: Dec 11

Demotte, IN

#25 Dec 18, 2011
Bree wrote:
So, I've been having some throbbing pain on my lower right side for 5 days and it started around my belly button.The pain isn't that bad but it's getting worse and it's very uncomfortable.Sometimes I feel very dizzy and lightheaded even when I lay down.Could this be appendicitis?
I dont know your age but did u ever think that it could be a tubler pregnancy?sometimes u have those symptoms.i had it.

Auckland, New Zealand

#26 Jan 9, 2012
Laura wrote:
I have a pain on the left side of my belly button. It is moving towards my belly button now and is hurting more. Last night, I had a very bad pain in my back, but it is gone now. I am not too hungry, I don't have a fever and I feel like vomiting. I don't know if I have appendicitis or not. Can someone please tell me?
Pretty sure you have it

Aylesbury, UK

#28 Jan 15, 2012
I have just woke up at 5am with excruciating tummy pain on the right hand die of my belly button. The pain is making me feel sick and I have felt cold on and off, when I move it hurts but when im still it is still there but not as bad. It came on very quickly and I am so scared. Does this sound like my appendix?

Chugiak, AK

#29 Jan 23, 2012
I have super sharp pains in my lower right side of my body. Could this be appendicitis? Comment!

Newark, DE

#30 Feb 20, 2012
I had really bad pain on my left side , but than the next day it moved to my right side , its like below my bellybutton & in between my hip & bellybutton , it hurts like hell . My mom thinks its gas but it doesnt feel like it. I dont have a fever but i have nausea. What is it ?

United States

#31 Mar 1, 2012
I have pains on my right side nauseated mild fever. really don't want to move. shortness of breath take a deep on and it hurts.. pains not severe but very uncomfortable.

Maribyrnong, Australia

#32 Apr 8, 2012
for 4 days I've had a pain in my stomach around the middle and earlier today i started getting really small pains on the right side of my stomach is it appendicitis??

United States

#33 Apr 9, 2012
I have had pain on right side Sharp pain in lower abdomen since this summer it comes and goes but i can handle it I read appendisitis can cause bad gas is that true and I do have nausea no fever though could it be an appendisitis or something else please help oh if I lean into right lower side there is a sharp pain as well

United States

#34 Apr 22, 2012
I have been experiencing this weird pain for about a week now. I have been getting pain in my lower left side and it spreads out into my whole lower stomach. Mainly around my belly button. If I press down lightly on my left side when it hurts, it makes it hurt TREMENDOUSLY on my lower right side near my hip bone. I have also been having extreme fatigue, trouble sleeping, feeling extremely nauseated, a gurgly stomach, feeling like my food sits in my stomach, loss of appetite, constipation, and have been gassy. I have anxiety too, but I think this is actually real and not in my head. A couple of times, it would really hurt my stomach just to laugh or cough. I have never had such pain before. I thought it just might be my period. I dont know. Can someone tell me if I should see a doctor or go to the hospital? I dont know what to do! I thank anyone who gives me some answers on what this could be.

Randall, MN

#35 Jun 10, 2012
I have pain on the lower right side. I think it's my appendix, I have had a loss of appetite for a few days now. Do I have appendicitis?


#36 Jun 16, 2012
I get sharp pains everywhere in my stomach. It's been happening for a few months now, it goes away for a few days and it comes back. I get it mostly when I eat. It feels better when I lay in a ball on my side but when my stomach is stretched out it hurts. Its difficult to pass gass and I feel nauseas when it hurts, is it appendicitis? Help!

Rotherham, UK

#37 Jun 24, 2012
It could be appendisitst if so go to a and e strate away

Albany, NY

#38 Jul 2, 2012
For the last 4 hours my stomach has been hurting so bad! The pain has moved to my lower right side and it hurts so bad!!! I can't go to bed cause it hurts so bad. I don't think I have a fever and I didn't vomit at all. Could it be that? Please help!!!

Guangzhou, China

#39 Sep 3, 2012
Am having pain in d right hand side of my abdomen dnt fell feverish,dnt fell like throwing up pls could dis also b symthom of appendis

Laval, Canada

#40 Nov 19, 2012
For two months now, I've been having really sharp pain on my belly button and right side. From time to time I throw up and get fever. I always have chills and the pain is constant just sometimes gets really strong. It took my aunt and grandfather 6 months for the doctors to find appendicitis. So appendicitis runs in the family. But since the hospital did a blood test and it was clean they said it can't be appendicitis but when they touch my stomach they feel stiffness. Can it be chronic appendicitis??

Jasper, Canada

#41 Jan 6, 2013
aliii wrote:
idk either i have a really bad sharp pain in my lower right side kinda close to my hip was really bas liek the worst pain ever last night but now it went away and comes back. every once in a while i feel like im gonna throw up but i know im not going to and i think i might have a mild fever. does anyone know what this might be. could it be appendicitis? please comment and help me outtt.
yeah I would go to the hospital if I was you

United States

#42 Feb 19, 2013
Hi, so a few days ago I started having really bad pains in my lower right abdomen. It hurts when I press on it and when I remove the pressure. It also hurts really bad when I laugh I almost have to double over. The pain started after I fell pretty bad when I was snowboarding so I was wondering if it is appendicitis or just nothing... Please help and comment! Thanks

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