Is it bad to take Ativan?

Is it bad to take Ativan?

There are 151 comments on the Ask MetaFilter story from Jun 5, 2007, titled Is it bad to take Ativan?. In it, Ask MetaFilter reports that:

Is there anything wrong a grad student with taking an anti-anxiety medication, Ativan, to get through the end of a school term? It seems like the drug of choice for grad students in this high-pressure research ... via Ask MetaFilter

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Pleasant Hill, CA

#160 Oct 14, 2012
I am very pissed at the people on this blog stating lies about Ativan, why they think it is a bad drug,
their relegious beliefs about etc. or if the parents
left the drug out so their kids got access to it, and then want the drug off the market. This is the parents fault. Also my psychiatrist told me that many of these people could be fundamentalists, mormons, scientologists, etc. who lie about Ativan because they do not like it! I do get withdrawal symptoms, if I start to run out, but the extreme symptoms these people are listing are lies and nonsense. It depends on the person-their biology and genetics. Ativan is just a moderatate tranquilizer.
These peoples side effects are because of their genetics-but they are too ignorant to read this information in Psychiatric Genetic books describing exactly how the drug works in the brain.
Relegious crazies hate the drug because it makes you feel better. EVERYONE OUT THERE-DO NOT BELIEVE THESE LIES ABOUT THE DRUG.

Pleasant Hill, CA

#161 Oct 14, 2012
People out there-my psychiatrist told me it is mainly the Scientologist's lies about the drug on the various blogs. The Scientologists hate Psychiatrists and drugs and lie about it.
The Scientologists do not care about the brain chemistry and how the drug works. Any good Psychiatric Genetics books describes the way the drug works-the Scientologists and other relegious crazies hate and cannot stand the scientific facts about Ativan.

Gainesville, FL

#163 Nov 15, 2012
Rosie wrote:
MyY doctor started me on Ativan because my esophagus was tightening to the point of making we feel like I was choking. Swallow tests and other upper-GI tests showed no other reason than longterm internalized anxiety. I take 3-4 mg per day, and it make the symptoms go away. But as soon as I back off,(no apparent addiction problem) the tightness comes back within a day or two. I'm into my third month now. Am I on Ativan forever? I do notice my nerves are better - not such a short fuse and not such a worry-wort. Has anyone else had the esophagus tightening? How long have you used Ativan?
I started to get tightening around my esophagus after a car accident which caused whiplash. Ativan relieves the pain so much! It also relaxes my neck and shoulder spasms- which relieves some tension headaches.

Oyster Bay, NY

#165 Nov 29, 2012
the bottom line is every drug that falls in the class of controlled substance has the potential for abuse and can be addictive, i am in 4th residency year of medical and ativan has the lowest potential for addiction. studies show that 4 out of 5 people using Xanex are addicted and just 2 out 5 using klonopin are addicted so ativan has its perks such as it is longer lasting, i kicks in faster. it helps all symptoms that may be occuring such as anxiety panic attacks. and yes ive seen patients and heard that it makes you happy go lucky so to speak. but unless ordered by a doctor, do not just stop any medication on your own. you should be goal orinted about your issue and what i mean by that is finding long terms solution to your issue than a short term ativan s a short term bandid its not something you want to take foreve, unless you've had serious trauma n your life and do need it forever

Oyster Bay, NY

#166 Nov 29, 2012
ps ativan is a good drug if its used the right way
if you take xanex your headed for trouble
alex andra

Toronto, Canada

#168 Feb 7, 2013
I dropped it 3 days ago. I was taking 12 mg daily for 7 years for chocking problem [feeling], problem swallowing food, cervical spinal stenosis which is going to paralyze me faster then with lorazepam but I don't want to be drug addict.
I had no idea that this is that bad. After reading a lot about it and especially talking to psychiatrist - I ended up in the hospital when I stopped taking them and I did go psychotic, lost feeling in body, convincing people how I am quadriplegic, acted like a totally crazy person, didn't care, wanted to kill myself.

I asked:Is it possible to get off it? Am I ever going to be normal again? Am I going to have brain damage?
Psychiatrist told me "No doctor will give you more then this ever", she gave me 3 tablets, that was the answer that tells everything....answered every question of mine with this sentence.
Now I am going to detox. In the meanwhile she did help me a lot, so I am coppying. It is not easy. You have to go through withrawal. I suffered all kinds of symptoms and now I have them and I know they are milder because I do have real condition-physical - for everything non-physical don't take it! Have anxiety. I had to take it because of swallowing problem. I didn't eat anything for 4 months, just liquid stuff and almost died, so doctor had no choice. Now I learned to relax and eat.
Wayne is 100% right. Dosage doesn't matter because it does build up in your system and it doesn't wear off that fast. It stays active in the system for 24 hours and more. I am taking bad pain all over the place, I can't walk. It made me walk !!! Normally!!!! With 2 knees badly damaged. I stopped taking it and my walking fell to 20%. It doesn't matter. I am not taking this, its evil !! I am going to sit in the wheelchair but this is not normal - it is huge difference. It changes everything and now I hear music playlist playing from the bathroom, some creepy song that someone sings from the outside, seeing things, disaster !!! I ain't taking another pill of anything in my life !!~!
#171 Sep 23, 2013
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#173 Sep 29, 2013
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United States

#174 Dec 27, 2013 , with.takingsomething that works for you. I have lived with anxiety.for all my life i started in 1986 taking it and thought it was a miracle. Don't start taking it willy nilly,.listen to your doctor. I feel like i am being punished some times when i cant. get a refill......i take 10Mg a day. Follow the instructions always.

Since: Jul 11

Location hidden

#177 Jan 23, 2014
As someone who quit benzos 4 months ago and is still dealing with serious withdrawals, I have a newfound disgust for these drugs. Benzos can be lifesavers for acute anxiety and panic but should NEVER be prescribed as a daily sleep aid or chill pill. They're not like Prozac or something that should be taken daily despite what your doctor might tell you.

Here's the typical timeline of events that occurs in daily benzo users:

0.) Benzos are an instant remedy for anxiety, panic and insomnia. They work so well that you use them in place of healthy coping strategies and rarely leave home without them. They're like a chemical security blanket of sorts. You shout their praises to anyone who will listen, telling them how they changed your life for the better.

1.) Tolerance builds, then you have to take more to get the beneficial effects. No biggie, they still work. It just takes a little more than before.

2.) You find yourself having inter-dose withdrawals, which consist of anxiety that's 10x worse than the original anxiety for which the meds are prescribed.

3.) Serious side effects like reduced social drive and depression set in. It takes a while to make the connection that benzos are making you sick because of the impaired cognition caused by the drug. You become so sick and miserable that you want to quit but find that quitting makes you feel infinitely worse, so you stay on them a while longer. Denial is a helluva drug.

4.) You quit and experience the longest, most terrifying (and potentially fatal) withdrawals of your life. The symptoms for which you originally took the drug become literally 100x worse than they've ever been. Your brain becomes Guantanamo Bay, torturing you from within. Just when you think it's over, another wave of misery hits and stretches on for one week, then two, then three. I'm not exaggerating when I say that benzo withdrawals make opiate withdrawals feel like the sniffles.

It's easy to blame the user for being irresponsible, but it's not hard to end up in that position. Benzos aren't very euphoric but can be seductive in a strange way. You start taking them to ease insomnia or social anxiety, then before you know it you're taking larger doses and end up addicted.

The truly tragic part is that many doctors aren't aware of the dangers or simply don't care. Thus, the patient convinces himself that it's okay to take the drugs daily "because doc told me to" and ends up blaming himself when it all comes crashing down.

TL;DR - Yes, Ativan and other benzos are very "bad" when taken regularly.

“Health Expert and Business”

Since: Jan 14

New York

#179 Jan 25, 2014
Mike wrote:
So how long does it take to become addicted to lorazepam (Ativan). Any thoughts or opinions on this?
As pharmacy expert, I would suggest that an individual taking prescription medications make sure to discipline themselves to avoid being addicted. I believe that nothing can make a person addicted as long as they know how to take things on the right way. I myself am taking lorazepam (Ativan) and other prescription pills. As a matter of fact, I own a pharmacy distribution company to save money on buying them over the counter. Addiction is just coming from what people want to think of over what they want to happen in reality. Just something to help all of us realize what mind over matter really means.

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