Deja-Vu, Flashbacks, and Anxiety. Help!

Greenfield Park, Australia

#23 Oct 25, 2009
You are not the only one. I have searched this online quite a lot over the past year or so. This has been happening to me for 10 years. It only happens after a period (few days) of high stress. It is scary and zaps all your energy for a couple of days later. I am not going to see a doctor about this as I am sure it is stress related. Also after reading hundreds of peoples experiences put me at ease. Go to google and type in "simple partial seizures" it is very interesting. One thing that i have noticed is that it happens to all types of people. I am a single mum, very busy and highly stressed at times so put it down to that. But I have read online the messages from teenage girls, young men, middle aged women. I really feel for you and all the people who are experiencing it for the first time because it is frightening. However, for me, it doesn't hang around for more that a day or two. Even though you feel like you are going crazy, you're not :-)

Pickering, Canada

#24 Nov 1, 2009
I started to have day-dream like de-ja vu episodes a few years ago. I have a feeling it is stress related. The first time it happened, I wrote it off as near heat stroke or heat exhaustion, or food poisoning, as I ended up vomiting and the other solid voiding process down below.

I know I am a nervous worrying person, perhaps distracted and hyper at times, but, I've never had serious anxiety. I don't take medication. Much of my stress is the result of my own behaviour or response to life's adventures.

My de-ja vu's vary, but, they are more like a memory recall than a confusion that I've been there (physically or mentally) before. There is some feeling of de-ja vu, but it's more like I am reminded of a memory, rather than I actually feel the typical de-ja vu. The weirdest way I can describe it is like a taste you would taste in your mouth or nose, but it's in my brain. A mild feeling of anxiety-like feeling comes over me, and there is concern I will get dizzy or vomit or who knows what. I have learned to simply relax, and it often passes. Happened twice while cycling and a couple times while driving. I need to change my lifestyle habits. I don't drink much at all (usually no more than one or two beers a couple times a week, sometimes no drinks for days, weeks. I'm not a smoker. Other symptoms include ringing in my ears, or rumbling. Also get migrains that take away parts of vision, usually goes away. Have asked eye doctor, says it's stress. Once I felt like I was going to pass out, and a doctor said it was temporary low blood pressure.

Anyhow, just sharing my experience...


Pickering, Canada

#25 Nov 1, 2009
I must add, my episodes only last for seconds or minutes. The feeling seems extreme and foreign at the time, so it raises concern (makes me worry..blech!)..but I've never experienced the feeling for more than a few minutes. I don't feel great afterwards though. Even if the main episode only lasts a short time, I don't feel so great for quite a while after. I don't feel confused or un-able to think straight. I just feel oddly reminded of thoughts and feelings that aren't in the moment.

I believe in part that my body is reacting to my often hyper, nervous and sometimes stressful way of behaving and reacting to things, and some times, it is out of sync. Just a theory.

Ramsey, NJ

#26 Nov 18, 2009
Look at info on "temporal lobe epilepsy"!!!

Blacked out several times, around 2001, and was put on Prozac. When I cut back on dosage the dejavu problem occurs. It is TV or radio, that usually triggers it for me. Break out in sweat for a couple of minutes.

Doctors have been useless for me. Keep thinking it is depression or blood sugar. Just found out about TLE a few days ago.

I hope this helps someone!

Hattiesburg, MS

#28 Dec 4, 2009
sometimes i have a weird flashback about a show i used to watch when i was younger (i'm 19) after the flashback i feel nauseated and dizzy.. and then i can't remember everything that happened in the flashback.. sometimes i vomit, but that hasn't happened in a long time. i always have difficulty explaining this to people. it started when i was in 7th grade and it was really bad then, but after a while it went away. throughout the years it has happened only a few times. however, it has happened a lot lately. it actually scares me and i have no clue what it is. can anyone help?
[email protected]
jim chapman

Windsor, CA

#29 Feb 20, 2010
i have also felt these awful feelings of dejavu panic attacks like a sort of video game or movie. i am on a generic version of effexor which has been shone to be not as efficiant as the regular.
the episode knocked me out.

i have
trigger1 wrote:
Hi, to all you fellow sufferers out there. Have just had another episode of De Ja vu and panic attacks which have left me feeling slightly removed from the present day and with a strange fear of the unknown... like the first day of school or starting a new job.
I have had these attacks for about five years now and I get them about twice a year. I am 43, noraml and consider myself to be fairly confident but when this occurs it leaves me feeling alone, frightened and mystified.
The attack starts with an overwhelming sense of De Ja Vu as if I am reliving a dream, this is followed by feelings of panic, nausea and anxiety.
The next day I am left feeling "STRANGE" almost drugged and extremely tired.
I am convinced that periods of anxiety and or stress are the cause of these weird sensations but would be extremely relieved if it was never to happen again.
Please tell me if anyone has had these attacks and has managed to find a cure or at least a method of how to contol it.
When it happens I just feel so alone and frightened, detached from the rest of society.
It's good to know i'm not alone!

White Plains, KY

#30 Feb 25, 2010
I've always suffered with some form of anxiety most of my young adult life and always pulled through it. But not until a couple of years ago has the anxiety reared its ugly head agan. There are times when my head feels hollow. I know that sounds strange! Ive experienced unwanted thoughts or images that constantly run through my mind over and over(kind of like having a song stuck in your head only this is worse and often leads to full blown panic attack)! Last night after drifting off to sleep I awoke with the sensation that my surroundings were not real and that I was drifting away. Literally everything was going black. I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. The feelings became worse and my heart was beating hard and fast. The scary thing was I couldn't seem to snap out of it! But I eventually did but went back to bed scared. Depersonalization and derealization are two things I've experienced so many times! Nothing seems real! I feel as though I;m living in a dreamlike state! It's just horrible! I'm glad to know that I'm not alone!

Manchester, NH

#31 Apr 18, 2010
Sarah wrote:
I have been having these feelings for about a year also. This past week Ive had at least 8 of the attacks/sensations a day. Last night when I was in bed it happened a good 10 times and woke me up each time (which i found really weird, because of course i was asleep!)
I do suffer from depression and i take fluoxetine, which i have done for the past 8 years now, but this is something totally different.
When it happens to me it feels like part dream part, DE ja vu, part real life. When it is happening i feel unattached from the 'real' world and very anxious.
I feel so close sometimes to solving what is going on that i could touch it, but then it ends and i am left feeling as confused as when it first started.Its like a closed door that i nearly get to open and see the other side, but before i get there its abruptly stopped.
Once this 'thing' stops i have absolutely no reconciliation of it whatsoever. Only fuzzy thoughts. I cannot pin point any part of it, however hard i try.
This is causing me great worry and extra stress (which i don't need!!) I sometimes think that I'm going mad!
I really dont feel comfortable going to my gp about this. He's a bit of a pig and i know he wont take me seriously.
So any advice will be sooooo much appreciated. Thank you.
Of course i know i need to go to him (unfortunately) but any advice and support is always welcome of course!
Hey Sarah My name is jeremy and I couldn't believe wit when I read your comment this morning! I've been dealing with the EXACT same thing for about a year now, and I too had haVe no clue what it is. It's frightening because while it is happening , I try to tell myself to remember what I see/ feel but i can never remember it clearly. It's SO FRUSTRATING! Let me Know if you've found something to help you yet. Thanx for posting the part abot not clearly remembering afterwards because no one else did.

Overland Park, KS

#32 Apr 22, 2010
My Deja view is the same as you described , right before my panic attack. Like a dream i never had. Or a life I never lived , very similar to this one , ane thinking about it causes intense anxiety.
achilles555 wrote:
Hello all. I've had an interesting past few days, and wanted to share just to see if anyone has been through anything like this. I have lived with Anxiety in one way or another for over a decade. I am a 33 year-old male and take 40mg of Paxil / day. You'd think I would have the hang of this anxiety thing down by now...but something is always catching me off-guard it seems. The latest is this: It began on Thursday night. I started having this "feeling" of Deja Vu several times throughout the evening. I didn't think anything about it much at the time...because we've all had Deja-Vu at some time in our lives. But then, all day Friday I felt the same way. Then Friday afternoon, and into the evening, It switched from the feeling of Deja-Vu to something else. Like dreams, or movies, or video games that I have played (I coudn't quite put my finger on what it was)- started to flash into my mind. Almost like my subconscious had a "glitch". Well, I start worrying about it (did you expect anything else)- and I began my Google search. I swear, Google is the bane of my existence. I have scared myself into a panic attack with internet stories more times than I would like to remember. Well, the first thing that popped-up was a forum post explaining that Deja-Vu can be the first signs of Schizophrenia. HERE WE GO! Every time I have anxiety, I think I am losing my mind, and that it will develop into Schizophrenia. I did a lot more searching, and found this NOT to be the case, but that's how I feel. Now, I just have a dull anxious feeling, and am dreading going back to work for fear of my own thoughts, or that the Deja-Vu feeling will come back, or flashes of dreams will come back. Has anyone out there experienced anything like this before? Should I be worried about this Scizophrenia thing? I did do LSD once in my childhood (when I was 18). Could that be coming back to haunt me - referring to the "flashback" thing. Also, has anyone else noticed that their anxiety comes in cycles. For example, I will be fine and dandy for months, and then BAM - I'll have a spell for a week or four - and then I''ll work through it and get better. One of these days, I'm afraid it will come and not go away. Any words of encouragement or similar experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, Achilles.

Niceville, FL

#33 May 13, 2010
Yeah it's almost like being dropped into a movie or book you read a long time ago but you're walking it breathing it and everthing seems vaguely familiar, I get dizzy, hot flashes and feel like i'm gonna pass out. SOmetimes I won't have it for months and then it will come continuously for several days in a row. They usually come and go pretty quick but today it's been almost like an all day sense of dimensia.....ughhhhhhhh feel like i'm crackin

Summerville, SC

#34 May 20, 2010
I've been having them for several years now. I'm believing mine is related to neck tension caused by a sulfur allergy. It's a weird sensation of other-worldliness followed by the intense deja-vu "being in a dream never dreamed but dreamed over and over" feeling, that is followed by a hot flash and mild nausea. Coffee seems to make them worse. And anemia.

Petersburg, VA

#35 Jun 6, 2010
My question is Did any of u have severe trauma to the head???And do u live with a horrible memory. When i get these episodes I remember Things From when i was younger..that i wouldnt of typically remembered. Then i get hot, my body temp goes up slightly, my heart races. And i forget what it was that i had a back flash of...normally leavn me with a headache.

Salt Lake City, UT

#36 Jun 10, 2010
I am 20 years old, and ive had these flashback-dejavu for about 3 and half years now, most of the time when i walk into the bathroom, it seems to happen like this, i go into the bathroom and i hear a noise in the kitchen, then my brain starts to pressure, and i feel shortness of breath and my mind just thinks back to a time when this happened, or ill be asleep or laying in bed, and ill wake up with a flash back. of the same thing that has already occurred, or ill be driving down a familiar rode and see a sign, and then my brain will think back to a time when i saw that sign and everything that had happened during that time. i hate it... it as of a feeling like my brain is nauseated, like a throbbing feeling. i cant explain. i have searched for ways to fix it. But have came up with nothing.
christ follower

Sumter, SC

#37 Jul 4, 2010
Hello, i too have been getting the deja vu attacks. sometimes i will get 2 or 3 attacks a day for a week, then it dissapears. it is very nice to know that im not the only one! im 23 and have been to doctors and they sent me to have my heart monitered. everything was perfict, go figure i didn't have an attack while i was wearing th heart monitor. but if any one has any additional info to causes or cures please e-mail [email protected] thank you!

Since: Jul 10

Jersey City, NJ

#38 Jul 8, 2010
Hi everyone. Ive never posted before but read some of your posts and was wondering if you could give me some advice/information. I'm a 23 yr old single mother to a 3 yr old boy. For about 2 years now I have been getting this overwhelming sense of Deja Vu. It only lasts about 15-45 seconds each time but leaves me feeling extremely neasous afterwards where I nearly throw up. I almost feel detached from reality, as if I'm out of this world. I get very nervous while having them. I don't know if its panic or anxiety and it feels difficult to breath. When my Deja Vu is over with, I feel just like Achilles555 & Lov2sing. I feel as if I was in a video game or a dream OR maybe it was a reality that I was just reliving. I CANT PINPOINT exactly what it was when its over, no matter how hard I try. I get them every few months. But when I get them, I get them multiple times a day. I don't see them coming on in periods of stress so I don't believe its related to that. Then again, it could be and I just don't realize it. I feel like my doctor is just going to think I am crazy if I describe this to him. And I don't want to go to a doctor because I feel like they are just going to prescribe me medication and that is the last thing I want. Yesterday and todays attacks have been pretty bad so I decided to google it and found there are people that get the same attacks as me. If someone could please shed some light on what may be wrong with me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks !!:o) my email is [email protected]


#39 Jul 24, 2010

I have recently been suffering with the same issue, during the day ill be doing anything and all of a sudden ill have a flashback of like a dream. When I do I feel sick weak and really scared. Today I was so close to actually vomiting. I'm soo scared I don't lnow what it is.

I'm too scared to go to my gp. It last for a few seconds where ill be doing something, and ill start having like a de ja vu. It makes me feel soo ill. What is it

Stoke-on-trent, UK

#41 Nov 4, 2010
I'm 21 and ive had this for a few years now. Latest episode was halloween, think it was anxiety related as my house was broken into previous year. Sooo glad other people have had same experiences and was able to prove that what was happening was real to my other half!

I get these flashbacks multiple times during the day. I can remember them being dreams ive had before and if i try and rememeber and make sense of the flashback it makes me feel even more dizzy and sick.

It's not a nice experience, like i said im glad other people have had this too. Im not going mad!=]

Falmouth, UK

#42 Nov 16, 2010
I've just been reading through these posts as I have been experiencing similar 'episodes' for the last 6 weeks. It starts with a sense of dejavou and or the memory of reoccuring dreams. There appears to be no pattern at all to the triggers and they can just come on very suddenly. The dejavou is followed by my stomach turning over, intense nausea and an intense rush of blood to the head. My vision becomes tunnelled, with everyone and thing pushed into the distance, like I'm being pulled out of myself and the immediate noises around me become muffled as if I'm under water. when the episode is passing, which can be after 30-60 seconds and I feel I'm returning to myself, I feel intensely cold and feel a cold sweat coming on followed by intense nausea again. The next few hours following an episode I feel tired, shaky, wobbly, legs feel like lead and I develop a headache. I've had these episodes during the day and night which have woken me from sleep. At first I thought it was anxiety/stress as I have recently taken on a lot of additional?

I have to say, it's been reassuring to read the comments here as I was starting to feel like I was losing it!

Would be good to know people's thoughts!

Teneriffe, Australia

#43 Nov 16, 2010
Annie, you describe it so well. That is exactly my experience even down to actually being woken by it. But, touch wood, it hasn't happened for over a be reassured, you are not alone.

Freehold, NJ

#44 Dec 1, 2010
I suffered from this and completely recovered!(with the help of therapy and meds)

You can and will overcome anxiety depersonalization!

This website & book is great.. You should download..

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