Heart Palpitations
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Indianapolis, IN

#84 Sep 30, 2012
hi my name is bruce i am up all night 4 the last 3weeks every time i try 2 sleep my heart goes crazy skips beats and all crazy thing if i stand up it goes away the min a lay dawn goes right back to the same thing going 2 try 2 go 2 doc today does any body have the same and can help me can not take this any more thank you

Philadelphia, PA

#85 Nov 11, 2012
Janice -England wrote:
The quickest way I found to stop your heart racing is to breathe into a paper bag.
This works because when your heart is palpitating and you breathe in oxygen you are just feeding the heart more fuel to pump, when breathing into a bag you breathe out carbon dioxide and then breathe it back in again thus not fueling the heart, It stops mine in about 10 to 15 seconds.
.....this really works...thx janice

Cincinnati, OH

#86 Jan 28, 2013
I am a 60 year old female who has had issues with heart palpitations for 17 years. I recently decided to try magnesium supplements and ran it by my cardiologist who said it couldn't hurt anything. I take 250 mg. daily (magnesium oxide) plus 50 mg. in my multi-vitamin. There has been a noticeable reduction in palpitations. I don't know why a dr. didn't suggest this to me years ago. Hope this will help some of you too.

Salt Lake City, UT

#87 May 19, 2013
I've had palpitations my whole life, I've just gotten used to them. However, when they get really bad, they start to scare me, which makes them stronger and much worse. Well I've found a very simple remedy that works every time for me so far; durring the palpitations, simply consume a high dose of Omega 3, It can be a can of fish like salmon or just pop a pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 capsule. The pills that I have are 850mgs of Omega 3, every time I have taken one durring palpitations they go away within 10 minutes. A couple things to note about this, one is that you must check on the lablel of the pills you get, many fish oils will be labeled with a certain mg but will not contain nearly as much Omega 3. In other words they lablel the amount of mgs of actual fish oil in the pill and not the Omega 3 dose. The second thing to note, is that this will fix the palpitations for roughly four hours. Sometimes I won't get them back at all, but often, when I do get them back, they are about 4 hours later. If you do ever get them back, just take another dose. From what I've read, there are only good health effects fromin taking Omega 3 (excpt for people who are taking blood thinners). Hope this helps you, it is an easy cure for me. Please let me know if it works for you!

Orange Park, FL

#88 May 19, 2013
Mark wrote:
As I get heart palpitations I was wandering if anybody knew ways of controlling this terrible thing. It's taking over my life, Is there a natural way or do I have to resort to drugs once again. Please help.
I had heart palpitations and went on the AIM program of energetic healing and they eventually went away. Check out emc2.com of course I follow a McDougall type diet very low fat as much as possible because a lot of fat overworks the heart. YOu can also try cayenne pepper. Check out the book left for dead.
Lovely Tia

Philadelphia, PA

#89 Jun 2, 2013
Heart palpitations are cause by a by a number of reasons
Childhood med like Ritalin or adderal they have Cocain In it so it shrinks arteris In the body
Key it work out
The best things in life are free we have legs so jog to the store or to work then change when u get there free no gas money no car bills just a apple and a bottle of water
Other reasons are lack of sleep ,water
Negative thoughts
Just keep busy keep moving your body
I have allot to say so little time

Home made grape juice
Honey and lemon water
Avoid caffeine
Join a gym keep your blood flowing to open valves
Good luck
[email protected]

Branford, CT

#90 Jul 8, 2013
Mark wrote:
john henry.> I have had all the tests done to my heart and all is fine. But for some reason I get this skip in my heartbeat that I just can't understand. Check heart beat diagram below:
There is like a rapid heart beat in between for no reason. The beats are out of touch for only 3 seconds approx. then they start to beat as per normal. The Doc says this is caused by Anxiety but sometimes when I am not even anxious It will happen. It just doesn't make sense. it is really interfering in my work and at home. I was told that taking magnesium is good for these types of things so I am currently trying it and I will see how I go, they say it takes at least 6 weeks before it kicks in. John if you have any other ideas please let me know.
John, my nephew had the same problems as you and after 10 years of going thru all kinds of test, they found that his Vitamin D level was almost non existent. They put him on 7000 units of Vitamin D and now he is fine. You could start with 5000 units and see what happens or go and get your vitamin D checked if you have never had it checked. It took away his anxiety, his panic attacks and his heart is now normal.

Branford, CT

#91 Jul 8, 2013
I read not to long ago that Aloe Vera Gel works for some people, make sure that you get the one that can be taken internally. I think that there is one called Lily of the Desert. Some gels are for external use only. I think a small bottle is about $5.00. If it works they also sell it by the gallon.

Grand Rapids, MN

#92 Aug 2, 2013
The amino acid Taurine can help stop your nerves from overstimulating your heart, which is a must in controlling benign arrhythmia, said Glenn Rothfeld, M.D. regional medical director of Holistic Health in Arlington, MA. He recommends 500-l,000 mg. 2x a day between meals. If I get an episode of fast heartbeats I take a capsule and empty it under my tongue and it stops quickly. Also take more magnesium. A good product is Magnesium/Taurate by Cardivascular Research from Swansons.

Grand Rapids, MN

#93 Aug 2, 2013
For the Taurine I use the combination product in the A M and PM but also have a bottle of just plain 500mg Taurine to use for under my tongue if I should need it. I carry a few capsules in my pocket or purse incase of an emergency.
#94 Sep 25, 2013
I have ordered 2 times from this website PILLSMEDSHOP. COM . I called yesterday the customer care and asked for a discount as i was about to order twice the regular amount.
Sue Njie

London, UK

#96 Feb 26, 2015
Mark wrote:
As I get heart palpitations I was wandering if anybody knew ways of controlling this terrible thing. It's taking over my life, Is there a natural way or do I have to resort to drugs once again. Please help.
give up caffeine and take up rebirthing and affirm regularly I AM SAFE

York, UK

#97 Mar 4, 2015
David wrote:
I am 14 years old and when I lay down to go to bed a night I feel my heart pounding in my chest in my arms and in my legs. then I fall asleep and it goes away. help
Go see your gp

New York, NY

#99 Jul 18, 2015
Hi I am 37 years old woke up with heart palpitations on my left side under my breast near my rib cage. They were not steady like every few minutes. I think I am not drinking enough water. Stress also doesn't help. I also have been on 3 different antibiotics in 3 weeks a sinus infection that turned on pulling 2 wisdom teeth out last week.
I have had Tachycardia 2 times after to much exercise few years back. Went to the hospital I did all the testing. Cardiologist ekg, stress test and 24 hours Holster monitor nothing came up. When I got them tonight I immediately started drinking water, some deep breathing and I had one my kids pedialyte pops. They are so scary. I am going to my again. Anyone experience this?

Since: Aug 15

Buffalo, NY

#101 Aug 13, 2015
Heart palpitations are an inclination that your heart is pulsating too hard or too quick and skipping a beat. You may see heart palpitations in your the throat, chest or neck. Strong feelings, for example, tension, apprehension, or anxiety. Palpitations regularly happen during anxiety attacks. This was experienced my me and one of my friends suggested to take anti-anxiety drugs which have relieved me from this condition.

Kerman, CA

#103 Mar 12, 2016
Ann wrote:
Aloe Vera makes my heart race and get palpitations, and makes me feel very bad, extremely anxious, like panicky. I avoid all products with aloe vera, so many of them now. Have to read all labels.
I have the same reaction to aloe vera. I have had it for at least 35 years. I have the same type of reaction to corn, especially corn starch.

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