Appendectomy Scar on Wrong Side

Appendectomy Scar on Wrong Side

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Brisbane, Australia

#1 Sep 21, 2007
I had my appendix removed last week and I'm not due back to my check up appointment till mid October. Just wondering if anyone can tell me as to why my scar is on my left side and not my right?
I also have a scar below my belly button and in the middle of my lower pelvis.

Christchurch, New Zealand

#2 Nov 10, 2008
Hi there,
I had mine out around 6 months ago, I have three insictions one on right side, one in middle of lower pelvis and a big one going from belly button downwards, the two smaller ones are healing nicely, so is the bigger one, but this is so noticable, which I hate, I am hoping it fades in the near future.

Perth, Australia

#3 Dec 3, 2008
Julie and Deb,
A large percentage of appendectomies are carried out by laproscopy, like yours. This is where probes and camera are threaded into your abdominal cavity through small incisions. Incisions are made in the belly button (for the camera), on the right side of the stomach (for the cutting and bagging probes) and also below the belly button (for the drain, I believe, but also possibly for the CO2 gas delivery probe).
With traditional surgery, a much larger cut is made on the right side to remove the appendix.
This is why





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Warsaw, Poland

#4 Jan 16, 2009
In case of appendectomy it seems there may be differences in the location of the scar even when it is done by laparoscopy. For example with traditional apendectomy the incision is somewhere in right lower abdomen but may be vertical, horizontal or oblique. I have a lerge vertical scar that begins a bit on the right from my navel, so anywhay it`s better to have a laproscopy.Do`nt You think so?

Southfield, MI

#5 Feb 9, 2009
Julie ....shocked that your Doctor did not go over this with you ..I think all patients need to know whats going on when it envovles them ... the scar on the left side is most likely but I am not sure ..but at times the appendix can be located in the mid quaderant left side so the so if they did a CT scan they possibly located it ...they would not enter the left side to take a appendix out from the right . hope this helps hun :)





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Birmingham, UK

#6 Feb 23, 2009
I had an opp last mon to have my appendix out - am feeling fine - just tired and not alot of energy etc... My back is feeling alittle sore - lower back to the right - has anyway else had this????

Abbotsbury, Australia

#7 Apr 1, 2009
I had a laparoscopy appendectomy 2 weeks ago and, like Julie, one incision(out of three) is on the left side. Not sure why...will inquire about it to doctor at checkup.

Fruitland, NM

#8 Jun 7, 2009
I had my appendix out last year. They cut me open horizonally. My scar is about 2in horizonally, on the right side of my belly button. I went to therepy for my scar because it is so tight still. I even had to go get steroid and cortizon shots. I am not sure this is normal because I am still having problems with it. Can you let me know if this is right?

Fruitland, NM

#9 Jun 7, 2009
Sorry guys I meant a vertical cut.

Miami, FL

#10 Aug 2, 2009
I had laparoscopic appendectomy 3 days ago! I have one incision above my belly button, 1 on the lower part of my abdomen, and the other on the left part of my abdomen. This is normal. Can anyone post their photos of the scars? I'm afraid of what 3 scars will look like on my stomach. On friday, I'm going to visit my doctor for the post operative appointment.

Belgrade, Serbia

#11 Oct 13, 2010
Recovery from surgery for a perforated appendix is longer, primarily because the infection must be treated. The hospital stay is at least 4 days and can be longer, if complications develop.

Take care

Northbrook, IL

#12 May 17, 2011
I'm puzzled as to why you didn't ask your doctor. I'm also concerned that your doctor didn't bother to explain the surgery to you before it happened (or that you didn't bother to pay attention).

United States

#13 Jun 7, 2011
If you look up common incision areas for lap appendectomy you will see that usually one goes in the top ridge of belly button, one goes on left side about hip ridge just about inch in from bone and then a third is placed either 3-5" straight down from belly button, OR 2-3" down from the first left incision, OR some put it on the right side near the appendix..
It's all the surgeons choice, how inflamed it is and your body type. They use a scope in one ad the other two are for maneuvering the appendix and to move other organs and tissues out of the way to remove the bad organ and tissue.. If they find other tissue has been affected they will cut larger openings where needed. Anyone whom is going for this surgery should do research or speak to the dr or surgeon prior to understand how it's done. Good luck to all...

London, UK

#14 Aug 17, 2011
hello, im 17 and had my appendix removed last week. But my family cant understand why my scars are on my left hand side and not my right? when they did my op they did key hole to cuts on my left and one under my belly button.

Belize City, Belize

#15 Nov 23, 2011
I did an x-ray once for my colons and the doctor told me that the x-ray showed that my appendix was on the left and not the right so when I have pain in the left lower part of my abdomen I should remember my appendix are not on my right.

Adelaide, Australia

#16 Dec 23, 2011
The port placement for laparoscopic appendicectomy varies. We tend to use a 10mm port at the umbilicus (belly button), and 2 other ports (one 5mm and one 10mm port ) at the suprapubic (above the pubic bone approx at the bikini line) area and left flank respectively. The appendix is on the right but with the camera through the umbilical port, the surgeon needs "triangulation" with the instruments via the 2 working ports (the other 2) thus it is easiest to achieve this via a reasonable sized triangle as aforementioned.

I know in other countries a right sided port rather than a left flank port is used but this requires more retraction from the assistant.

Ultimately port placement varies based on body habits and surgeon preference.


#17 Aug 12, 2012
I had my appendix removed 40+ years ago, and my scar is on the left....anyone know why

United States

#18 Sep 2, 2012
In response to the jerk,,, some people have an emergency situation and are very sick, an emergency surgery is done which requires very quick IV and Meds pushed through. The pain is so bad not to mention the anesthetics so quick, so maybe the whole conversation between doctor and patient isn't the most ideal. Maybe your appy was a planned vacation.
Wayne wrote:
I'm puzzled as to why you didn't ask your doctor. I'm also concerned that your doctor didn't bother to explain the surgery to you before it happened (or that you didn't bother to pay attention).

Gosford, Australia

#19 Sep 16, 2012
hey people
i am 12 and got my appendix out last year. one scar on my left side, one scar on my lower pelvic area, and one on my belly button. they are so faded after less than a year that you can hardly see them.I guess iam lucky

Los Angeles, CA

#20 Oct 2, 2012
I did ask my nurse when I wake and she said that it gives the equipment better movement/ reach ( sounds like the triangulation mentioned earlier) vs being right on top of it and having very little room to move it. But so many articles I read on the internet shows one of the holes on the right instead of the LEFT like mine. Makes me wonder if my surgeon chose the "wrong" way so I am glad to see a lot of the LEFT holes here .

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